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tv   [untitled]    September 23, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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she got the headlines. the future of the arctic is seen by leading ecologists and politicians as the burning issue in moscow as experts brainstorm ways to explore extract regions the new rich is. heading in the right direction and pushing for team work on the sidelines of the un assembly nato and russia say they're on a solid off to better cooperation as they discuss a joint missile defense project. you're going to send your own people not just to dr no rainy and president but arrival in new york is marred by protests
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while some are pulling out all the stops to put in the us the enemy others are questioning the costs of the campaign. but up next we get an inside look before it's like to work for the most wanted man on earth some of bin laden in london the man reveals what was happening behind the scenes and why he's now encouraging extremists to give up violence. i'm in london today saying whether a leopard really can change its spots i'm talking to no man but not who is a former senior leader of the libyan islamic fighting group he spent several years with bin laden in afghanistan and in st john in the one nine hundred ninety s. but he now advises on counting extremism for the quilliam foundation in london mr bennett and thank you very much for talking to r.t. now you maintain that you strongly discouraged just alban knowledge and from going ahead with the september eleventh attacks what do you think has been the net result
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of those attacks for muslims all over the world i think it's it's a total chaos and disaster camas it's negative from the secretary take it from a muslim perspective i don't believe it's helping the muslims which was set up as and based on this if you like strategy he said i would like to the hold was the more so i believe one very important issue here blood and he said he would like to talk to defeat the enemy of islam and at the time he labeled the us as the head of this like a coalition against us now but now he's ended up fighting every single muslim country how do you think that's happened yeah i think this is the problem when you can't maintain the difference between strategy and tactics and you start to take over to compile your tactics this is exactly what's happened and this is one of the explanation why i felt heavily laden like terrorist activities because the flaws the strategy i don't believe whatsoever they have
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a strategy running up to september eleventh what was the mood like in the innes we used to talk about a school a shame of the war itself against the u.s. and the west we are we're like blood and he's going to escalate the war after the have to be i think the ninety eight. attack against the the two u.s. embassies in east africa so that was the. in the main argument about about you need to stop you have to stop this war because it's going to like chaos and disaster. muslims and afghanistan specifically but he insists at the time like he has like one operation he cannot cancel now because it's too late and he said he's going to the moral obligation he should carry on and then he said after that he will really really try to do his best to stop the war using can stand like the pace for his strategy to attack the world but by then it was too late right bin laden vastly underestimated the response of the u.s.
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to september eleventh so they never ever imagined retaliation or the way how the u.s. going to retaliate or to respond to the attack but he was born myself and the people we want him like if you attack the homeland it's going to be really really very very tough. response from the u.s. and i remember i told him i learned already it's not going to afghanistan the u.s. will try to dominate the whole region let's go back into history for a moment because you fought with and are proud of having fought with them what you had seen in afghanistan against the safe union how much do you know about links between them which had seen at the cia at the time from the muslim perspective the war against russia which the exist country now it was against communism even the soviet union muslims they've been provoked because of communism you know it's problematic issue even in the. muslim countries and the worst because you know
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communism used to be labeled like vision and you know muslim christian or jewish so it's very important like the ideological motivation how muslims they've been participate will be like to go on fire there but i know it was within the context of the cold war between the son. union and the u.s. so the mujahideen and when they fought there if you take it from the other kind perspective you know it's just a country being invaded and as i told you from a muslim perspective it was like by the power of god and to religion it's very this is this is the main if you like argument behind this in the muslim muslim world so then there's the element politics which is like the whole war if you like that all but the western world and the muslim countries the course and they support the war against the soviet union so when we went there. fully aware of the political
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context at the time not me. but the main issue here does that our agenda or not this is the main issue so if you ask me i didn't go there to hold the u.s. or the cia or i wanted to help most there to help the afghan people against an ideology of believe it's real to islam i know the cia involved with the war but i would like just to ask you know if he can give us a single evidence or just one evidence that at the time the. communication or link between the cia and i can shoot you it's very hard to prove that and even with the afghan mujahideen themselves you know there used to be seven parts about. the dealing with the pakistani intelligence service. even themselves didn't do the deal directly as sometimes there's a meeting but but used to control every single issue especially like the military stuff emissions fund it's all has to go to. afghanistan
