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tv   [untitled]    September 12, 2010 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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along those teammates. the head of red bull was mark webber the current championship leader and the star in face. meanwhile today's second stage of the silk way rally sees drivers tackle a five hundred kilometer route from a star in the north to the asthma south africa neil de villiers is defending his lead after come to a big stage from st petersburg who started the day more than two minutes ahead of the lucky tonight now said the. russian bars gathers she was. defending champion color sun struggled with a damaged bonnet and had to settle for a come out team dominated the trucks classed with their driver securing the top place. so we'll keep you updated on how they get on the back with more sports into us.
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russia's southern republic of north mourns the seventeen victims of thursday's marketplace called woman meets those who survived the attack and lost their loved ones and the father. on the other bursary of nine eleven as americans clashed over
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plans to build a mosque near ground zero first aid has worked at the site one years ago the government has abandoned the city trace amounts in medical bills coming through their health. how to build a working democracy and make the world a safer place international power brokers try to find the answers at the. russian city no small. also playing with knives video of a u.s. soldier counting grenades and consequent rocky's is causing outrage and claims that some result of such. a remarkable crash landing in northwestern russia as the plane touches down in the forest with eighty one passengers shocked that the pilots who just minutes.
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were costing live from the heart of the russian capital this is r.t. in the weekly news review on carriage rides to russia's southern republic of north the sector is reeling off to one of its deadliest terror attacks again is a car bomb that ripped through the central market in the capital that he could have ties on thursday killed seventeen people and injured more than one hundred sixty t's office on the over reports on how the city is trying to return to normal. cries louder than sirens but no fear just the time eleven twenty four on the watches of those who perished in the central market in logic of cause it was a thursday when a suicide bomber drove his silver car to its entrance gate he was said to become the during a routine check of the car but reluctant to open the trunk but a security guard a muslim basically insisted. he put the key in the trunk turned it maybe once or twice or the key broken his hand
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a slim big head the man turned the car around and moved away from the crowded entrance a minute later a powerful explosion shook the area. heard the cries and rushed to the scene. i saw a lot of cars blown to pieces and a lot of bodies and i had no real fear and i just felt sorry for the people who died or got injured especially a young mother with a child i saw them just before the explosion a young girl was coming in with a kid a little kid as soon as she got inside the blasts happened. went to the market that day with his entire family it said he was quarreling with his brother bought riding the bike so his grandmother promised to buy him a new one but a moment later they were killed by the blast so. i went to the side but they stayed at the entrance suddenly there was an explosion i lost one of my children and my mother my wife and another kid are in hospital there were many people there it was
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scary. no we'll know and his grandmother yes i'm on lie side by side the government's closed the hearts of the survivors stricken by the loss. this is a father and his one and a half year old son who died and this is his wife and she was injured and hands and this is the one hundred. candles commemorate the dead in was a governess people here mourn their loved ones and have been given. blood to help the injured for tania who has arrived in the form of a newborn son but before the birth she too had to wade through the tragedy. to the more you could turn to brooch and the entrance of powerful explosions went off my ears were down right away honestly i didn't understand it was a negative tear or anything like that and then i looked down and i saw people covered by blonde and they ran right away i was afraid of
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a second blast. too scared for the last year to be born son to t.n. i didn't notice that she herself was injured and it was not the piece of metal in her knee that was on her mind. was afraid there's nothing. to some toys he started moving when i was afraid it home the one taken care of and baby sleeping beside her to jenin now is occupied by the beginning of the little one as with logic of course itself she still needs some time to get back to normal life this penetrating logic of cars is far deeper than this shell hole left by that their car lots as days parts people slowly start mending their lives for sun like the newborn baby it could be a bridge to life but for many this horrible attack will be engraved on their hearts forever. are like of.
