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but there it's part of the headlines now dotty after making inroads in sweden europe's far right parties are setting trip to the next target the freedom party capitalizing on a wave of islamophobia immigration fit when voters through a controversial computer game. world leaders are in new york to assess where they stand if it's about global poverty and on the u.n. millennium summit where the promise is obvious that especially since countries say the deep recession is two thousand and fifteen products reach. the power of the moment
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a russian scientist claims people can use thinking as therapy he says he's developed a device which captures the energy field which humans generate until they see something like what disease intensive. he's advised u.s. presidents and american foreign policy for decades brzezinski speaks. about dangerous times from the cold war right up to the modern day war on terror his interview is coming up next. doctor's uber group brzezinski is perhaps the most influential figures in u.s. foreign policy has advised u.s. presidents for decades and served as the national security adviser under the carter administration he sits down now with r.t. dr brzezinski thank you so much for joining us we do appreciate this opportunity it's very nice to be with you it's been nine years a sense nine eleven and there are still no signs of osama bin laden in your book
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the grand chessboard you write for america the chief. geo political prize is eurasia america's global primacy is directly dependent on how long and how effectively its preponderance on the eurasian continent is to staines is that why we're in afghanistan to sustain our global supremacy nowhere in afghanistan before because of nine eleven. nine eleven involved a horrendous crime against the american public and it's called for measures designed to make certain that that doesn't occur again american role. continent of europe asia it's much more benign it involves alliances with some key countries it involves improvement in relations with some pretty was some time going it's so it should not be confused with the operation of the gander star which was a very specific historical motive very specific objective now i want to ask in an
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interview with a french magazine in one thousand nine. hundred. ninety s. according to their analysis of what you said the dismantling of the soviet union was to a degree more important than quote some stared at muslims and that you don't regret it do you stand by that statement now yes although that version of so-called interview was not really an interview the interview was an extensive interview which was supposed to be translated and sent to me it was never was and then excerpts from it to a sort of amalgamated and published but basically the facts are they're correct united states decided to provide sort of a covertly funding to the i've got resistance when it became clear that the soviet union was big getting to be more actively and directly. to venture away when it did intervene directly that was expanded and continued under republican
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administrations after the president carter left all. this in turn the resistance in afghanistan led directly to the collapse of the soviet union and that removed from the international scene the horror of a possible nuclear war between soviet union and america. has made possible the kind of reconciliation but it's now underway in eurasia but more importantly it paralyzing. the dilemma of paralyzing danger but hovered over the entire international community so the threat of the soviet union such as you're mentioning right now with of course much more important than the threat we say we have now with the so-called war on terror well clearly i mean look in the event of a war between the soviet union and the united states i was involved in the decision making process that would be provoked by an attack i would call for
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a response so we knew exactly the nature of the threat that we're all facing within a few hours literally within a few hours about eighty five to twenty million people there with its numbers eighty five to one hundred twenty million people would have been dead in the united states and the soviet union. there's just no comparison between that and terrorism which was to you know to dangerous and horrible particularly the victims but in terms of scale it's simply not the same ball park let's talk about the future implications of that decision that was made all those years ago. what did you expect the mujahideen what you're calling the afghan resistance to do with the weaponry that the u.s. and other countries provided to them after the soviet union fell did you expect this weaponry to be given. back the civil war which insinuate after to lead to the formation of what we have now which is the taliban but i think the problem you know
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has to be looked at closer historical perspective the. war lasted almost a decade with a terrible brutal war with the soviet union the way it is not going to be killed close to a million guns they drove forty five million guns out of the country. so the process of consolidation the rehabilitation of the understand those bombs to be prolonged. and the west unfortunately roughly ten years after the attack started and then the soviets left did very little to rehabilitate afghanistan and the taliban phenomenon i wrote was several years after the soviet union departed. the taliban it was not involved in fighting. against the soviets to drive out the foreigners from. the capitalized on the opportunity to develop in afghanistan after the end of the war when it was largely ignored by everyone else to weapons
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you know that it's tradition of being armed individually the weapons are provided most a very simple weapons mostly there with few exceptions the most guns could handle without difficulty so you don't believe that the funding of the indian led to the formation of the taliban today no i mean i look look look what the osama bin laden himself said. some of them describe the reasons why he engaged in terrorism against the west and the fact that so. international terrorists the taliban was involved in imposing a. commit evil concept of suicide. but unfortunately it gave a haven to al qaeda osama bin laden and al qaeda had global aspirations and engage in global terrorism we'd be having this conversation now if we didn't expect the soviet union to the former soviet union to invade prior to our funding.
