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today. these are the images. of canada. has. become a. sign
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. the global economy.
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this is st still keeps secrets but now it's time to reveal the truth to the soviet files you can see in case anyone. in indonesia oh she's available in hotels. in spawn's. been turned on. sunday and be choto the. phone. calls a full season the sultan which owns. the main headlines. remembers the victims of the attacks they.
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say the government has turned its back. on hundreds of first responders his health his very best ration. people across europe to protest against excessive surveillance by. saying this is true. and to protect. and russia's republic of north ascetic is very eleven of the victims of the suicide bombing in the city of that it has the people to take over the last. one next martin andries continues his exploration of the famous russian golden ring of ancient cities that surround the capital and this time he's in suit of examining its rich history visiting spectacular churches and sampling traditional methods.
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around. our. the gateway to our final location series still to free our college jenny from moscow out as a base will face of magnificent modest raise bright and don't quite feel its streets and russian traditions so join me moscow news for a final program on russia's golden ring talk in. the town was first mentioned in the russian chronicle in the a ten twenty full time of peasant revolt in the area every one hundred years later its home became the capital of the real stuff su still principality it's actually quite difficult to come here by public transport
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strains only go as far as got to me if you need to get a bus from there the best transport method is by car the journey takes about four hours in order to promote national and international tourism in the one nine hundred sixty s. the soviet government decided to turn suso into a major tourist center and ever since it's become a museum town of ancient persian arts and architecture but it's not all about quite countryside exhibitions and ministries. are lucky because the various bell ringing sessions around the town. this will wake you up to still. a lot so what it's a just one man the sound is to see him. yes if. there's
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a range of interesting old russian architecture still here in soused from grandmother's trees to this impressive wooden cathedral they're all wonderful examples of buildings here which just centuries old. stone architecture began to flourish in the sixteenth century after sousa was absorbed by the moscow principality the first stone house was built by the central ministry at that time it was up to thirty times more expensive to build the modern ones today many of the houses here sill look like traditional russian is because she's in a combination of materials and is a local ruling more of the buildings a move three stories high. moving on we've a right to our looks like a brewery of some crimes. but it's not vodka. the metal containers are making an old slavic honey based alcoholic beverage gold
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medals look up similar to lead the drink popular throughout eastern europe since pagan times and here in this area of russia it's really popular to this day that's who we get honey from all around russia you tend to get a sterile control and i will abort to race where it's cool it is that being examined the chosen one is then mixed with water and the fermenting close's begins after a while they drink it whereas it still tastes and then it's both old and distributed . medical produces are very proud of the fact that it's made solely for local natural ingredients money from several nearby farms is used in the drink isolde many of the shops in suits or slightly alcoholic and famously stored in the small brown plastic bottles it's not so easy to find even in moscow or simply is but. the method of creating the beverage hasn't changed much over the centuries but indeed to put. and the machines they use out of. one bottle costs around
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thirty five roubles that's just over one dollar not bad. unfortunately the factory here is closed to the public but don't think that you're completely missing. how this looks when you get it's traditional rush assessing and consume stuff you can try several times. to you know tasting room we have ten various media who played a small percentage of each taste with different types and spices and also the traditional pure kind guests get ten cups and they should start from the alpha left one moving from left to rise group by row right to feel each label properly traditional russians nights should be eaten between the cups such as south breeze and sauerkraut. you see. or you must try medical that i've never tried it
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before and here the devastation whole of the fire for you can sample various flavors as hops line loss and horseradish and. problem is that we know which one is worse. with. whom that like our popeye's as a child. but what else is there to see ensues till the specific street is one of the largest and oldest religious structures in the region founded in thirteen fifty two it wasn't part of soused at the time but was located further from the city center on a steep bank of the commune to river and also served as an outpost protecting that's. found the ministry was a wooden structure at first but it was burned down during the polish lithuanian
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invasion in the seventeenth century and then rebuilt in stone in brick which wasn't cheap in seven hundred sixty six catherine the great ordered a prison to be built here where political convicts were sent to do in the soviet times the ministry was also used to imprison individuals now interest or to its former glory with its many religious sites attracting tourists from around the world. now that is the susan museum of wooden crosses a large outdoor exhibition venue it's like a village with houses churches and windmills that's been turned into a museum representing everything made of wood back in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries old wooden houses which have i find destruction were brought here from different parts of the country the museum represents not only russian wooden architecture but also items from everyday life in essence from the past.
