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tv   [untitled]    September 17, 2010 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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question is that so much could be going to make even a lot of people here in minneapolis to the politics of the sept moscow beijing in washington and the rise of the multilateral world.
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make sure that i'm discovering. communicate with the wild. test yourself and. see what nature can give you. one of russia's most wanted men out of mexico i was detained in the polish capital were sold and now the polish prosecutor general's office ransom detained for the
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next thirty days. russian prosecutors are doing everything on their side to make sure that finally their extradition request is heard and zacharias faces trial here in russia. also on our t.v. preparations for saturday's parliamentary elections in afghanistan are marmite escalating violence with the taliban stepping up threats and kidnappings. and gangster wars in moscow an attempt on the wife of an alleged top mafia boss right in the city's center puts him in hospital plus. the first major project for the two thousand and fourteen sochi winter olympics goes operate more in twenty minutes.
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it's nine pm in moscow and this is art to you coming to you live with me a new some now way first up this hour polish prosecutors have filed a request for a forty day arrest of one of russia. most notorious terror suspects as a colony of was detained by polish police upon arrival in the country moscow is calling on warsaw to extradite him he is wanted in russia in connection with atrocities in the north caucuses but has political asylum in the u.k. well for more we're joined live by our correspondent. in moscow and alexey who says in warsaw alexei let's go to you first it was uncertain whether or not warsaw would take the step of did. they have done it but tell us more about how it happened. well first of all it's important to say that i knew about the fact that he could be arrested here in warsaw he came here to attend the third world congress of the chechen people and he was detained on his way to
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a local prosecutor's office it was really hard to say what's his mission in this office whereas as far as we know from one of his representatives he came here showing that he had nothing to hide from the polish authorities and that poland was not his enemy anyway he was detained he still remains in detention and the latest news we've heard from the general prosecutor's office in poland is that it has filed an official inquiry to keep arrest for the next thirty days we understand that formally one of district courts in warsaw must decide whether to keep the rest hold the next move for more than a month from now nevertheless it is still really hard to say what fate awaits the one of the most wanted man in russia this suspected terrorist. as many. from the authorities during the day but these comments were pretty vague including. the country's prime minister. going to the prosecutor general tells me they
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have no choice but to start extradition procedures but these procedures do not mean an instant extradition in the russian side should it necessarily hope for decision . that will satisfy you. know chilling to determine whether this decision will be somehow a politicized but what we've heard so far from the authorities is that secretary of state will be decided in full with both the country's law and international legislation or let's get more from consulate in moscow of course considering that russia wants to see is a client extradited it is not the first time they've tried to deafen exadata does it. not at all and he said not the first not the second may not even be the last time that russia attempts to extradite him as a crime and bring him back to russia in order to try him for a number of atrocious crimes ranging from murder and kidnapping to extortion and terrorist and extremist activities although all of those charges have been filed
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against the man nearly a decade ago in two thousand and one when he was declared a wanted man first nationally and then internationally but he was granted political asylum in the u.k. and was the u.k. as a magistrate court later in two thousand and three refused to extradite the man believing him to be a political refugee and saying that on its territory he remained a law abiding citizen therefore did not in russia its extradition request despite the fact that an agreement exists between moscow and london governing the exchange of suspected criminals and the extradition of said criminals in order for them to stand trial in their own countries but this in fact may well be the closest russia has so far gotten to extraditing and as a quiet and actually making him stand trial of course his detention and the order for his arrest issued in poland may well be the chance russia has been hoping for the ball is in poland's court right now but both sides are very keen to our new
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line the fact that what the decision is made when the decision is made it will be free of any political influence and done strictly by the book. just as a police prosecutor in general has sent the police side to act in accordance with international obligations it was taken upon itself mr sherman saturday quote our actions will not be based on political factors must a letter of the legal russia's prosecutor general you reach so that in the event was a kind of extradition to russia his rise will be observed and he will stand a fair trial in court. to. russian prosecutors office have already said over all of the documents translated into polish regarding these suspicions allegations and charges concerning ahmed that quiet but even if poland should grant russia's extradition request it will be a very long time before that's up five sets foot on russian soil and even longer
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before his trial begins right we of course will continue to track what's happening with the coyote for now alexia's have ski in warsaw and. live in moscow we're going to keep the discussion going on this issue joining us now is mr james share from the royal institute of international affairs in london. there we go thank you for joining us mr cicare where this political of the hi-lo in britain kind of seems to have become completely brazen here i mean he knows he is on an international wanted list and travels through europe. well he also knows that he has a valid passport for refugees i think there's one fact that your correspondents neglected to underscore which is that both danish courts and british courts found the case on the evidence presented against him to be contradictory and accurate and unsafe so this is not a political decision in the case of the u.k.