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and so i knew it was already in full. directly into the sunset several years by the time to funding started the funding started at a time when the soviet union was already making preparations to invade afghanistan did you think that that would provoke the the so far i have no way of knowing but i was assuming they would go in because they were going in you know it was evident there was an escalation of soviet involvement and by the time the funding started the soviet union was already involved quasar militarily with guns there i get back to this this idea from your book that eurasia is the spirit importance chess player if you well for. the united states you also mention in your book that you're a just just a chess board out much of the struggle for global primacy continues to be played and the most immediate task is to make certain that no state or combination of states gain the capacity to expel the united states from eurasia or even
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diminishing if it's only its decisive arbitrary rule now which states at the moment would you say are threatening the us role there and here asia well first of all i think one has to take into account that the soviet union is no longer around so the american soviet competition which in many ways was largely over greater control over your regime is finished and we also know how much more important participant in this sort of distribution of power across your asia that is china so the nature of so to speak the competition the rivalry or the game has changed it's much more now a question of maneuver political accommodation. balancing to make certain that no one dominates this continent and particularly no one who is imbue it with a global missionary zeal as the soviet union was so i think the nature of the
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relationships now on the eurasian continent is fundamentally different. it provides for much greater opportunity of some accommodation we've seen accommodation developing still timidly but developing between russia and the united states and that's an important development that we have a significant relationship with china is that i'm screaming european union japan and others are becoming involved so i think it's a much more so to speak balanced and potentially more stable and certainly that's hostile. kind of relationship so i want to switch gears to another region that were influential on the middle east with the israeli palestinian conflict now you helped draft a letter with with lee hamilton that suggested that hamas should be part of this equation what do you make of the current day peace process the one that's taking place right now hamas is not part of that equation how far do you think they'll get
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in finding a solution to the problem a two state solution ultimately i think it would be very difficult so it will disappear totally the more extremist parties on both sides. would have. told you people were against yourself and so at some stage maybe not right away but at some stage the sort of extremists will have to be drawn into the dialogue because otherwise you don't undermine do you predict that the obama administration before the next election cycle comes that they will engage mosques in this discussion and i'll take it as such prediction because that would be wonderful headline there is no basis for making such your prediction because how can. it so precisely a specific historical event but in some fashion if there is going to peace we all know this everyone involved knows that. hamas will have to be involved in some
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fashion syria and israel will have to be involved in a joint direct dialogue and some fire. that hezbollah will have to be fitted into the process so we're dealing here with more or less known pieces that will have to be at different stages drawn into a process that has to be a lasting one but in present circumstances for the negotiations to begin by the most moderately inclined participants on both sides makes sense i'm wondering if you could also now switch to iran since that's been a very big topic now for actually decades. iran has seen defiant despite sanctions and despite other threats coming from outside forces including some of their allies remain defiant do you think that it will eventually lead to airstrikes on their nuclear facilities well i certainly hope not. because i don't think a wider war in the region is to be desired and the u.s.
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should not support israel if they choose to do that independently i think a wider war in the region is not desirable but we have to be conscious of the fact that it is avoidable would a possible war on iran if it is launched the threat and america's. standing in eurasia i think a war in the region it will spread and of all the america whoever starts it and i think that's not in america's interest i don't think it's in the region's interest i don't think it's in the interest of the international community dr brzezinski thank you so much thank you very greatly appreciate it nice to talk to you as to talk to you as well. when the news is not enough. when it's something really crucial when you want to get down to brass tacks women in special coverage. is trying the latest
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news from the international market for signs of a discussion an expert exchange of opinions on the prison issues of the region. market foreign creditors and fuller interests. question more on the ati. would be soo much brighter if you moon about the sun moon from fines to pressure.
