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tv   [untitled]    September 21, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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fears of extreme nationalism spreading through europe as far right to boston politicians become the latest to move voters this time of the islam game that became an internet hit. well media is get down to business at u.n. millennium summit to view their triumphs and faces in fighting the global poverty against a continued sluggish economy. the rainy and president's plan to rearrange the world and prevent war mahmoud ahmadinejad's talks exclusively to r.t. . and russian scientists on a mission to prove the power of the mind training people to use them all to alter the environment around them.
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but are you watching our good to have you with us today let's go straight to our top story now far right parties have been notching up impressive electoral gains across europe in recent months islamic agendas and calls me gratian clampdowns essential to their campaigns something which help sweden democrats claim their parliament debut next battleground is all strip where ati's examines how right wing politicians are gearing up for saturday's poll. the bye-bye most game is a simple as its message they came and shoot down as many most as you can't as they rise relentlessly about alpine skyline. if you're not quick you know the country is islam and some of that is so we're defending our rights our traditions our culture we don't want to be. dissolved into islam's nor do we want there to be no islamic
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societies in our country we're going to be released by the rightwing freedom party as part of its bid for election into regional government in styria austria second largest province the game has hit the wrong nerve within twenty four hours it received more than two hundred thousand where it within a week it was banned the computer game may have been just a small part of a political campaign but the reaction has been nothing but a firestorm of outrage there around five hundred thousand muslims in austria together with the greens their community leaders sued the freedom party the emotions in. this land is a reality then if we want to build mosques we will build them anyway if you and i have a vision in the future where every town or city in austria has a mosque with a minaret the neighbor can see from the outside can bat in with the judicial authorities upheld the complaint and ruled it again went beyond acceptable discussions forcing the freedom party to take it down from its website parked in
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the front of the numbers who play the game show that islam is a very important issue working thanks to us it was talked about in the first place but the judicial system is meddling in politics and stopping a free discussion in place of many say the ban has had the reverse effect there's not even a single minaret in styria and less than two percent of the population a muslim the freedom party failed to get a single seat at the last election now it's expected to triple its vote and put a dent in the ruling coalition of two centrist party to him it will when you change india the whole system because i have to feeling it just so already they can do what they like to just positioned themselves as like the resistance of the true origin people which is kind of being suppressed by the by the status quo if the freedom party performs well it will follow the footsteps of recent successes by far i'd party in sweden belgium and the netherlands. it appears that no long. the
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centrist parties ignore the voices of those alone by the immigration or they risk being penalized at the ballot box. r.t. gratz syria. the u.s. may be putting the iraq war in the past but times we hear in a few minutes iraqis continue to fear the future the worst wave of violence since america's combat mission ended you look at why security still feels like a distant promise for civilians. u.n. secretary general ban ki moon is calling for world leaders to all of promises to end world poverty made a decade ago speaking at a special u.n. summit he said the target of having global poverty and hunger by two thousand and fifteen was still achievable despite the economic downturn parties and a senator gives an overview of the event that's the talk of new york. we have a so-called millennium development goal summit taking place where leaders will be talking about the commitments they had made ten years ago and really will be
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following up to see what if any of those commitments they have made and there are very important issues being considered at that summit there is really a lot of different activity that is going to be taking place at the year when we have hundreds of bilateral meetings taking place where each country tries to push their agenda forward traditionally we all know that new york is a great place to be if you want to spot celebrities but this week it's politicians this is the place where you need to be if you want to see chavez crossing the street with the loud crowds following him or if you want to see the french president sarkozy and carla bruni going to one of new york's chic restaurants to have lunch is mahmoud ahmadinejad really stealing the spotlight this year we're expecting protests to take place all throughout the entire week there are ads all over new york city against mahmoud ahmadinejad and of course he's going to be making speeches and that is something that's also very closely watched and. traditionally we see u.s. delegations walking out when he makes a speech and so on so definitely he's the man stealing the show for now this time
