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tv   [untitled]    September 12, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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with grief it brings us closer together and. it's too soon to draw a line under the cap in case work is still underway to find more places where polish prisoners of war buried as some died while in transit to the prison camps there also continued efforts to gather information about the victims of stalin's reign of terror to a buried in mass graves together with the poles if the bells were to on every single person buried at midnight and canton they would have to toll continuously for many days.
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all. the recount of the story of the tribe the week as russia's republic of north a century or more after thursday's suicide bomb which killed seventeen and injured over one hundred sixty local police are accused of negligence and failing to stop
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the ball that. has commemoration this month the ninth anniversary of the nine eleven terrorist attack there are clashes to other plans for a mosque near ground zero and defacing of the koran. all the time i got pilots say to land a passenger plane in the forest after their communication navigation systems failed on route to moscow from russia's far east. brainstorming provides a future talk minus gather for global policy forum ungenerous lab to discuss a formula for better peace and democracy. hello and welcome to the program this is all cs a weekly review my name is even timing story now russia's republic of north has said his reading from the deadliest attack on its capital in a decade
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a car bomb exploded at the central market of logic of cars and says de morning killing seventeen and injuring more than one hundred sixty meanwhile investigators are examining how local police has stopped the car packed with explosives allowed the suicide bomber to pass through leading to the tragedy on the. cries louder than sirens but no fear just the time eleven twenty four on the watches of those who perished in the central market in logic of car as it was i'm supposed to when a suicide bomber drove his son. the car to its entrance gates he was said to become during a routine check of the car but reluctant to open the trunk but a security guard at iceland big clear insisted. he put the key in the trunk lock turned it maybe once or twice the key brogan his hands iceland big had the man turned around and moved away from the crowded entrance a minute later a powerful explosion shook the area icelandic heard the cries and rushed to the
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scene. i saw a lot of cars blown to pieces and a lot of bodies i had no real fear i just felt sorry for the people who died or got injured especially a young mother with her child i saw them just before the explosion a young girl was coming in with a kid and little kid as soon as she got inside the blasts happened. a little known went to the market the day with his entire family it said he was quarreling with his brother bought riding a bike so his grandmother promised to buy him a new one but a moment later they were killed by the blast so. i went inside but they stayed at the entrance suddenly there was an explosion i lost one of my children and my mother my wife and another kid are in hospital there were many people there it was scary no we'll know and his grandmother yes i'm on lie side by side the government is closed they have so the survivors stricken by the loss. this is
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a father and his one and a half year old son who died and this is his wife she was injured legs and hands and this is the woman who died. candles commemorate the dead in which he got people here mourn their loved ones and have been given blood to help the injured for tania who has arrived in the form of a newborn son but before the birth she too had to leave through the tragedy. to the brooch. a powerful explosion went off. right away honestly i didn't understand it was a negative terror or anything like that. people covered by blonde in their own right. i was afraid i was. too scared for the last hope to get to be born son to t.n. i didn't notice that she herself was injured and it was not the piece of metal in
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her knee that was on her mind. and was afraid that nothing was moving in. to some time he started moving when i was home to one taken care of and baby sleeping beside her to jenin now is occupied will begin in the improved little one as with logic of course itself she still needs some time to get back to normal life this penetrating logic of cars is far deeper than this shell hole left by that deadly car blast as days parts people slowly start mending their lives for sun like the newborn baby it could be a bridge to a new life but for many this horrible attack will be engraved on their hearts forever. r t oh my god. the bombing there in north of here has been followed by a string of terror operations of the north caucasus region ten militants have been killed in two separate incidents in another volatile russian republic dug a stun gun men were besieged in
