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around the world have got the money they've got the influence money talks on each hopes and i don't anything know me for who i mean for the common people you know it but it will come on the streets or whatever i mean what are they going to do for us you know it's just a more or less you know they get face time and they're going to be like oh yeah we did this student or whatever but it's nothing if we all stopped believing in that water what's really the other option i guess i mean if martin luther king said you know it is the i have a dream or it's avenue i nightmare yet a dream so i think that what we all hope for is that we don't have that fatalistic view that we hope there's always a possibility to change the bottom line is that the un's agenda is important to the peoples of the world whether or not they're actually able to do anything about it remains to be seen until then we've got a lot of traffic. and i'll be back with the headlines in just a few minutes. the
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more news today. these are the images. today.
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early election results to show sweden's far right party taking its first parliament . failed to hang on to its majority. by one of russia's most wanted. norway. and. putting in a. special report takes a look at what happened. the
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canaries as group of generals had planned a coup d'etat you know i wasn't intimate cool i was not contaminated by the desire to overthrow the government. will you. want to put you at about eight thirty am when you go i received a memo from the division commander. ordering me to take control of the region of. interest to governor and members of the regional government. and it will i gather my officers and told them what i thought about the whole thing . let me until i gave them
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a short verbal order maintain calm an order do not change the system. and respect the life of all citizens. on. the m.b. on september eleventh. i was a mayor of the city of tulka and we see that the. we don't my name is a coup and foresee. and i was a member of the communist party but that day the party had decided. that about ten thirty am. i would go to the military barracks to speak with. find out exactly what's going on. to assess the situation. i think i must be the only communist mayor in the country who went into military
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barracks on september eleventh spoke with the military commander expressed reservations about the events of the day. they're free to carry out my duties as mayor. but think if i spoke to this man if i agreed to see him it's because he was a chilean citizen a man who had been elected mayor of talca by the population he had that title i could not despise and that's why i treated him like i did. i am alive today because. if rain. was the military commander. otherwise impossible forget it. i was among the first on the list of people to be eliminated. by the put use. to them for two
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thousand and. nine number one million singles later three years running to new drive the new lease on titan ninety six has the news coverage good morning bill and good morning to extend an american soldier who went a while rather than fight what he calls and oil driven war in iraq faces a current martial at fort stewart today and his trial is attracting international media attention spanish and canadian television crews joined local news teams to report he faces up to a year in prison for desertion if convicted. it was holmes. today it is for the first day of the trial in the court martial of staff sergeant people. in years charged with one specification of violation of
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article eighty five of uniform code of military justice you see m.j. desertion. i will introduce mr ramsey clark as you all know by now as a former attorney general united states in the sixty seven of the johnson ministrations you just have to go be leading the defense on the issue of whether the international law defenses that we want to offer should be admitted in this case is that this is a or the most important issues in this case. i'll come down to the station. no. because it should such great importance. to our country tend to peace. in iraq you have soldiers accused of violating international law. the geneva convention. and for that matter domestic law for which you can brutalized people
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under any circumstances under a new law. here you have a soldier. who served in iraq. you describe leader. his squad was cleared in. two abuses that were violations of international law. you know they were they were stationed out at the international airport. they were handing detainees but what i'm doing is there's three cian your man who had no identification have. only code names and they do the actual interrogation. but they order. these young soldiers around on how you handle the detainees when the actual interrogation isn't going on. and they were ordered to deprive them of sleep.
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forty eight hours. keep them blindfolded. jerk them around make them stand make noise. take your weapon to defuse may shoot the person right in the head at that time. he thought he had a duty to stay out of that. activity. in violation of international law. that's what you want to soldiers to do. take more if you want to be a democratic society than a blind obedience to authority. and you see that an order is illegal and you're being ordered to commit a crime don't do it. yet they make the prosecution fears that a light sentence or make will encourage other immigrant soldiers to desert the defense argues. had the right to obey his own conscience if you other than orders
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from his commanding officer a ten person jury will hear testimony tomorrow from fort stewart georgia. univision . i. one of the soldiers who have been one. told his mother. mom i don't feel like my life belongs to me. why did you move me so much to the soldier said that he did because i failed the same way when i was there. because we were told to go on missions that we knew were not for the
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benefit of anyone other than the officers who were given such borders to go into such missions because we knew that there were officers there were pretty much instigating firefights and creating social distress because they had gone through so many years to have gone through entire military careers without having any type of experience and in order for them to have the experience the background they need to get their promotions and to make. this one general perhaps i mean this combat experience. is very helpful. but.
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they don't really care who you are all they care about is that we go there and don't we get into firefights so they can get their medals so they can get their promotion so they can get their purple hearts. that it. was going to. go. into said yep and then you ask yourself why did all this happen you know why did all these people die. why did i allow myself to be put in a situation where i have to kill in order to survive.
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were. should watch of english moon in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight there was no palestinian national authority in libya cities had their own town councils knew at the time the palestinians could govern themselves to a certain extent. that issue one day. israel expelled the mayor of the brawny. and the mayor of algeria to jordan. we must feel that the next day we were sent to patrol the city of heber.
