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i. heart of moscow. well the u.s. says its combat mission in iraq will come to an official end within hours u.s. vice president joe biden is in baghdad overseeing it with all american combat troops having already left the country washington says this means the end of the seven year long war that killed over four thousand u.s. troops however about fifty thousand will remain in iraq to provide training and support for local security forces u.s. troops will no longer be allowed to go on combat missions unless requested and accompanied by iraq. but many analysts say baghdad does not have control of the country which remains split and plagued by insurgent violence last week alone dozens of iraqi citizens died you know wave of terror attacks don't last learned
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from the institute for democracy and cooperation says the war in iraq is far from over. there's no real withdrawal at all on the country fifty thousand troops are going to remain in iraq so what we're dealing with here is a political package it's an administrative change the troops who are already in iraq will stay there the name of the mission changes but they will still be combat troops they will still be engaged in combat operations after all an american soldier died again only on sunday so this is indeed all about presenting or rather creating a reality which in fact does not exist the collapse of state power in iraq and the fact that it is effectively an occupied country means that it doesn't have self-determination. i think that people who argue in favor of this war say that the achievement of democracy at least on paper made it worth it i'm not sure of course whether the many hundreds of thousands of people who've been killed would agree
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with that but even if one can say that the situation has in some respects improved to the extent that there is no longer a dictatorship my own view is that the human cost in terms of deaths is much too high. now despite the pullout of u.s. combat troops from iraq more americans are still being sent to replace those remaining this is spock fresh and he will protests in the united states and iraq war veteran mathis sold out of his experience over one such demonstration we still managed to be on site at the exact moment the buses were pulling off base to go to the airport get in the streets get our banners unfurled that said please don't make the same mistake we did resist and now in the other that said occupation is a crime this soldiers in these buses this is the last thing that they saw on american soil before they went to get on a plane to go to iraq and i tell you we're doing this because you know we were
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there we care we love these soldiers who are going to commit these were crimes however we are trying to wake them up they need to understand that you know we're we're their friends next time they get ambushed when they're in iraq it's not going to be nonviolent that people there are going to resist them and when it happens it will be just this war is not over because barack obama or joe biden says combat in iraq is over does not mean soldiers are going to stop dying it does not mean they're going to stop killing people the bloodshed will continue until we withdraw . iraq veteran and so you will activist methods of talking well while terror remains a threat in iraq it's also at the forefront of other trouble spots in the world political scientists of the cloth says the danger is widespread. there was an assumption that terrorism is more or less localized in afghanistan and then they
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were looking for causes of terrorism in iraq what it looks like it is more widespread now we can fly and the terrorist training grounds in some countries of asia. they are also quite active in central asia in the former soviet union so it is spreading as financing and weapons are there. courses for terrorism or created. almost daily. and you can hear more of water going off at the say in the full interview in about twenty minutes time right here on. well still to come for you later in the program here on r.t. bullet point find out why people in the u.s. state of louisiana saying give us our guns back five years after they had them taken away. russia's high-tech lawmakers who are exchanging tweets in the
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workplace. from the president. three russian pilots abducted in sudan have now been freed both sudanese and russian officials have confirmed their release the pilots were kidnapped by armed men in the volatile darfur region last sunday it's unclear on what terms the three were released as previously there were reports the kidnappers wanted a ransom the russians were employees of a sudanese airline and the incident is the latest in a wave of kidnappings targeting foreigners in the country. while desperate times in one indian village has prompted residents to take desperate measures a severe two year drought has left three hundred families on the edge of starvation they're threatening to commit mass suicide if there's no aid from the government but despite the stark warning so far no help has arrived counselling investigates.
