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we've got the. biggest issues get the voice seems to say so with the news makers. tonight's tool time award goes to glenn beck and it's for his own lack of coverage on the iraq war on his new website and see after his massive d.c. rally last weekend beck the side of to launch the blaze dot com this is a news web site that he says is going to provide the main the stories that the mainstream media doesn't cover so basically it's a web site for the g.o.p. but oh there he have a whole network for that so and a web site dedicated to them it's called fox news and you know just news flash back on that one he's also part of the mainstream media but if you take a look at his new web site you would expect to find at least some coverage of the president's speech tonight about the combat operations and being in iraq seems like an important issue to the american people seemed like something that glenn beck
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would care about considering how many billions of dollars the government has spent on this but guess what there actually was not a single mention of it on his site when we grabbed this video today there are stories about g.p.s. phones helping illegal aliens a story about a shocking discreet said al sharpton is an elk a rally in d.c. and how new yorkers don't support the planned mosque near ground zero and there were several stories about glenn and the coverage of his tea bagger rally in d.c. over the weekend and of course several ads for goldline something the bechtel's on his radio and t.v. shows daily but guess what's not to mention on the site no not the iraq war not only shot this video earlier today he might and every news website a network around the us most of the world is probably covering the end of combat troops in iraq and obama's speech tonight everybody except for. glenn beck so why
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is that could it be because president obama delivered on his promise to end combat operations and that just couldn't admit that maybe something actually happened or is it because this story doesn't have to do with glenn himself that's my take your secret just looking at his website you would guess that he's really bitter that the quote mainstream media doesn't talk about him more because half the headlines half of the entire website is dedicated to stories about him things that include his name so do i need to go on anymore about what an attention whore this man is i think you get the point that i'm a glenn beck who by the way wore a bulletproof vest for his rally here in d.c. over the weekend is tonight's told time where. now it's impossible to discuss the war in iraq was also bringing up its architects will call them neo cons those key planners administration officials members of the media to help fashion
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the lie of weapons of mass destruction help convince a nation that our national security was at risk if this country was invaded and their leaders saddam hussein wasn't toppled now a few names come to mind people like donald rumsfeld paul wolfowitz bill kristol some of like to claim that with the exit of the bush administration so went the neo cons but unfortunately that is far from the truth so we're going to ask where some of these key figures that i named and others are today and why it is that they have such staying power here to discuss it with me is matthew dust national security researcher and blogger at the center for american progress thanks so much for being here. first of all before we get into you know certain characters here i want to talk about neo cons as a whole their numbers aren't all that large but their influence is so why is that why they have so much power over the years this is a movement that started among the literary set around in new york city. in the kind
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of the sixty's and then toward the seventy's the founding fathers of neoconservatism irving kristol norman podhoretz and of gravitated from the left to the right and again much more hawkish much more conservative and the next generation led by bill kristol robert kagan some of these others they've been very very good at establishing themselves in a number of think tanks and magazines and raising money and driving money toward whatever new projects they want to start such as the quote unquote committee to liberate iraq which is a new conservative project that kind of laid the groundwork for what eventually succeeded as the invasion of iraq in two thousand and three but speaking of think tanks very quickly it seems like all these people just seem to congregate at the american enterprise institute like it's the pro-war club. there what is it about this place well it's going to present is probably sort of the of the home base for a lot of these people that's where some of them the more serious neoconservative national security thinking is done there are other organizations like the hudson institute also magazines such as commentary such as the weekly standard and
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increasingly national review which are three of the biggest conservative magazines which are pretty much dumbest dominated by the neo conservative worldview now i want to. get into some people here so if we're going to talk about wolfowitz let's talk about you know his his role in shaping the war in iraq centrally making sure that happened he claims the u.s. would be greeted as liberators he claims that oil money what helped pay for reconstruction that the idea of hundreds of thousands of troops are going to be there was absolutely crazy and then he blamed government bureaucracy for the fact that they had to you know choose weapons of mass destruction to be this whole blaming four point for why we should even go to war in the first place where is this guy now i mean he just wrote an op ed today why are people still listening to him why he left the administration about halfway through he he went to the world bank for a while he left under a cloud there related to some supposed that or alleged improprieties related to his
