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ten thirty am in moscow good to have you with us here on our t.v. these are your headlines after the pullout a triple bombing in baghdad and dozens dead bringing doubts over whether or rocky forces can manage in the wake of the withdrawal of u.s. combat troops. instant karma is going to get the internet's rise in russia allowing more people to highlight problems like crime and corruption that in the past would have gone unnoticed. at what the house is not a home or what a home is not a house rather as average americans fall on hard times r.t. visits a homeless camp in the woods of new jersey to find out what options are left for those who've lost everything to the crisis. and proud to be
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celebrations in the republic of south which is marking twenty twenty years since it declared independence from georgia. up next concentrating troops in afghanistan and spending hundreds of billions of dollars in the hunt for al qaida is a deeply for all flawed strategy that's the view of former marine officer matthew hoh an outspoken critic of u.s. policy in the country he thinks washington is being in inconsistent in its military pursuits as he explains the artes guy nature to cuba. does the goal match the cost that is something many americans are asking when it comes to the u.s. strategy in afghanistan and members of the of ghana's then study group call on the president to bring the majority of the u.s. troops home abandoning the strategy of defeating the taliban and matthew hoh is heading that group he's a marine officer who resigned from the state department in protest of obama's
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policies the in afghanistan it happened last year and he he's here with me now thank you so much for joining me in that matthew so the war in afghanistan is the longest and it has cost a lot to the united states who are saying american interests at stake in afghanistan do not warrant this level of sacrifice please explain why. the wars cost us about four hundred billion dollars it's lasted for over nine years american dead or close to twelve hundred there's been fallon's of afghan deaths. we're spending one hundred billion dollars a year next year will spend about one hundred twenty billion dollars a year according to the congressional research service in a country whose g.d.p. is only fourteen billion and knowing that according to our cia there's only fifty to one hundred members in afghanistan so you're talking about spending one billion to two billion dollars a year on each al qaeda presence in afghanistan matthew i know that you had been
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working in iraq for a while before going to afghanistan was that war worth it was that war programatic you know i mean we've seen from where iraq was a few years ago yes the country has stabilized you know you've gone from four thousand civilian deaths a months down to a few hundred it's still by no means a story and i don't know if i will ever say it was worth i i don't agree with those who believe that we needed to be. iraq in order to make the middle east a safer place or a more democratic place and certainly if you look at the reasons why we were given for going in there ties to al qaida that wasn't true weapons of mass destruction that wasn't true. you know saddam was was effectively contained as i saw it he was no threat to this to us or to his neighbors i don't see the expenditures you know the over the forty five hundred american dead near trillion dollars that we have spent there the near one hundred thousand iraqi dead i don't see that in any way
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justify the invasion of two thousand and three the other thing too is that since we're talking about iraq and afghanistan one of the larger problems i think with u.s. foreign policy particular national security policies are not consistent if they're if we are in afghanistan because of al qaeda and if there are only fifty to one hundred members of al qaeda in afghanistan then why are we pulling out of iraq where there are one thousand to two thousand members why do we see and we need to keep. hundred thousand troops in afghanistan when those operations come out of somalia and yemen as when and pakistan and yes so that consistency is not there in our in our foreign policy particularly in our now security policy and that's very worrisome to me because you don't have consistency if you don't have good critical thought if you don't have a degree of intellectual honesty in your policymaking you are going to have bad policy and you're going to have things like iraq we're going to find yourself nine years into afghanistan entangled in
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a civil war spending one hundred billion dollars a year for a purpose that does not make the united states safer matthew you've been saying that stabilizing the government in afghanistan does not defeat al qaida and that it's like using a flash hammer to kill a fly do you think it's such a fly and if not a sledgehammer what should be used to kill that fly you know i mean sure of fly can bite your short fly can affect you he could get in your. refrigerator make your food moldy or what not but you try and kill most sledgehammer enough wrecking your house and if you look at our successes against haida they have not come from occupying afghanistan yes it was based afghanistan we showed up they fled to pakistan they dispersed around the world they became this near virtual as the centralized loosely formed organization that uses individuals and cells and doesn't rely upon large physical trachsel plan our successes in. against
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al qaida and there's a good new yorker article not too long ago about this. have been through more of a police or law enforcement or intelligence role in the capture of khalid shaikh mohammed then by the fact that we've got tens of thousands of u.s. troops occupying. two muslim countries out also says suggests that we need to look at our strategy in the sense of that our policies have been counterproductive and we've turned to using military occupation as a tool to be a terran network that is more similar to a mafia organization or a criminal organization and has only composed of a couple thousand or a few thousand members worldwide and let's get back to the taliban are you saying the u.s. should not be afraid of taliban of ghana fan i don't believe so. no i mean i don't want to apologise to the taliban you know and i don't want to be accused of that or be seen as that but we have to recognize the taliban is not a monolithic movement the taliban is composed of many different groups within
