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tv   [untitled]    September 9, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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first. in india all g.'s available in
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the grand central shirts in mumbai the taj mahal bowling coach president mubarak was sure that they would resume beatriz's public clothes are going to go on the whole hotel surges the cement hotel palace hotel closing in the ridea believe that j.p. hotels sheraton new delhi hotel the maori baby hotel collection ramona plaza the maiden's hotel believe that paul was a married medicine ship and he was punished but they protest promised. breaking news here when all see at least seventeen people have been killed and a combo thing that's a mob is a boxer's bus north caucasus region more than a hundred others were injured in that time in the republic of north of folks here or an official day of mourning has begun for suspects detained person to bed about
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that is behind that time will the honest. source of this terror act is another case of criminal activity of the fugs with whom we cannot compromise for reconcile . hello and welcome to the program this is all see and this is our main story a huge kabul making the city of the biggest cause of southern russia has killed at least seventeen people a suicide bomb has been a for to have carried out that talk which also injured around one hundred bucks on the head is in but they sent us this report. this is the site for team a strong hard to forget this morning she was late to work and was hardly put in flowers for sale outside but you heard the blast but didn't realize what had happened until a car came crushing down beside her played
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a few more from the wall of a with a burning. we were standing close by and it felt as if the earth was shaking the cars were shaking as if the tremble went through the whole world it really feels like the end of the world rule for flood but if you knew it first for tim i didn't see anything just fear in the faces around him by. now everyone was killed here i heard the explosion from home i feel sorry for all these people i don't care what nationality they were. look this is what they pulled out of a woman's leg people were shocked the ambulance and police arrived immediately all the emergency services reacted instantly citizens of arctic of cars are very experienced in this sad as it is. paralyzed with panic the tzemach wouldn't move her first solid militants and they want to kill everyone. and then i looked at our car it was littered by the pieces of flesh and my husband was touching them and i
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said wait wait because it was really flourish. only now for tim understands that she was lucky to survive she says she's strong and can cope with anything but the fear isn't letting her go and she stays at the scene as if glued to what is left off her car and flowers this is the second time suicide bombers have children this market in logic of cars as their target this street then was packed with people is now quiet filled with fear and saurabh they are the injured survivors are praying for the ones who were not so lucky but struggle to find anything that can ease their pain. r.t. from what you've got us and president medvedev said those responsible for today's terror attack will be punished three suspects have so far been detained as part of an ongoing investigation and our correspondent maria for notion of how the story from the airport in the moscow region where those suffering from the worst injuries
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have just arrived for treatment. investigation over the tire acting because he's on the go we know they had a vicious office be federal security service is currently in the republic to personally morning to the cetacean to personally oversee the investigation and he's reported that three suspects have been detained so far although we are not given any detail exactly who are these people earlier the prosecutors have also knowledge that they've managed to find out who owned the call that exploded in this city over the gaza on thursday morning and they've also told us that it was registered in they were neighboring nepal they call it it's another volatile place in the riches north caucasus russia's president dmitri medvedev has and it condemned the terror act calling the people responsible for this course of. thoughts and he says that those people are no those whom we need to negotiate with but those who
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have to be found and punished as soon as possible but. i would first of all like to say to all the people of north to say that we're mourning the victims innocent victims of this terrible tragedy russia's people with the people of north asensio this terror act is another case of criminal activity of the thugs with whom we cannot compromise or reconcile first priority is to give medical help to those who are injured and brought a kind of cast mosco or else where it's needed and so for moral and financial support to victims and their family. from mr lightener porton has also condemned the terror act and people behind it saying they're laying goal aides to spread panic and on multi-religious multination months language population of fresh air. between. thank you very much for your words of condolence and your brave position i
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know how many muslim clerics have suffered a terrorists' hands for openly stating that they were against terrorism and extremism russia is a multi-faith country it is diverse and that is the reason it's strong muslims reside all across russia but regions that are considered traditionally muslim are home to only half of russia's muslims or a little over that over forty percent of russia's muslims live in other areas of the country crimes like the ones that were committed today in saudi kavkaz are aimed at promoting entity between people we cannot allow that and of course muslims must play the decisive role in the struggle i thank you for expressing your position. russia's minister of britain says plane has learned that indeed here at the romans could mean a tree hold outside mosco its role eleven people from hope you can see the plane behind me right now and maybe you can see those. coming out from the plane being transported to ambulances car that all live here waiting for them to come from. these eleven people of those hoping most seriously injured most heard following the