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a house and the republic's capital. they refused to surrender and opened fire on the police before being killed in a shootout elsewhere to militants were killed in another drug a stunning village before being told they shot a top. local official who acted as a negotiator. some ice but said militants of the north caucuses are part of an international terrorist network and dr willett harassed professor at the national defense university in washington and an expert on global terrorism says the bombing in north aset here is no different from other so sad attacks anyway in the world. attack suicide attack in the northern caucasus is not just local by local terrorists we've seen this before in history and by the hardest movement linked to al qaida worldwide inside russia in august. in this part of the caucasus as we see around the world whatever you have suicide bombers you see also threats against international democracy and freedom that was political scientist dr progress
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this week marks the nice anniversary of the deadliest terrorist atrocities in history the nine eleven attacks on new york and the pentagon in which almost three thousand people lost their lives carried out by al qaeda fanatics they led to a backlash in parts of america against islam but since then they've been tens of thousands of converts to the region in the country despite claims the media is fueling and his logic sentiment. day investigated why. it's the call to prayer and it's answered by more than a billion muslims all over the world including caitlin billings a twenty two year old american who was raised christian i converted last year my mother. was crying a lot fought that i was returning her by changing my religion backtrack almost a decade ago to nine eleven today our fellow citizens our way of life are very
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freedom came under attack in a series of deliberate and deadly terrorist attacks president bush waged a war on terror targeting extremists muslims who were labeled as terrorists you know i was fourteen when september eleventh happened so i didn't really know what was going on if that really was as long as you know people thought it was so i believe that just like everybody else but as billings got older she decided to find out for herself and her investigation led her to the must stop a center a mosque just outside of washington d.c. that has become a haven for many americans like billings who have found a new poll found that almost forty percent of americans believe that muslims should carry identification cards despite that twenty thousand americans every year decide to convert to islam convert say they don't regret their decision at all around the world since nine eleven muslims have battled bands of their religious clothing profiling in airports and discrimination in their everyday lives after joining
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a class to learn more about islam carl dodge also decided to become a muslim one of the big jokes that i've always made is before i actually set down the class an open microphone on everything i knew about islam i had learned from c.n.n. and when it comes to the mainstream media the depiction of converts can be somewhat extreme that pakistani officials have arrested adam gadahn this is the american born spokesman for al qaeda fox's work first there was john walker lindh the californian who converted show. and the taliban and then did up fighting with them in afghanistan and then more recently it was jihad jane the blond haired blue eyed convert who allegedly recruited people to wage violent jihad and for many american muslims like dodge and billings the portrayal of converts is disturbing if those upset me a little bit because there's a lot of preconceptions people have been until i actually took the time to open a koran and see what was written you know that was my only impression of islam as
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what i had seen on t.v. and in the united states they say a culture of islamophobia just doesn't make sense it's a rights of property. that's what this country was founded on no matter what unfolds around her billing says she's proud to be a muslim if no one in the world wants to talk to me and my friend i so are granted a happiness that might not make sense to those around her. reassure either party annandale virginia. and it's not just been a day of remembrance on the ninth anniversary of the nine eleven attacks they've been protests through with thousands demonstrating over the building a mosque near ground zero a man rips out pages from the co-rion and set them on finding at the site of the world trade center and this follows a threat from a policy in florida to. nine eleven anniversary the plot has not been carried out it's outraged the muslim world and a strong rebuke from president obama in afghanistan two protesters died and four
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were injured in attempts to storm a local government office and three days of demonstrations against threats to that koran and muslim american activist ramadan says that since nine eleven islam has been misunderstood in the u.s. . really with this shows in the most disturbing part about this debate is it's become us against them that is the most troubling aspect because we are all americans we're signing collective guilt on the one billion muslims the acts of nineteen militants that basically defiled islam and practiced a perverted version of islam for a political agenda and now to assign blame all muslims is completely incorrect and inaccurate but i think the great majority here islam because they don't understand it. let's now take a look at what's ahead for you on our see tonight. how a u.s.
