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the first end of the american combat mission in iraq operation iraqi freedom is now over all combat troops have left the country washington says this means the end of the seven year all that will have a full u.s. troops around fifty thousand american service personnel stay to train and support iraqi forces they will be able to take part in combat in iraq. but analysts say baghdad doesn't control the country being split by insurgent violence last week dozens of iraqis died in a wave of terror attacks and more activist brian becker says the war is far from over and americans will continue to die in iraq we see a rebranding the occupation if you leave fifty thousand heavily armed soldiers backed by all sorts of aircraft the latest high tech aircraft of course all of the naval destroyers the submarines the aircraft carriers that are all throughout the region that have cruise missiles and all sorts of means by which to intervene in
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iraq we see now the end of an occupation by a certain diminishing of the occupation in terms of some of the troop numbers but a rebranding of the occupation so that instead of calling it combat troops they call it rise of the troops they still have guns they still shoot those guns when they're shot at in their head they die it won't be sufficient to tell the iraqis on september first or second or american families who have g.i.'s and loved ones there who may perish after the so-called end of the war that their loved ones indeed are not dead because the war has been officially ended i believe the occupation of iraq will go on for many years well despite the pullout of u.s. combat troops from iraq more americans are still being sent to replace those remaining this is sparked fresh antiwar protests in the states iraq veteran. shared with r t his experience of one such demonstration. we still managed to be on site
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at the exact moment the buses were pulling off base to go to the airport get in the streets get our banners unfurled that said please don't make the same mistake we did resist and now in the other that said occupation is a crime this soldiers in these buses this is the last thing that they saw on american soil before they went to get on a plane to go to iraq and i tell you we're doing this because you know we were there we care we love these soldiers who are going to commit these war crimes however we are trying to wake them up they need to understand that you know we're we're their friends next time they get ambushed when they're in iraq it's not going to be nonviolent that people there are going to resist them and when it happens it will be just this rule is not over because barack obama or joe biden says combat in iraq is over does not mean soldiers are going to stop dying it does not mean they're going to stop killing people the bloodshed will continue until we withdraw that was iraq war veteran activist about this. while the prospect of terrorism
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still remains high in iraq it's also at the forefront of other conflicts in the world we speak to political scientists about just going off widespread the threat of terror. there was an assumption the terrorism is more or less localized in afghanistan and they were looking for causes of terrorism in iraq but it looks like it is more widespread i know we can for the terrorist training grounds in some countries over his teacher. also quite active in central asia in the former soviet union so it is spreading. financing. weapons are there. courses for terrorism or created. always daily.
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and you can hear more of what which is taken off has to say in the full interview in around twenty minutes time here not. well it's a big day for germans who are marking twenty years since they were formally reunited into a single nation a grand celebration will be held in berlin on tuesday charles the anger merkel who hails from the g.t.o. will make a speech to mark the anniversary the capital and the country was split in half after world war two but before the berlin wall paved the way from jamie thirty first of august one thousand nine hundred treaty sealed east germany's breakup and integration of the west for twenty years all that many germans in the east feel like second class citizens with unemployment twice as high as in the west where wages almost a third hire local said east germans haven't reached the standards of living they were promised twenty years ago. well to eastern india now where crop failure
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due to a severe two year drought is pushing one british to take extreme measures and have been soft threatening to commit mass suicide and it's a better option than to continue suffering because of the lack of food of his own currency reports they've lost the government aid but so far little has been done. here in the village of you know remote part of eastern india so intricate mali spends time with his family including his little grandson this may look like one happy picture but the reality is quite the opposite with no food to eat so reigned over twenty other farmers in the small village of about three hundred families have threatened to commit mass suicide. automatically we will have to die sometime so why suffer like this every day it's better to die now we're so hopeless that we've come to the conclusion that committing suicide is the best option would like to die early little food to eat how many days can
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a person want to live. the region has had an acute drought for two years now this has driven villagers from girard to write a letter to the president of india and the state governor asking for rations and in a geisha in facilities if help fails to work i they say they'll commit suicide. he says because we requested immediate food aid from the governor and for the long term development work that could provide us with employment such as digging a new well and improving the route to a village which is in a bad state the farmers are desperate as the entire state of charge couldn't grapples with a forty two percent rainfall deficit this year julie shows me his field which should have been full of crops at this time of year but lies buried and instead. not abused or seeds but who the last two years there hasn't been enough water for crops to grow seeing the desperate situation no homes were thinking what is the
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point of living. the suicide request has george at the local administration into action promises of food and development have been made but little has actually reached the village officials at the district headquarters didn't respond to our request for an interview meanwhile going to just wait for the promised. all the senior officials have visited us from the local administration along with our elected member of parliament they've given us assurances but i do know when to expect action it may take five days fifteen days or even a month. and clearly not so important to the government. this crisis has been in the making for two years now and this letter has just brought it out into the open with an entire village driven to despair the government will have to take urgent steps to prevent this from snowballing into a major crisis got in saying r.t. from the village of. well coming up later in the program people in the u.s.