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girlfriend who also worked there and now he's back. you know. now he's back to philly with the american enterprise institute there's always going to be a home for these characters apparently at the american enterprise institute no matter how bad they screw up but going back to you know what the various justification for the war was worth it that's it's really interesting when you look at some of these people they number of them had differing justification differing reasons for wanting to invade iraq someone like wolfowitz who was very much behind this idea that america's going to go and transform the middle east. someone like donald rumsfeld who gets associated with the neo cons secretary of defense rumsfeld who i wouldn't really call an ideological neo con but he had this idea that afghanistan was kind of too small and too remote and we needed to really have a central theater to demi. straight the extent of america's power so all these people kind of coalesced around this idea some of the main ideas behind the war came from the neoconservatives but it drew in people who would probably not identify themselves as such now it's interesting that you say that donald rumsfeld
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himself wasn't really a neo con and earlier you know we were speaking to you and you said that in fact he became a bit of a rag doll how is that right well you know rumsfeld his he wanted to go in there and show the technical logical ability the advanced you know weapon systems and using satellites and all this advanced technology in the year just to show as i said the extent and awesomeness of american power on the ground in iraq and he along with a room with wolf which they maintained at a very small footprint would be needed we could go in there with a relatively light force and take over this country remove the regime put up a new government and boom we're done reality proved otherwise and so the neoconservatives very quickly turned on rumsfeld and decided that he was the problem if they could blame rumsfeld and cast all the you know all the blame on him then they could pretend that it wasn't a stupid idea to begin with which of course it was so he just became sort of the scapegoat there now bill kristol was an interesting character because of course his father are. very much his kind of the father of the neo conservatives as well in
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a way but he is a media figure which is to me about that's really the scary part because you have somebody that's writing that's commentating on t.v. every single day and you know and pushing this agenda and it doesn't seem like he's going anywhere saying well again this all comes back to crystal's ability to attract money and drive money to different projects it is really interesting he is a board member of a number of these think tanks and organizations such as keep america safe he's on the board of that so they put out these ads and they make all these accusations and these wild claims and then he's able to go on fox news as a paid commentator to adjudicate and comment on his claims it's a pretty nifty gig if you can get it but it also goes you know if you look at the. things bill kristol has said over the years he has been wrong about so many of the biggest questions in american foreign policy keep a i'm going to be glad to make a move the question is how many times you have to be wrong to be discredited and if you look at bill kristol it seems like it's just impossible for him to discredit
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himself no matter how many times or how many things he gets wrong people you know fox news continues to bring him on and treat him as credible i guess you can say that money talks and you know if anything ever does happen i guess the same merican enterprise institute will welcome him with open arms now very quickly i want to get into the obama administration you know general david petraeus recently decided to sign on frederick kaplan to get or take an excuse me thank you to help them in terms of the mission in afghanistan now which a lot of people looked at them and said well this is just the return of the neocons and the obama administration letting them and if they're having the guy that that came up with the surge in iraq now become part of this team working for afghanistan how do you think that well taken was very closely associated he did a lot of work on the actual surge strategy related to counterinsurgency and securing the population. i think what we understand as the surge the the on bar awakening the solder militia freeze
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a lot of these things had absolutely nothing to do with anything kagan did yet he retains this relationship with the trace and this record of having pushed for some of these policies that you know did produce in the end along with other factors a positive result so i don't quite agree that just by taking kagan on as an advisor that we're adopting a new conservative perspective for a candidate but you think that there might be some other little hints of that within the obama administration well i i think it just goes to the influence that a lot of these characters retain you know you know that they are firmly ensconced in these think tanks they're firmly ensconced in the kind of foreign policy establishment and the bigger the bigger issue here is what do people have to do to really become discredited in american foreign policy and that you're right that is the issue here is that these people just won't go away. thanks so much matt all right still to come on tonight's show despite the fact of the country's fighting two wars the american public just doesn't seem interested in that and instead they rather focus on obama being a muslim we'll tell you about
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a surprising new poll on republicans views on obama's religion and of course the people that he decides favor and we'll talk with an iraqi journalist and ask her if the country is ready to stand on its own and how the people of iraq will adjust to a large number of u.s. troops now leaving the country i'll speak with mina ali robby the chief out of there. in just a moment. there . was a shadowed by this tragedy. these two here they. don't remember every second of this like. will remain in their memories in march. and it seems so. innocent.
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a little. more news today. once again. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. during operation to rule.
