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tv   [untitled]    September 23, 2010 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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take thing mineral riches moscow hosts the international forum. hundreds of politicians and scientists discuss how to preserve the arctic shelf for extracting energy reserves. heading in the right direction and pushing for team would call the summit of the un assembly. nato says the alliance and russia need each other and should work on missile defense jointly iran is by the international community to resume talks we'll bring you all the latest updates from new york the head in the program. people. right know iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad's arrived in new york is marred by protests while some are pulling out all the stops to portray him as the enemy others are
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questioning the costs of the campaign. eleven am here in moscow broadcasting worldwide this is a welcome to the program now hundreds of politicians and scientists from across the globe putting them minds together to decide the future of the resource rich pool they've gathered at the international arctic forum in moscow which is continuing into its second day of debate ortiz. is there with a. under those ice caps in the arctic shelf lie the world's largest and south energy reserves they were first discovered by a russian expedition back in two thousand and seven when the expedition set up a flag down the loss of ridge claiming the country's right to develop those resources but of course other countries surrounding the north four after that also
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wanted to get their hands on those reserves and this is how the whole race after them to get now to find out if it had exactly how much energy is at stake we can now watch this report by you can see now that. fifty billion tons of oil one thousand trillion cubic feet of gas that's enough to supply the entire world for more than a few years and it's just an estimate of what's hidden in the arctic sea bed the underwater riches of the north pole are a temptation for the five arctic states russia the us canada norway and denmark but how does one determine who gets the bigger slice of the pie we're going to for today we really need a national geography geography that would help us. interests. the territorial dispute tottered on the brink of conflict for years but lately they need to fight it out seem to fade away in the arctic states the coastal states and take
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particular i've also talked about their stewardship responsibility the stewardship is in the interest of all mankind so at the same time there are expressions of national interest there are expressions of common interest and so really the balance is one of achieving national interests and common interests not just for the current states themselves but for the world as well as all the north pole glitters with possibilities and it's not just the arctic states that feel the pull of their region i was in the arctic. you know i think if i go into two thousand and six in the north pole and then also last year we all met with the arctic of the arctic region represents a very important part of the world in a very fragile. environment i don't know i just like a system that we need to protect strategic interests in the arctic is global once this northernmost part of the world is better explored there are only
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a few minor points where there are disputes most of this is undisputed sovereign territory there's a number of companies now i think in europe and i would like germany to act you know kingdom and china and all those who are also very good so it's now in the arctic ocean some because of the shipping not because of the resources because of the potential for making a shorter route from through your digging up the arctic is like walking on thin ice and the chance to tread lightly and work out existing differences is welcomed by all. this is as close as most people will ever come to the arctic but its unique nature and vast natural resources are more than enough to entice one and all those attending the forum hope the enticement will help bridge differences. keeping everybody on the same pole catherine as our r.t. moscow they are the region that is badly affected by the climate change and the lives melting icecaps they threaten to flawed countries surrounding the north pole
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so it's a major concern for everyone who participates in this forum as well as also on layers that dissolve over the arctic and of course a rare species and representatives of wildlife that need to be protected so it's not just about the money and energy and the participants of this forum are guided by the concept preserved before extract when the russian expedition first set up the russian flag down of the seabed of the arctic sept that said the woman also of rage is in fact a continuation all of washington area story but the u.n. commission said that russia needs to presents more proof on that in order to get to develop those reserves and recently canada has to claim that this rage is in fact part of its territory challenging russia's bid to develop it so no decision has been made in that respect yet but both countries has south have said that they are
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going to send official request to the un commission within the next two years in order to get a final response to gets to develop their reserves meanwhile we send for the washer and norway have signed an agreement dividing the borders of the area around the the barren sea environ syria other between them showing with their example how these kinds of disputes can be solved diplomatically and this forum is all about diplomacy and about coming to an agreement with a new military station all of. the idea of developing those. energy reserves that lie in the arctic. and there will be bringing you more live in exclusive coverage of international forum in moscow throughout the day here in r.t. . now on the way deemed psychotic and dangerous find out member of the band russian nationalist party managed to break out of a psychiatric ward leave the country without getting caught.