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the but there was a huge demonstration to protest the expulsion of the two mayors and that would mean there were a lot of protesters shot they were throwing stones at every government installation they saw whether military or civilian. damage and then the government issued the order to open fire on the demonstrators. in the lookout for that if i said no i can't open fire. i didn't have the capacity to break up the demonstration the goodlatte had no tear gas no shields no rubber bullet. it's with the you had nothing at all i said i'm a soldier a fighter. i fire my weapon it's to kill me with someone asked me are you refusing to obey an order shoot she i said
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yes i refuse because this order goes against my principles. no one can force me to kill if i don't want to do it i don't want to be a war criminal. he was in a thief so i was reprimanded and demoted them. if the one sunday i was in the government building you want it and i received a phone call from the second in command we go on he said commander general i really annoys here to seal. that will because i told him i would be right there and immediately went to the barrel of a commune in
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a moment thinking to be when i came in the room because i saw a general in combat uniform butterwick in our glasses whiskey in one hand. he pursued and a machine gun on the other hand what if you introduced myself and said general there is nothing to report in the area yes me what does that mean nothing to report on it how many political prisoners seen how many detainees are there. but also i insisted nothing to report in general. but commander don't you know we are at war he asked me. he like i couldn't help myself and i said both of them did he want war are you talking about generally when i mean i know it's possible to declare war against neighboring countries but not against our own countrymen. went in with a very well he said you're dismissed wait in the next room but it may
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be then midwest most senior officers in my unit and with his staff. and then he informed me that the military in jungle had decided that i should report to army headquarters and relinquish my command to get windows in to get him . it will simply add a thimbleful i was cord marshal and accused of dereliction of military duty to me
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to get in dereliction of military jyoti immediately. to me that i was sentenced to five years in prison because. i went to prison but endured persecution slander threats of execution the scene i mean and spent seventeen years in exile. we're going to have to start here let me just professor jules hoping l l o l is a full professor of international law at university it's for he's also the vice
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president of the center for constitutional rights thing always gets forgotten here midnight exhausted letters the judge is not going to live i want to just start this fall what he would testify today and that's. the underlying issue this case is really whether the united states government will comply with its international obligations treaty obligations and international law. and they have for i would have testified bethought me in his absence from his unit was authorized under international law under the treaties which we have signed and under the precedents which we are still. after world what's. at the nuremberg tribunals which the united states government was the chief prosecutor of decided that a soldier or
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a command or citizen has obligations under international law then are higher than their duty to obey the best aquash superior orders even. can not be considered in mitigation where crimes as shocking and extensive has been committed consciously ruthlessly and without a military excuse or justification. and that set the basic precedent that a soldier what this obey. an order that is here we go. and it would have been much better in the prison systems in iraq if more soul. it's had disobeyed it would have been better for our whole international image and our whole foreign policy and it's in the military's interest. even though most military people would say this has to be the key thing but this a point at what cost if the cost is committing war crimes and discipline has to
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give way to the broader principle that military should operate. good morning every one of us receive or hear the news room is attorney says a good squad leader who took care of his men but the government says he left them behind when they needed in the most those are the opening arguments in the court martial of florida national guard soldier. he is accused of deserving is unit well
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on a two week furlough from iraq last fall he faces a year in prison and in this article discharge. the military court has reached a decision. very serene. he says he stands by his actions. the latest news from fort stewart georgia.
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three descendants of using. army specialist jeremy sivits was the first soldier to be charged and is expected to plead guilty to taking pictures of the abuse as part of his deal with prosecutors he would testify against the other soldiers sivits faces a maximum of one year in prison. might be getting sweeter. what is. is that the men who gave the orders not. the responsibility of the commanding officer. they tire responsibility for the entire fall to their subordinates. one cannot delegate the command responsibility. response ability i can delegate
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authority to my second in command my responsibility under no circumstances. i was willing. and i'm still willing to defend my home. to defend my country. but i am not willing and i will never be willing. to conquer. another nation. i think about the real price. that was paid for this war. at home and not only by american and allied troops. but also by the families of the
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soldiers who suffered a great deal. and mainly by iraqi embassy attack that in who are oppressed now and who are paying them dearly. i think what i am doing now where even if it costs me a few years in prison is a small price to pay and even if i go to prison for this i will be free. i will have been free enough to make the right decision that i will feel that despite the contract i signed to become a soldier i gave myself the freedom to make the right decision.
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yeah. yeah yeah. yeah. yeah. larrey. it is is.
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it. non-stop we are going to come back. we'll have a rally and we'll sell lots of beer lotion on the say heil will wear uniforms that will damage is down the black man moving but very little damning the wife. and they are the key to our problem our own right.
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culture is that so much of the feminine there's a huge music to share the power of finding the time to market one or the overwhelming majority of muslim populated countries governed by either non democratic regimes or on stable democracies and has.


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