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state of louisiana had their guns confiscated up to hearken katrina firing back at the government. which brightened. from still. more news today. again flared up. these are the images the world is seeing
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from the streets of kandahar. operation. residents of louisiana are fighting for their right to defend themselves after they were disarmed by police when hard katrina struck by the years ago officers confiscated guns in what was explained as an attempt to keep order but those appreciate it has been finding out that in the u.s. state are still angry over what they believe was a violation of the constitution. it's a sunday afternoon in louisiana i just came out here to shoot practice. and guns are a blazing at this shooting range. so our forty percent i believe everybody should have the right to defend themselves at any cost in this
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part of the united states the right to bear arms is part of every day life i believe in have the right to shoot for ask questions later. been robbed at gunpoint before i know what it's like i believe that. living in america maybe said we should be able to carry a handgun but that wasn't always the case so what do you know. so we've taken your weapons. richard stiring and his friend wayne shoom were on lake ponchartrain about a week after hurricane katrina made landfall and i had almost the same way of six inches to a foot of water in the house. but it was still there they went to styron's house to get his things we heard of the. stuff that was going in the wall and all the shooting and the people that were getting heard some killed from what i've been told. while heading back across the lake the pair was stopped by law enforcement
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and asked to give up their weapons. from your order your private property. taken in iraq. as the hurricane took the city by storm residents felt their constitutional rights were being blown away the armed populace keeps the government in check the government should not be in charge of the populace the populace should run the government and whatever the government has the guns and the populace doesn't have the guns the government does what it wants in the aftermath of katrina new orleans was in complete chaos law enforcement couldn't handle all the problems and on streets like this one every single building with looted except for one occasion is pa i say or three smith and wesson club action shotgun the twelve gauge semiautomatic joined guido's is the owner of cajun's pub she decided to take things into her own hands there was vans with. them and they were breaking
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into any businesses where there was no sign of anyone around and that they didn't mess with us here because i stood out front. with my shocked we don't protected her patrons when law enforcement was nowhere in sight after guarding her pub for about a week decided to evacuate u.s. marshals came across the center from saw me with my shotgun. you know they pulled about a dozen and sixteen's on this but everybody against the wall checked their bodies i do took all my weapons and then left she couldn't believe this was happening in the united states i was furious i had no way of protecting myself beyond the physical destruction they saw their city and even their country transforming before their eyes look at the communist countries look at cuba look at nicaragua look at any country you want to take where the government has the guns and the populace is not are and look at how they live and how they're treated it's a story they want remembered so it never happens again preassure either r.t.