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from stunts on t.v. don't come. often making inroads in sweden looks far right parties are setting all strips next target the freedom party there is capitalizing on the wave of islamophobia immigration fears but using a controversial one to do so in the computer game to reinvent its. world leaders are in new york to assess where they stand in their efforts to battle global poverty and the u.n. millennium summit looking at what the promises kept especially since countries say the deep recession is making two thousand and fifteen deadline harder to reach. and the power of the mind of russian scientists claims people can use thinking as ferret and services to get it to devise which captures the energy field which humans generate to help early diagnosis of the misses like heart disease and cancer
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. or money is next for this forces. hello welcome back to sport our team coming to you every day from the russian capital and i'm wrong because for a minute let's start with the headlines. or draw the russian premier league leaders is a need to fail to score and tearing their title chasers are all being one and. blue ribbon events the thirtieth world championships in rhythmic gymnastics get underway in the russian capital. along with war set for them serbia reaches its first ever davis cup final. and let's kick off with the russian football premier league whereas in the st petersburg failed to reestablish their six point advantage at the summit however lucina split his men have managed to keep their unbeaten run sets
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out for a goal is draw in chechnya against local aphids area grozny now both sides guilty of being wasteful with chances throughout the lackluster match much displays the surprise would have expected nothing but a win against seventh place staring however the host looked the more aggressive sides of wars the end and their last gasp effort was the close as either of the sides got to scoring x. or rucka balls a did with an aerial ball but it hit the post right at the whistle and nil nil was out finished. tell you about today where the clash of two spar socks in cheek ended in favor of the muscovites brazilian arre on target twice for spartak moscow and third place say sky expects to be defeated rock bottom c. beer in the capital by a single goal courtesy of old he said. rubens quest for a third straight russian championship received a boost on sunday the men from cousin secured maximum points against an g.b. with virtually the final kick of the game has its asian aplenty in the freekick
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builds up but with a good reason as good that he started a nice rifles in the. what are on one thousand plus minutes relieves the overriding emotion on the face so for being manager the bond better be of the full time whistle blowing seconds later sealing the one they'll win for the champions still a lot of work to do though if they are to retain their crown leaders and maybe just four points in funds but they hold two matches in hand. on sunday luck and what's even f.c. tom could be separated in tomsk ally get out of got things rolling for local five minutes from the break the youngster found himself in an unlikely place this from the goalie but the right one though scores teammate are not young by have seem to have tried too hard in this next episode as he found the battle is own scenes that to make it one that's how it would end both sides remaining in that state. russian rhythmic gymnast have been a dominating force on the global arena since that certain of the century but it's only now that the country has been given its first ever world championships the
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sports leagues are in their first routines on monday right here in moscow but before the action began a spectacular opening ceremony was in the order at the end of the skier arena fifty six countries are taken part in the tournament the spin to help with their good time the host enter the championships as red hot favors and will be able to bounce back from their bronze medal finish in the group all round events in japan two years ago it's they are the defending champions but russia had triumphed at five previous outings their former front woman alina cup bible was the opening goal it and let's also conceal her joy at what she saw. shows that you know the opening ceremony was great magnificent it was world class i knew i did very much the girls did a great job getting the chance in their universe to cooma all of them they're on top form i liked it so much i couldn't help smiling. well that smile time is now in serbia have come from behind to be the czech republic and reach the finals of the
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davis cup for the first so i'm in the country's history the czechs were two one off in the best of five going into the final say three thirty in the text the funny one the doubles rubber on saturday and it was burdick with the opening set in sunday's first singles match but world number two for this managed to find a rhythm much to the rights of its own right in belgrade the u.s. open final this reading of the following three sets six three sixty six full circle back level and just over three hours so it went down to the three getting the crowd on its feet with this thought and this play against the chronic to average getting a total of nine aces on route six love seven six six four victory everything thanks champions that's the thing we did they beat the argentina and something that is small and they are no and. now let's check on the latest scores in the kontinental hockey league where seven games were played on sunday. for their first defeat of
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the season at the hands of jaromir youngers. draw in the regulation and overtime and the home side eventually winning the shootout in kazakhstan a double by brandon but help local side bar is. initially comes in it's even got a harder home victory against often will be at least five four and local machine needed overtime to overcome moscow reagents plops six five the final score in that one. another three games took place on sunday were. the league's new comers you draw three one st petersburg last game for six this season by way of. overtime there as well and find that in a lot. of the shootouts to determine the winner victory and to poise going to the garden cup holders of bars. cycling now and elsewhere coming into existence just last year russians seem cut you shall have captured their first major title as they won the team classification of the last of the three grand source of the season.