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and while we talk about the cia a saudi arabia as a muslim country and one of the leading muslim countries in the world every participated at the time on the war so here we have some very simple powerful muslim country involved in the war where you are receiving weapons from the u.s. no it's not quite the arab when we were there we just get the weapons if you ask me of my own experience it's from two main parties you know i am my my personal experience here i thought woodchips that i did have plenty you know he's very famous because of what. our weapons used to be from his like from his commanders and people here on the frontline and from. me we are libyans we used to cooperate with him a lot so it's that if you talk about me i believe if you ask any single arab or muslim you know he's one of them and he participate in the jihad he will give you the name of
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a local commander so you never directly met any cia representative in afghanistan. ever seen anyone. for a minute i've seen either don't notice or ones that have been like the you after the horse battle which is very famous when i was there but they did you know see like people from the us they are from different countries. and they entered the city to stop to give help to the locals i'm like yes but i've never ever seen any like or even pakistani i've never ever seen any books thing for sure where but i know but it was like very supportive to the d.n.c. i think it's a myth to see even the level of forbearance you know if you'd like to go down deep but this is all the witness it was a soviet made you know it's like the eastern bloc you're still very proud of the time you spent in afghanistan now the us is the in facing force that what's the difference between those two conflicts in most of the muslim scholars in the world
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they have a different point of view now from the war what's going on the most of them delivered as if it's a civil war muslim be killing each other despite the presence of american and nato there so we don't have like a significant call real support from muslims around the world you know like skulls and talk about the religious happens and it was the case when you talk about the first war against the soviet union communism you haven't renounced jihads entirely you still support something that's called defensive jihad that seems like rather a gray area particularly when it concerns countries like iraq and afghanistan no it's it's like this. when you talk about jihad as a religious duty or concept it's something being mentioned in the koran at least for the time we believe koran it's something being reviewed by god to prophet muhammad peace be upon him it's not like someone just come up with the idea jihad it's not just religious duty and this is exactly what kind of doing so it's
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a religious duty that means just go and kill yourself i think jihad should be. and we should be understood within the statistical collisions because it's at the end of the day war what we see now was a kind of call jihad or other jihadi groups they don't have the support from the muslim countries themselves and they don't have the support from the cause which is pretty fairly important issue the religious taboos in every single war you know don't support the herd people there are sponsible war everywhere in the world against many nations and countries and societies did not have the difference between soldiers and combat troops and civilians and they hijacked jihad first of all then they had to islam itself as a religion i think we should really start to talk about jihad not within the muslim perspective it's too late now so we need to accept that other people from different nations in the war they have the right to start to talk with us about jihad and how
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we should control it how to manage it what's the meaning of jihad but you yourself have launched jihad against the libyan government what would you say is the relationship between what you are saying now and your fair of any repercussions from this possibility in government regarding libya. yeah i think it was wrong from the beginning you know to start like a deadly. conflict and using violence against against the government and the regime because it's like you cannot fight against the government by its own society itself will be forced to involved in this conflict sometimes you have a legitimate claim you need something to do you need to have something yeah i can tell you i'm one hundred percent sure using violence from the muslim groups it's been proved by history we have it now it's more than thirty years now it's strong the outcomes it's a total failure and not the first time saying this and i have the right one. the
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few people have the right to say this because i said this in the year two thousand and nobody at the time listening or aware of this and i'm saying this with people all of them they're still alive and they can talk they were there when they said it's a portal for the outcomes of the jihad movement it's a total failure that means we need to change their strategy that's the end of the period so i think now the main solution is all the islamic groups they should give up their struggle and give it back to the governments whether with it we like them or not it's not love and hate it's politics so you need to give it back to the government it's the selves and you should so involved in political struggle if you have still have a political issue and use your twenty's twenty five years as a bank round there someone being proud of himself you've been in danger if you put your life on the line and use that as if you like a background if i may say you know we create yourself as
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a politician use their credibility be a good model be a role model because now i think it's very dangerous to go from one conflict to another one continent and i think a war region especially in the middle east can't stand this process anymore no member not meant thank you very much thank you. for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. when the news is not enough room when it's something really crucial when you want to get down to brass tacks women special coverage. this time the latest news from the international market for scientific discussion an expert in change of opinion is on
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the person issues of the region. arctic forum and polar interests. question more on. 1930's england and france tried to reason with hitler germany demands are going to land and gets its way they also have been traded a safety net for themselves nineteen thirty nine the whole of europe isn't in war efforts to establish a system of collective security in one nine hundred thirty trail and it's still on the agenda that. the lesson was to be learned from the munich agreement on. soon which brightened if you move out soon from phones to pressure these.