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it was overwhelmingly a traditional to session the polish courts as we all know in considering the sex tradition request as they legally must and will review that evidence and will also review the basis of the decisions taken in the u.k. which granted him asylum what all that says it feels a blind's by international law to detain as a client who is wanted by interpol but in britain is a kind of enjoys of course as we've been talking about political asylum how do you think that impacts the ukase in minutes will the u.k. to detain him and growth of him political asylum let's you know a bit again on the question of extradition let's not forget please the u.k. courts have denied extradition requests by the united states as of a number of european courts so this is you know extradition is a very serious matter but in no cases is it automatic even in
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a case where there is a special relationship between two countries. decisions can take a very unpleasant form for the country that is requesting it but we are talking about terror charges here just in two thousand and seven britain extradited saeed for hard high seem an al qaeda terrorist suspect to the u.s. the client is also wanted on terror charges as i've said it has political asylum you don't think it's fair to say that this is a case of double standards here no it is as i was as i as i said it is exactly into . there are cases where the u.k. and european courts have often occasionally denied requests from u.s. courts so. course the charge is grave the issue is whether. there is a reasonable doubt as to the charges for looting and whether somebody is guilty or innocent it doesn't help the cause of combating terror if one arrest and
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prosecute people who are innocent of those particular charges even if the political views are grossly offensive and even threatening to the countries that make the charges what are the chances of the client being extradited to russia as you see it . i think poland is in a terrible don't know and i think with any decision it makes it risks the criticism because as your viewers know perfectly well there is no a new chapter a new atmosphere in relations between poland and russia so a negative decision will obviously have some kind of impact on that. will as your own comments suggest expose poland to the charge of making a political decision even if it turns out that decisions impeccably traditional on the other hand. if you were to be extradited there would be enormous internal repercussions inside poland and there would be
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a lot of awkwardness between poland. the united kingdom because it's well accepted in the european union that an asylum decision by one member state should at least be respected and considered with sympathy by all the member states so poland is in a most unwelcome position here all right james steyer from the royal institute of international affairs where he's head of the russia and eurasia program thank you very much for that thank you very much as well. it with r.t. still ahead for you this hour day stars in the capital. an investigation is underway after an alleged notorious criminal ward was shot in the center of moscow we take you to the scene of the incident. and rats will ride the russian and ukrainian presidents cast aside state vehicles in favor of a historic rally in soviet made cars. a suspected russian criminal mastermind is being treated in a moscow hospital after an attempt on his wife nicknamed grandpa his son his small
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to have fallen victim to a gangster war right in the center of the town at all or do you go has more from the crime scene. vincit it happened here on this quiet sign street in the very heart of moscow at around eight pm on thursday evening iceland cyan also known as grandpa son thought to be a major criminal ward in russia ryan to reportedly visit his son who lives in this apartment building over here and as grandpa son accompanied by his bodyguard were trying to enter the building walking through this door over here the shots were fired the bodyguard went down first and according to reports from the witnesses grandpa son actually tried dodging the bullets but ended up getting one in his stomach that's when their driver ran out and called the ambulance the hit man was firing the shots from one of those windows on the third floor of that building the distance between these two houses is really small and when the authorities came the
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saw that window was open and when they checked the apartment the found a weapon which is thought to have been used both men were rushed to hospital but soon authorities announced that grandpa and son had died a leader they denied this information saying that they gave out false reports on purpose in order to prevent a second possible assassination attempt grandpas son is thought to be someone who is called by the code that is a person who has reached such a height in the criminal world that he can control supervise and benefit from criminal activities various criminal activities without actually leaving any traces or leaving any proof and it's thought that grandpa son controls most of the organized criminal groups in russia and in the sea where there's already one version of why allegedly it's because of this major war going on between two giant gangster groups and they're currently fighting over some sport but deliveries
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in two thousand russian grandpa son was pretty close to him that's for you yanks are awarded no one by the name of your point you can was assassinated back in two thousand. was his right hand man since two thousand and nine we've heard various reports numerous gangster wars in the. nation's border in russia and in western europe as well in switzerland or screen. bodies or people suspected of being connected to abuse or bad. or criminal groups you know. afghans are heading to the polls this weekend to vote for the country's parliament the taliban have stepped up attacks aimed at intimidating voters and candidates ahead of the ballot dozens have been kidnapped including two candidates prompting serious concerns about holding a feral election in such an environment we can cross live now to our viewers in the