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various masa classes and festivals are often organized here to transfer you to times long gone by. and if you plan an overnight stay in suso there are several hotels in town and many of them a walking distance from the town's main sites. is a modern hotel complex but with a traditional russian touch with several suites located in separate wooden houses very sweet they all say there are five conference schools for restaurants and a spa center yet in the hotel a standard double room costs around one hundred dollars a night. from shopping for traditional goods to eating local russian cuisine you'll feel a million miles from home here. trip to one of russia's golden ring towns really is
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like going back in time there are several sites of interest here in syria such as the tomb of the russian. he was one of the leaders who fought against the polish in vegas also the cross to combine to say that piece of the great imprisoned his first wife and the beautiful ancient kremlin behind us with its impressive architecture it's the core of the whole area and when visiting any of the ministries take a look to see if that are any concerts scheduled from classical music to choral singing if you get a chance to visit to witness such spine tingling music. through
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the band rules of the cathedral here it's a magical moment you'll take away with you forever so the dreamy fairy tale landscapes of soused as all to arrives still nice and warm outside a walk along the peaceful banks of the commune or the sound of tchaikovsky gently performed inside an ancient ministry she hasn't any local or tourists. troubles fade in time stands still in these peaceful russian towns a trip to susan collins and delights. the same shit persons sound as with so many battles diseases and invaders that with its staggering b.c. the fascinating history a trip here is well worth the effort a visit to the golden ring is an unforgettable experience don't believe me. think
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come see for yourself. from medical factories to sue still spectacular sights a trip to one of russia's gold ring cities and towns will enrich your knowledge of traditional russia and be in the warm september sun all the snow covered winter months these picture rest fairy tale destinations will certainly pretty you how amazing russia really is but that's all for me and the rest of the crew we'll see you again the same time next week until then by for now.
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this history still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal. the soviet files you can see in case ethanol on. a live in a country that don't understand that there's more violence in the streets of this country than there are in the streets in afghanistan or baghdad. one minute this parisian. brings to. us a.
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mystery that. crowd gathers room in the. history of the news. every month we give you the future we help you understand how to get there and what to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world acknowledging update on our wealthy british. holds. the. markets why not scandal. find out what's really have. winning to the global economy is a cause a report. they faced this is not a problem you should look more. into it and we should just step
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you should it's a pretty tree because they have no idea about the hardships that we face. plate one it's this is. too new to. bring in the army the life of the use of them is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand fully that you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. victory nineteen forty five dot dot com. as the u.s. remembers the victims of the nine eleven attacks those who gave emergency aid after the tragedy say the government has turned its back on them nine years on hundreds of first responders say their health was ruined in the rescue operation.
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people across europe to protest against excessive surveillance by authorities and businesses saying big brother does more to intrude on their prophecy than to protect them. and russia's republic of north of here is burying the victims of thursday's suicide bombing in a secure. three people have been detained. the sports news with you. to have you with us for this edition of sports today i mean you know. some of the stories we're covering this hour. russian rising chiefs his best ever result of a grand slam making the semifinals of the u.s. open. net loss it's curtains for the world basketball
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championships with team usa advancing to the semifinals in turkey. on capital clash the first moscow darby of the kontinental hockey league season see sparks and. he's been a top fifty player for the best part of a decade and earned some six million dollars in prize money but what really drives me reaching a grand slam final a prospect that's never been closer for the moscow fight usually is into the semifinals. is best ever singles place in a major tennis tournament tough a five set win over stanislaus for the way he did it in new york after breaking the swiss player serve in the second game of the fifth twenty eighth there will never. be able to resist the sporting winds to stir up an epic encounter but it was the russian he finished the stronger three six seven six three six six three six three
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the final score i. know if usually is to make it into the decider he'll have truly shocked the world such rough. in the last for the world number one taking care of fellow spaniard fernando verdasco in straight sets nervy opening set forgotten about quickly. seven five six three six four of the top seed moving ever closer to the only grand slam crawl into today. one title already decided this year is the mixed doubles top seeds. well brian living up to their billing with a straightforward six four six four when the seated chef jules defeat at. where she it's the second grand slam for the american per for their french open triumph last year. thirty two years ago the united states first lost in olympic basketball much the soviet union shocking the world cup day but there was to be no repeat performance from russia against their all foes out the
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world championships this week constantine the top off reports. one of final for russia was a god is a good result beforehand for a team lacking the biggest stars so david blood side had nothing to lose in this one and in fact victory over the u.s. would have been considered a sensation the russians producing a good start from the table feeling confident clean the fans and trading three point shots nothing really separating the two teams at the end of the first quarter twenty five all the games stayed just as tight in the second american reducing the difference to just a single point here russia then went thirty five thirty up but that was the biggest gap they would muster the u.s. taking control scoring the next twelve points including a floating bowling from kevin durant the third quarter saw the americans move up yet another year lots chargers simply couldn't keep up to speed we tried very hard to. force them out of there we're going to force them out of their style of