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here in the village of you know remote part of eastern india. molly spends time with his family including his little grandson this mean look like one had looked at the reality is quite the opposite with no food to eat. and over twenty other farmers in a small village of about three hundred families have threatened to commit mass suicide yeah even might not usually we will have to die sometime so why suffer like this every day it's better to die now know that we're so hopeless that we've come to the conclusion that committing suicide is the best option that noone would like to do. how many days that person won't name. the legion has had elocute drought for two years now this has driven the villagers from just write a letter to the president of india and the state government asking for rations and
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it a geisha in facilities if health. they say they'll commit suicide a column of them not me says because we requested immediate food aid from the governor and for the long term development that could provide us with employment such as digging a new well and improving the road to a village which is in a bad story and the families are desperate as the state of charge could grapples with a forty two percent rainfall deficit this year. as field which would have been full of crops at this time of year but lies baton instead. not in used up all receipts but over the last three years there hasn't been enough water i want to grow seeing the desperate situation no homes where thinking what is the point of living. this suicide request has to the local administration into action promises of food development have been made but little has actually reached the
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village officials at the district headquarters didn't respond to our request for an interview meanwhile enjoy going to just wait for the promised aid. all the senior officials have visited us from the local administration that along with our elected member of parliament they've given us assurances but i do knew when to expect action it may take five days fifteen days or even a month. and clearly not so important to the government. this crisis has been in the making for two years now and this letter has just brought it out into the open with an entire village driven to despair the government will have to take urgent steps to prevent this from snowballing into a major crisis gotten saying r.t. from the village of india it's now just turning ten minutes past the hour here in the russian capital you are with r.t. it's good to have your company today now people in the u.s. have just been marking five years since the deadly hurricane katrina in the wake of
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that storm many people in the state of louisiana had their guns confiscated in an attempt to stem looting and violence but has priya sridhar reports some are still fighting for the right to defend themselves. it's a sunday afternoon in louisiana i just came out here to shoot practice. and guns are a blazing at this shooting range. thanks to our forty percent thank you believe everybody should have the right to defend themselves at any cost in this part of the united states the right to bear arms is part of every day life i believe person has a right to sue for ask questions later. been robbed at gunpoint before and i know what it's like i believe that. living in america may say we should be able to carry a handgun but that wasn't always the case so what do you. so we take in your weapons. richard stiring and his friend wayne shoom were on lake ponchartrain about
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a week after hurricane katrina made landfall and i had almost say anywhere from six inches to a foot of water in the house. but it was still there they went to styron's house to get his things we heard of the. stuff that was going on in the wall and all the shooting and the people that were getting heard some killed from what i've been told. while heading back across the lake the pair was stopped by law enforcement and asked to give up their weapons. away from your war on manage your private property just don't have any right taken here. as the hurricane took the city by storm residents felt their constitutional rights were being blown away the armed populace keeps a government in check the government should not be in charge of the populace the populace should run the government at whatever the government has the guns and the
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populace doesn't have the guns the government does what it wants in the aftermath of katrina new orleans was in complete chaos law enforcement couldn't handle all the problems and on streets like this one every single building with looted except for one occasion is pa as they are three smith and wesson club action shotgun the twelve gauge semi automatic joe in guido's is the owner of cajun's pub she decided to take things into her own hands there was vans with. them and they were breaking into any businesses where there's no sign of anyone around and that they didn't mess with us here because i stood out front. with my shocked we dose protected her patrons when law enforcement was nowhere in sight after guarding her pub for about a week decided to evacuate u.s. marshals came across the san fran saw me with my shotgun you know they pulled about
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a dozen m. sixteen sourness put her body against the wall. took all my weapons and then left she couldn't believe this was happening in the united states i was furious i had no way of protecting myself beyond the physical destruction. they saw their city and even their country transforming before their eyes look at the communist countries look at cuba look at nicaragua look at any country you want to take where the government has the guns and the populace is not are and look at how they live and how they're treated it's a story they want remembered so it never happens again preassure either r.t. new orleans louisiana where american radio host alex jones says the actions of the government five years ago did breach people's right to defend themselves what's scary here is the first time the federal government was able to take control of a us city during an emergency they wouldn't bring food and water to the people at the superdome in fact they blockade in many cases their main mission was set the
