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tv   [untitled]    September 17, 2010 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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democracies have the same time that there are other countries struggling for maybe a new a new manifestation of how are you sure that in the end the people reign ok i was all we have time here for i want to thank our guest for our discussion here on the politics of recession and thanks to our viewers for watching us here are t. see you next time and remember cross talk rules. and.
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one of russia's most wanted men has been detained in poland russia for days are now transferring documents to make sure that those extradited for trial to russia.
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russia the u.s. strategic arms treaty passes a key test as it's approved for a full senate vote despite stiff opposition from some republicans. walls in moscow and alleged mafia bosses in intensive care after an attempt on his life right in the center of this city. we're coming to you live from moscow this is our welcome to the program. moscow is asking poland to extradite one of russia's most notorious terrorist suspects. was detained by poll published police upon arrival in the country he's wanted in russia in connection with atrocities in the north caucasus but currently has political asylum in the u.k. r.t.
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is covering the us out of a brings us the latest developments. to tell the polish authorities polish police detained that that guy is on the morning of friday the seventeenth of september they are now. holding that questioning him waiting for documents to arrive from the russian prosecution the russian side of moore saying that they will do everything to make sure that the exhibition and the process should take place will be taking place in accordance with all the standards of the international law. as a polish prosecutor general has said the polish sides will act in accordance with international obligations it is taken upon itself mr sherman saturday quote our actions will not be based on political factors model letter of the law russia's prosecutor general yury cheika said that in the event of the extradition to russia his rise will be observed and he will stand a fact trial in court so the russian side is very much our hoping that the polish
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side with their favor but of course both sides emphasize again that decision will be made to leave according to legal principles and standards of international law that no politics will be involved in the decision making process for all it doesn't matter all that interpol outstanding and all the rest for whether and why would bush exhibition last is yet to be seen russia force has been attempting to extradite the trial that's up by nearly a decade now so i wanted in two thousand and one first nationally and internationally and was granted. plus silence in the united kingdom around the same time keeping magistrates court later refused to extradite the man despite a number of charges here in russia that some very serious charges said that mr secretary should be tried will be facing charges of murder kidnapping and store
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ships participating in terrorists and extremists to that he's russian prosecution say that they have enough evidence to link him to one of russia's terrifying terrorist attacks in the. theater seen it up to over two thousand and two they also believe to be one of the masterminds behind the current up arrest in the russia's fall in style caucasus region so very a long list of wrongdoing that russia police service does archive to be guilty of but of course the united kingdom has so far refused to extradite him saying that he is up political refugees and on its territory he remains a law abiding citizen first now with the wind in the fray as well it may be the polls that actually get to make the expedition decision and this of course will then be a whole new ball game. three miles out of our reporting well fred we're a journalist from the christian science monitor says the political situation in poland will not allow extradition to russia. pretty much sure that they will
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not extradite him to russia you know. this is a situation where the poles are fulfilling their international obligations by executing this war it. but extradition is another matter and i don't think there are very many european countries that that would under the present circumstances extradite him or a lot of other people back to russia poland particularly among european countries is a place where it would be politically impossible i mean it would be politically impossible for any government polish government to to actually send him back to russia. now poland may appear reluctant to extradite. but the new warmer relations between the two countries do offer moscow hope in this case but that's according to viktor linnik editor in chief of the russian newspaper slow. given the fact that russia has treated poland there respectfully. some polish ones i would
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say like the cartoon massacre of nineteen forty russia treated very spectrally the tragic crash of the presidential plane. last april and i think we have an improved climate in polish russian relationship and there's give this gives me hope that the matter will be precise pursued and proceeded legally and with respect to international for international law. you are with r.t. it's good to have your company today and still ahead a few this hour gangsters in the capital. an investigation is underway after i know which the notorious criminal lord was shot in the center of moscow we take you to the scene of the incident. plus from boom went to bust we look at the poverty that's hit america's recession battered industrial towns.