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the tactics used by terrorists in the caucasus difficult to combat. we know that the modern terrorists. spot all of networks and in many cases there is no centralized structure. just in there to are a call for isolated trained groups saw and this is one of the main difficulties in combating more than terrorism so these particular event may or may not be leading to still direct their tool that terrorist attacks but from a political point of view will cause this is a big picture and the big picture is and that attempt to destabilize the whole region and importance. of the russian federation inside ethnic hatred in this particular case between us and. this year's commemoration of the
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nine eleven victims has been marred by a series of incidents across the united states now the site of the terror attacks in new york a man set light to pages of the koran didn't comment on his actions and was scored away from the area by police later he reportedly said was protecting freedom of speech to pastors in the state of tennessee also setting the copies of the muslim holy book this comes after a lot of courage to burn the koran. a quote office. of tension has also fled in new york have a plans to build a mosque and islamic community center just blocks from the site of the world trade center around one thousand people gathered near ground zero to support the construction while several hundred demonstrators opposed to it rallied nearby the project has sparked heated debate in the u.s. dividing the nation. states has been one of the victims of nine eleven many of
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those who were giving first aid at the scene of the charter to vent some feeling abandoned the rescuers say the u.s. government has left them struggling by themselves with illnesses contracted after working at ground zero. point nine met some of them. gary white was an american hero in two thousand and one to do actually get diagnosed as being directly sits in the middle of in two thousand and ten the nine eleven first responder represents an exploding health crisis u.s. officials have failed to address its toll the across the page course an illness or coma gall bladder cancer liver cancer the retired n.y.p.d. detective spent six months sifting through world trade center debris and clouds of toxins later resulting in asthma sleep apnea post neurological problems and two strokes the first one is massive. i was paralyzed i lost command of my speech. i had to learn to walk and talk again the police department denies his
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illnesses are linked to nine eleven still fits and leaving the twenty three year veteran with mounting medical debt this form wants for two hundred fifty three and a daily dose of medications and inflammation pills pills to stop the cramping in my legs like walk blood pressure medications the worst attack on u.s. soil took place here on september eleventh a day when nearly three thousand people lost their lives in a matter of hours and in the ninth year that have followed nine hundred first responders have died victims of their own courage n.y.p.d. sergeant michael ryan was diagnosed with three types of cancers before losing his battle at just forty one years old i believe brian is just one of many widows who lost their world with husband post nine eleven all these men and women that are fighting for their life right now it's a progress it's it's time it's watching
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a loved one. disintegrate in front of your face and just the fight to stay alive and it's a fight that can break even this. john jeff was diagnosed with cancer hospital bill how. do you do so much overseas and i'm not saying not to do it we're powerful nation we should lead by example but we're not leaving my example here. we're not leaving by example here when you turn your backs on the nine eleven emergency responders those who sacrificed for the country now left struggling alone . he. was also a first aid worker at the site where the twin towers fell and muslim activist she says islam has been so in the stood in the u.s. and american muslims shouldn't be scapegoats for the actions of terrorists. really
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what this shows in the most disturbing part about this debate is it's become an us against them that is the most troubling aspect because we are all americans again we're signing collective guilt on the one billion muslims that practice this faith the acts of nineteen militants that basically defiled islam and practiced a perverted version of islam for a political agenda and now to assign blame on all muslims is completely incorrect and inaccurate but i think the great majority fear islam because they don't understand that the beauty of this country is the constitution and that all americans despite faith despite race are afforded the same civil liberties this week russia's jaroslav all made news around the world the city which is now a thousand years old brought together some of the finest minds from global policy
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for he was at the center of it all and gives us a firsthand account. it's a mission and what you are in effect solver and democracy as it turns out is different things to different states want the title for money you're a slob stand it some don't chrissie and efficiency made it sound a little rain even for the crime yes the talk of. it gave some of them the chance to hit the president we're all having around. us and i strongly disagree with those who say there's no democracy in russia and that there's authoritarian tendencies here it's not true that russia is a democracy beyond any doubt it's young it's immature it's still not perfect and experience but it's a democracy nonetheless there's a way to go but we're ready to work on it in some countries democracy is being imposed but it doesn't work that way video we've seen many examples of that last minute talk of democracy in russia is a moot point lead the country doesn't want denies itself the message the president
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will send. another major topic was security russia has been devoting a new vision for european security architecture that it says is vital to avoiding military conflicts similar to that in the south caucasus in two thousand and eight . what we need to create an institution that will bring together nato and non nato members and other structures where u.s. counterpart president barack obama never avoids discussing this issue he does not say that is harmful or unnecessary but i would suggest that among our american partners a certain jealousy exists with regard to this idea however it is necessary to rise over this josee and try to look the truth and i without the creation of the system the world will not be able to survive we can help each other here is one of the first posts of course of the idea of the new european security treaty was italian premier corny but before he could make his point he have to find his words
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i like to say that i was not very well informed about the topics to be discussed at this forum. the section of my administration which has prepared the speech has prepared the room that's why i'm passing these checks to the moderator of this portion of the plenary meeting this presentation doesn't correspond to the discussion here many that evening criticize the us corny for taking more stage time than the host but mitchum it that it didn't seem to mind the salient prime minister films him or definitely spies but of course if you are among such of them over to the uk for two days this stadium turned into a lib or a tree where some of the world's best minds attempted to find a formula balancing three elements democracy modernization and efficiency did they come up with a single formula of course they didn't but what they agreed upon is no matter what the proportion if a country wants to move forward it needs all three elements in the mix if the democrats are tea from. well russia's president has called on the u.s.