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precedent to get the american people's guns five years later we still see the continued anti second amendment mission of the federal government we are now a total third world police state total terror in a setting in and the system doesn't know what to do because they haven't been able to get our guns yet and they tried to use katrina as a case point to set the precedent and a train of illegal nationwide under federal and f.b.i. control to go into high and dry areas and take people's right to defend themselves and leave them by themselves to be right robbed and killed by the looters many of which were the government themselves. that was american radio host alex jones sharing his thoughts from texas well it's a big day for germans who are marking twenty years since they were formally reunited into a single nation the capital the country worst split in half after world war two but the fall of the berlin wall paved the way for united germany on the thirty first of
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august one thousand nine hundred ninety three to see old east germany's integration with the west but some analysts say reunification process wasn't fair and equal. rights. the. german democratic republic was bankrupt they didn't have any money anymore and what they were expecting was a fifteen billion marks loan from western germany and western germany was not ready to extend it so there was the very clear cut question from one day to the next how could this part of a later unified germany survive and under these circumstances it was very clear that the political weight of the power was very clearly on the side of the westerners and no doubt many easterners must have felt. the next one thing is very clear the joblessness percentage is much higher in eastern germany that it
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is in the western part of these companies that went bankrupt after the very hasty unification process that is very very difficult to replace and build up again and the effect of the unification was for eastern germany also during. a currency problem was devastating and of course we have this let's say this minority feeling among many easterners that they feel that the majority of westerners is not doing what they would like to have done in their part of germany. and that was political analyst christoph hostile talking to us from germany we can always check out our website for many more stories that's our goal here is some of what streaming for you right now russian police bust. to swindle trusting internet users of over thirty million dollars in just one month. black
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expanse of space has its own center find out what it's like dot com. well the ban on gambling in russia has seen casinos forced to move to a four designated regions so far the remote of these places means many casinos have struggled prompting investors in the country's south to spin the wheel again by considering switching locations. looks at what's at stake for the russian sin city . this is a gambler spare a dice the oracle offers all kinds of games from the army of one armed bandits to poker and roulette. however most of the time the place is deserted. this is the only legal casino in russia a private company invested ten million dollars into its construction and even though there are a few other swell willing to build gambling spots here in the area it still looks
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like most of the in the street see it as making bats in a burning house last year russian lawmakers banned all casinos and gambling clubs across the country to be replaced by force specially designated and developed service in siberia western russia the south and the east the industry reacts its immediate like you know shutting down the facilities moving them a brutal war going on the ground even the most successful the saddam gambling zone is mostly being ignored by the enterprise nurse. invest as a passive mainly because as a city is far away from other major transportation hubs the local airports underdeveloped and the roads and look like it only to you and the other factor is that the gambling ban in russia is really how do you know it was sort of out there in cities just a few hundred kilometers away from us all police discover illegal gambling down every week. of course it's officially prohibited but in our neighborhood everyone
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knows where to find the underground gambling den you can have a good time there if you play your cards right in the regions authorities have come up with a new plan to make the rules work they want to relocate the whole seldom gambling zone closer to popular tourist destinations like the black sea coast resort the phenomena and inspired by les vegas they wanted to be about more than just gambling . so we said why can't we try and do something like that in russia shipping it without making the same mistake we can use the best that las vegas has to offer so . fine by decades of experience essentially we've come up with a new concept in the resort so gambling will be just one of the highlights the idea will have to get support from the russian state duma possibly together with other amendments to help reverse the odds of getting the new gambling rules to work so for now the future of russia's. still looks didn't even more questions than answers for its supporters and skeptics why. our team crossed the region. it's now just
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turned twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow and you all with a twitter mania is sweeping russia's leading politicians so much so that some are even doing it right under the bosses nose one governor was caught tweeting away in the middle of an important meeting in the kremlin by president himself you look at the euro. something on the page right now during the state council session as if she has nothing else to do. with the president's remark as more members of the council join the online exchange the russian leader is known to be a big fan of gadgets and has a twitter account himself his friends include barack obama and the head of apple steve jobs who presented the president with a new i phone four on a recent trip to silicon valley. well police in mexico have arrested a gang facing drug trafficking charges in the united states the group includes
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a notorious alleged drug lord known as bobby blamed for a vicious tough war featuring. bodies being hung from bridges his real name is ed and he could be extradited to america where he has a two million dollars bounty on his head the rest. of the government about ten percent of the federal police has been sacked all of this is part of a campaign to root out corruption. nato says that a roadside bomb blast has killed four american troops in eastern afghanistan and a fifth u.s. soldier died in an insurgent attack in the south it comes off similar violence on monday which killed eight nato soldiers in the same area nineteen american troops have been killed in the country since saturday. and have begun drilling to rescue thirty three miners trapped underground collapsed