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terror act. and then those who really need very special treatment and that's why they've been transported here to the russian capital this is where they can really get it as far as a doctor has a say in all those people in very serious condition and their lives are very much in danger at least five of them have been put on respirators some of them have been operating so big condition is a rather difficult. this two hour long flight from was it. hasn't been an easy toss for them but as far as the fares are sure you know special equipment on board this special plane no rush the ministry of emergencies has allowed them to feel safe while the interest poor detail while traveling from the ticket cost to most shortly after the tragedy happened in the city of costs in russia is solved the russian government has said that the families of those who died that will receive
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a thirty thousand dollars in compensation each while those serious pains of most heard will get over ten thousand dollars in compensation age as well. meanwhile the u.s. state department has said militants operating in the north caucasus have ties to al qaida the counterterrorism coordinator the devolvement also said the united states is willing to help russia and its fight with terrorism in the region and for more when i joined live from washington d.c. where our correspondent who's going to church account going to thank you very much for joining us so it looks like the u.s. now acknowledges it's finding the same enemy as russia but it's taken quite a bit of time doesn't it it get. yeah you know you're right russia and the u.s. seem to be on the same page here the u.s. state department said the terrorist attack in blood the gulf god is part of international terrorism and those who are responsible for it are international terrorist and they have connections with al qaida they also said it's
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a common goal for russia and the u.s. to work together to fight those terrorist groups but russian the u.s. had always been on the same page here for years russia tormented by a number of horrible attacks had been saying it's a common danger these guys are international have international price we need help to find them but a while ago the common understanding among among many in the west was that those attacks are just part of separatist movements in russian caucuses but she kept saying those terrorists are getting funding from abroad and number of them are trained abroad but internationally and in the united states and it had been see that it had been treated as some sort of a domestic fight against insurgents now things seem to be changing the u.s. has acknowledged that the groups operating in russia have international ties and a few months ago shortly after the deadly suicide bombings in the moscow metro the u.s. state department included the person who claimed responsibility for the attacks. in
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the list in the american list of most wanted terrorists and that was probably the first time that they did that sort of thing forty people died in moscow all modest claimed responsibility also for the attack on the train traveling from saying pittsburgh to moscow in november last year russian security services would give a lot to have this man behind bars and what's been hitting their nerve with russians for years was that someone like moderates in the u.s. was referred to as a rebel whereas for russia's people committing those atrocities were nothing else but terrorists thoughts but we've these latest statements from the u.s. state department now it seems the u.s. and russia started seeing eye to eye on the issue. aren't going to chicken reporting live from our washington studios and i thank you very much indeed and political analysts dimitri bobbit says north us out here has often been
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a target for is the most militants with links to international terror. so there has been a target for terrorist attacks for a long time i would like to remind you of that. when he was alive called north or said to russian good recent you north caucasus because i say dems are the only ethnic group in north caucasus besides russians which is predominately orthodox christian explore that so the market especially invited gulf gusev are very very often used in the past i would remind you that one of the war stories that backs in the ninety s. was also an explosion at the market the logic of gas short of their their use of obvious there is the north caucasus had connections to al qaeda they didn't make a secret out there where the western press doesn't report a very often a barbed wire cage in the wall so here are stories that some way in afghanistan where people were taken prisoner or some camp was destroyed
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people from north caucasus were also present there unfortunately. and we'll be keeping you updated on the terror attack on our sea but now our focus shifts to the russian city of yaroslavl for our coverage of the global policy forum that's taking place that. some of the best minds from around the world have gathered in this old russian city for today a brainstorming session it's located around two hundred or two hundred thirty kilometers northeast of moscow in a city that proudly boast unesco world heritage status and a marking it's a thousand here have asked me this weekend and is hosting in a band that's trying to answer some of the hardest questions facing us in the future so how to keep the world safe or makes a democracy work and how to modernize also ready in existence and these are just some of the issues on the table as you can see you know gretsch over has more from this. it's a relatively new it's
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a relatively young for amateur has turned two years this time and it takes place in the u.s. level again but some claim that the forum has only the chances to reach the davos forum level russia is the. economic forum but so far it hasn't had a sordid political equivalent to that so some claim that the u.s. level for him could eventually become the equivalent now so many common challenges economic environmental also political and it's very clear that countries like russia with a long cultural intellectual tradition have a lot to offer in terms of trying to understand the problems and trying to find common solutions i certainly see a lot of potential because i think the case of pavel's makes very clear that international economic and financial debate can be extremely influential babel started off as a small initiative and has grown into a global fixture and i think the same potential which if the focus is on the great i think it's important that we move away from just the criticizing each other or
