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more news today vorlon says once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada as. china corporations are on the day.
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festival website. every month we give you the future of the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world to join us for technology update on our. data data generated from an electrical grid. and you can do to do it in california . resources for simplicity. let's go to sort of. ten thirty pm here in moscow thanks for staying with us here on our t.v.'s are your headlines new details emerge after russian pilots managed to crash land a crippled passenger jet in the republic of coney on tuesday all eighty one people
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aboard the one five four had a miraculous escape what overshot a remote airstrip and came to rest in the middle of a forest. the u.s. army slams a former sergeant for planting grenades in the cars of iraq he said checkpoints just for fun he filmed himself and the reaction of drivers and posted it all on you tube. and the u.k. has announced it will carry out an independent review of its extradition laws just . brits are being sent for trial abroad with little or no proof of guilt overall is expected to focus on the treaty with the u.s. as campaigners say it's biased against britain. russia and the u.s. have been steaming ahead in resetting their relations but there's still plenty of work to do the two countries are hoping to see eye to eye on issues like globalization geopolitics and nuclear nonproliferation or he sat down with political analyst clifford cup chan to get his take on how well this new starts been going.
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different cup generous touch to erect a at the eurasian group and former senior official at the u.s. state department is here with us today thank you very much for joining us mr cupples surely opinion is divided it's on the so-called recess in the u.s. russia relations how would you assess it cheap mount so far is it we need a fresh start i think it's a fresh start and i think so far it's worked the best examples or the new start treaty. better russian cooperation with the u.s. . iran on iran policy which is probably in the obama administration's top priority we see w t o moving forward but slowly so there are modest achievements but it's a whole lot better than it was a year ago two years ago how different do you think president obama's foreign policy is to that of george w. bush i think it's very different this president seeks to inform.
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allies and cooperate in countries he seeks to consult with them. president bush had in my view is that habit of telling us our allies and our friends and country you want to work with like russia lecturing lecturing at time at times after the fact after a decision was taken so i think this president seeks to build consensus i fear that president bush took unilateral action in my view too often what's the biggest obstacle in the way of improving russian american relations are several off circles the first is that while presidents obama and medvedev. get along very well and i think they're genuinely friends of the visit it's a very different and a long hard process to make to grok refuse trust each other so you get direction from the top and then still nothing happens once you go further and further down in areas like arms control in areas like w t o if the inspections don't work. if the
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trade agreements don't get written progress really doesn't go forward so that's one up tick of the second obstacle is that there's really no constituency in the united states that strongly supports us russian relations we need business to business relationship to grow substantially before the new relationship will have a really solid foundation how can this be tackled tended to find a workable solution tackled by the two sides frankly. american capital american investors. who support president medvedev actually seeks as in california as intuit on valley still don't trust the russian market so in my view steps like the international financial stance center the b.t.o. accession regulatory reform are very important i mean look there's a. phrase on wall street that capital is a coward capitalist scared american capitalist over scared of russia until russia take steps to calm american capital you're not going to get the movement forward
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towards increasing trade flows towards building that core constituency of russian american business that in my view is needed to sustain the relationship do you think globalization has helped to break down cultural and even political barriers between these two countries globalisation is a double edged sword on the one hand. we can't avoid each other anymore there's just no way there's internet there's six changes. i see russian tourist wherever i go in america. so a lot of the barriers have been broken down on the other hand as prime minister putin himself not to mention president editor very aware that they got clobbered in two thousand and eight because of globalization because they can't avoid their new connection will come belittle tight connection to national capital markets so so globalization breaks down barriers but it also makes russia much more vulnerable and makes reform. and modernization of russia in russia that much more
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important do you feel the balance of power is shifting away from the united states to what's new emerging power as china india brazil and russia in my view there's still one overriding factor about international politics which is that we still live in a uniform or world in my view that u.s. power is unparalleled both military and economic power especially military power within that broad framework i think there is a slow movement towards a different world order the bric countries brazil russia india and china are all rising brazil is probably the hottest most quickly rising country right now. is it emerging center of power so that would then would have to i think a broad context of american unipolarity things are changing and they're changing rather rapidly so so the short answer b.s. international power structure is changing and will the west ever become for civil with brushes ambitions to increase its influence in global economic and political
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a fast i think is going to be a fairly slow process there's still a trust gap a trust a gap between russia and the west wing russia and the u.s. even met with president obama but russia is still not very popular on capitol hill in the u.s. congress there are broad segments of the american political system which still don't trust russia so that i think it will take years of russia maybe a decade being a reliable energy supplier to europe no more ukraine disruptions it will take. some years of russia working together on iran on the major nonproliferation problems i think it is it an issue that can be overcome the that i think trust can be built but we're not there yet and which is a more valuable ally for russia the united states or the european union the united states remains the world's preeminent power. by far the world's largest economy if russia is serious about turning to the e.u.