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play there are memories that we were successful but for the most part in all fairness in all honesty despite plan hard and despite just by keeping it well the game was in the control of the american team chauncey billups and more so who is what we're going to be at this stage combining for fifteen points in american's double digit lead increased well there was groups break way down in the last quarter they could flee with an eighteen point lead and it was clear that the game was in the bag long before the final boss of eighty nine seventy nine how it would finish drew on the key play on the course going thirty three points from my shift the steam cool place to three any of her place in the final point are set on a better job which is making the easy pass. you know play sometimes you try to make what we call is a horrible play maybe a behind a back pass or a four quarter pass me just making a right play. so you know we still got a long ways going that area but i think we've got better since you know some credit
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must go to the russian team though who fought on two. george you spent about an orgy. moving to football where portugal are on the hunt for a new manager following the sacking of carlos queiroz the move coming a week after the fifty seven year old was handed a six month suspension for disrupting an anti doping test that plus portugal's recent her performances at the world cup and twenty twelve qualifying believed to be the reason. to rush out a full two years remaining on his contract with his lawyer seen by. the former real madrid manager united assistant coach had been at the helm. joining. ac milan have officially unveiled new signings were. but i am of age the brazilian cost the italian giants around eighteen million euros while the swede joins on a free from barcelona for
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a year both players are evening to resurrect their careers out for us in every venue ensured a miserable time at his former club manchester city after falling out with manager roberto mancini while former inter striker ever have a choice frozen barcelona follow. the twenty eight year old saying he expects to add to his trophy cabinet at the san siro i meet the arrival of being you and me you get to play is that likes to play football i mean. people that knows food build in the that we can play football and that we give something back. to the people but not by. playing only we want to give improve. meanwhile the french football federation has an elder its decision to suspend former captain patrice evra from the national team for five matches ever had appeared before the appeals commission to ask its members to overturn the suspension he received for his role in the french training strike at the world cup the french federation then confirmed
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the body in a statement with elaborating the decision means the united defender will miss to euro two thousand and twelve qualifiers. talking ice hockey where the opening bragging rights in moscow this season have gone the way of spartak the red and white sing off city rivals in their calls that the hockey league campaign kick off the game was also marked by a high profile debut of a limp dick champion dominic. took up a seat for this one. he may be forty five but demeaned harshit is still hungry as he is now in. plain school and what a chance he was going to get the staging area instead of it's this is all the same question the fact that i could hear the money while on the side of the game because . it's a great feeling if you see the supporters here i think smart because the but this
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france international is right then it seems like the super. bowl we have going to have to do early in the game to stall the trial and it's creating all sorts of all these advantages over the chair was inspired for. the help he steamie is to get into the game and spoke with. way through the second period he gave the order of media to move for the rating boards but then it will stand for the need as you can see his first goal of the campaign and that was quite a goal in the squash in winter and beekeeper breeding fee to me get to go on because the french hold that says but it didn't leave alexander so before stores where the next to gold. to inspire and to to be it's. the game in the sea. still needing. to be game ten minutes from time ceiling if interested dave you should. be. talking about this game
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for. the most important is that when i think sixty minutes and holy crap and we. thought i was going to school the state comedically and. gold will be. up in the season. ten other teams also opening their campaigns on the night to thaw the nature european champions. started off season three well beating up to mobilise to the last team to win the now defunct russian championships. the first contest to be decided in overtime this year so if you've overcome the. big final third. also on the road it's. tom brady probably the greatest american football
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quarterback of his generation has walked away all hurt from a two car collision near his home in boston the new england patriots tell us man was approaching an intersection on a green lights when crushed into his already. two time super bowl m.v.p. and self done promptly took part in his team's morning meeting the patriots open their n.f.l. season at home on sunday against the cincinnati bengals brady is expected to play. rugby union chiefs in new zealand have promised last weekend's earthquake in christchurch won't affect next year's world cup the finals get underway exactly a year from now seven point one magnitude quake caused widespread damage in the south island city and also left a number of residents injured but ticket holders for the twenty eleven tournament tough to change from sea world cup chiefs sitting in the seven games plan for christchurch will go ahead as planned the fear is however of further problems with
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aftershocks in the region new zealand hosted the first world cup in one thousand nine hundred seven along with a straight. face all your sport for a knock do stay with us for the world weather. wealthy british sign the sun. times. market why not. why don't you.


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