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lecturing each other or simply talking at cross purposes and really try and find a common mode and i think debate exchange critical questions and constructive contributions is what's needed and i think the former is just wrong in that direction and i look very much forward to seeing how that what i'm for all the next two days all this year is forums twelve. criteria the standards of democracy there are people. the experts coming from more than thirty countries here in the russian city of. there are four major sections of discussions want to go to to this state as an instrument of modernization diversified democracy experiences of different countries this is the second section the one is about. the concept of international law and finally global security so indeed the program is very intense one could not describe today's discussions as one want to waste. interaction it was indeed it does it was very heated at times you could say was
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a very enthusiastic marathon for example it's widely believed that there is there are no adjectives before the word democracy but it turns out to be a hearing us lobby among the participants there was no consensus about this and we heard so many adjectives before the word democracy and another important another major question was race what comes first a democrat is ation or economic diversification. and indeed there is no conclusive answer about this and modernization and democratization is something the russian president has been has spoken out about in very concrete terms taken that has been that democracy is a process it's not just a word. so global security is going to be one of the major topics during the jaroslav forum how do they bend he spoke to economic historian robert skidelsky and
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he says the you should consider russia's proposal for a new european security treaty. to become a much more effective part of the european security system and not be outside. because the european actually european military is very very weak. the two military power you're the french and the british the rest have to do anything really but they're small and there's no unity. to sort of no agreement to create something larger and russia has a has it has has good military forces and they're becoming increasingly modernize and specialized to the kind of work that military forces have to do today which is a war that could be part of the prompter insurgency operations peacekeeping operations and so on so russia could be a great asset for european secure. it sits there and president medvedev has
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suggested a new security called that would include russia and we should that we should take him up on that and really see we'll what we can do with it because after all russia is part of europe it shouldn't be outside it. and you can watch the full version of that seem to be in half an hour's time here on all it see and of course all how long live coverage from the global policy forum on friday as soon as the second day of discussions starts. when the new season or. when it's something really crucial when you want to get down to the last. special coverage. this time the latest news from the. line drawn special guests discussions on the modern state in providing security and stability of the present day world. question.
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see. some of the stories and not the pundits who managed to land a crippled russian airliner back in moscow all eighty one people on board we have rocketed because the five after amazing failure of major electrical systems also has told bottom report. the pilots an engineer just returned suv new cover airport in moscow they'll now go and talk to some psychologists for some deep breaths and counseling for any stress they may have undergone and what was a very tense landing they've also been helping investigators at the site trying to work out what happened and that's what investigators will be doing in the next week to ten days trying to get to the root of this search engine that tickle failure they currently say in a preliminary statement that they think that three out of four of the plane's electrical generators failed but for the full story on this remarkable crash
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landing will go to my report. the heroes of the taiga these are the men the managed to land a crippled jetliner in the middle of the forest and not injure a soul the passengers a frankfurt to be airline were seated in a pool so willingly and the streets and ended up in the woods emergency crews arrived to try to wait everything was organized very fast this time the fleet week it was not for the professionalism of the crew we would not be standing here. the tupolev one five four was flying at ten thousand meters on its way to moscow from russia's far east when there was a massive electrical failure to claim lost all automatic navigation and communication its fuel supply and wing flaps were crippled meaning i had to learn quickly and at higher than normal speeds even the lights in the cabin and cockpit went out by sight alone the pilots found an abandoned their strip in the depths of the forest and managed to land on the third attempt. by plane was designed to land
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on a concrete airstrip and at first we chose a restaurant in decided to land there but during the maneuver by miracle we caught a glimpse of a concrete strip and all the shorter it would be much safer when we overshot the strip there were bushes but no trees and at that point we knew for sure that we're going to be safe despite overshooting and plowing through. two hundred metres of woodland before stopping all eighty one people on board were evacuated to safety right in the ridge can is a former pilot and actually trained the heroes in question he says he's very proud of his form across a jays one up in the close they couldn't even tell their altitude or where they were they only had enough fuel for ten minutes of flight in managing to land that plane he practically did the impossible as with the plane itself investigators are poring over interviews with the crew and witnesses black box recordings and evidence at the site that question what caused such