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capital kabul hi there paul that this of course is the first voting since the widely criticized presidential contest last year is the government more committed to ensuring fair elections this time. well that remains to be seen i mean as you can well imagine most afghans are deeply skeptical about these parliamentary elections that follow hot on the heels of the presidential elections last year that you mentioned that were mobbed with allegations of massive fraud the last time parliamentary elections were held here was back in two thousand and five and relatively speaking the situation was more safe then that it is now which is why most afghans suspect that saturday's elections will be mobbed with violence and also expect that they will be as much corruption and fraud if not more than those presidential elections afghan analysts say that what they're hoping for is not free say and transparent elections while the what they're looking for is what they call an acceptable elections we've already heard from the you see the independent
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election commission and they say that they've uncovered hundreds if not thousands of. voter boxes how are people reacting paul what are you hearing on the streets of kabul there. well in the run up to these elections in election related violence at least twenty one people have been killed the latest news is that two candidates as well as eighteen election officials have been kidnapped and some one thousand out of the six thousand eight hundred polling booths are not going to open their doors because of concerns around safety and security this has prompted many people both here in afghanistan and abroad to actually suggest that the elections be postponed in the last few days the taliban has issued almost daily threats via islamists via telephone and on its web site saying that it will disrupt these elections it will target voters coming out as well as people involved in this whole election process and they claim that will make because agents of wasting governments and that's what
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they're sitting up is a puppet sponsored government as a result some thirty to thirty five percent of voters who can vote are expected to tune out this is some five percent below the last elections most of them staying away because of concerns around violence but many of them also asking the question whether or not they believe in a parliament because many of them feel very little was done in achieved in the last five years since the last elections and of course u.s. president obama plans to start pulling troops out of afghanistan in twenty eleven and it seems like experts are really expecting a violent campaign this time around will afghanistan be able to hold elections once the u.s. completely withdraw its forces. one of obama's troops are expected to be as you say by july of next year but the premises is that the afghan security forces will be able to secure this country not ask any afghan here most if they will tell you that they do not believe that this is achievable in the next eight or nine months in
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fact the timeframe given by many of the people i've spoken to is that at least another decade another ten years is needed before the afghan army and security forces are up to speed one of the interesting. points being raised is what will be the impact of america's withdrawal from iraq on the situation here and here a number of analysts have said that they hope that the american government will put more pressure and more attention on its troops here to try and speed up their posts having said that the most afghans do believe in a robust and effective parliament but they do not believe necessarily that this is what will be achieved in these elections they believe that the parliament is the only way to keep in check the almost unlimited power of president karzai administration and also the corruption that is associated with it but again many of them expressing doubts as to whether or not now is the right time to vote for an apartment that can achieve those goals all right well we'll be watching very closely of course polls there will be in afghanistan for the elections this weekend
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thank you for now paula. let's take a look at some international news in brief for you this hour twenty five people have been killed and scores more injured as containers with explosives blew out at least station along authorities say the blast was an accident the explosives intended for roadworks were being stored next to the police station for security reasons sixteen officers were among the dead. the pope has continued his u.k. visit as scheduled delivering his keynote speech at westminster hall in attendance were former prime minister gordon brown and tony blair and margaret thatcher the conference call for the promotion of religion at every level of national life earlier five hundred street cleaners were detained in relation to a potential terror plot against the pontiff. now the presidents of russia and ukraine have decided to swap their usual state vehicles for something a bit more retro to defend victor ghana coverts took part in an international rally
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with cars dating back to the middle of last century. reports it's very symbolic in context of a recent renaissance in the russian ukrainian relations victory in a call which took the top job in kiev to be discussed saying by taking poskim. rarely that there are no little barriers dividing the two countries especially organized cross border just for a twenty kilometer speed from russia to ukraine this rally the russian president chose a call from his private legendary soviet this is the beauty manufactured in nineteen forty eight this vehicle is very robust it's made of tanks steel it was the first saw it be cold which came with turn lights with two electric wipers with an electric heater at billiton am radio while this was the same bowl all both were live and is today a popular collector's item the name of the car might be