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and the us. for help in modernization for a partner in modernization the choice is not really very hard choice the u.s. with silicon valley has been much more innovative the us economy is much larger so that wall rhetorically it's easier for russian leaders in my view to say we need a partnership with the we want to have even be only in partnership not realistic i mean the the road to where russia needs to go leads through washington that's not very popular to say in moscow but to me it's reality to be sure of what iran's nuclear program is now by fall the whole to stop it on the international news a chant on iran's fast nuclear power plant in bush era went live and oldest do you think u.s. suspicions about iran's possible development of the atomic weapons are justified in my view us suspicions are justified there is a consensus among the u.s. european union and the international atomic energy agency that iran has been taking steps and probably currently is taking steps to develop
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a nuclear weapon. about but there is no debate. what is frustrating is that the iranians refuse to clarify. what they're doing two to the international agencies and my own trip to tehran and i asked many times and the answer you get is that there is a fatwa a religious law against developing nuclear technology nuclear weapons in iran have in my view is just nonsense because that indeed is what they're doing so so so u.s. concerns are justified this is a very important issue which one i think the russian government now completely understands and it's one we all have to deal with these are really suffering iran's economy fresh package of sanctions was introduced well not yet but i think it's very important that this latest array of sanctions u.n. sanctions u.s. sanctions any use actions are unprecedented in their severity iranian banks have a great deal of trouble now doing business globally. both in europe and
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increasingly in asia japanese banks are pulling out of iran. the arena in. oil industry which provides eighty percent of export revenues and fifty percent of the rons budget revenues is on a downward trajectory now they can get away for two or three years four years five years but after that they're going to very short of money so is the reigning economy in very bad shape right now no is the reigning economy headed for very tough times yes call candy iranian nuclear issue be resolved the iranian issue can be resolved if both sides find newfound flexibility both sides need to find flexibility on the u.s. side to me it's very important the u.s. stop calling for your reign it is very important to me that the u.s. stop calling on the iranians to suspend enrichment of uranium iran will enrich uranium they will have a nuclear program where the u.s.
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needs to do is try to limit that program need to obtain rights to inspect that program and the u.s. needs iran to its to explain exactly what it's doing and weaponization the iranians you do agree to limit on their program the need to agree to inspections and they need to explain what they're doing now that. is all by way of saying that an agreement is possible but both sides need to stop saying no to the other side conflict corruption thanks very much for the time it's my pleasure. when the news is not enough. when it's something really crucial when you want to get down to brass tacks when you bring special coverage. this time the latest
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news from the young.
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coming. up. on the one hundred coming up. this is st still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal the hidden in the soviet files the cascine case ever on ati. dramatic example of this from this. surgery. done
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on it and they managed not only to stay alive. but to keep their faces and souls in inhuman circumstances. nine hundred days in besieged linen ran through the eyes of the survivors. wealthy british style seinfeld's last night. markets financed scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines joining in to cause a report on our.
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new details emerge after russian pilots managed to crash land a crippled passenger jet in the russian republic of komi on tuesday all eighty one people aboard the tuple of one fifty four had a miraculous escape when it overshot a remote airstrip and came to rest in the middle of a forest. the u.s.
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army slams a former sergeant for planting grenades in the cars of a rockies at checkpoints just for fun filled and self and the reaction of drivers and put it all on you tube. and the u.k. has announced it will carry out an independent review of its extradition laws to keep brits from being sent abroad for a trial with little or no proof of guilt overall is expected to focus on the treaty with the u.s. as campaigners say it's biased against britain. those were the hour's top stories time now for a latest sports update with you know neil stay with us here on r.t. . thanks for joining us this is sports today i mean you know any of these are headlines slovak shock russia face a battle to qualify for hero twenty twelve following a home defeat to step back the. rising russian
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mikhail youzhny season of tommy robredo in four sets to move into the u.s. open quarterfinals. back on the ice with the concept of hockey getting underway and whedon stay we speak to kids shell head alexander made fear of his own expectations for season. we kick off with football rushes route to euro two thousand and twelve has hit a rocky patch dick advocaat side losing at home to slovakia in the second game of their qualifying campaign richardson poor faith was at moscow's a lucky stadium for us. following a less than perfect performance in on door on friday to count the count would have been hoping for much better when his side took on some back here with both teams among the favorites to seal the one automatic location for the euro two thousand and twelve championships judgment made two changes to the side that struggled in the pyrenees bring unity should call for a return from suspension and on. the home side started well but shaaban is
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a go even particularly looking lively as the visitors goalkeeper. was called into action on a number of occasions as russia press for him early go play certainly had them but they were made to pay for of a deficiency in front of goal in twenty seven minutes or so back here at home he ventured into their opponents' half but a pull free kick from ego i can clear some little streets of middle stops golf and if in a bunch of strike it did the rest a fantastic strike by the twenty year old but a really sloppy goal for the home side to give away russia push forward in search of an equalizer and public a good american scored twice none dora had a great chance to level. cause just a good striker was put through by a shove in what could only find a sign netting it's not like it would go into the half time break one nil up north on by enormous capacity crowd rushes start of the second forty five minutes well and they fall dead made it one one five minutes after resumption the consensus of the honest tap in a far post was ruled out for of side and looking at the replay rightly so so far