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to step up efforts to create new security institutions that could incorporate existing military and political structures professor craig from new york university says a new european security framework will take years of discussion that reforming the current structure is vital. i don't think that there has been a resolution about the proposal for the new european security security treaty but i do think that there is now a relationship of mutual respect between president medvedev and president obama and between the two countries and that includes the other european countries that would have to be partners to any sort of agreement so in my view the discussion has to continue possibly for years before there is a resolution the disaster would be if any country breaks off the discussion and refuses to keep this process moving forward because we do need to reach an agreement and a new framework. for u.s. soldiers serving in iraq has been at the center of a scandal after posting
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a controversial video on you tube sergeant dunson grenades in the cars of iraqis that checkpoints then film the reaction of drivers as a prank but as artie's reports most iraqis see nothing funny in his actions. manning a checkpoint all day must get boring which is perhaps why sergeant dunson and his partner but they pass the time and playing jokes on unsuspecting drivers in the future posting dunson describes how they planted a grenade in a new iraqi man's car a few seconds of confusion was explained and it took place but very relieved driver is seen on his way. but we are at it you know because. our our it was just one of those things where you know it happened. on a guy like that on but for most iraqis this is not fun and life here is very far from being a joke. i think it's only for them to laugh for us it's not funny but very scary.
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we're used to for them so species research is happening every day but if someone did this to me i would be so scared. as would most people in a country where a checkpoint often difference between life and death it's not uncommon to have your heart shaped at least a dozen times a day if you had to be the way that what you see here but maybe you'll be arrested on the stuff and. terrorism. and some american military personnel are not seeing the funny side of sergeant dunces antics i would not tolerate that in my organization. i don't think that's conducive to gaining. you know into the partnership with with the federal police or certainly in trusting their confidence . or the people for that matter and trusting the. trusting in
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the federal police. to fight him out but that army has never been pranked himself but claims to have witnessed american soldiers displaying even more alarming behavior on africa on him and i personally know of many cases where soldiers would take offense and for example hates an iraqi citizen justify them and there were cases where people died from this. we had about one hundred fifty thousand american soldiers here and although some were professional there were many who were not. but i want to a local t.v. stations now picked up on the idea. that it takes well known local celebrities take you back each. points and plays pranks on them in much the same way as dunson atlas comics produce and not by a says it's a way to lighten the situation. in libya we're not making fun of the iraqi forces are very brave and fight and we wanted to present them in an hour you can defend we
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also want to present something people can laugh about even if. there's mixed reaction to the iraqi show but still iraqis making fun of iraqis is very different according to most. americans that internet and with people still being killed in iraq every day there is a constant reminder that terrorism is no laughing matter. r.t. back to. well this week saw the signing of a major agreement between russia and israel outlining military cooperation the next five years the plan was the result of talks between the two countries defense ministers in moscow which is experience and information exchange in national security military education and that's. threats both countries are facing terrorism and. the international institute for counterterrorism and if there's a lot they can do. if you look interested they all of the world
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not only against using against russia most of. them installed united states if we speak about of their ideology and those of the modus operandi the methods of. action movies organisation of this movement they have a common traits and this is a lot of experience on this side of the kind of experience the exchange of experience the common training and the continuing cooperation can improve the abilities of the two sides and this. this week saw a miraculous escape for a plane that crash landed in the middle of a forest in the northwest of russia and investigation is looking into how the pilots managed to touch down on an abandoned landing strip and what really happened on board. the heroes of the tiger these are the men the managed to land a crippled jetliner in the middle of the forest and not injure a soul the passengers