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afghanistan to have diverse note of supporting taliban a lot of times that being financial financial the sense of not going to the tent not because i give you ten dollars to put a bomb inside robot because in your valley on a give this group a couple thousand dollars and that's going to make that group the most powerful group in that valley a lot of the groups that support the taliban have very vocal concerns. things are not going to affect you and i here in washington d.c. or other folks throughout the united states also to the ties between the taliban and al qaeda are not really there there or certainly elements of the taliban that have ties to al qaida but you can you can isolate them do not because there is ten or fifteen or maybe even twenty percent of taliban that are irreconcilable or do have links to transnational terror groups does that does not mean we should not done do our best in the go see it with and work with that other eighty percent or
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ninety percent of how bad it is reconcilable and that we can get a negotiated settlement with because they don't have ties to al qaeda messages and you also said that ghana stands neighbors say china russia have actually more to lose from the instability in afghanistan that the united states and i would have more reason more and more reasons to get involved in keeping afghanistan quiet and you think countries should like to take turns saying waging war thing afghanistan oh do absolutely not i think it's an. every other nations interest to see a negotiated settlement in afghanistan it's been a proxy war or. a real war in one way or another for the last thirty thirty five years in afghanistan and it has improved nobody's economy has approved nobody's way of life i think for nations like the central asian states for russia for china that have issues with their own ethnic minorities or muslim minorities i
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think it's important for what's happening in afghanistan not to spread across boundaries was the biggest issue for russia is the drugging flow the argument you know that's a great point i believe it's about ninety percent of the drugs that leave afghanistan go to russia or to europe it's a huge huge issue but you're not going to feet that you're not going to feed the drug trade there and to you stabilize the country until you stop the war until you stop one side from having incentive to utilize that drug trade to you know provide the money to fight the war until you take away the aspect of the war itself you're not to be able to address any of these issues and that goes for the drug trade that goes for women's rights that goes for other ethnic or other human rights and that goes for development as well in terms of i mean it's a very it's an incredibly poor credibly desperate country it needs a lot of assistance it's not going to develop it's not going to grow without there
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being instability so for so many different reasons but if someone asked to keep them stable they can do it on their own are all equally they have to ultimately they have to do it on their own as long as you have outside powers backing up one side or another and putting one side in a position where it's trying to subjugate the other side you will not have stability while and on these upcoming parliamentary elections of course in afghanistan do you think there are going to be are free and fair contest as nato secretary general put it nothing i have seen or. read the most recent thing i read was actually a report from the american special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction so our us government's watchdog over there. their report that came out just recently this past week really basically said paul the problems that occurred in two thousand and nine they're still with us and it's going to take years and years to address and rectify those those problems the guardian two days ago had a very good article on this but no i fortunately i don't believe that they will be
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free and transparent and that's dangerous because one i think the like i said that we're all pashtuns of southern pashtuns feel excluded from the political process already but there are other elements within afghanistan in the north and the west in urban areas that are part of this coalition that makes up the karzai government and if the same thing happens as happened last year say where the the fraud was massive in elections were stolen well will you see a further cracking or further fracturing of the karzai kolisch and and so that's very dangerous so i'd like to see them be fair and transparent but none of the reports i see coming out suggests that they're going to be making my last question to you and the situation as we can see in afghanistan is as bad as ever the corruption is rampant and the casualties rate to get thirty one percent right now are you saying that the u.s. should go out should pull out now no one's saying of well we're not saying about
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afghanistan study group is not saying abandon afghanistan unfortunately when you get these conversations you kind of get it it gets characterized you're all in or all out war you want to cut and run that's not the case we're saying. the problem is inherently political not country so utilize political solutions. take the foreign troops out of the places where they're a catalyst for the violence where they're a catalyst for people to join the insurgency engage regional nations find a better way to do economic development it's important the way we're doing it now is not working and is doubling down the effort is not going to work and prioritize the u.s. interests u.s. interest in that region is al qaeda and pakistan's nuclear weapons so have a policy that goes after al qaida and helps stabilize pakistan in the region so that those nuclear weapons are never put in jeopardy and that's what we're advocating we certainly are not advocating wave the magic wand and disappear tomorrow but afghanistan figured out for himself well thank you very much it was
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matthew hoh with me here in washington d.c. who resigned from his job where the state department because he thinks the u.s. is fighting for the wrong cause in afghanistan and paying too big a price for that i. you know.
