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tv   [untitled]    September 21, 2010 6:30am-6:51am EDT

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you're watching our t.v. time now to have a look at our top stories for this hour islamophobia becomes a leading issue of the election campaign in austria as right wing politicians boost their votes with a controversial anti muslim computer game some fear and nationalist at a racist campaign tactics are becoming increasingly popular in europe. world leaders debate ways to fulfill their goal of problem global poverty and hunger in talks at the u.n. millennium summit in new york the meeting is looking at their progress and whether the recession is happening efforts to meet the twenty fifth target.
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the rainy and president's plan to rearrange the world and prevent war mahmoud ahmadinejad talks exclusively to war setting out the main issues causing tension between countries and how they can be resolved. plus a russian scientist says control of the mind is the key to changing the world and he's willing to prove it he claims faults create energy fields that can have a positive or negative impact on the surrounding environment. and now to today's interview former u.s. presidential adviser zbigniew have speaks about dangerous times from the past and gives his stake on the modern day war on terror that's coming up next. has advised u.s. presidents for decades and served as the national security adviser under the carter administration he sits down now with r.t. dr brzezinski thank you so much for joining us we do appreciate this opportunity
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it's very nice to be with you it's been nine years a sense nine eleven and there are still no signs of osama bin laden and your book the grand chessboard you write for america the chief geo political prize is eurasia america's global primacy is directly dependent on how long and how effectively it's preponderance on the eurasian continent is to staines is that why we're in afghanistan to sustain our global supremacy nowhere in afghanistan before because of nine eleven. nine eleven involved a horrendous crime against the american public. and its cold for measures designed to make certain that that doesn't occur again american role. continent of europe asia it's much more benign involves alliances with some countries it involves improvement in relations with some previous sometime going to. show it
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should not be confused with the operation of afghanistan which was a very specific historical motive and a very specific objective now i want to ask in an interview with a french magazine in one thousand nine. hundred of the mujahideen prior to the former soviet union's invasion an excellent idea according to their analysis of what you said the dismantling of the soviet union was to a degree more important than quote some stirred up muslims and that you don't regret it do you stand by that statement now yes although the version of the interview was not really an interview the interview was an extensive interview which was supposed to be translated and sent to me it was never was an excerpt. sort of amalgamate it unpublished but basically the facts are that the correct united states decided to provide sufficient sleep over the funding to the i've got resistance when it became clear that the soviet union was beginning to be actively
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him directly and eventually when it did intervene given to me that was expanded and continued republican structure to president carter that. in turn the resistance that direct the collapse of the soviet. and. from the international scene of the possible real war so far. has made possible the kind of reconciliation but it's now underway in eurasia but more important to remove a paralyzing. dilemma at paralyzing the danger that hovered over the entire international community so the threat of the soviet union in your mentioning right now with of course much more important than the threat we say we have now with the so-called war on terror well clearly i mean look in the event of a war between the soviet union and the united states it was the fall and. decision
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making process that was called by the time i would call for a response so we knew exactly the nature of the threat that we're all facing within a few hours literally within a few hours. eighty five to twenty million people would be repeat the numbers eighty five to about one hundred twenty million people would have been dead in the united states and the soviet you. just no comparison between that terrorism which was the. horrible particularly the victims but in terms of scale it's simply not the same ball park but some of the future implication. that decision that was made all those years ago. what did you expect what you're calling the afghan resistance to do with the weaponry that the u.s. and other countries provided to them after the soviet union fell did you expect this weaponry to be given. the civil war which insinuate after to lead to the
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formation of what we have now which is the taliban i think the problem you know has to be looked at closer historical perspective that war lasted almost a decade terrible. for the soviet union and waged against them it killed close to a million guns. in. their country. so the process of consolidation the rehabilitation of understand. under western fortune. roughly ten years after the attack started and then the soviets left did very little to rehabilitate. the taliban phenomenon. so years after the civil part. the taliban was not fighting. against the soviets. before. that the