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a us a senate panel has approved a nuclear arms reduction deal signed with russia in april the start treaty which now needs to be ratified by the full senate could see the countries reduce their stockpiles by a third while the u.s. president is urging lawmakers to speed up the process in-house issues could hamper ratification. reports the start treaty got the green light from the senate foreign affairs committee and is heading for the senate floor this treaty will make america more secure it will assist us in moving towards the goal of less nuclear threats and for that reason we're proud he actually took today it's been a bumpy ride five months of hearings and the resolution that the senators passed reflects that they put all their concerns in one package among them. the time between offensive and defensive weapons senator is clarifying the treaty in no way
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is an obstacle for the u.s. plans to deploy defense systems american officials see it the same way it commits us to continue to develop the ability to be able to protect our people and to have a robust missile defense system but russians do take the time mentioned in the treaty quite seriously they see the new start as an agreement based on equality and balanced and if that balance is shifted or disturbed they say they can pull out but some in washington say there are hurdles related to the ratification are not so much about the details of the treaty but about republicans trying to make a point to the democrats one of the problems is good old fashioned red meat politics the republicans don't you just can't resist this opportunity to say well you know the democrats are weak on national security and that's one of the real barriers that the obama administration faces here i have no doubt whatsoever
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if we had a republican administration this this treaty would be already radical the paradox is that the number of republicans who had testified for the treaty outnumbers democrats on top of that the u.s. military officials are unanimous in their support of the deal something that many experts are pointing out here senators ten express their concerns but they can't really change the trading they can either ratify it or not and judging by what senators were saying this thursday they surely will the question is when i'm going to check out our reporting from washington d.c. . well the start treaty could go a long way in helping to modernize and improve nuclear defense that's the opinion of gary hart a former u.s. senator and a member of the commission on u.s. policy towards russia. it's a large step it will get rid of dangerous unnecessary nuclear weapons on both sides at the end of the day there will be
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a vote on the treaty people will have to vote for it or against it and those who vote against it are going to have to justify why they voted against it and why it makes us more secure not to have a treaty then if we have the treaty if you replace. warheads or delivery systems that are old and increasingly unstable with a newer generation more secure technology you are actually improving security rather than endangering it so a limited argument can be made for modernization of nuclear arsenals certainly not expansion of them if we are serious about hermetic reductions in these nuclear arsenals then we widen the club and bring in all the nuclear powers and say enough we're all we're going to get rid of all these it does seem like. a kind of ideal dream but it is a goal to reach for now you can watch the full interview with gary hart former
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american senate's co-chair of the commission on u.s. policy towards russia that is this sunday right here on oxy. a suspected russian criminal mastermind is being treated in a moscow hospital after an attempt on his life nicknamed the grandpas sun he is thought to have full and victim to a gangster wall right in the center of the capital you go to it's going off as mole from the crime scene. vincit in a happened at around eight pm moscow time on thursday evening when i slung also known as grandpa sun god to be a major criminal lord in russia i arrived at one of the buildings on sky street in the very center of moscow it's reported that he wanted to visit his son who lives here in the neighborhood and asked grandpa and his bodyguard were approaching the entrance to the building several shots were fired the bodyguard went down first and
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according to some reports from the witnesses grandpa son actually tried dodging some of the bullets but ended up getting wounded in the stomach when i thought he scheme the found a suspicious looking window in a building nearby and when they checked this apartment they found a weapon just thought to have been used in this assassination attempt both men were rushed to the hospital enough already so i moused grandpa my son's death the leader of the denial misinformation saying that by giving out food so they wanted to prevent a possible second attack clearly both men are recovering from undergoing surgery at one or more schools hospitals which is clearly heavily guarded by the authorities the grand baha son is thought to be someone who was called thief by the call a person of whose reach such a height in the criminal world that he could control supervise and benefit from various criminal activities without actually leaving any traces he was really close
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to an alleged criminal lord known by the name of the coupon she was assassinated back in two thousand and nine as a result of these criminal wars and allegedly grandpa first son pledged to revenge his death. his kind of reporting that i do remember you can always find much more news on our website that is r.t. dot com you'll find the best videos blogs and expert opinions and here's what's waiting for you there right now at r.t. thought. russian helicopters may soon be seen in the skies over afghanistan as nato forces are keen to use them in the fight against the taliban. and find out why a communist group in some petersburg wants to put british staying behind bars.