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a that. it is very symbolic it's not accidental it's the russian for big trade the first tests on this car was conducted a nine hundred forty three way fiction world war two began to seem likely to lead to swerve school to buy state officials and celebrities who were in some other great classics like rolls royce chevrolet it korat jack you off martín or see this is a many many other beautiful beautiful retro cars however the trip was not both fun because of state's late rates just soviet soldiers who when you mention the ukrainians really and then they would. simply find border crossing. well that wraps up our main news block here in r.t. we're going to take a short break and then you will join us with the business news hungry for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for technology update on r g. hello and welcome to the business program in the vacation partnership technology these are the key themes of the soar to international investment forum we are bringing you the top speakers and issues from sochi capital of the twenty four thousand olympics. the prime minister's speech was one of the key events of the first day of the forum
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artistical a school was listening in and he brings us this assessment from such a. there's a palpable sense of optimism here at the sochi economic forum it's slightly smaller than last year with five thousand delegates attending their representatives from companies both foreign and domestic the theme of the forum was set during the prime minister putin schemas dress on the challenges of modernization and improving the investment climate the highlight of his message was that russia often photo ground for investors both big and small but she's going to make it up if the russian economy is still not spoiled by the attention of investors neither foreign nor local ones the russian business climate is claimed to have problems sometimes these claims are justified sometimes not we know our problems really well and we will solve them the key factor for the russian government will be a measured and rather conservative macroeconomic policy. the optimism about the prospects for the economy was shared by
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a number of delegates among them with sam allen c.e.o. of heavy engineering john deere just already about a hundred twenty million so far at the top of the silicon are for the saudi without really having. done that because tensions here the next thirty years. russia has a ninety percent of the world's arable land. meets to come into production by production agriculture a population continues to grow this is a two day event on saturday the winter olympics in sochi in two thousand and fourteen will be one of the main subjects we'll have full coverage about all the deals. are archies nicole reporting there and in other news coming from the event russian states corporation russian technologists and buying have signed a contract to supply fifty five in seven three seven airplanes they will be acquired for air force russian airlines and
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a unit of russian technologists from invest has signed a clear message to form direct investment funds totaling eight hundred million dollars with gulf states invest tested projects in infrastructure and realistic. speaking exclusively to our teeth the governor of cross no doubt region says the forum has succeeded in attracting investment. for senior the biggest of the foreign investors know little about russia's regions usually it's limited to moscow and st petersburg while the rest is just huge clusters like the far east europe also siberia but less investors learn more and get their hands on experience we can't be sitting still we should hold roadshows advertise ourselves that's the global practice forums like this to help everywhere to attract investment the amount of investment in the region after the forum is estimated at between two and a half and three point two billion dollars which is a key sum of russia. leading banks outlining their investment plans that the. plans
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to spend one point two billion dollars on olympic infrastructure speaking about the rebels their banks president karen kraft said despite the recent wakin in the russian chorus it is still quite stable to. the current situation on the foreign exchange market i.e. the ruble dollar and the ruble euro relations is stable enough and i'd say the fluctuation that we're seeing now is quite logical and is mainly tied to the actions of the market players and traders but i can say that today the ruble is the most stable it can be and there are no reasons why the behavior of investors and holders of ruble currency should change macroeconomic conditions are quite stable the oil price is also quite stable the gold and foreign currency reserves are increasing and are quite sufficient to provide a stable exchange value of the ruble that well sector is well represented at the sort investment forum the head of ross neff spoke exclusively to r.t.
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. if you think we've reached a consensus with our main creditors spearing going cold they downsize their annual interest from twelve percent to eight and i expect they're not tobe or will start working with the new rates that will free up a lot of money up to two hundred million dollars this money will be used to fill license agreements still development capital investments and buying new assets that will help the company to improve its output and to stabilize its financial condition. let's take a look at the russian markets the r.t.s. and the mice it's been mixed at the close they are to us was trading much like in the black in my six minutes down point nine percent chance of what is good what down two percent of russia's biggest producer released its false hope that profits of one hundred five million dollars that's down more than thirty percent from the same time last year. it was a quite a week for the markets but they still managed to trade slightly higher i see metropole senior.


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