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new orleans louisiana. of american radio host alex jones says the actions of the government five years ago did that breach people's right to defend themselves what's scary here is the first time the federal government was able to take control of a us city during an emergency they wouldn't bring food and water to the people of the superdome in fact a blockade in many cases their main mission was shut the president to get the american people's guns five years later we still see the continued anti second amendment mission of the federal government we are now a total third world a least a total charity setting in and the system doesn't know what to do because they haven't been able to get our guns yet and they tried to use katrina as a case point to set the precedent and to train police nationwide under federal and f.b.i. control to go into high and dry areas and take people's right to defend themselves and leave them by themselves to be right robbed and killed by the looters many of
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which were the government themselves. that was american radio host alex jones sharing his thoughts from texas while the course war stories videos and blogs are online any time you want to r.t. dot com let's have a quick look now at what's just a click away. of what space smells like don't have to guess anymore as we have the answer on our website. plus the russian empires lost to gold maybe buried at the bottom of the lake might come on the water search expedition is trying to find the treasure that was seized during the civil war almost a century ago. russia's battle on gambling except for designated areas was only seen underground betting
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flourish the only zoom that's operational is in the country's south and it's fighting to rake in money out the region's or thought is want to relocate it there to the black sea resort to attract more punters and though the stakes for investors are teased in these bailouts looks at what could be on the cards. this is a gambler spera dice the oracle offers all kinds of games from the army of one armed bandits to poker and roulette. however most of the time the place is deserted . this is the only legal casino in russia a private company invested ten million dollars into its construction and even though there are a few other swell willing to build gambling spots here in the area it still looks like most in the industry see it as making bats in a burning house last year russian lawmakers banned all casinos and gambling clubs across the country to be replaced by four specially designated and developed zones
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in siberia western russia the south and the east the industry reacted immediately like you know shutting down the facilities moving them a brutal war going on the ground even the most successful zone is mostly being ignored by the nurse. most investors a passive many because as the city is far away from other major transportation hubs and local airports under developed in the roads and not like good only to you and the other factor is that the gambling ban in russia is really hard to enforce that in cities just a few hundred kilometers away from us all police discover illegal gambling down every week. of course it's officially prohibited but in our neighborhood everyone knows where to find the underground gambling den you can have a good time there if you play your cards right in the regions of doherty's have come up with a new plan to make the rules work they want to relocate the whole seldom gambling
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zone closer to popular tourist destinations like the black sea coast resort the phenomena and inspired by les vegas they wanted to be about more than just gambling . so we said why can't we try and do something like that in russia shipped it without making the same mistake we can use the best that las vegas has to offer so . fine by decades of experience essentially we've come up with a new concept in the resort for gambling will be just one of the highlights the idea will have to get support from the russian state duma possibly together with other amendments to help reverse the odds of getting the uganda news to work so for now the future of russia's biggest still looks dim even more questions than answers for its supporters and skeptics why. our team crossed the region. with a look at some world headlines for you the u.s. has announced the border sanctions against north korea and tackling illicit financial activities as well as an arms trade some individuals companies and
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organizations suspect the financing government have had their assets frozen tension has sort of sold since the sinking of a south korean warship in march and the loss of forty six crew members international investigation concluded north was to blame for the attack which going down deniers. mexican police have captured a long sought after drug trafficker known as the bobby. has been blamed for a vicious turf war that included shootouts in central mexico he also faces charges in the u.s. where he's accused of distributing thousands of killers of cocaine brought from mexico. could be extradited to america where he has a two million dollars bounty on his head drug related violence has risen in mexico with more than twenty eight thousand lives nor since a government crackdown in two thousand and six. drilling has begun in chile to rescue thirty three trapped miners off the shaft collapsed earlier this month the
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hole will be seven hundred meters deep and big enough to put up one man at a time but the operation could take up to three months the miners had their first telephone contact with loved ones on sunday. in pakistan the flood waters are finally receding after five and. weeks of the worst weather conditions the country to see decades of floods are heading for the arabian sea swelling more towns in the south forties have struggled to cope with a natural disaster calling on international assistance extreme weather claimed hundreds of lives of the disease this. but a few moments time especially monday will bring us the latest business state. hungry for the food we've got. the biggest issues get voice face to face with the news makers.
