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tv   [untitled]    September 22, 2010 6:30am-6:54am EDT

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logic with coersion because there is no reason to want to attack iran what is the reason for the conditions aren't played for it either do the conditions in the middle east allow for another war it does not have that capacity and i haven't said that but it's also clear that the united states does not possess the capacity to enter another war either so in your opinion should we really be taking it seriously i haven't said that but we are prepared for the unlikely scenario of war and we are ready to defend ourselves but at the same time we believe that no special case of this type will have a view of the middle east. the middle east peace talks that have resumed. these are talks that are going on and off on and off do you think that there are serious talks or do you think. your own question gives the response what a journalist believes that it could all be theatrical it speaks of the larger reality behind it it's very meaningful
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a lot of talks have happened so far on the middle east and various plans have been offered as well but they have all failed why when you plan to propose a new plan you have to identify the reasons for the failure of the previous ones and ask sincerely what the causes of the failure were i believe there are two causes that are clear why is negligence given towards the displacement of palestinians over five million palestinians are now displaced because their land is occupied by others and their rights are ignored while these negotiations are underway the second cause is the negligence given to the right of national sovereignty by palestinians the palestinians own a territory with its own history its culture its own life and with the whole background that went with it so who are the negotiating parties at the table where is the palestinian nation who represents them and what do they discuss speaking about the right. the national sovereignty of the palestinians the return of the
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refugees that were displaced to the occupation and as a patient of the land it seems to was that the plans put on the table so far instead of addressing the root causes seem to want to consolidate the zionist regime's position and that's precisely why the always failed in the recent talks we don't see any changes compared to the two of the past and therefore we cannot accept success what we would like to see is a middle east filled with peace and security but without addressing the root causes of insecurity security will not prevail and winning fingers at others is useless if i were to provide an example it's as though an ailment related to the stomach would be treated like an ailment related to the ear that's why i'm going to address the stomach problem. i want to ask you about something i read some reports or quotes attributed to you. that said mr president that you said that any
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israeli attack against iran would be the destruction. of the jewish state. do you really think israel would ever attack your country you know even that entity aside no other country can attack iran who would want to attack iran who can possibly tack iran the zionist regime represents a very small entity it doesn't even factor in our equations so it's far too weak to have an ability to attack iran because it understands perfectly that if it did it would not lead to iran's destruction but when you look at the entire globe. in conflicts you keep your eye out to protect your own country and you have your wars around you. there has to be some type of concern that there have been wars for a decade now look at those who started the wars where are they now it's not that we're concerned about iran security we're truly concerned about the. situation in
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the world altogether the main problem to sit in the world today is its management the way it's run look at the world around us there are about two billion people live in hunger look at the global economy so there's almost complete insecurity in the global economy look at the political conditions in the world rather than consolidating friendships and points of convergence the world is diverging terrorism fundamentalism and radicalism as well as illicit trade and drug trafficking are on the rise people's lives are jeopardized on a daily basis so the way the world is currently run in the management it is unable to address these problems and the prospects for the future are quite grim so we believe that the main problem of the world is this current management unilateralism has brought the world to the brink of danger it is increased the arms race and fields nuclear arsenal and it allows for the furtherance of military contracts to increase the sale of airplanes tanks missiles and what is all this for is this to
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serve peace or no this alone can ignite a war so i'd like to stress that the current problem of the world is its management which we believe should be improved and reformed and reformed it shall be that's at least the genda on our table the most to change the management of the world yes and the current manager of. the united states. you just said it yourself and you are now working to change that part of it is the us the other is the culture that it brings about and the third is the relationship among nations and countries we're not the only ones who seek to alter it most governments and nations are unhappy with the current status quo so everybody seeks change if you look at the speeches given at the last general assembly meeting you'll realize that most managers and leaders around the world do want a fundamental change to the current status quo even with the millennium event that's happening now i was present at. the opening and i realize that almost
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everyone is unhappy with the status quo everyone was speaking of the problems and the rising challenges around us no one was offering a message of hope so what is clear that everyone is unhappy iran recently released the american hiker sour shore and on humanitarian grounds for what you said and this has also come to light where you said that there are eight iranians that are languishing in u.s. jails you would like to see there please tell me more about the situation and circumstances in iran or in u.s. jails. in either of. these arenas were arrested under false accusations soma had trouble with visas to third countries say to georgia u.s. forces arrested under georgia for example and then brought them to the u.s. and put them in prison perhaps in thailand this is kidnapping and is incompatible with law and international norms because they've entered another country the
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fischel visas so we believe that it's essential to respect international law otherwise no one is saying we believe that the u.s. has to review its position on this and allow those individuals to return home and pledge not to violate international regulations in the future. and according to the release of the sole hikers american hikers that are still in iran depend upon the release of the iranians that are in the u.s. . no not at all because the two in iran have their cases under judicial review and that has to go through its own problems i just want to announce that there are innocent to rhenium in prisons u.s. prisons if you truly seek to promote human rights here's their opportunity to prove that i don't even have to go into the number of american people who are imprisoned in this country has the largest number of prisoners per capita compared to its population and the largest number of homeless people in the united states has the largest levels of discrimination. in society and there's much more to see on these
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fronts so we think it's essential for american authorities to pay more attention to their own people's needs to get their forty nine million impoverished people in america that's equivalent to the population of ten countries rather than just going to a third country to kidnap the citizens of another country and bring them and put them in their own prisons it's much better to give attention to their own people. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images seen from the streets of canada. giant corporations are today.
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decides against selling its long range defense missile system to iran the advanced surface to air weapons are subject to the latest u.n.