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around well here speaking on the u.n. a summit sidelines iran's leader says the biggest trouble facing the world is domination by the united states in an exclusive interview with or without much in the job explains how he wants to change the existing world order. here we believe that the biggest problem for the world is the way it's run this unilateral decision making has brought the world to the brink of danger it is lead to an arms race it is led to a massive growth of nuclear arsenals it builds up tensions which lead to more sales of weapons were planes missiles from tanks or. is it to serve peace and that a little can ignite a war i want to stress again that the main problem for the world is the way it's managed and we believe it should be reformed and and improved. reformed it shall be us that is at least on our agenda to change the management of the world yes and the
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current manager right now you're referring to the united states. you've said it yourself and you are now working to change that because part of it is the united states the other is the culture that it brings about the third is the relations between nations but we're not the only one which seeks to alter the existing order most of the world's nations are unhappy with the current status quo it's a program with it on their own. and that would bring you a full interview with iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad later today stay with us. a roadside bomb has killed two iraqi soldiers in the north of the country that follows the sunday's wave of deadly bombings that killed dozens of civilians in baghdad there are some fifty thousand american troops training and supporting local police and army but as our teams policy reports ordinary iraqis say it's not making life any safer. dark and dangerous and body armor it does
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little to protect against the fact that they're not welcome here we're going to dismount a patrol through one of the iraqi neighborhoods trying to prevent counterattack fire this is a bombs team who stayed behind the mission providing training support and backup to the iraqi police when they get to our level we go over our operations order and planning for the actual missions we're going to do then we do a pretty brief then we actually go and execute these type missions that we're on now but the u.s. invasion to have a fully functioning new mucky security force did not protect supply this means husband four years ago he disappeared without a trace. he called me and said he was coming to be i said the situation is really bad don't come but he said now i have to. safire's certain husbands did as are the families of tens of thousands of iraqis who've also disappeared since two thousand and three human rights organizations put some of the blame with the
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local security forces whose trainees are not always the white candidates for the job a lot of them they have come from illiterate you know all by ground zero some of them they are just the from the tribes and the clients some of them just because they are part of the political parties militias and so on and the problem is compounded by the limited training they given you can apply for the defense of these. people being stopped at the checkpoints like this it's the least of the fear of the few months of training that appears to be the search vehicles the car bombs missing weapons and stones and i think. and it's a far cry from what is needed. they are not untrained but the training they receive is not enough the americans only thought to create an iraqi army in two thousand and four by then it was too late because the terrorists had already infiltrated the . but with the increase of violence in iraq in recent weeks the need for
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a competent domestic security force has never been greater but whether or not the u.s. and iraq can wise to the challenge is still here to be seen. r.t. baghdad. also to come in the program these scientists who says your work can change the world. with delving into the world of energy fields are what some people describe as your power to try to separate the science but in that. class the georgian street traders have been bad water fish will score both the business or just a few minutes. this
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is street still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal who live in the soviet father's house on the embankment. moldova's poland has to be dissolved off to failing to choose a president despite two elections now candidates in the former soviet nation run is to secure the two thirds of its needed for an outright when i read this month a referendum to allow the public to directly elect their own president was a no because the no voter turnout went to the results invalid the date set for
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a fresh part of the church. went out to some of the stories making headlines around the world a bus carrying nearly thirty school children has plunged into a river in pakistani air killing at least that and the driver and four children have been rescued the rest of believed dead hundreds joined in the search but in police and local residents the river is flowing at its peak because of heavy rains and flooding making the rescue won't difficult official say driver error was the most likely cause of the accident. nine nato troops have been killed in a helicopter crash in southern afghanistan and american civilians among four others who were injured the alliance says there were no reports of enemy fire in the. area every five hundred twenty doner coordinator for toilets as they see it making it the deadliest of the. north korean state media is reporting
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that the country's ruling party will hold its first conference in thirty years next week it's still a leader kim jong il will name his successor both of these sons the meeting has been delayed several times are party to kim's health problems the official say it's because the country has been dealing with deadly floods and the thai food. palestinian leader mahmoud abbas says he will accept the existence of israel as long as israel does likewise for the palestinian autonomy it follows a request from prime minister benjamin netanyahu the palestinians to recognize the jewish state this comes amid new tension on the issue of jewish settlements in the west bank after the revival of direct peace talks between the two parties. and the colombian army says it killed a see a militant commander in a major break near the country's border with ecuador last weekend sister cabala was