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u.s. president obama is pushing forward plans to double the country's exports in the next five years the move could generate generate rather about two million job comes amid hopes that the country is finally pulling out of the depths of recession but with the number of americans facing poverty at a fifty year high millions are still fighting for survival. welcome to silk city. this once was what the industrial revolution looked like in the united states . now this is what poverty looks like in this town more than twenty percent are poor more than seventeen percent unemployed it means for many here ninety m. is a time to go to work now and just that. it's time to head to the food pantry for charity . they are low income
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folks are some of them have been unemployed for almost two years is what we're seeing but on average it's the underemployed. there are people who can't make ends meet people like jenny like the one who are going to morrow and it's not enough you know it's just not enough to get all the need and the numbers are only growing and we saw in two thousand and nine a fifteen percent increase over two thousand and eight numbers and we're anticipating that that number will go up by another ten percent at the end of two thousand and thirteen jenny can't afford to buy food for her mother and three year old son not with only use them public assistance is just not enough money and a part time job they don't need any more hours than i've been looking for a job this thing is just hard to far north and it only appears to be getting worse it is unfortunately not only here but in the entire u.s. new statistics for two thousand and nine show forty three million people one in seven are living in poverty this is the most people who are in more than fifty
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years that's when they first began tracking these numbers here you can see one reason why the fraternity is are few and far between especially in the old urban industrial cities are paterson as in so many cities in the united states manufacturing used to power this one these were still factories that now are decrepit boarded up sitting in disrepair there are signs everywhere here of the u.s. a. and you fracturing jobs that have disappeared or gone overseas factory work all of the low level jobs that these folks with will shields are sort of out. there and leaving them lining up in droves for a little heat we now see prepare about twelve hundred meals a day now it will be serving about four hundred people. a free lunch some of the workers who are some are at the homeless not surprisingly. there are twenty percent more mouths to feed here at avis kitchen than
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a year ago why. now and some can't work like for one who has an incurable disease lose no for work or for so many of us used to be a truck driver yet he still can't afford lunch and experts say the needy are needier than ever are they more poor yes that i can say it here on the ground for from washington and wall street there is no sign of an economic recovery for these people in sight i don't see recovery. they have no thanks for their politicians i don't know what's going on with the caller i don't know was the press corps. or move the snow bloom red or. islam in the urban decay of silk city gratitude is reserved for the help with recovery they do know and. you. know you share your very characteristic lauren lyster our t.
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patterson new jersey. well coming your way later is our debate crosstalk and this time it is guests discuss the rise of china on the international stage and always some lively discussion around the reasons driving the country's rapid growth. so much the chinese want to be thought of the chinese want to be humiliated here they speak of the hundred years of humiliation the japanese invasion opium wars you know from the outside world and they are so sensitive about this kind of humiliation that's what drives them in here and that's what what they hate our top down relationship the west the. top down to the chinese lecturing them about how they should develop what they should.
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the crew of the next mission to the international space station has now just been confirmed two russian cosmonauts and an american astronauts will blast off in early october the main aim will be to test and upgrade its soyuz spacecraft fit it with a new computer also delivered more equipment and supplies to the station and the crew will spend almost six months in orbit currently there are three russians and three americans all working together. or let's check out some other news now making headlines around the world twenty five people have been killed and scores more injured as containers with explosives blew up near a police station in eastern sri lanka authorities say the blast was an accident the explosives were intended for roadworks and they were being stored next to the police station for security reasons sixteen officers were among the dead.
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the murder of a pakistani politician living in london has sparked a wave of violence in his hometown of karate shops and buses were set on fire while schools and public transport was shut down as news of the killings spread in run a photo was found with stab wounds and head injuries outside his home in london he was a member of one of pakistan's major political parties. five men have been arrested in london over a potential terror plot against the pope benedict the sixteenth is on a four day visit to britain the men will see is that a business in the center of the capital earlier the pope addressed thousands of children in a catholic school his visit has garnered much controversy in the u.k. following a string of sexual abuse accusations against the clergy ok well coming up next it's all the latest the business news with you.