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you know. after the end of the war when it was largely ignored by everyone else as to weapons you know the. tradition of being armed individually the weapons are provided mostly very simple but it's mostly there are a few exceptions. most could handle it without difficulty so you don't believe that the funding of the dean led to the formation of the taliban today no and if i look look look what the osama bin laden himself said. describe the reasons why he engaged in terrorism against the west. i was involved in imposing a no interest in that people concept of suicide. but unfortunately it gave a haven to al qaeda osama bin laden and al qaeda had global aspirations and engaging in global terrorism would we be having this conversation now if we
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didn't expect the soviet union to the former soviet union to invade prior to our funding. and so on he was already involved directly through the years by the time to funding started the funding started at a time when the soviet union was already making preparations. did you think that that would provoke the so far i have no way of knowing but i was assuming they would go in because they were going you know it was evident there was an escalation of soviet involvement and by the time the funding started the soviet union was already involved with the turkey with the guns and i get back to this this idea from your book that eurasia is the spirit important chess player well for. the united states you also mentioned in your book that you're a just us the chessboard out much the struggle for a global primacy continues to be played and the most immediate task is to make
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certain that no state or combination of states gain the capacity to expel the united states from eurasia or even diminishing if it's only its decisive arbitrary rule now which states at the moment would you say are threatening the us role there and here asia well first of all i think one has to take into account the soviet union is no longer around so the americans saw that competition which in many ways was that our great control of eurasia is finished and we also know how much more important participant in this sort of distribution of power across your asia that is china so the nature of so to speak. the competition the rivalry or the game has changed it's much more now a question of. political accommodation and. balancing to make certain that no one dominates this continent and particularly no one. with
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a global missionary zeal as the soviet union was so i think the nature of the relationships now on the. continent is fundamentally different. provides for much greater opportunity of some accommodation we see an accommodation developing still timidly but developing between russia and the united states and that's an important development we have a significant relationship with china as it didn't scream european union and others are becoming involved so i think it's a much more so to speak balanced and. potentially more stable and certainly that's hostile. kind of relationship so i want to switch gears to another region that were influential on the middle east the israeli palestinian conflict now you helped draft a letter with. lee hamilton that suggested that hamas should be part of this equation what do you make of the current day peace process the one that's taking
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place right now hamas is not part of that equation how far do you think they'll get in finding a solution to the problem a two state solution ultimately i think it would be very difficult to. totally the more extremist parties on. the. floor again. so at some stage maybe not right away but it sounds. sort of extremists will fall into the dialogue because otherwise don't undermine it do you predict that the obama administration before the next election cycle comes that they will. engaged in this discussion and it is such protection because of the wonderful headline there is no basis for making such a perfect because how can. i say that specific historical events but in some fashion if there is a case you don't know that everyone in the book knows everybody that hamas will
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have to be involved in some fashion syria and israel will have to be involved in a joint direct dialogue in some fashion that hezbollah will have to be fitted into the process so we're dealing here with more or less known pieces that will have to be at different stages drawn into a process if it is to be a lasting one but in present circumstances for the negotiations to begin by the most moderately inclined participants on both sides makes sense i'm wondering if we could also now switch to iran since that's been a very big topic now for actually decades. iran has seen defiant despite sanctions and despite their threats coming from outside forces including some of their allies they've remained defiant do you think that it will eventually lead to airstrikes on their nuclear facilities well i certainly hope not. because i don't think
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a wider war in the region is to be desired and the u.s. should not support israel if they choose to do that independently i think a wider war in the region is not desirable but we have to be conscious of that and it is a loyal would a possible war on iran if it is launched the threat and america's. standing in europe asia i think a war in the region will spread and of all the america whoever starts it and i think that's not in america's interest i don't think it's in the region's interest i don't think it's in the interest of the international community dr brzezinski thank you so much thank you i greatly appreciate it nice to talk to you if the talk to you as well.
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this history still keeps it secret but now it's time to reveal that the soviet father's house on the embankment and. mine. would be soo much brighter if you knew about songs from phone stupid.