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our nation is involved in two wars and the has an economy that is in the toilet and with a combat mission coming to an end in iraq you would think that americans would be focused on those bigger issues but a newsweek poll out this week find some very disturbing news about the american people's views of their commander in chief the majority of republicans believe the president obama quote sympathizes with the goals of islamic fundamentalists who want to impose islamic law around the world fourteen percent said that was true and definitely true and another thirty eight percent said that it was probably true and that is just beyond amazing to me the g.o.p. the blogs fox news have made it their intent to smear and misinformed the public about obama's faith and his values music results just add more fuel to the fire
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over the rumors that obama is a closeted muslim but again for anybody that doesn't know let me just repeat that he is not and in fact the issue here is to top hot topic of cable fodder that newsweek devoted seven of twenty four questions to muslims theme topics fifty nine percent of republicans said that they believed the president favored the interests of muslims over other groups of americans how do you governor nation when so much of the populace is so woefully misinformed that they think that their president supports islamic extremism over american values i understand political bickering and posturing but this to me is just over the top. and stay on the subject of misinformation muslim bashing in the country has reached an all time high the battle over the so-called ground zero mosque has been made into a political football game thanks to the g.o.p.
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and some democrats apparently forgot about the constitution and the whole freedom of religion part it's so bad in fact that a new muslim organization called my faith my voice has put out a public service announcement that pretty much says it all take a look. in recent weeks a lot of people have been telling you what to think about this they say you should fear me suspect me but the truth is i don't want to impose my faith on you i don't want to take over this country and i don't support terrorism. they. really sad as americans that we should be ashamed but a muslim organization actually has to say in all seriousness that they're not trying to take over the country and parade a bunch of cute kids on t.v. to make their point and for the politicians out there that are using this so-called mosque in new york to further their careers i hope the voters are wake up and
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realize we are just hate mongers and the should not be elected to office in this country. now going along with the formal end of the u.s. combat mission and its televised address iraq's prime minister told the rockies today that iraq is sovereign and independent he said the country's security forces will now deal with all threats domestic or otherwise but is iraq really ready for that with no government more than five months after elections took place in march many question if the u.s. has really created a stable job political partner for itself and whether this really is the beginning of the end of a u.s. role there or the end of the beginning of what could be a long and rocky relationship for the future earlier i caught up with me a lot. better there. and she first posed this question as to whether it's the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning so i asked her to explain what that meant to her. sure well what i was trying to say is that today's
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decision and finally seeing the end of combat operations in iraq is a milestone by all means even though on the ground it doesn't actually make that much of a difference in terms of what's happening in iraq since the troops left the cities since june last year and since iraqi forces a taking the lead and since you're still going to have fifty thousand american troops on the ground is a change in both it's very important this is either going to be the beginning of the end the beginning of u.s. direct involvement in iraq and u.s. engagement in iraq and leaving iraq to take its own course you've seen a sort of distance that this has created from iraq there's been five months of complete limbo since the elections as you know government being formed new really haven't seen a lot of american involvement in trying to change the status quo they've said you know we can deal with the congress when it gets done it gets done so this is either going to be the beginning of the end by two thousand and eleven the end of two
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thousand and eleven you have the last american soldier leave iraq and they'll just say it was a misadventure would have never done this and wear them with it or. this can be the end of the beginning a very very shaky beginning of new relations between iraq and the us up until two thousand and three iraq in the us have always had some sort of strained relations although in the one nine hundred eighty s. of course they were allies in the war against iran but you dition iraq from the fifty's really has been aligned more to then the soviet union and since that was always the nonaligned movement. from two thousand and three the u.s. thought that it would have a new part in there a strategic ally in iraq and that was really the vision of the bush people in changing the system of government in iraq they thought that they could impose almost a western like liberal democracy that would become a natural ally of the u.s. and help them in such a strategic. position in the middle east so when you start and income preparations this was never supposed to be a full of occupation they thought they could go in remove the regime be. exactly
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with big hugs and then and to be honest if they had just through the top echelons of the former regime they could have probably kept the stay as it was in iraq would have gone a different course than what happened with the complete destruction of the iraqis the as it was those are now for the history books to discuss if you if you make this the end of the very rocky beginning and you actually say ok now that's all been a mess but we're going to invest in stabilizing iraq we're going to invest in actually getting the iraqi government together we're going to invest in making sure that we secure institutions and start fighting the corruption is rampant in iraq today this could be staged to post saddam era not what you think will happen or is that we were hoping it was i mean ok well. that's what i'm hoping will happen i think there are people in this administration that have the foresight to know that iraq would be instrumental for us national security interests and also for really stability in the region if iraq was strengthened was solidified however they are not the only