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hello and a very warm welcome to the business program innovation partnership technology these are the key themes of the sochi international investment forum we have bringing you the top speakers and issues from sochi capital of the twenty fourteen olympics and that's coming from the forum speaking exclusively to business r.t. at the forum president of russian railways lemmie equation explained the company's plans to sell off some strategic assets in the near future. we positive that you know the actives of infrastructural company is of great demand thought already inside russia but outside also we have to look to for the best of the common cause and i guess yes we can fulfill this task and this obligation to rise the earnings from the sending of the. sheriff steps of the recall plan is up to one hundred one how to build on the one hundred twenty billion hopefuls. and now
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i'm joined live by business archies nicholas full who is at the forum hello nic and thank you very much for joining us so what's the latest. well done for president prime minister putin has just be addressing the delegates he is the main theme of his speech was modernization and improving the investment climate in russia it's discuss with me the speech is dimitri strait the methods and most direct. investment climate did you hear anything new in what he said today about improving russia's appeal well there are a few things that were definitely repeated you know this is part of the old world plan that the president and the prime minister have announced a few months ago about. the challenges and the plans to create an international financial center and then in russia some people are saying in moscow some people seem to resist but this is part of the overall strategy what has been not mentioned
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specifically belied by the prime minister which said a lot of people today with the fact that there's a greater focus on the retail investors and on the some justice part of the world overall management plan to try to increase the amount of money that's investment banks and in the international capital markets will pick up the markets in addition to that there are different plans to tap international capital markets and local currency roubles which is something new for russia. and this stuff is something that investors are waiting for because not a lot of international masters have access to. russian capital markets and they definitely want to invest. for international investors will want to think that looking for mr cheney so. well it definitely the things that come to mind are infrastructure legal infrastructure. changes. to the rules that govern capital markets although these are the key of bottlenecks that
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basically limit some investors to trying to rush what you think must just become a leading financial center of this. well as has been discussed today at the at the forum the the potential is definitely there but it all because it will take a lot of time it will take a lot of that the government the kremlin the president to make the necessary legal changes to make history for structural changes around disciplines rose schools hospitals everything. to get this done. he promised me what about how russia exploited through the crisis successfully. to. send jobs created to share that small business all different the the optimism for the future is shared. not not if we share some fact that. the russian economy has already passed the bottom and that everything is booming and rosy you know
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obviously the picture is not perfect everywhere there are a lot of industries that are still suffering the effects of the crisis but. the future looks bright at least in the short term perspective and europe from special schools moving mention of. the top of the markets move to help balance the budget figures what do i really have up to your head when you think what some might think that might well you know i would i would think for a. country of russia size. russia's economic fascist ability you know amount of one billion minimum. be optimal to refer first for free trade and thank you very much indeed. bring back to nick reporting live from the international investment forum and sorting and also keeping us updated on the latest developments thank you very much. good news coming from the event a russian state corporation russian technologists and boeing have signed
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a contract to supply fifty boeing seven three seven airplanes they will be acquired for air force russian airlines and a unit of russian technologists from invest assigned to korea minister for direct investment funds totaling eight hundred million dollars with the companies to invest in infrastructure and real estate projects. some of russia's leading banks outlining their investment plans at the former spare upon plans to spend one point two billion dollars on olympic infrastructure speaking about the rubles barebones president here mcgrath said despite the recent weaken the russian currency is still quite stable to do a number of more than the current situation on the foreign exchange market i.e. the ruble dollar and the ruble euro relations is stable enough and i'd say the fluctuation that we're seeing now is quite logical and is mainly tied to the actions of the market players and traders but i can say that today the ruble is the most stable it can be and there are no reasons why the behavior of investors and
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holders of ruble currency should change macroeconomic conditions are quite stable the oil price is also quite stable the gold and foreign currency reserves are increasing and are quite sufficient to provide a stable exchange value of the ruble this opinion was fully supported by the president of russia's number two bank be to be on trade cost and he also commented on the new international banking rules agreed in baseball in switzerland. what basel three is now queenie that's approximately what they care in the rush hour the national family so they always were strict frankly speaking will always work completely also go back over their watch through stricter regulation in the west but now they're quite similar so i don't think we need any further step in this direction. i look at the markets now in europe minus cain after the rising copper and gold say it's not just under one percent of its japanese tax cuts.


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