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hello welcome to the business bulletin oversell the world's biggest aluminum producer has posted a profit of one point two five billion dollars for the first half of two thousand and ten off to making a loss in the same period last year the results were considerably better than for costs in the show as a rallying strongly in hong kong but the company listed in january says it expects a strong performance for the rest of the year as demand on prices continue to outstrip rising costs the company odds that it is now planning
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a listing in russia by the end thank you. russia is prodding to increase the import tariffs on foreign cars the tax is currently up thirty percent one of the highest in the world to help stimulate a local isolation but it would be to accept the decision that will encourage foreign carmakers to invest in russia the prime minister made the statement while testing a new road linking russia's east and west but the decision could be another stumbling block in russia's bid to join the w t o which said it expects russia to decrease the tariff to fifteen percent within seven years of a session. russia has finished building its first cross country road connecting moscow to vladivostok it's been a vast undertaking and has taken decades to complete to celebrate the event promise of putin. five hundred kilometers through the country it's also gave him the opportunity to see what more needs to be done to improve the quality of the rates politico has a story. he may look like a movie star with
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a beautiful reporter by his side driving a lot of us through the country and then there pick a road trip. this is what a real movie star saw in russia on his journey and the long way around. the country's road network is not taurus patching and underdeveloped i want to say that country needs to build about thirty percent more roads and reconstruct the old ones you could. get fruit in russia or at least the speed of cargo transport would rise one and a half times if the park tools are fixed it would rise through to have time alone could not approve three percent to russia's g.d.p. the government is setting up a road trial and which will be financed by raising the duty on petrol. we've made a decision in principle to make road construction a priority part of the budget spending the volume of the federal road far and will
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reach more than twelve billion dollars next year which is three billion dollars more than what we're spending on road construction this year and the amount of money available will continue to grow. industry analysts say russia already allocates plant it off money for roads the problem is that it's not spam to fish only which makes the cost of construction in russia one of the highest in the world despite the often poor quality of the driving surface that's generally call of the oratory. and let's have a little quick look now at how the acting like at the shaping up asia will stop that tumbled on tuesday following an overnight street in tokyo wall street fall and the strong yen have dragged on the market even though bank of japan tried to halt the japanese currencies rise on monday the yen is one. again advancing against the dollar and that has damaged exports to. and european markets are in the red following a weak session on wall street overnight on those heavy losses in tokyo but french retail giant call for is bucking the negative trend following strong earnings
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reports. and russian markets is suffering here in moscow banks are amongst the worst performers on the my six of one point four percent so far that's problems also weighing on the index down one point six percent for us telecom is continuing its winning streak the only blue chip gaining more than one of the hot sun this hour. lou cool russia's second largest oil producer has announced a net income for the second quarter fell sixteen percent to two billion dollars that's despite a strong rise in revenues the company says it was hit by taxes and costs which rose faster than the price of crude oil. income and russian mobile phone operator megafauna raised thirty six percent in the second quarter to four hundred million dollars the company boosted the number of its subscribers eighteen point seven percent reaching fifty four million by the end of june it's now overtaken moyes will be to become the second largest operator in russia. and the central bank of
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russia has kept interest rates on hold at seven point seven five percent of its regular policy meeting earlier this week finance minister told the bank that it did not need to respond to signs of three parts inflation due to the drought as the situation would not truly come back into balance. european gas giants gas and sewers have started negotiations with gazprom a new gas price formulas they're looking to adapt the conditions of gasoline to the current market situation some of gazprom clients want to transfer up to forty percent of gas deliveries to spot prices which are now lower than prices fixed in traditional long term contracts analysts say gazprom will have to react to the new demands of the market but so far management is not reconsidering the already existing contracts. and that's over now but i'll be back with more few in about an hour's time and of course you can always find what stories on our
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website that's r t dot com slash is this. their conduce childhood was already shot over by this tragedy. they still feel the
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fear they faced. don't remember every second of the slightness. it will remain in their memories and hearts forever. and as you saw. anderson. a little injuns on august.
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you. know. the one on. the street still keeps it secret the denounced time to move feel the shoes of the soviet fathers nikita khrushchev's between black and white on oxy. for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. if mine. would be soon which brightened if you knew about someone from phones to freshen it's. nice for instance on t.v. dot com.
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oh it's time for the headlines now. but a treat for saudi washington is accused of an incomplete departure from iraq as thousands of troops still remain cost them all this that the first withdrawal deadline service staying by training and support for many americans fear result in more casualties. if. a two year drought threatens to wipe out of religion in eastern india as local spouter commits suicide and didn't get government help three hundred people are demanding food and employment. and as russia's gambling. underground trains gain momentum authorities propose building that las vegas style resort to a major city.


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