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tv   [untitled]    September 12, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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just abort fannie mae and freddie mac. whether we like it or not. that short of an update on the week's top stories stay with us.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are on the day.
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every month we give you the future the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join other technology update on our jeep. with. this data data generated from an electrical grid. you can do to do it in california. energy sources. let's go to support of. you watching all teens repeat russia's southern republican north as well as the
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seventeen victims of thursday's marketplace cobwebby. who survived the attack and lost their loved ones because it's. more than a thousand demonstrators question the anniversary of nine eleven and to build a mosque near ground zero we look at why a growing number americans are converting to islam despite claims that fewer than ten minutes and towards muslims. are also playing with knives a video of a u.s. soldier planting grenades in the cause of this is causing outrage and it claims that some locals as a result of such acts. and the remarkable crush london move west in russia as a plane touches down in the forest eighty one passengers on good product second hailed as heroes. now to make democracy work and the world a safer place power brokers from all of the world try to find the answers
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a global policy for me russian city we are slow. while at the forum our team managed to talk to former indian president to come and ask him about the global challenges facing developing countries and the future of his own nation. the world policy forum. not only concerning on global security. and relations with foreign countries and many other aspects relevant to the international community to talk a little bit more about all of the issues brought up here in this. city and also about specifically the relationship between russia and india got the chance to talk to the former indian president. thank you so much for being here with us it's a great pleasure talking to you now looking at your country now what do you think our what do you think of the steps that taking right now how do you judge position
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in the international community. that. you can really. progress naturally that would be. for the peace world peace. talk a little bit more about india twenty twenty. wrote
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a book saying. very different nation a much stronger nation by that time tell me a little bit more about it. people. very. very well. said back. we had to get to. it. but. definitely. a good name mentioned also. the question. and of course that's one of the areas that are hardest hit with poverty and that has been quite
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a problem. to. talk about that is the how. and the. mission. the national prosperity the national. debt the global peace global. happen help put forth how. the. global vision and mission and the mission and. the parliament. and i phone number of europe come to the. peace and prosperity. at.
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the world peace. prosperity. i'm going to. but. so the prospect of. the. nation's.
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independence and. then. what about specifically. the problem of poverty. as a nation. and . that. prices are prices.
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pushing. and the people you mention. and of course it's not only on the bilateral level it's also within the format of the bric brazil russia india and china what is your opinion. do you think that they have a strong position as emerging economies. india and china. over the. g eight. and. natural resources.
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given. how people are prosperous. that. just brought to the. people of the region. you mention of course regional cooperation and yours is a country that knows of course a lot unfortunately about regional instability just like russia there are problems . do you think that region has a chance to be peaceful in the near future. hundreds of years. to be. i. want to the.
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flight deck to. before becoming the president. what made you make the choice and turn to the complicated world of politics. and. the. election. i. thought i.
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should. know. that people. are the politicians but also the people so what do you think people remember you for. people. happiness. happiness of the family. you know. it's one of the hundred. people that. i asked. today. had.
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had. started. a happy. happy. family he's. one of the main goals of your presidency twenty twenty project but what other goals looking back do you think for the biggest ones of your time well i. would put. it to the people at the palace of the pacific it's a beautiful place. i. just you know. it's ok with fragments. and.
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system. but i mean decent living. and pushing to make. you. know.
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this history still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal the truth to the soviet files the county in case ever known on ati. eleven in a country that don't understand that there's more violence in the streets of this country than there are in the streets in afghanistan or baghdad. one night in a desperation. breaks or. does a. little history. crowd gathers room a real wisdom and history of the. hunger
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for the full story we've got it for us has the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations are today. russia's southern republic of north korea mourns the seventeen victims of thursday's marketplace called bombing teammates they survived the attack and lost their loved ones in the audience. as moment thousand demonstrators clashed on the anniversary of nine eleven and the plans to build
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a mosque near ground zero one a growing number of americans at one time to this no spy planes that leave your feeling in ten minutes and. how to make a democracy work and how to make the world a safer place power brokers from all over the world try to find the balance is a good policy for russian six yugoslavia. playing with knives a video of a u.s. soldier grenades in the calls of iraqis is causing outrage and claims that some records done as a result of such. a remarkable crash landing in northwestern russia as a plane touches down in the forest with eighty one passengers on the products hailed as heroes. on the sports news without you father.