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screws don't totty don't come. in. the future of the art take a scene by leading ecologist some politicians that's the burning issue in moscow as experts brainstorm ways to explore to extract the germs of mineral rich it's the form it's focusing on to protect the seabed we want to explore what it's potentially vote reserves of oil gets. heading in the right direction and pushing the teamwork on the sidelines of the un assembly nato and bullshit say they want a solid call to better cooperation as they discuss a joint missile defense project. rainy and the president talks with them advantage out of god for the new yorkers bought by protests while some of the stops to portray him as the enemy others are questioning the costs of the campaign. brings
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us the sports that's next. hello there thank you for watching this and these are the headlines. league of their own going on moscow to lead the charge of top flight clubs into the quarterfinals of the russian cup. last collapse of confidence eighty fears grow over delhi's ability to host the commonwealth games. and rising star we talked on the former russian helps kazakstan reach new heights in tennis stop the football there where premiership side deny moscow have survived a scare to reach the quarter finals of the russian cup they were down to one side ball girl that got it back to one one at the break then three more strikes in the second half saw the muscovites cruised to a four one victory lanyard were another top flight side had
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a bit of trouble against lower legal position after a goal is going they needed penalties to be gornja previously knocked out lokomotiv lanyon next play rostov who defeated fall god gazprom to kneel in a sudden russian darby alexander puzzling breaks there. in other news there is growing doubt over indies ability to host the commonwealth games after a bridge collapse near the main stadium in delhi at least twenty three people were injured when it fell down while a full ceiling near the weightlifting arena caved in on wednesday delhi is ji to host the games from october the third but several countries have concerns over safety and the quality of the athletes village which isn't finished high profile athletes who've been drawn include one hundred meter world record holder the same bold under strain in discus world champion dani samuels' who explained her decision . for over a year now i've been solely focused on winning a gold medal at the calm of games new delhi for myself my family for my team and of
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course for australia however it has reached the point now. i cannot justify competing in india as i believe there are to many tension hazards to my health my wellbeing and my life. all of which are not willing to jeopardize in tennis russia have been drawn against sweden in the first round of next year's davis cup while you come as kazakstan will play the czech republic in their the catholics making the top tier of men's tennis for the third time following victory over switzerland last week and then a small thanks to their adopted russian pair. which abound paul feat has caught up with. somebody who is a standout player from kazakhstan's recent davis cup tie with switzerland so good with his play it seems only a matter of time before the twenty three year old makes the world's top twenty learn coach eric von harper has been helping out goal a bit and he says the world number thirty nine has the potential to mix it with the world's best i was just talking. comparing him
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a little bit was. the only thing. he plays on he was. at the scene i think he's a doctor and play a little bit string so as far serve and strong for hand which a number of top twenty players have found out to prepare all over the last few months however he says there's still plenty of work to be done i think. it's important to to continue to continue games for not playing a while we. do have a consistent. career started to move the right direction when he decided to switch allegiances from russia to play because it started in two thousand and eight a decision he says took him only a couple of days to think through he has no regrets about not playing for a country of his birth while his game is improve massively during the last two years in part due to a massive increase in funding from
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a cause like tennis federation first. i become a baby. that's so important it's a wanted then and the time and doesn't. seem so let's. say that change and then always. have a good deal with the guy so you buy the each other from ten years ago so it's nice to look for the biggest moment of golub it should career whose picture in hamburg to his first ever a.t.p. title this is seen as ranking rise to a high of thirty six in the world but more importantly it's given they were massive confidence boost i knew and that they can beat the guy said no you can win some tournaments but the one thing you know i. made myself. was really really good with me been living in training in italy for the last eight years so if you want to move further up the rankings next season for someone who's
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so young he's incredibly level headed and if he can keep his feet on the ground it won't be long before he's making a name for himself on tennis his biggest stage which. one to watch now the denver broncos have been paying tribute to teammate kenny kinley who committed suicide at the twenty three year old's body was found by friends on monday police say he shot himself mckinley was a fifth round draft choice ad of south carolina last year broncos place have decided to leave his locker in place for the remainder of the season in his memory that will also be a moment of silence before sunday's game against the place you know it is tough any time you lose a guy like him. you know. for the community you know support is a support system. together we'll get through everything like i said it's a tough moment to lose a family get along a team like kenny. hamilton expects ferrari and red bull to be major threats at
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this weekend's singapore grand prix the former. world champion is second in the overall standings with just five races left the latest preparations for this latest one have been a bit unusual away from the track hamilton was taking part in a drag race that same banging the drum at the front all part of his promotional activities we are told his boat won as you might expect tonight that the brit would love to repeat that success on the come sunday he's five points behind in the standings and phase they and ferrari will be fast. for a reason to be very good so. you know. i think should be. very very. funny it is almost time to go but not before you've had
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a chance to watch all the net busting action from the russian premier league game week twenty one has finished in some style tell you it is go still. so listen. this list makes me feel so. live live live live
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. live . live live live live
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. the mother brings us to the end of the school for now with the weather is coming up next.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operation to rule the day.
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her. her. her. her her. this is tree still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal that in the soviet files house on the embankment oxys. a close up game has been to the r. hangal speech. where the first russian fleet was born. our r.t. goes to the area which holds top position in oil and gas resources. where the biggest russian salmon cammy are processing factories located. and where unique species of farm fauna can be found. welcome to the cycling region. should close
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up on our teeth. home.
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