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the biggest political forum in the world is continuing in new york tackling the globe's most pressing problems such as poverty and hunger but as you'll see in a couple of minutes it's the vilified world leaders such as the iranian president who are stealing all the headlines from nato and russia the gathering has become a place where they can try to see eye to eye on a situation reports. one of the most important events of the day has been the russian nato council meeting where sides agreed that it's important to continue to cooperate and spheres like fighting drug trafficking in afghanistan security in europe and of course missile defense this is a very important moment because in the last couple of days nato secretary general has been saying that it's important for russia and nato to try to find a way to work in missile defense together to try to come up with a joint project the relationship between nato and russia has gone through some
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rough patches ever since the georgian a setting in conflict back in the year two thousand and eight and of course the possibility and needles eastward expansion but the secretary general of nato gave a press conference where he said that it's very important for russia and nato to continue building a stronger and warmer and more trusting relationship let's take a listen to what he had to say the joint review of the twenty first century common security challenges. call for a show on afghanistan. practical corporation in try to cherish all piracy hopefully from my point of view a star controllers corporation jerry. defense today corporation with russia in. their challenge is no longer just an opportunity to build a better relationship with russia it has become a necessity if we want to be effective in preserving our common security now
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another important meeting that took place today was the five permanent members of the security council plus germany meeting to discuss the latest situation the developing situation with iran basically the five permanent members plus germany got together to assess whether or not the existing sanctions have been working and impacting iran's actions now the main idea that came out of the five plus one meeting was that the group wants iran to resume talks that the possibility of and. as welcomed and wanted and it's interesting that it has hinted that basically it is open to discussions however we have to remember that iran and iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad has really been playing a lot of mind games lately among other things that he has said is that iran is going to launch a war against the united states if the united states tackles iran's you rhenium facilities are other things that the mahmoud ahmadinejad has said that iran is open
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for dialogue and then he was saying that this format of five plus one is not exactly the best way for iran to cooperate so really no details worked out yet but at today's meeting the five plus one try to come up with the next steps that they would take if iran sits down for negotiations what i discovered over iran's nuclear program takes the floor at a u.n. meeting in new york the media blitz against it has been launched in manhattan the main target of the pricey ad campaign is president with a job himself going to. call it a september tradition the president of iran visits the big apple. angry protesters scorn his arrival. the biggest area. and. just to drive no good bill you need on didn't is that it. or you.
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mahmoud ahmadinejad may be the most hated guest at the hilton. but the world leader americans love to vilify is also the most visible face in manhattan courtesy of this organization united against nuclear iran number of people don't understand the extent to which i mean just violator of human rights is they don't understand seriously the dangers of a nuclear armed iran. and the purpose of this ad campaign is to raise awareness of the specifics and we can only encourage people to take action again today new yorkers are surrounded by endless images of him sprinkled along second avenue posted along third pasted on phone booths and hovering over a million people here it's times where mahmoud ahmadinejad has now become part of the media in that the united states the billboard says he's not welcome here yet he
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pays to be featured in more than two hundred ads posted throughout the city america's favorite denim side by side with its favorite nemesis and he's going to everywhere sort of like the enemy but not the enemy you know but yet we're. plastering this phrase up there an ad blitz highlighting the worst accusations against iran's leader has some questioning the messenger more than the message this is the kind of dumbing down of our collective consciousness in this country is just going to keep getting us in trouble i think we need to be educated about what the issues are. and the only way we're going to solve this issue with iran is if we look at the entire middle east and in demilitarizing the whole zone of the goodness and from misinforms most people miss a word about one of them what do you think there is about well being nobody knows when you were. not so telling the cost of the anti ahmed in jobs campaign.