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hello there welcome to the sport and these other headliners. close's bits of honor to successfully defend the u.s. open title. last still on bacon's any rock out will number fourteen to keep a healthy lead at the top of the russian premier league. and the silk rally is underway in russia forty three cars and sixteen trucks have left some pages on their five thousand kilometer journey to sochi. we start with the tennis tennis they can close this has successfully defended her u.s. open title defeating russian vera seven in the final seven of the people of belgium in that two previous meetings but had little say in this one clijsters winning it since sixty six one and needed just an hour on court second title in a row flushing meadows meanwhile was also disappointed for me go usually he lost in
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the men's semi final to top seed roughing the down also in straight sets by the russian struggle to cope with powerful baseline and quickly found yourself two sets to love down i usually showed verified in the set i managed to break the spaniard for the first time in a match but the world number one was just too good djokovic from the final to him people just federer. very important because for me. in front of them asked do you do something now because it's a room. with bromance in my mouth i. think i can be. the result of tomorrow. changelog a little bit more much of a model but. i am very happy. goodness but really. it's not fast enough today in. your shoes and was no. i mean i
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movie quail but my career. was dead based on life and my legs so that's why. i thinking too long you know what i have to play it's a life full of mistakes. made this going to. and lucky for him that not the final everybody was expecting much ephedra according to the third seed novak djokovic chyna five set for the five time u.s. open champion at seven five but he's lead off the second one six and the swiss watching but again djokovic responded to when the next sixty some great rallies and went to decide as a joke of a match point before going on complaining seventy five to fifty five final against me down. twenty two matches if you will remember the rest of your life. not just because you want to get the best players that ever played this game
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dedication but as well you know coming back from match point under the circumstances playing playing great tennis and winning in the end the three are. so . very proud of myself. there's a lot of emotions involved. for service to exhausted to show them in the end but you know it's been. over some like to see there's a match there is really two winners but we're going to have to win but it will be written that way unfortunately. it's very it's a truck goes for me but it's only going to fuel me it was more motivation to. practice hard and get back to very uncertain terms which are a bit rough for starters but feel like i'm playing whatever i would have deserved as well to be in the front more but you know it's got to show the best seam again in another file still perfect in the russian premier league senate remain unbeaten and six points clear at the top after that to know when over tome in st petersburg
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the home side got off to a perfect start among front after just three minutes that is to defend nicholai put conviction heading into his own acts and then he would double the lead on the strike of half time make great through ball by force alexander who caught all three and the former striker makes no mistake that. however the game would end on a sour note for the league leaders is that a russian international little man should have called percentile for elbowing cane in the face. of memory being to keep up the pressure on the need following a commanding three nil win at home to am car colors at the water with a price that is first. well taken and this was his second week in a good stride and having a hard time keeping by just one keeper conceded a penalty. for the final go.
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with strike. and it was martins he stepped up to make the most of the keeper's blunder you'll see. and the resulting penalty made it three nil. the marshes samsonite try the big brothers by some point . elsewhere well it's in school twice a spot likes to one when i was saturday night mcghee said in the first sutton responding fifteen minutes later a great build up in the box and to make you could change i would finish. sixty minutes from time ballots and showed some impressive skills in the vault before netting the winner. into the top six following their will. align you would see one win is the big. surprise here and what a great that it's going to alexander thank you set up but you get eason of the have a behind crowd were all set to celebrate right away with the final whistle
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approaching but the defender had it in the equaliser so a draw i want to set things up by for the bottom side of the line yes under the thoughts three minutes into injury time said collins to get the ball on pfizer's to bring a line yet going. elsewhere. stunning late comeback from everton denied munched united all three points at goodison park is the top three men scored twice in injury time to claim a three all draw in england by the red devils who are without wayne rooney and looked to be cruising about last gastritis from. the side is a share of the spoils elsewhere are still had too much for a ten man evolved inside their freedom came from a goal down to be wolves barely getting a brace for the coffee the city but held it home to a draw by blackburn blackpool continued a good start to the season with an excellent newcastle spurs and west brom to finish one one chelsea maintain their one hundred percent record against the west
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ham side who still yet to take up a point in the gold in stoppage time help we're going through with sunderland. now in spain there was a massive shock as the reigning league champions barcelona were humbled to kneel at home to newly promoted killie despite having a star studded lineup including new signing darrick via the cattle and giants were undone by two goals from the visit to strike at nelson valdes elsewhere. gracing south by a goal and they're. back in russia on my jaeger is god got their new k h l season off to a perfect start with a four three win over spartak moscow then make us sick with the times of the visitors is the horse got the point is there an armory that made it so you would think to have a metal nervous because nets would come to win is. trying to needed overtime to beat her rivals method of course there and scarred get their first win of the new campaign would have been when. three finals period goals for the nominee and
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helping them to victory against lokomotiv garrus level. we lost the game this season in the shootout the home team's fans turned out in force with the arena almost packed the past and dad however the game didn't come up to expectations as to play. struggle to create any chances the gang went to the hall of the light to shake sangria and ron best made the only thing for the visit is both that smart shelf that chris pulled off plus its i needed to school this attempt to keep atlanta in the game but he filed today to play days not mind as the business side celebrated the second win at the same as in wild boar well was bailey and be off to the us. i did say on the score help the team won but they all stop on those i'm not used to lose until march. and all coming from north america. teams that i've been on it been pretty good so you know i don't like to lose i'm
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a competitive guy and. now it's never fun to lose our special you're almost there are your fans still slow bits of mourning but the good thing is we get to come back on monday and then try again we're. all right damon and sweden are that good but the upward rocker got the endorsement of big cities. tonight you put a lot better he made a big saves again but. zero zero game. played well and. it's good we got two wins to start. something for us to build up here to go on if you can still be better but it's a good start for. the usa will face host turkey in the final of the world basketball championships the americans recently through on yet eighty nine seventy four in their semi once again kevin duran instrumental in the victory with thirty eight points while turkey booked their place in the final with a single point win over serbia russia claimed seven spot overall in the tournament
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. formula one fernando alonso produced a stunning lap to grab for his first pole position of twenty ten at the italian graeme pray the spaniard was zero four one two seconds quicker than mclaren jenson button at monza to give yourself a great chance of reviving his old friend title challenge alonzo's to make a massive head of red bull's mark webber pulled and i was next on the clown country legally competent to manage the place but now she's back to support the rushes the tally petrol star and twenty three. or so with major sport because south africa's you neil de villiers has had a comfortable victory in the opening stage of the silk way rally from some pages to settle in russia de villiers successfully negotiating a short but tricky leg to be bold flagging teammate not see a passer by more than two minutes a russian forest got to see him hang.


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