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tv   [untitled]    September 11, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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sergeant of the israeli defense forces. during his service scorched a street fight. from the colonel of the chilean armed forces participated in keeping down a military revolt. the sergeant of the u.s. army. tried to become an american by getting part in the. ranks and reasons differ but one thing brings them together once they disobey a. close up game has been too they are hangal speech. for the first russian fleet was born. kawar t. goes to the area which holds top position in oil and gas resources. for the biggest russian salmon caviar processing factories located. and where unique species of
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foreign fama can be found. come to the cycling region. should close up. the. list of ways to move to the paradise center. for the military presence which occupies almost two thirds of the un instead. and overshadows the people's everyday lives. all the sand so people could use their land mostly with. the it is worth every bit of struggle on t.v. . today violence is once again flared up. these are the images. from the streets
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of canada. china operation today. in vietnam militaries available in both international her tone. photo during the intercontinental hotel westlake otoh short term. approach. sedona sweeter knowing. full well so i don't kowtow to her about her shirt and so i told her children's homes. in the ots available in the resort and spa. and again this is visit headlines as they are. dying in silence as almost three
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thousand victims are remembered on the night one of us for the nine eleven attacks that trust has continued to claim lives today with a measure to what is suffering from the suspected to belong to that. and russia's republic of days to rise the victims of a marketplace so sad moments not much that seventeen dead and a hundred sixty. rather celebrations and splendid fireworks the millennium of the russian state on the list this week on some bold new horror titian's performing global policy up next it's special report about the grim challenges for kids living in america and get. i was so. i was once on my foot size in the very time of the first time in the back three blows once in my liver and that's why i have a liver of a liver drawing. blood to get surgery to get the birth so i know the only way i
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would get through my live. with. it. was only for rod go through metal detectors and. duwayne larry is from bayview he was lucky he got out alive he's twenty five years old. and visible from the skyscrapers of san francisco's financial district bayview is a deadly gas that most of the young people here won't live over twenty five behind the well painted facades of the public housing projects lines dire poverty here most of the residents are african-americans they live off public handouts underhand dealings and some of crime this to seemingly peaceful atmosphere can change at any moment. was. one dead in the bay view shooting not a single month goes by without fatalities rival gangs have been caught up in
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a senseless ongoing war for many years. the scenes were filmed by a local boy you know exchanged is going to a camera. devin melvin a sixteen year old when he was twelve he carried a gun. i think. we were going. who will be. for me robbing people i don't been through alive the same my life i swear so much so my neighborhood so we're at a point where i'm like family i want to do right. i lost two friends with five names a rail and a wagon. today devon is looking for
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a way out of the ghetto he doesn't want to live where getting low and senseless fighting is the law of the land manigault from way back i can tell you that i went to the mall when i thought i'd be finished this. a minute a minute for. just a few miles from here and done town san francisco a ghetto veterans trying to get support for his project against juvenile gang violence showing richard just talking to mayor gavin newsome he wants to set up a civic behavior course for the toughest members of the city's gangs at city hall but he needs a room and so girls were there to help us try to figure out but no one today warning flags stepped up with i think it's about exact role oh it was so i thought these were right it would take me ten seconds to know the fix but the reality is gang related activity violence generally. it's baseline is the fact that people are impoverished people don't have opportunities and they gauge in
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activities that are not constructive or destructive that feed on themselves every rich city in this country is exact same thing that we have income inequality in this country the likes of which we've not seen since the one nine hundred twenty s. and that's the big burden being mayor and the big burden challenge living in a country that don't understand that there's more violence the streets of this country than there are in the streets of afghanistan or baghdad but we tend to glorify what goes on there but we frankly turn a blind eye to what goes on here. that's really a tribute was received by saints not. shown richard six solutions he's the founder and director of the ngo brothers against guns also known as bag the mission of the thirty six year old and the half dozen people working in the organization is to give the youth in ghettos some hope they're the only ones working to keep the kids out of prison one night of every three young african-americans in the united states ends up in prison before the age
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of twenty five. but works with the juvenile court it looks after young people who've broken the law and helps them make it through perrotte. papers. the rules so she had no. the need for brothers against guns can be seen on these walls but this poster is just one example the list of poor young african-americans who've been killed in ghettos like bayview is almost endless. when the way. that these kids are they are in the air is like animals and this heart is here is her to see this package see a few facts here. and it's like i got to. you
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know. some of the kids are just scared you know and i just want to finish and they just want to be a part of it. and actually have kids that they don't think they're past twenty one or twenty five. so they're going to get all they can do on a. level. where. last year we had. leaders here to sign up for the redirection project for youths up to age twenty four this three month course trains the neighborhoods toughest kids for joins. the classes will be held in city hall. monitors in your
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graduation so you know you're saying the reason why we don't want it that way is because you in coming in this stretch. to come in the city hall struck. that's you know i'm saying he don't you know i'm saying that's why i started this program and started the other reason with the. verse three of the murder of his brother tracy schoen visits his great who woke me up as my brother got back to me in a major way and. it opened a law and it made me realize what i was doing and what i was becoming and that i was a part of the reason why these days because he was trying to look up to me pattern up me follow up to really. showing richard is also was some of the good so violence and drugs were once his world when i first seen a shooting when i was about nine years old coming home from school one day this is
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from school and. you know say these kids used to be right smack in the middle of shootouts. i have a good shout mangal life you know i had everything i wanted as a kid you know my mother and father was they but give me what they want to i wanted more and that's out all. you know you start off you know. you start off hustlin and then you start off making a few dollars in the store of making more dollars and then you start over more and more you get greedy woody it becomes like. something you need is like is like using a drug which is now using a verb because you addicted to the money. well here. this wild world that. show me often visits the house where he was born now his mother lives here alone.