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you know we don't disclose our numbers for obvious purposes ad sales experts tell our t. that united against nuclear iran spent an estimated three hundred thousand dollars but it's money be better off spent on home a speedboat forty thousand of whom remain out in the dark of new york city while the spotlight shines solely on one man arena poor party in new york. while a still ahead for you in the program. kick of chrome from a stone what it points out when the baltic states shake. a former russian martial arts fighter with a history of violence and extremism has turned up in the way of the simply walking out of a psychiatric ward last month. who was also a prominent member of a band nationalist party seeking political asylum so first has been following the
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story. he ran it decided he could no longer hide not long after his escape from a psychiatric facility in st petersburg. sick has emerged in norway where he handed himself later to authorities asking them to grant him political asylum and that thank you for being named to his aggressive fighting within the reading it now a. day as well as highs of the last of his party this loving this grabbing the attention wearing a t. shirt with a swastika and carrying a loaded gun he turns himself and he makes a right equinox calling for the ugly to die and praising his slavic guard for a party members have openly supported his escape. he called me several hours before that video was made and said he was going to turn himself then i replied that it was up to him he thanked me for supporting him murder threats and robbery and an alleged psychotic breakdown placed in high security psychiatric can but after he
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transferred to a low security facility he made light work of escaping ripping up a wire fence with his hands he simply walked away the doctors a dissing him too intimidated to intervene serious questions have been raised as to how exactly a psychiatric patient managed to escape and make it out of russia without being caught but it's funny they tell us that he's totally insane. and all he does a scream and yell in reply to any question however he managed to cross two borders and he brought his weapon along i know one member of the slav again who originally came from is because don he asked for political asylum and was granted a residence visa i'm not sure what will happen with dirt sick but anything is possible. now under arrest in no way the fullest fight his fate hangs on whether he'll be extradited back to russia wanted political asylum. r.t.
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must take. their turn r.t. we discussed the impact of islamist extremists on world peace and stability in the former head of a libyan islamic fighting group a man of an ottoman who once worked alongside a sama bin laden says violence has never brought any benefit to the middle east. it's a portal theory of the outcomes of the jihad movement it's a thought the theory that means we need to change that is it that is the end of the period so i think now the main solution is all the islamic groups they should give up their struggle and give it back to the governments whether we're like them or not it's not love and hate. it's politics. and you can find out what else the ex fighter had to say about islamist extremism and his former colleague osama bin laden next hour here in r.t. . our stone here is gearing up to become the first country from the former soviet
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union to adopt the euro is being hailed by the country's politicians as an historic moment but with a single currency on shaky ground many stones fear that joining the club could lead to financial uncertainty on barton's more. a day at the market and experience you live fears will become considerably more expensive with the impending arrival of the single currency which. as a regular housewife i'm against the dutch you know the euro because with that adoption prices for basic groceries such as sugar but it isn't kerry's who will go up on january the first stone it will become the seventeenth country to join the euro area it's taken years of economic reform and government spending cuts to get here we need to keep inflation low but this means also we need to keep our salaries low and cannot have. high growth we need
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and that's why according to my understanding the timing of joining their own is not a court but an exhibition to mark the euro countdown politicians and economists came together to convince the estonian public of the currencies virtues. as leaders the spring of two thousand and nine europe was skeptical about a stone you're joining the euro zone but the attitude changed within half a year and people started to see a story as a prospect maybe even a good example for the eurozone. however such tough measures are because as tony are joined other baltic states in over leverage in their economies sacrificing long term stability for. short term growth after large became the second most severely affected e.u. member state in terms of owed to decline the severity of this adjustment we've read that the period of rapid output growth was to some extent also
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a period of imbalance growth and economic overheating despite a painful struggle to get it here to stand in government has brought the euro to its peoples doorstep. but first only a more than other countries the crown represents something uniquely cherished by its people because of the short eighteen year history independence both political and economic. i would like to start by expressing my appreciation for this story in chrome we should be proud of our country and our nation many estonians feel this mr alger but many also say they can accept its disappearance if the loss of control over their country's financial instruments really worries them. when we get the euro will be hostage of the stability or instability of the whole euro system. meaning that paying for those groceries in a stone year could become a whole lot harder tom bottom party. the vice president has been wounded in