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among twenty seven guerrillas who died those seven wanted bodies us for cocaine trafficking it's thought he was behind the attack on police more than a week ago in the border town of san miguel which killed eight officers in a series of moves and strikes on police since columbia elected its new president the newest. now georgia's street traders say the government is throwing them on the scrap paper they've been banned from trading because the authorities say they're a danger to public health facilities really go to school reports that's putting some vendors done a one way street to poverty. really has cerebral palsy and is the sole provider for her family her mother kept yvonne lost her only source of income when a new ban on street selling came into effect in tbilisi and is now forced to rely on time as social benefits to make ends meet. we
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were told to get off the streets answer them honestly and without prior warning they said a new law was coming into force and were not allowed to trade in the street and longer they didn't offer any jobs or alternative sites in exchange gets a van was we don't ten years ago she raised her three daughters a nephew on her own but says she never felt this desperate and helpless the city authorities say they had the public's best interests in mind when they passed the baton street vending. the interests of street vendors are very important but you cannot act in their interest alone by ignoring other people's needs many of the people who lived in buildings near these vendors complained about the bad smell a lot of these vendors sold highly perishable goods and didn't for hygiene procedures the daily rent for a stall in this market is just under three dollars a day this may sound low to westerners but for many georgians it's still too much there are more than six thousand spaces available at google says markets just like
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this one and the mayor wants the street vendor stores here off the streets but the vendors so you do not have the money to pay for market fees they believe the city administration is simply trying to put up a pretty fair side while they or their families are forced to go hungry. it isn't going to really see georgia. well if you missed a story on there remember you can always watch it on our website speeches and blogs it is a quick taste of water find it all to cold stone here he's filing ahead with its plans to join the euro zone find out why. i think she would actually damage the country's economy. but the race for the untapped true riches of the arctic is on moscow to host an international conference expected to see some heated debate on the details.
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now that we often hear these days about the power of positive thinking usually this focuses on what it can do for the individual but now a russian scientist says it can also benefit the world around us sarah for looks at the science behind the claims. can you directly influence the world around you the power of your mind although it might sound far fetched a leading russian scientist believes we can do exactly that and using a device that fate was human energy fields he's attempting to prevent it we develop an idea. it's part of a war walt and we. can directly influence our war to bring your understanding of the unseen world advantages the scientific experiments carried out
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using a technique called by electric photography is something that we're constantly think energy now but a lecture of the talk of the work to capture this energy field seen at the light around the body or what some people would call. discovered in the one nine hundred thirty s. by russian inventor semi uncannily and he realized that stimulating a subject with a sure to let you could impulse get a burst of light photons and electrons around subjects it looks like war but i don't like this ward because it has some metaphysical meaning i prefer as award energy fields the device itself each finger individually with different thing is responsible for different parts of the body and feeds the information into compete . is one supposed benefits of this technique is early diagnosis is serious illnesses like heart disease and cancer but some who work in the mainstream medical
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profession remain unconvinced. from the point of view of today's medicine i don't think this can be used as medical evidence and i would even go further and say that it's harmful rather than harmless as a diverse people from the true causes of the illness and from the truly effective treatment and some of the claims in energy field research are even more far reaching with him or with our intentions we can directly influence our one environment our space of course this idea is absolutely new that's why it has a lot of criticism still it has a very important message for all of us because we demonstrated the positive and more it's they have a very strong influence but the same even more strongly has negative for more sense but in one case energy comes up you know it's come about so or you can means that we are developing our self ability to create love.
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we change space around. the idea that our personal energy can change the structures the world around us is viewed by many with deep skepticism but in the sphere of byelection photography where it continues to find scientific proof for the theory. i see. through this latest news for you there is a favor and stay with us. this is mara region is economically and socially one of russia's better developed provinces the region has a significant scientific and industrial capacity that will realize its full potential after the construction of this you go to the park and tell ya he has completed the id parco has r. and d.