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is a. hundred years old. and she was doing things that she wasn't supposed to do and behind my back and i didn't know it and i was very i was really hurt you know because i never wanted him to be in that you know that kind of environment or that kind of life you know and. he you know he heard me a lot and i put him out and i found out you know you have to go well i mean you know obviously you know all. anybody they get put out the house where they grew up and you know be angry about it but i mean she them only you know so i decided i said ok fine go i mean i slept in my car for a couple days them i mean when i graduated from high school you know i was hustling and carrying a gun on the streets and stuff and so basically you know that wasn't what she wanted in our in our household you know and i just pray and ask these kids it think
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twice before they pull a gun on anybody's babies think about it because you're not just heard and not heard in that car you're hurting the family we're the one have to be left to agree even go back pain just thank a party for you to. god bless our kids. devin melvin who works in n.z. i'm in san francisco and saturdays his girlfriend comes to pick him up devon was imprisoned by juvenile court for belonging to a gang. base in god needed to where i am today for i was. stressed and i was. bad but when i got how it was really when it happened when i got out and really got on probation and.
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i don't really see this part of town so much. used to be yeah i don't really get around to much. out of my neighborhood. there are just a few miles between whites and francisco the city visited by tourists and bayview but there are two completely different worlds here devon in the scene account live a peaceful life there from different neighborhood turfs run by enemy gangs. one is transportation around the neighborhood it's me living. but when i'm in a neighborhood there's no. outside. i know i. haven't seen me and. when i. think the. people.
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in my neighborhood. carrying pistols as young teenagers fourteen and under forty going from. home in my neighborhood as august before that's what i'm seeing every day. and then go where the video he made in his neighborhood here young people from san francisco was a given the chance to do something creative. and. his friends david. and. places still feel. places but now i think. back then i will. have to
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go. shawn also has to leave the office sometimes to talk to some of his old pals who are still associated with the harbor road guy about three hundred yards from west point his reputation as a former gangster in his new role as mediator and friend had given him protection from the violence in this area. and she grew up. in west point near the back gofers there are two streets where the local youth hang out the kids in the harbor roadside meet here in the square outside the gym this is where they chat sometimes smoke are just hanging out. there anybody right that already right problem wrote. me. a
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ghetto we grew up in a war always. i don't know i'm off obviously i grew up in the street where my best friend was my go to. these brothers go eat they go to the movies they go to other places just like all the other people do all for certain ole but when they come out they area they just odd ass that's more recent time either gang bangers the drug they just why why do you everybody got that one tag on we not day so take the tag off motto is very few people like us to talk to the youngsters now it's like they are here with the hey like no telling what to do the school they go to juvenile back in floor that's why brothers like us see our race steady going down i mean if you out here you know you are in the streets. you know if you are your own you officer standing around you.
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small. for those that can make it. as their. basketball tournament. brothers against guns is committed to a long list of projects like the basketball tournament organized by the housing institute but perhaps the most ambitious of its projects is the redirection project which tries to change the course of the money those of those who sign up selection must be strictly a kind of that's come from a war zone as was all of that when the flood brothers as. the redirection project will start on the fifteenth. as you seen older boys come down in a day and fill out the application we've got a bunch of them coming down here we don't know nobody to be popping up and they got before somebody yes. you be indented by like
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a little staffer just. me and we are we have questions we have course we have like ten to fifteen questions that we ask him are you gang related do you go teasing him out do you got the major beef you still smoking marijuana and the last question really going to be are you willing are you ready to make a change because if you're not then redirection is not for you you say and just like most of you got called out and wind up losing a city jobs because they still smoked a week. you know you know they had to take a piss test and were told they had to take a piss test and it wasn't a fair play and when they go take a test as they testing back then they wonder. when they simulate a total nation why do this thing. the redirection project is about to start classes will be held in
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a room in city hall and will last for three months in neutral territory far from the war zone these kids are told a little of everything i will look for a job how to get my id card or simply how to fill out forms. and they learn civic behavior in the end what they really want is to find a job. and almost typical sunday morning in the american neighborhood but here nothing is typical. kids can't come here because it would mean risking their lives. a rap singer is very committed to his community and to peace promote his latest cd . everybody. we don't. know if that. is really.