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a thankful to be airline boise of course will any everything else streets and ended up in the woods emergency crews arrived to find two week everything was fine as to the end of august the fleet week was not for the professionalism of the crew and we would not be standing here. particular one five four always flying at ten thousand meters on its way to moscow from russia's far east when there was a massive electrical failure the plane lost all automatic navigation and communication its fuel supply and wing flaps were crippled meaning i had to land quickly and at higher than normal speeds even the lights in the cabin and cockpit went out by sight alone the pilots found an abandoned their strip in the depths of the forest and managed to land on the third attempt dozens then i thought it was by plane was designed to land on a concrete airstrip first we chose a rough strip and decided to land there but during the maneuver by a miracle we caught a glimpse of a concrete strip and although shorter it would be much safer despite overshooting
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and plowing through two hundred metres of woodland before stopping all eighty one people on board were evacuated to safety reading the rich can as a former pilot and actually train the heroes in question he says he's very proud of his form across the tales that is one up in the clothes he couldn't even tell others how to chewed or where they were he only had enough fuel for ten minutes of flight in managing to land that plane he practically did the impossible as with the plane itself investigators are poring over interviews with the crew and witnesses black box recordings and evidence at the site that question what caused such a massive electrical failure providing that double of what fifty four is not quite the brand you have craft and i'm sure that their craft was an affair. probably it was twenty years ago where you would more. i believe there is a chance that they we planned it was just more of our. airlines which owns the
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plane says it wasn't aware of any issues before takeoff but added it would never fly together investigators are focusing on mechanical failure rather than pilot error or weather conditions but everyone is expecting the playlets to receive medals they're achieved. in time the technical details of this plane's malfunction will join all of the others maybe a ship history one thing will always stand out courage and resourcefulness of the two men who brought it safely to thomasin r.t. . this week japan has approved the defense document outlining the need for the continued presence of u.s. troops at a military base in the audience of locals there are highly critical of the american forces and their repeatedly call for the facility to be moved sean thomas went to okinawa to investigate. since the end of world war two the united states has had a military presence in japan which some people living in okinawa are finding since
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i don't hate people but sometimes we have a. because. for . america. around eighteen percent of okinawa's main island is occupied by u.s. military forces leading some to believe that in order to provide a more stable future there needs to be less reliance on the bases we must. make more business. we need to be independent. stations do need to market represents japan's house of representatives and is looking to bring about change. it has been sixty years since world war two seventy
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percent of u.s. bases in japan are. know that there are security measures and programs and leases asian countries we want the us to reduce their. names aside from noise pollution and space concerns one of the arguments against us military bases on okinawa is crime according to the treaty american citizens attached to the base can't be tried under japanese law now most of the crimes about ninety percent involve drinking and driving or traffic related but there are a few high profile crimes which include rape and murder which have put a strain on japanese u.s. relations. the u.s. military declined an interview with r.t. but did give us this statement. we're as a small group of people in okinawa vocalized and they are not happy with the bases many people here on mainland japan fully support u.s. forces in okinawa. and to japan the realize the vital rule the play in the defense of japan and for regional stability and security but getting the u.s.
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out isn't as easy as a vote by the people japan's surrender at the end of the war limits the country to having only a security defense force as part of the treaty the united states officially acts as japan's military in case a conflict should arise that affects the country but now there is a small but vocal movement suggesting that it is time to review old policies that just aren't needed anymore. this situation in egypt has caused there are no conflicts here any conflicts that existed or not western easier to not hear the same people now again i want to think that the strategic value of these bases has diminished but the way it's a little more. but with china growing stronger as a geo political force in the region and the instability of north korea still a concern it is unlikely that the united states will be leading okinawa anytime soon john thomas r t. let's take a look at some other well easing three twenty thousand people have turned out to
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protest in weeks if you face a lot of head of a speech showing the economy is like higher social. rallies turned violent than the straightest clash with but these gatherings are open arms by trade unions workers across the country the government's new austerity program stricken greece has already cut pensions and civil service pay while raising taxes. violent clashes have erupted across a tween ethnic albanian sense office seven was defeated in the semifinals of the world basketball championships a french policeman on a peacekeeping mission was injured in. the two sides pelting each other with stones as the pilots mustn't let it. be without hate and more to come next hour including what are people in new york think of financial giants being supported with taxpayers' money.


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