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this history still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal the hidden in the soviet files house on the embankment. every month we give you the future we help you understand how to get there and what to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world join us in our technology update on our g. five fifty. first.
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after the pullout a triple bombing in baghdad and dozens dead bring doubts over whether iraqi forces can manage in the wake of the withdrawal of u.s. combat troops. instant karma the internet's rise in the rushes allowing more people to highlight problems like crime and corruption that in the past might have gone overlooked. also went home and is not a house as average americans fall on hard times r.t. this it's a homeless camp in the woods of new jersey to find out what options are left for those who lost everything to the crisis. and proud to be sovereign celebrations in the republic of south a sense here which is marking twenty years since it declared independence in georgia. mancow zero joins us now with all the latest in the world of sports. looks like a new russian team is making its mark in the world of cycling that's right mad pro
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cycling team was created just a year ago but they've already won their first major title and more on that and much more in just moments there either way. hello and sign for spore n r t come and see you every day from the russian capital i'm on cos forever now let's take a look at our top stories in brief. one more step serbia reaches its first ever davis cup final. closing the gap rubin moved to within a win over leaders is a meet in the russian premier league thanks to a last gasp goal. of the pile the inaugural russian challenge cup comes to an end just outside moscow with spain's carlos del mar all the man riding his way into the record books. but let's start in belgrade where serbia have
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come from behind to beat the czech republic and reach the finals of the davis cup for the first time in the history the czechs were two one up in the best of five going to the final day almost perfect and roddick the panic won the doubles rubber on saturday and it was vertical to the opening set in sunday's first singles match but world number two jockey that's managed to find his rhythm much to the delight of the partisan home crowd in belgrade the u.s. open fire this reading of the following three sets six three six two six four to put serbia back to level in just over three hours so it went down to the wire young going to getting the crowd on its feet with this dominant display against a panic tipsarevic hitting a total of nine aces to six male seven six six four big three waiting in the final hour nine time champions france who completed their thinks league of argentina on sunday a third is the ocean small one and arnold three meant. that's with fish side where
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rubin's quest for a third straight russian championship received a boost on sunday the man from cousin securing maximum points against and with virtually the final kick of the game. away and then. was it. has it's ation of planes in the freaking build up but with good cause as given these cards and these rifles and the weather all ninety plus minutes relief the overriding emotion on the face of rybin manager good bond between the there he is the full time whistle blowing seconds later sealing the one mill win for the champions still a lot of work to do though to retain their crown leaders sydney may be just three points in front but they hold a hefty three matches in hand. meanwhile in the days early kickoff local months even sam couldn't be separated in solves a lot of got dog i've got things rolling for a local five minutes from the break before and by a fan of the back of his own seems not to make it one one and that's how it would end both sides remaining in mid table. on monday sneak can reestablish their six
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point advantage at the summit of the st petersburg side aiming to keep their unbeaten run intact in chechnya where terry gross they lie in wait then there is a clash of the two sports socks in that game also taking place in south the russian third placed says scott will fully expect to claim maximum points at the expense of rock bottom seed in the late game. and the pro goal has returned to russia the first ever challenge cup reaching its conclusion at that will go from pole of club victory going the way of carlos del mar all meeting the spaniard now has a great chance of getting his place on the european tour proper next season as andrew former reports. so it was a fitting finale to what has been a hugely successful tournament this jack nicklaus design course colace the moral started the day four shots off the late but by the final hole he'd fought his way to the top of the leaderboard with a one stroke advantage over his nearest rival. all are seen and although del model
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found the sound he recovered well to finish on eleven and overall and that was enough the victory after all isn't missed his part means that the moral walks away with twenty eight thousand euros in prize money and also boost his chances of qualifying to play on the european tour next season i came here four years ago for a european tour event it filled awesome i mean we went to the red square it was just a very cool week so it felt awesome especially with great conditions great golf. so tonight. do you only have to see here so he's smiling but so too is the russian golf association it has big plans to promote this sport across the country and the sleeve a goal of course here has proved itself to be a championship quality and is being raved about by the players i think the reflection from the players certainly the players i've talked to which is pretty