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working for the. rapper j.t. promotes peace with his music the neighborhood association organizes the gang but this is nothing but a brief time out public festivals with police are a far cry from daily life in the neighborhood for the young people who live here daily life is a. future no hope their only choice is for the future prison. films everything of this camera this footage reveals what life is really like in bayview . so i. know.
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what they say. i'm always talking i'm always speaking how we need to get money before will rule. a little to what. we use and you'll. hear. here at any moment fun and games can turn into tragedy. there's been another murder in the streets of a car drives by. once again a family races into the street to cry over a young man. here drive by gang shootings are common in san francisco about fifty people are murdered every year mostly in.
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the snow. like klitzman. said. this is how the kids remember their dead friends and specter tony. from the special brigade against youth gangs tell us about. these. things they don't know why they're doing it they just remember the last shooting that they need to adventure the last killing that they need to send a message about. all right. so. i mean. just literally been held hostage or you know i mean. they live their lives but everybody knows. according to the inspectors the presence of gangs here is evident they inspect an empty house in west point which according to what they've heard has become a new place. is almost like renewed gang newspaper
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yeah who their enemies are. to rock big block and kirkwood. corsi that assess we're on earlier. do you have the allies you have the home gang. this this actually is then you have sunnydale. it was a group way on the other side of the city who. clicked out with or ally with. the officers combed the neighborhood street by street they disagree with most people who think that the violence only stands from personal rivalries. we have a lot of photos of these guys they're wearing rags and it looks you know if you don't know any better you think you're in south central los angeles and there were rags to one of the gang signs you got photos a guy stolen up a w.
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and they got their rag. they've got tattoos all over miss a big block to live for we all we get i mean at some point they take a leap from just being a neighborhood or turf people are saying hey these are neighborhoods or these are sets because they don't really want to recognize that their kids belong to a gang at the gangs are present because that brings up negative connotations and why the kids end up getting into it there's a lot of reasons a lot of these families are broken so kids are joining gangs because they want to feel like they belong to something they're looking for that sense of family that they're not getting at home. it's sad to see these really really nice views spoiled by all the shootings and killings up here. the situation is so extreme that a senseless concrete barrier has been put up dividing the neighborhood and two for the kids here crossing it can be fatal. they're at the point now where their backs
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are against a wall and they're like you know i want out and it's mainly the older guys the younger guys they're still kind of caught up in it but the older guys and when i say older we're talking twenty three and up those guys are saying we want out we want jobs we want to do something better with our lives because this is taking us nowhere except at a cemetery. in. the city's black community has got a done ten big celebration the first san francisco bay area wrapped festival music's been key to the success with many of the young people in ghettos one of them is a big surprise j.t. has brought kids from his neighborhood with them from both harbor road and west point. that you're not in oxford street legal fees right now is going to get this thing. bringing the two
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factions together is risky as one believes shows. down. little. the singer has a tough time but he manages to keep the peace perhaps this festival will serve to give some hope to the district hopeless youth but the ghetto and crime are always a part of rap music. it's time for the awards the winning groups take over the stage. j. . eighteen is getting ready to appear with his boys his latest cd has also won
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a prize. winning. the first place if. no here for. a. second. it's time for the redirection project graduation ceremony at san francisco's city hall. the teachers and brothers against guns give speeches full of hope they've given these youngsters an opportunity and there's nothing more that they can do. one by one the graduates are given their diplomas by sean richard this is the second try seven i did the twenty one people in last year's course still have jobs
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will show managed to increase the rate this year. they owe everything else to beat the streets where. the streets are a big it was too much they could get was no poorer without me we could have got more but i know it was too much when it was enough basically enough to help us get through what we got to do and teach us about life we never heard a word they are our success. but the success or the like. and its determination in your will power words full of optimism six months later three of these young men were in jail lost his job four months later. doing his twelve votes and his body. acquitted he couldn't appear in the last photograph because he was killed before it was taken that you think that quote we don't think that. he killed.


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