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soldier so-called prank at an iraqi checkpoint fails to draw any laws from the locals. and the famous russian cage fighter picked tired of his sport for brutality is on the run after breaking out of a psychiatric ward. this week so prime ministers and presidents along with latex and academics come together in the russian city of it played host to the global policy for a brainstorming session tackling some of the toughest questions of our time like how to make a democracy work and how to make the world a safer place as you can see has been following it. young which you are in fact if solver and democracy as it turns out is different things to different states the title these here is for many us love a standard democracy and efficiency made it sound a little rain even for the kremlin's toughest critics it gave some of them the
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chance to hit the presidents wrong. to get each these unless i strongly disagree with those who say there's no democracy in russia and that there's authoritarian tendencies here it's not true that russia is a democracy beyond any doubt it's young it's immature it's still not perfect and experienced but it's a democracy nonetheless there's a way to go but we're ready to work on it in some countries democracy is being imposed but it doesn't work that way and we've seen many examples of that but any talk of democracy in russia is a moot point if the country doesn't more denies itself the key message the president was sending in his speech another major topic was security russia's been promoting a new vision for european security architecture the senate that it says is vital to avoiding military conflicts similar to that in the south caucasus in two thousand and eight. that would we need to create an institution that will bring together nato and non nato members and other structures my us counterpart president barack
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obama never avoids discussing this issue he does not say that is harmful or unnecessary but i would suggest that among our american partners a certain jealousy exists with regard to this idea however it is necessary to rise over this josee and try to look the truth in the eye without the creation of the system our world will not be able to survive we can help each other here one of the first who supported the idea of the new european security treaty was italian premier corny but before he could make his point he had to find his words i like to say that i was not very well informed about the topics to be discussed at this forum. the section of my administration which has prepared the speech has prepared the room that's why i'm passing the stacks to the moderator of this portion of the plenary meeting this presentation doesn't correspond to the discussion here many that evening criticize the us corny for taking more stage time than the host but mitchum it that it didn't seem to mind these hellion prime
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minister before it was definitely spies stuff but it was a formal session. for two days this stadium turned into a lib or a tree where some of the world's best minds attempted to find a formula balancing three elements democracy modernization and efficiency did they come up with a single formula of course they didn't but what they agreed upon is no matter what the proportion if a country wants to move forward it needs all three elements in the mix exceeding the church over r t from. so one of the biggest issues discussed have the forum was russia's proposal for a new european security framework and we talked about it with professor craig calhoun from new york university and he says such a restructuring will take years of discussion but it's vital the talks go on i don't think that there has been a resolution about the proposal for the new european security security treaty but i do think that there is now
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a relationship of mutual respect between president medvedev and president obama and between the two countries and that includes the other european countries that would have to be partners to any sort of agreement and so in my view the discussion has to continue possibly for years before there is a resolution the disaster would be if any country breaks off the discussion and refuses to keep this process moving forward because we do need to reach an agreement and a new framework. professor great culhane from new york university that speaking at the global policy for. russian of flight crew are being hailed as heroes for landing a passenger jet safely in a forest after a massive systems failure board or eighty one passengers survived and hurt other planes and education and communication systems failed and made a over the country's northwest bottom half the story. the
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heroes of the tiger these are the men the managed to land a crippled jetliner in the middle of the forest and not injure a soul the passengers are thankful to be alive we see even the bulls who learned every street and ended up in the woods in the agency crews arrived to find two weeks everything was organized very fast asleep not for the professionalism of the crew we would not be standing here. the tupolev one five four was flying at ten thousand meters on its way to moscow from russia's far east when there was a massive electrical failure the plane lost all automatic navigation and communication its fuel supply and wing flaps were crippled meaning i had to learn quickly and at higher than normal speeds even the lights in the cabin and cockpit went out by sight alone the pilots found an abandoned their strip in the depths of the forest and managed to land on the third attempt. by plane was designed to land on a concrete airstrip at first we chose
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a rough strip and decided to land there but during the maneuver by a miracle we caught a glimpse of a concrete strip and all the shorter it would be much safer. despite overshooting and plowing through two hundred metres of woodland before stopping all eighty one people on board were evacuated to safety rather milledge can is a former pilot and actually train the heroes in question he says he's very proud of his form across the jays. up in the clothes they couldn't even tell their how to chewed or where they were they only had enough fuel for ten minutes of flight in managing to land that plane he practically. did the impossible as with the plane itself investigators are poring over interviews with the crew and witnesses black box recordings and evidence at the site that question what caused such a massive electrical failure providing that don't believe what fifty four is not quite the brand you have a craft and i'm sure that their craft was manufactured probably at least twenty
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years ago away with more. i believe there is a chance that they we plant was just more of. now russia airlines which owns the plane says it wasn't aware of any issues before takeoff but i did it would never fly together investigators are focusing on mechanical failure rather than pilot error or weather conditions but everyone is expecting the playlets to receive medals they're achieved. in time the technical details of this plane's malfunction will join all of the others in a relation history the one thing will always stand out coverage in resourcefulness of the two men who brought it safely to the top bottom. and you can find more on that amazing escape and other top stories from around the world that's how web sites are dot com let's take a look at what's online right now. paying the price for luxury we'll look at how this sturgeon is on the brink of extinction as the hounds of poachers blundering