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much everybody has been a good response. enjoyed the course immensely they have told me that it's been prepared to the highest standards. the practice facility. every part of the facility even down to the catering and the club. has been welcomed by the players they've loved it while it is only the second time the challenge tour has come to russia which still only has a handful of courses but after the last week who knows russia might just have found its way on to golf calendar on a permanent basis andrey farmer r.t. moscow region. and there's another stand here celebrating on the greens of adam drug money. lara edging a tightly contested final round at the australian open the thirty three year old carting a sixty four to catch out with a joint overnight leader david lend it to work side at seventeen under par after seventy two holes it was lara of those who would be in soon play off to win on the
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first extra hole bogeyed but lara made par on the replay eighteenth to claim only his second victory on the european tour his previous title coming three years ago in hong kong danny willett who shared the lead heading into the finals they both get his last three holes and had to settle for joint third place with the us open champion graeme mcdowell and alexander nor an all to sweden. now let's check on the latest scores in the kontinental hockey league where seven games were played on sunday and sell about you live stuff for their first defeat of the season at the hands of jaromir joggers ave guard draw in regulation and overtime and the home side eventually winning the shootout in kazakhstan a double by brandon but chance he helped local side barrus beat com if he may got a harder home victory against off to mobilise to fight for and looking at the needed overtime to overcome moscow region six five the final score there. another three games took place on sunday words in
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a moscow top the league's new converts bugrov scott st petersburg last game four of six this season the latest by way of tar pedal three two in overtime there as well and finally in the last. because i needed the shootout to determine the winner victory and two points going through the garden cup holders are bars. cycling now and after coming into existence just last year russian team cut shusha have captured their first major title as they won that same classification in the last two or three grand source all this season. but you show up at local favorites face to parnate to the coveted title by twenty nine seconds and we're in no small debt to go to the road dream gets. the mail from spain the thirty one year old finished fourth over roll while also placing high in the points king of the mountains and combination classifications russia's top that's also contributed to cut you to success after clocking the thirteenth fastest so i'm individual authors and what's
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a way of it's out inventions in the body to maintain his forty one second lead after the symbolic stage twenty one in madrid brits and mark cavendish triumphs in the sprint category. in a multitude be there's been a race a first at the inaugural aragon grand prix former champions cases daughter and nicky hayden posting a first win and first podium finish of the season respectively stoner started from pole in spain but was closely followed by informed that he could draw for most of the race but the two thousand and seven champion pulled away towards the end to be the home favorite by more than five seconds championship leader jorge lorenzo loops on course for third place finish but it's turning last lap by american hayden solo renzo slipped down to for this first finish outside the podium in the grand prix so far this season the stand here however sits a huge get to six points clear of the draw at the top of the standings with just five more races to go stoller is now third overall he may be out of contention but still redish the well deserved when. we're able to get
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a bike working on much the way we wanted it to you know had a little slip off this morning which was a little bit boring going into the. away from everyone could want to get too close but yeah we were able to pick up the pace when we needed to during the race and bring home the wind for the team for everyone who stuck by me and you know i'm sorry it took so long. and that's finished with some big waves where a kelly slater's marched towards an unprecedented half century of elite sword certain victories shows no sign of abating the florida native wrapping up title forty three on the opposite coast line at the latest stop of their holy pro event the ninth world champion. well they can get to reach double figures propelling to the top of the overall standings at trestles south in california but she was pushed hard by the man who defeated slater on the same piece of beach in two thousand and six. durbidge ousting a slew of high ranked pros to reach the decider but that's where the australians
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highlights what and thirty eight year old slater dominating the two metre waves suis to victory and pocket hundred five thousand u.s. dollars in the process i'm just i'm just trying to soak in this and not think about everything right now. just what a week i mean we looked at as well forecast path now we're taxiing in like laughing on the phone going look what we're going to get next week and i just told pat i'd let one hundred five thousand people punch me in the face to surf these ways by myself and you paid me money. that's all for the moment but remember i'm more russian and international sport can be found on our website artsy dot com by for now thanks. so much or is that so much to do you should be sitting on the market while your people overwhelmingly majority of muslim populated countries governed by either
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non-democratic regimes are unstable democracies and.
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every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for technology update on our g. line. which brightened a few pounds sound from finest impressions. from stunts on t.v. . fifty. fifty fifty fifty fifty five.


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