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sanctions against the islamic state target the country's nuclear ambitions. trying to kill two birds with one stone more leaders tackle middle east peace on the sidelines of a progress review of their beloved goals in new york when talks center around how to eliminate poverty despite the economic downturn and to convince israel to extend its freeze on west bank settlements. and to moscow is hosting a brainstorming session on the arctic future asking a leading ecologist said politicians how best to protect the region and get the most out of its riches the seabed holds potentially lucrative gas and oil reserves . we'll have more of those stories in just under fifteen minutes but for now it's sports news with.
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hello and welcome back to sport an artsy coming to you every day from the russian capital i'm on costs for of and let's take a look at some of our stories in brief. gunning for gold a russian women's basketball team are off to the czech republic for the world championship. cozart for revival would take an in-depth look at how russian born salads have helped put kazakhstan on the world tennis map. and goals go lower all the net bulging action from the weekend football put together in one piece. russia's women's basketball team has been given a huge boost ahead of the fast approaching world championships that's after the country's first and only women's n.b.a. champion brought some of what's called up just days after winning the cup with a title in america american becky hammon who's had a russian passport for two years now and there are talismanic caps and a lot of course and we're also among the twelve names called out by coach bristol colossi the tournaments itself on thursday in the czech republic russia take on
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japan in their opener and are also drawn with the hosts and argentina in group c. that finished runners up in the last three championships and are getting to do no worse this time out but i brought some of the well to the seattle storm playing the w n b a grammy in last week's final knows they're facing a stiff competition. and i think it's on trying my best to use my high morale to help russia win but it won't be easy there are a lot of strong teams in the championships and it's not only americans are stranded i'm talking in find spain and france have made great progress to you and the czechs now playing in time has gained advantage of basle which will fight to the end. now let's wish our attentions of the kontinental hockey league for a moment where nine games took place on tuesday and let's bring up that scoreboard . you live breeze through c.b.d. five one tractor lost at home to. the army men from st petersburg claimed their
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first victory on home ice this season in a match against blondes but needed the shoot out. also won on the road in the moscow region against. matches were held in moscow and she is they were sparked talk fine that it broke its losing streak after defeating love. and says cowher also victorious in the capital after a thrashing after the least belorussian and left both playing at home as well. kazakhstan finds out how they'll play in the first round of the davis cup next year in wednesday's draw they reached the top tier of men's tennis following victory over switzerland last week richard reports on how the central asian nation has achieved so much success on the court in such a short period of time. because extern is a country and its young capital astana some awards bold a song on the sporting from the country starting to catch up the rest of the world
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following years of under-investment i'm not under treatment nowhere is this more evident from the current state of tennis was hardly taken seriously in the country up until three years ago with the central asian nation is certainly making up for lost time we have been across the country in every major city. in the centers for us first of all for young children. also for professionals but the good quality . for. professional tennis is developing. one of this project this. davis cup and cup games kazakhstan qualified for the top tier of men's tennis for the first time in its history following a five nil demolition job of switzerland which is enough to propel them. into the davis cup world group and it will happen who's coach the likes of an accordant governor and is now working with a catholic team says these results can only be beneficial and it helps of course
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because. tennis will be more well known to around this country they will look now they will look at the results of the players and i think it's very very important for classic style to be in the world. and the success doesn't end there you know slava should have a as a stablish herself as one of the top players on the women's doubles team winning back to back grand slams at wimbledon in the u.s. open in two thousand and ten but it because a tennis federation hardly existed forty years ago how is a country able to make such rapid strides feel sort of simple russia since two thousand and eight the country's been inviting players from their northern neighbor to play for them and they've been quite a few takers a lot of this seems to be bothering the russian davis and fed cup captain share meal to be sure of. course i don't have a problem with these as there is an agreement between our tennis federations to help each other out this has managed to help a lot of tennis players as they've managed to get extra funding from the kazakh
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federation which helps them to develop there were problems in russia as we were unable to give them the pioneers who they needed because we have so many good players. russian tennis on the women's side of the game is still in a very healthy state of the same can be said of the men marat safin is a ready retired one nickel out of a den conical youzhny both approaching thirty seven golden generation the new millennium is coming to an end however and the goal of who's one of cuz it stands brightest stars says bay should have few problems but i think somebody is coming for some young guys i hope for them so. yeah russia has a good team to say don't include me and if maybe it's not going to to you're so but this to. top them guys and it's not easy to. to play against. of course. the problem with the young guys but i'm sure. we find somewhere to live the
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turn of goal of his predictions come true but for the moment russia's loss is kazakhstan and the future of the sport in this central asian nation is looking very bright indeed. week twenty one of the russian football premier league ended on monday and now it's a look at the standings. st petersburg are still confortable at the summit with a four point cushion and two games in hand in front of nearest rivals or will be in a mosque or a still very much in contention for the sides a lot of the latest would oversee beat and also have to match and reserve rostov and spark even on points i will have to continue accumulating them in order to stay on course for european football next season now let's see what's happening at the bottom of the table promoted to the premier league this season c.b.d. is failing to impress and pundits say that the club will most likely return to the first division but there are still nine games left and as you can see the competition in the relegation zone is still pretty tight now its sides take another
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look at week twenty one russian football with compiled all the goals for your viewing pleasure relax and enjoy. it. makes me feel. inside. listen.
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listen. live . live. live . live.
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live . and that's all for the moments more stories from russia and around the world can without our websites artsy dot com so let's take a look when you get a chance thanks for being with us. thank.
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when the news is not enough. when it's something really crucial when you want to get down to brass tacks we bring special coverage. is trying the latest news from the international market for scientific discussion an expert exchange of opinions on the pricing issues of the region. arctic forum. polar interests. question more.
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