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projects in the spheres of automotive construction aerospace and oil chemistry high tech data center furbished with cutting edge servers and communication equipment will be constructed at the core of the park the project has been personally approved by prime minister vladimir putin the federal government is planning to allocate sizable funding for the parks construction investors will be given benefits such as property tax exemption low land rental prices and other preferences but this is more regional government is open to mutually beneficial cooperation we invite investors to participate in existing projects and we are ready to give a hand of fulfilling your projects and growing your business in this small region. time to have a look at the world of business the very welcome texas pacific is in talks to fight ten percent of the russia second largest bank question government owns eighty five
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point five percent of me and has officially said it would consider selling ten percent of the bank this year and another twenty five percent in twenty eleven twenty thirteen it could take a few weeks and t.p. jean one of the world's biggest private equity firms with forty seven billion dollars under management might not be all this you chuck. well it's been two decades since russia switched to a market economy is this artie's been speaking to the men who helped his country through similar changes both former finance minister head of the national bank and now professor less exposed to strong which he supports their governments idea of privatizing large state owned companies as being essential for developing of mordor economy even in the western economy. where there was on the say twenty percent of the states that there was privatization remember mrs stotter in the seventy's eighty's just she started to private and then she was
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followed. and so even the french know why because you turn out that in the western countries state ownership does not work in state ownership means i have to madlib the political power over the enterprise and this is not very healthy for this enterprises so without effect of privatisation these companies which will do it will be a burden sometimes people call such companies national champions but usually there are national rules. time to have a look at how the equity markets are faring on tuesday for the r.t.s. the effects are driving following monday's growth on wall street and overnight kings in the asian equity markets after about shares have plunged more than two percent. going on to europe to jackson puts the op in early trade banks are showing some of the biggest routes and mining stocks of the most coming under pressure shares in the b.s.p. peridot rose one point two percent up to the bank's c.e.o.
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reportedly said the lender won't need to raise more capital to comply with the new international rules credit dropped more than three percent off the reports that its c.e.o. is expected to resign. well the term credit crunch entered the daily lexicon when banks who breaks on lending and to governments around the world responded by printing cash to boost liquidity but economists now warned there may be too much money that's leading to predictions of hyperinflation of course the reports. since the global financial crisis broke the russian government allocated vast sums of cash to keep the banking system afloat but few companies are borrowing right now and many banks prefer to earn a low but safe return from the government rather than risk investing in companies chris we've heard from will see believes russia like other governments create is much more money than the economy needed you look at what russia did during the
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crisis was that it was out of sync as it was with the rest of the g twenty and when g twenty countries or g nine hundred showed we say it went into quantity of easing russia in the tightened up in order to stabilize the economy the evidence is clear the central banks continue to issue huge amounts of money hoping that banks will lend to industry however the money is mostly recycled back into government bones while the real economy has largely stop borrowing treasury bonds yields are falling around the world and sign of enormous buying demand as banks six save havens for their cash economists fear a japanese style lost decade while the lows the case can occur if you're having a long time period of no credit that means the banking there is a demand for credit at the same time the banking system is jammed was poor quality assets will see that there are some risks in the individual banks that have not
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fully cleared up their balance from restructured loans the long term fear is hyperinflation if central bank don't act fast enough to withdraw the excessive liquidity because human prices start to rocket economists are confident the central bank of russia won't take risks with inflation and central banks always have to be vigilant about buying turning the right balance of liquidity in the economy and we have seen quite strong growth in the money supply in the last few months but i think that really reflects a return to the norm. lies ation off that the shop folds during the the recession the young raising interest rates the government could introduce measures similar to the con scheme which cost people to spend thus removing money out of the economy but there are limits to what one country can do if inflation becomes a global problem. business on saying. ok that's all we have time for not see
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you in less than an hour. oh my god we are going to come back.
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we'll have a rally we'll sell lots of beer will. they will wear uniforms that will damage is down the black man over there but very little damning the wife. and they are the key to our problem are already. in the system. and when it's something really crucial when you want to get down to brass tacks more special coverage. this time the latest news from the international forum signed discussion an expert to change opinions on the frozen issues of the region cooks. foreign. interests the first. question more.
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a close up came has been to the our hangal speech. where the first russian fleet was books on r.t. goes to the area which holds top position in oil and gas resources to power the biggest russian salmon caviar processing factories located. and where unique species of farm fama can be found. under the sun the region. should close up. more news today violence is once again flared up the families are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are today.


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