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here we're having to withstand wave after wave of attacks from dick advocaat side but a combination of paul finishing an excellent defending the home side of bay as a visitors would gain a vital forty points on the road in moscow before the most beautiful thing in football is the score on the board we didn't find the net and our opponents did they took their only chance we had several scoring opportunities but didn't take them we've got nothing left to do but just trying hard to score goals a very gutsy if far from pretty performance by some back here and even at this very early stage in the qualification campaign very in pole position to make it to poland and ukraine we see below but the whole net is what we have very pleased with the result that as we beat one of the best teams in europe we had a few injured players which prepared well for the game was korea contests to go but i have to see though that we were somewhat lucky as our goalkeeper made several wait all seasons to finish these three points in a very important for us if i could if with both russia travel to i love macedonia
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this time next month or the next two qualifiers and really dick advocaat side have to pick up six points of those two games and they're going to keep their hopes alive of qualifying for the euro two thousand and twelve finals automatically richer from both please r.t. moscow plenty more action across europe on the night including in russia's group b. where the republic of ireland moved top and goal difference after a three one win over a door a cabin kept for robbie keane helping the irish cross the line at the new viva stadium in dublin like slovakia it's now two wins from two for giovanni trapattoni squad. armenia a lively two two draw the result doing little to aid either side's cation hopes though. a few surprises in the pick of the rest of the twenty marches. on the czechs. which will have just one point from a possible six after defeat by norway world cup finalists the netherlands just divide overcame finland over
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a big wins for italy sweden germany at home one hundred percent competitive record with turkey remains intact after a tough three to victory at home to belgium wayne rooney opened the scoring. three one winners in switzerland france secured the first points of their campaign coming at the right side of a two against bosnia-herzegovina scotland aged. brings us to tennis where the russian left in the men's side of the u.s. open me a quarter final berth the semifinalist here four years ago taking care of business against tommy robredo a full three hour slog this one in which usually looked in control of for the majority it's been a solid season to date for the twenty eight year old having reached the quarterfinals of another major the french open on winning the b.m.w. open also in may the final score this time around seven five six two six six.
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three. texas to boxing and it's going to be an all english a further next time march for w.b. a heavyweight champion david haye a londoner will take on the limbic champion all of the horison after failing to agree terms for unification by but either of the klitschko brothers or the jew take place in november thirteenth in manchester will be a second title defense for haiti who. tried last year by beating. points the twenty nine year old went on to retain his belt in a clash with american joining us. in april while the pinnacle of harsens career was the olympic gold two one in sydney a decade back the thirty eight year old is taller than haye the reigning european champion but hey he isn't too impressed. i think he's been beaten before he thinks he's been hurt in the ring before think again. this is this is the time for your career get well and truly finish. it think again he was just unconscious in
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a. way way until november thirteenth when you see exactly the difference between a heavyweight champ of the world and the only european champion but you think it would be the fighting you give those who don't know if you don't think this is going to be a mismatch you don't know what's in. people you know who's phone me and here you are going to be in the final you like. brings us finally to my psyche where the third concept for the hockey league season is now upon us our correspondent richard van port and for a one on one with the league's president alexander meant he had to have to acknowledge the challenges ahead for europe's biggest club competition but added every year things are getting brighter of course is a long term projects but just after two years you have the project is going in the right direction obviously. nobody could.
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come so. far away so the canadian and american news agencies see the cage well as a perhaps a bit of a retirement home for players come back to russia and millions of dollars towards the end of a careers but i think this year especially with the question of getting a block of for instance that is going to push golf but really actually became a serious league it's looking to attract talent who is still playing at the top of their ability. actually my film i gather is one of the top players. score. and they show a steal of course that shows are all you know paul or concept the one who has a best simply the best and. all the best players. or whatever way. they always are. possibility to brings them in
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chile and obviously all the agents and scouts are used to work this way but no show is offered in if not from the central part of that year but at the substance. of play good in europe not far away from home. because. every person has different priorities different circumstances and if you could enjoy his game and his profession not far away from your hometown they'd give you a good chance and that's why i'm sure that integration in the future which is inevitable so we're talking about czech republic which of sweden finland and that's a distinct possibility yes. ok for instance six months ago a year ago there were quite a few financial problems among some of the less well supported teams in the cage el
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is the cage on my way to healthier states but it was six months ago and really by itself in the very good shape of some some clubs had problems but. nobody. although they were part of the during the season and as a way even though it's strange and. will be one of the. sponsors and. advertisers who do you think all the teams are going to kind of really find time for the championship obviously sky which i was living in. want to be leaders of the world be one of the top teams but. could be very competitive. as it will be very interesting you can compare that your season so it's going to get a bit boring if. it's all going to. be in the time when there. really is
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a very different sort or thirty of eclipse. ok i was going to maybe to frank you ever so much because i can afford to with you again ok thank you thank you but. that wraps up the sport for this hour i'll see you soon but the world weather is coming up in just a tick. for the full story we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for technology update on our jeep. culture is that so much about the taxpayers' money maintaining it seems to me.


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