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operations at the mine could take up to four months rescue workers say they plan to send down food over the next few days and perhaps a few more beds. miners had their first telephone contact with their relatives and one of them on the spur of the moment even decided to. go. ok well next with all the business news. hello time to get the latest from the world of business to solve the world's biggest alan really and produce a house boasts that a profit of one point twenty seven billion dollars for the first half of twenty ten after making a loss in the same period last year the results were considerably better than forecast and the company's shares relit in hong kong where the company listed in january results says it expects
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a strong performance for the rest of the here as demanded prices continue to outstrip rising costs. resellers also have only involved in the shareholder dispute for control of russia's biggest miner. but a bit putin is in the city of new rolls to see the town and to all the plant he's met with the two main shareholders in the company to sell chief. looked in the baton in the head of intervals for two bananas each twenty five percent of the rolls want to buy the other question has noted that the conflict is damaging the company and that the solution is urgently needed but the government insists it will not force the issue as long as the rico continues to operate success. well for its spots was solid is adamant it will not sell up instead illegally says he will try to get the support of minority shareholders to agree to make independent professionals a majority on the board our correspondent in
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a question of us has the story. the general director all flew solo couldn't take part in the med sing with the media here in moscow as he's right now in the russian city over norilsk where he is the tons in a meeting with prime minister vladimir putin visiting the city at the right in the middle of the shareholders can select well just to remind you add to the jews and shareholders to me fame. unexpectedly came up with only three boys says compared with the norilsk for that cost of the start of the shareholder this conflict of interest that also god three says the boy scouts had to vote was conducted in accordance with all the rules were to sell claims it was done fairly manipulated no risk legal costs the twenty first of books to this year to be the day for its extraordinary general meeting where shareholders will vote on whether the current board should be removed and if so who will make up the new board while the deputy
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general director of bruce outlived his last love your sad but true self doesn't plan to sell its twenty five percent stake in nora's can it go. straight with its absolute strategic stake or also is a strategic investment. going to keep proton and benefit from the dividends from the rising. value of the stake that's why we are going to get that for sure. meanwhile the prime minister like you made a pollutant has already mentioned that he says some progress in the concept and the russian government has a once again repeated that it is not in time did in the stakes of either bludgeon that by buying in or did it cost and will not intervene in the dispute as long as the company continues to operate successfully. and also in the city of nero's the prime minister says the government is considering a new flexible tax for law for nickel and copper exports he suggests the system
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could be a similar to that imposed on oil but about who to nourish the metal produces to take bought in the development of a fast food. there's my duty to develop a flexible formula similar to the one we created for the oil industry in a very with the increase or decrease in brutal prices. if it is not agreed soon that we will come up with a solution of our own because one of the norilsk nickel shareholders may not like. its turn out to the equity markets european stocks have fallen sharply on tuesday echoing the trend in global markets risk sensitive stocks are leading the false with banks and commodity just seeing the sharpest loss of a gloomy outlook for global demand is damaging investor sentiment. and russian markets are suffering here in moscow energy stocks are falling as could what it took prices weaken gas from astounding more than one percent on the my six banks
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are also among the worst before most bad spare bond as chad was in one percent so far but cross jellicoe place containing its winning streak the only gave up just completed a four percent. and in the u.s. stocks are gaining it early trading as consumer confidence and home price increases economist estimates. smoke while russia's second largest oil producer has announced that income for the second quarter fell sixteen percent to two billion dollars that's despite a strong rise in revenues the company says it was hit by texas and costs were tros faster than the price of crude oil and separately the company says it does not intend to buy back the entire eleven point six percent of its shares from current conoco phillips well that's all the business news for now but if you're willing to get more right now you can always log onto a website r.t. dot com slash business.
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coming into the future cool from middlemarch the one car what makes a mechanical engineer and automotive pioneer open a book in recent years most in the meters two centuries the checkered flag and to
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be updated year on all. means go look in church. for the full story we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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the evening here in moscow you with all it's a let's get your headlines. u.s. combat troops. over the iraqi border but about fifty thousand. security forces there will only be allowed to go on missions at request. a two year drought has left three hundred families village on the edge of starvation. commit suicide if help doesn't arrive soon. proved. to russia. regions that's prompted investors to plan a las vegas.


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