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but you shut the local favorites case depart and they do the coveted title by twenty nine seconds and. who incidentally hails from spain the thirty one year old finished fourth overall while also placing high in the point king of the mountains and combination classifications russia's bloody mary card that's also contributed to thank you for success after clocking the thirteenth fastest time individual honors won the way of a tally of inches in the body there he is to maintain his forty one second lead after the symbolic stage twenty one in madrid brits and mark cavendish triumph in the sprint category. in most a g.p. there's been a race all first. grand prix former champions cases stoner and nicky hazen boasting a first win and first podium finish of the season respectively stoner started from pole in spain and was closely followed by in form damage control so for most of the race by the two thousand and seven champion pulled away towards the end to beat the
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home favored by more than five seconds championship for hillary and so luke on course for a third place finish but the stunning last lap by mary peyton solo renzo straight down to four that's his first finish outside the podium in thirteen grand prix so far this season a stand here however says a huge fifty six points clear of patrols at the top with just five more races to go stoner is now third overall. maybe out of contention but still relished the well deserved when we're able to get the bike working almost the way we wanted it to you know i had a little slip off this morning which was a little bit boring going into the you know staying away from everyone i could never want to get too close but yeah we were able to pick up the pace when we needed to during the race and. for the team for everyone who's stuck by me and you know i'm sorry it took so long. in goal spaniard jose manuel lara has gained the upper hand in a tightly contested final round to clinch the australian open title the thirty
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three year old courting a sixty four to catch up with joint overnight leader david and then the two were tied at seventeen under par after seventy two holes it was lara those his nerves in the ensuing playoff to win on the first extra holding this man both good but lara made par on the replay the eighteenth to claim only his second victory on the european tour his previous title coming three years ago in hong kong danny would it and share the lead heading into the finals a boulder three holes and had to settle for joint third place with the u.s. open champion grandma and alexander noren sweden. and finally it's still four years to go before the next world cup fans in the football crazy brazil are already being treated to some international action as the homeless world cup got underway at the copacabana beach to give hope to those in need as the name suggests the annual global events only features players who live on the streets it was designed to promote changing lives and helping the homeless
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get back into work around twelve hundred players from more than sixty countries including women are taking part in this year's tournament teams consist of three players plus a goalkeeper with four more players in reserve and they play matches that only lasts fourteen minutes the champion will be unknown at the end of the week but organizers say it's what's being done all the fish that matters most. to lose. search every year we're into what has happened to the players many of the players nearly seven between seventy and eighty percent have got jobs have got houses of come off drugs some very hard drugs going to college. some even stay in football become football coaches and so on interestingly some of the managers who are here ex homeless people so they've changed their lives completely so for me it's all about impacting change the game is beautiful we have some very exciting football which will happen during this week to watch but the important thing is what happens afterwards and that's all for the moments more stories from russia and around the world can be found on our website r.t.
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dot com take a look when you get a chance and thank you for being with us. the close up team has been to the our hangal speak. for the first russian fleet was born. on r.t. goes to the area which holds top position in oil and gas resources. for the biggest russian salmon caviar processing factories located. and where unique species of farm fauna can be found. welcome to the sun clean region. should close up. wealthy british style.
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some petersburg multis available in hotels a story of a military ambassador in a small school to kotel a trip on a sotto to true school toto golden golden no till center. will take stone dostoevsky. in a sea of qantas kaminski business.


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