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their rare fish for one of the world's most expensive delicacies black caviar. on the russian inventors have found a way to help sleeping drivers at night stay awake find out of water save and how it works at l.t. dot com. a former u.s. soldier has found himself at the center of a scandal after posting a culture of national video on you tube sergeant down son was discharged after planting grenades in the cause of iraq is a checkpoint then filming the reaction of drivers he claims it was all supposed to be a prank but as aussies paullus hear reports they rock his fails to see the funny side . manning a checkpoint all day must get boring which is perhaps why sergeant dunson and his partner emote they pass the time playing jokes on unsuspecting drivers in this you
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tube posting dunson describes how they planted a grenade in the rocky man's car a few seconds of confusion all's explained and the perplexed but very relieved driver is saint on his way. you know under the call it. or hour it was that one of those being were you know it happened. on a guy like that up on but for most iraqis this is not fun and life here is very far from being a joke. i think it's only for them to laugh for us it's not funny but very scary. we're used to car bombs explosions research is happening every day but if someone did this to me i would be so scared. as would most people in a country where a checkpoint can often mean the difference between life and death it's not uncommon to have your heart shaped piece a dozen times a day if you had
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a needle with what you can see here but maybe you'll be arrested on the up and. terrorism. and some american military personnel are not seeing the funny side of sergeant done since antics i would not tolerate that in my organization. i don't think that's conducive to gaining. you know into the partnership with with the federal police or certainly in trusting their confidence and us or the people for that matter and trusting the. trusting in the federal police but i want to a local t.v. stations picked up on the idea. that it takes well known local celebrities to iraqi checkpoints and plays pranks on them in much the same way as dunson and his colleagues produce and nudge him all by i says it's a way to lighten the situation. we're not making fun of the iraqi forces they're
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very brave in fighting terror but we wanted to present them in a unique and different way and we also wanted to present weapons as something people can laugh about even if. there's mixed reaction to the iraqi show but still iraqis making fun of iraqis. a different according to most people here two americans getting in on the act and with people still being killed in iraq every day there is a constant reminder that is no laughing matter. r t. this week said they decided not to challenge kosovo's unilateral declaration of independence of the united nations following in terms of talks belgrade was during its initial draft resolution which has called for this is session of course a vote to be announced a compromise resolution was unanimously adopted by the un general assembly although the greatest still refuses to recognize course of those independence as illegitimate obligates rules to hold direct talks with casa bars are under sold matters and this concession followed pressure from the european union which made
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clear that said there is wish to join the growth the grouping would be jeopardized had failed to soften its stance on kosovo and political writer diana johnston said there has caved into the. present tax that i have seen and i have here is not really a compromise i would call it an unconditional surrender to the european union but this was not a compromise because from what i've understood the european union did not in exchange for this they gave nothing as usual and they'll just be asking for more as they have been for many years serbia is now really very much in the position of france underpaid it's not quite an occupied country but it's surrounded and it's sort of occupied and any leader or polish party which would really openly take into consideration serbia's interests is
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condemned by the western media as nationalists look what they heard look what happened to go it's live question it's which the united city use had already get rid of milosevic but when he showed that he was still interested in his country's welfare he's known brand as an extreme nationalist and sidelined. you know with our c.n.n. coming up next hour as the u.s. moves presence on the japanese island or can our ways prolonged the campaign against get stronger we'll find out what's being blamed on the american forces. russian police are hunting for martial arts fighter scape from a psychiatric ward in st petersburg they suspect but just love that sick maybe on the run in moscow before being placed in there it was disqualified for being too violent and the ring got involved in crime and joined an ultra nationalist movement has sarah for. the actions of six extreme aggression in the ring
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scared both his opponents and the public outside the ring murder threats assault robbery and an alleged psychotic breakdown. placed in high security psychiatric care but during that time he was able to establish links with an extremist political movement the now banned. jews are enemies for me and now he's on the run after receiving a transfer to a new facility that. the drills in those cells psychiatric hospital just outside st petersburg there is from here that he has state they can say the area is sealed off and there's barbed wire around the perimeter of it certainly not high security this time in psychiatric care with far from the strict rehabilitation that might be expected visits from friends and access to mobile phones enabled him to strengthen
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relations with nationalist party members and he's a sporting nature to gain followers. not doing a poll shows the actively participated in campaigning for those he helped establish contacts with sportsmen and with the organization to support a. year from or is head of the unit that monitored that he term. that he was no longer considered high risk when he was transferred so what actually happened on the day that. he went out for a walk with the attendant nurse he took a toll off the washing line and used it to pull up the wire from our staff were cautious or blunt those they just tore through the wire yes he just rips it are serious questions and now being raised as to how this was able to happen in the first place. for failing with the security issues here to enable him to skate with those we don't have special guards or any policing.


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