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a massive electrical failure providing that double what fifty four is not quite the brand you have to craft and i'm sure that that car was manufactured probably at least twenty years ago when you were more. i believe there is a chance that they we planned it was just a war of. our russell airlines which owns the plane says it wasn't aware of any issues before takeoff but added it would never fly together investigators are focusing on mechanical failure rather than pilot error or weather conditions but everyone is expecting the playlets to receive medals they're achieved. in time the technical details of those planes malfunction will join all of the others maybe ation history but one thing will always stand out courage and resourcefulness of the two men who brought it safely to tamasin r.t. possible. and also another news today surveys are dropping challenge of the united nations to kosovo's independence the great has removed the section of
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a un resolution that called kosovo secession unacceptable the moves being seen as a way of boosting the balkan nations hopes of joining the he and to discard the implication was when i joined live by an abortion knowledge a columnist for antiwar dot com was in our washington studio is so mr maddox thank you very much for joining us there has revised its original resolution to have the government yielded to pressure from the. most in serbia to revise the resolution it was the e.u. there are solution was completely rewritten by brussels and all the key components of the original resolution which was a very strong to begin with were completely removed it wasn't so much a compromise as a capitulation as many other commentators have already termed it yes but what does it have asked stand to gain from from from that heat. in practice it stands to gain absolutely nothing it stands to lose everything. the resolution was
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changed so that the e.u. would be less angry would serbia but what brussels is still demanding is pretty much an unconditional surrender a full abdication of state sovereignty or any sort of independent foreign policy yeah and that's exactly what's going to happen and where does this leave cults of a is it any more or less internationally recognized as a result of this compromise. right now it's in the same status as ever because resolution twelve forty four is still in force what the what the resolution implies the fact that it's been submitted in the first place is suggesting that official belgrade has given up on reclaiming the province if it gets adopted it would be able could potentially be disastrous and would it could signal the rest of the countries that haven't recognized most the majority of the world countries that haven't recognized the separatist province indication that belgrade is perfectly ready to accept its independence de facto and legally. and
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that they've abandoned theirs their legal and political struggle for the province and that right now it's perfectly ok to recognize that because even serbia has given up i'm sincerely hoping that won't be the case by there's one possible implication of this yes and what do you think how the people of said there will react to the climb down. i think the relevant serbian public opinion is already outraged i think there will be a colossal backlash against the government among the people there will definitely be some some significant changes coming down the pike i believe so honestly because the current government by by doing this has exhausted any sort of credibility any sort of claim to be defending a country has completely obliterated its electoral promises of fighting for kosovo and refusing to recognize it because the resolution as it reads right now is an implicit recognition of this is session has alienated its strongest allies in the
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world from russia to china and brazil and other countries and has done all this to basically score points with the e.u. and the e.u. itself doesn't really recognize this and will continue to apply pressure and humiliate the country and it's at this point just a matter of time before the people realize that they've been completely robbed of their birthright and of their entire country and then it's to knows how they would react. right knowledge comments fall on to vodacom makes them on it thank you very much indeed playtime. the u.s. navy has delayed its plans to move more than eight thousand marines from their military base on the japanese island of okinawa the american presence is a bone of contention with locals on her a number of high profile incidents. since the end of world war two the united states has had
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a military presence in japan which some people living in okinawa are finding a nuisance i don't hate people but sometimes we have a trouble with them because of the. song something extra doesn't for. america. you know there was a huge problem. around eighteen percent of okinawa's main island is occupied by u.s. military forces here a week we can hear the noise of their airplanes which interrupt the city sounds and have been maybe some dance or crimes not only with this base but with a lot of other bases but. as we know it's also. they also help the economy and people from now or into basis or depend on the basis leading some to believe that in order to provide a more stable future there needs to be less reliance on the basis we must.
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look on the direction and to make a more business and we need to be independent in kind of the station do need to market represents okinawa in japan's house of representatives and is looking to bring about change. it has been sixty years since world war two seventy percent of u.s. bases in japan are now. know that there are security measures and programs in place in asian countries we want the u.s. to reduce their bases things aside from noise pollution space and. concerns that one of the arguments against u.s. military bases on okinawa is a crime according to the treaty american citizens attach to the base can't be tried under japanese law now most of the crimes about ninety percent involve drinking and driving or are traffic related but there are a few high profile crimes which include rape and murder which have put straw a.


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