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voices. now tell me this as you said that the u.s. you know specially recently has been getting too involved trying to. pressure this government to be forming five months after an election that things happen and you have vice president joe biden is there right now and he's sort of the face of the obama administration that is always the one that travels there and so you know how is he looked upon in iraq the fact that barack obama themselves is there right now but joe biden's there and he's trying to pressure them telling them hey guys we're leaving get it together well i mean there's several things to be said about first of all from the very start it's president obama has been detached from iraq i mean his position is clear he was against a two thousand and three war he was against the surge and he almost like to take this high moral ground of say i was against the so i'm not getting involved which is wrong he's now the president of america he holds. responsibility of being the commander of commander in chief of the forces there in iraq so he tries to keep that distance and has put biden as the go to person on iraq now of course biden is
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notorious amongst many iraqis as being the architect of the failed biden plan two thousand and six which was to break up iraq and to a very full idea of sunni shia kurd which is such such a false image and perspective on what iraq is truly and it is only using those sectarian ethnic lines are only used by the politicians who are opportunists in iraq who know that the only way they'll get a position is if they can say well we represent this segment of society which is not how politics works you have to be able to represent all people and so biden is contentious amongst many iraqis except those that are not so against this particular idea now what do you do you have any predictions for you know when a government might actually be formed in iraq and i don't know what kind of government it's going to be well it's very difficult we know that most likely it's not going to happen before the end of ramadan and the beginning of eight the festivities i can almost say that that's nothing going to happen i think they're
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going to close there is everyone's gambling everyone's trying to get a bigger piece of the pie sadly i mean that's what this is about now you don't really have politicians going out and saying we're arguing because we believe this is how the federal state should be or this is what we believe about oil revenue sharing it really is at the end of day about different parties wanting to have their own interests taking care of now the fact that biden is there no is it doesn't mean that before he was there the americans weren't being in touch and constantly had different different delegations going jeffrey feltman very knowledgeable in the region was there you have a new u.s. ambassador jim jeffrey who's who's moved to baghdad only a few days ago but is already having an impact as he knows the region quite well he served in iraq previously so there still is it would be false to say that they're not fully engaged until biden went but they're not using all their leverage they can and that's a problem ok very quickly. last question i want to ask you you know a lot of people you've said this yourself completely separate iraq from the conflict in the middle east you're saying about not necessarily the right thing to
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do is to treat them like two separate so you know can you explain what my saying is i mean they are separate in the sense that the palestinian. issue the conflict that's been ongoing for sixty years is separate from iraq and you know on the actual realities however iraq as a nation as a country is very very important for the make up of the arab world and of them of the east iraq has traditionally played a very important role in the iraq system of government always was influential in what happens around the region so it is important the sense of iraq is not a us domestic policy issue as you sometimes see in the news here iraq is important for the region for all the neighbors that has you know the way that iran interacts with iraq is very important how the neighbors for example syria and jordan how secure they feel on their rocky border fence how secure they feel on the other side of the border with israel so it is it is impossible to try to say that the two a completely separate issues and the two are also you know obviously both are very
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important for the u.s. and terms of their presence internationally abroad you know thanks so much for being here thank you. now before we go tonight there is yet another major announcement out of the google powerhouse in silicon valley the internet giant is come up with the priority inbox a way for g. mail to sort out your mail for you the idea is the g. mail picks up on what mail you read what you don't like your bacon and it prioritizes and separates the priority mail into another box for you so while that's great news everybody the google has come a one step closer to doing all of your thinking so that you don't have to now something as simple as sorting through your inbox has become that much easier come to think of it what would we do without the great google link festa social networking sites that even comes up with solutions as to how to avoid your facebook past that got us thinking what else is google capable of you know we've been talking about iraq all day so what would the google or suggest we do there well we
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literally googled the words how do we end the war in iraq and we came up with a few articles about the troop pullout but no good solutions come on google where is your answer to the iraq war of the good news is that eric schmidt and the rest of the company still have time to think up solutions to the war in afghanistan they must have some sort of model for that one. now that for tonight's show thanks for tuning in to make sure to come back tomorrow well the bait the mideast peace talks both parties claim to be coming to the table with good intentions but is the region really ready for peace in the meantime don't forget become a fan of the launch on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other nights you can always catch it all at youtube dot com slash they load a show where we post the interviews as well as the show in its entirety coming up next is the news with the latest headlines from the u.s. and around the world.
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and then pick competition the battle to create the best mascot for the two thousand and fourteen winter games in russia kicks off with a nationwide contest. we have met our responsibilities now. it's time to turn the page president obama praises the soccer. fice of u.s. soldiers in iraq promising to shift the focus to reviving america's back to the economy. and tears of sorrow russia remembers the deadly beslan school massacre six years ago which there are more than three hundred people dead most of them children. so there you are watching.


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