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stunts on t.v. dot com. islamophobia becomes a leading issue maybe election campaign in austria as right wing politicians boost their votes with a controversial ad to muslim computer day some fear nationalist and racist campaign tactics are becoming increasingly popular in europe. world leaders debate ways to fulfill their goal of housing global poverty and hunger in talks of the summit in new york the meeting is looking at the top brass said whether the recession is having efforts to meet the twenty fifteen target. the rain had presidents to rearrange the world so that war. talks of spin. setting out the main issues costs in tension between countries and how they can be
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a result. plus a russian scientist says controlling the mind is the key to changing the world and he's willing to prove it he claims thoughts create energy fields that can have a positive or negative impact on this reality environment. is next with the sports news. well welcome back to sport an artsy coming to you every day from the russian capital amman costs for it let's start with the headlines. war drawl russian premier league leaders is in need fail to score at set a day after title chasers a routine one late. and the other team that's edging closer to the leader is says scott moscow answer their latest home victory against bottom dwellers c.b.d. . blue ribbon events the thirtieth world championships and rhythmic gymnastics get
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underway in the russian capital. less kickoff for the russian football premier league words any st petersburg fail to reestablish their six point advantage at this summit however let china spell it is men have managed to keep their on beaten run in that house or gold a drawer in chechnya against local als that growls they both sides guilty of being wasteful with chance this threat of a lackluster match much to spot as a surprise who would have expected nothing but a win against seventh place however the hosts looked the more aggressive side towards the end and their last gasp effort was the closest either of the sides got to scoring after a bra come on they did win an aerial ball but it hit the poles right at the whistle and nil nil was how it finished. so cities are still top of the pile but third place is called moscow all closing in there are many moving to within eight points
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following a one nothing win at home to rock bottom c.b.d. but they had to wait until midway through the second for the winner keisuke honda providing a defense that impasse for a back door love to knock the first time beyond c.b. peterbilt on a budget and sexualise a did the rest not in what turned out to be the only goal of the game. elsewhere sports are small. sco boosted their hopes of european football next season after beating their sister club in. zero the visitors were with their star striker bellison who is the big stops for at the moment but another brazilian david sides convincingly are a display from france if it weren't for the goalie all three dixon open the scoring twenty minutes and his compadres being the provider the home side were on the brink of levelling matters and minutes after the restart they were awarded a penalty then ordered the silver steps up to converge and did all he could but they declined replied with a briton say to keep the muscovites in france and with
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a dozen minutes to go already headed home i did my d.d.'s cross for his second brace of the season in the russian flight to nil the way it finished but it was still not enough for sports after a break ins of the top five there and six one point behind but have a game in hand. rubin's quest for a third straight russian championship received a boost on sunday the men from cars and secured maximum points against virtually the final kick of the game has plenty in the free kick builds up but with good reason as give that he's a nice rifles and the winner on the plus minutes released the overriding emotion on the face of rubin manager good man better deal the faults i whistle blowing seconds later the one will win for the champions still a lot of work to do though if there are to retain their ground leaders in leeds maybe just four points in front but they hold two matches in hand. earlier on sunday looking what's even seats on could be separated in scotland at the end of
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the installing for local five minutes from the break the youngster in an unlikely position the goalie twice one will the scorers teammate get by it seem to have tried too hard in this next episode as he found the back of his own things that make it one that's how it ends both sides remaining in the table. fresh. from his moscow concert angler singing superstar sting was on hand in paul's done in poland to perform at the unveiling of the first stadium four year old so it's well for more than thirty thousand people watched the opening ceremony which also included a lavish fireworks display the balls then city stadium is the home ground of polish champions lead and you can now see just under forty six forty six thousand spectators the renovated arena will host three group matches during european european championships it is one of the four stadiums being provided by poland the other four are still under construction or being refurbished in neighboring ukraine who co-host the tournaments. russian rhythmic gymnast have been
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a force in the global arena since the end of the century but it's only now that the country has been given its first ever world championships the sports lead in their first routines on monday right here in moscow but before the action began as spectacular opening ceremony was in order at the elite peacekeeper arena fifty six countries are taken pour in the which is being held for the.
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