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a grenade attack on his house however fishel say it. wasn't seriously injured the country's leader said the attack was saying that destabilizing the republic across here is a small nation located on the eastern shore of the black sea early ninety's are the collapse of the unit fought of war for its independence of georgia but after the georgian set in conflict in two thousand and eight the country's independence was recognized by russia and several other countries georgia continues to consider part of its territory. but our other stories making headlines around the world. are un probe has concluded that israel's raid i've got is about aid for terrorism and they broke international law. when i was a shrill sort of violence which left no doubt an activist there it was disproportionate but israel insists the soldiers were acting in self-defense. after israeli commandos raided the convoy as it tried to reach an israeli naval blockade . five militants have been killed and another five captured in an
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operation by special forces in eastern tajikistan is part of a large scale raid against anti-government groups claiming the attack in which you can only last week which are twenty five dead authorities are hunting for former opposition warlord who is believed to be the last to mind. italian police have seized seven tons of a powerful military grade explosive which was hidden on board a container ship docked in the south of the country customs officers believe the cargo had been heading from iran to syria police are now examining the ship's know to confirm its planned route and final destination the talk of explosive found has been used in several attacks blamed on the telly enough here in previous years. well stephanie joins us now with a business update. hello
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and welcome to the business bulletin two new car plants operated by foreign companies have opened in st petersburg experts say the haiyan diana magnay factories will have a significant impact on the development of the country's automobile industry prime minister vladimir putin officially opened both enterprises and promised to continue supporting foreign investors tend to have reports from st petersburg. it took russia a lot of effort and money to steer the car industry out of the crisis and though it's too early to reap all the benefits some progress can already be seen as sales of locally made cause a back to growth and global brands expand their presence the russian government is seeking to develop the domestic manufacturing base by ensuring local production of call components but. we will create more attractive investment terms in russia to make it profitable for foreign companies to work here we will also make sure the production will be of the necessary quality and volume to cover the demands of the
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internal russian market and provide good terms for export abroad. st petersburg with its automotive cluster is seen as setting an example of how russia goes about further industrial development prime minister vladimir putin has opened the facilities of two more residents at this techno park the huge die plant which will be its first full cycle cup production enterprise in russia and magna auto parts factory intended to be a major supplier a car utility plant built by the canadian company will have an annual production capacity equivalent to one hundred million dollars the canadian also components produce a sun supply agreements with hay and a general motors that already work in st petersburg area even before its own blog has been officially opened with magnus enterprise the idea to localize full cycle call production in russia will finally become a reality. magnus co chief executive officer believes russia should continue
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creating incentives for investors and says he's company is keen to open more plants in russia car companies have been a somebody plants here will need to grow which means the auto parts industry needs to grow so whether we have ten plants here in ten years or thirty points we're really depends on what we're being asked to do by our customers and how competitive we are but it is history for key growth. areas strategy for a magnet to grow our business in russia as much as sixty percent of policy russian cut production could be made locally within the next six years the government believes the increased localization along with more full cycle call factories will provide russia all trained with a much needed shot in the arm at the business st petersburg. saying with the car industry sells of luxury models in russia one of the main beneficiaries has been a rolls royce as the company's c.e.o.
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explains to business. russia is for us one of the most important global luxury car markets in the gold or we have tripled our cereals compared to last year's up to now this year we should see you this year increase of twenty percent of least for the luxury car market segment of course china is. the russian market proper growth potential in a way of how fast markets are developing you can see that more of us were the same level in china as you see that in russia but of course on a different level of the figures. i'm now let's have a quick look at the active markets here in moscow by the r.t.s. on the my six hour high on grass telecom is leading the games on the my six are nearly two percent so far and banks are reversing the previous sessions ostensibly placing the t.v. on spare bank up around tougher percent. the world bank's private sector lending arm international finance corporation is to buy a fifteen percent stake in
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a creature financial for one hundred million dollars ahead of its i.p.o. a creature is merging its commercial and investment banks into a single land before a potential i.p.o. in early two thousand and twelve the brokerage plans to raise three hundred seventy five million dollars to fund expansion and acquisitions i f c already owns a quarter of one of creatures a major shareholders patrolled skate i.f.c. has invested two point four billion dollars in russia its second bid biggest investment a worldwide providing financing for banks health care agriculture telecommunications and manufacturing. russia's economy shrank by point four percent in august compared to the previous month after seasonal factors were taken into account such as the record drought agriculture accounted for about sixty percent of the decline while transport also showed low dynamics according to the economic ministry on an annualized basis crista mystic product grew two point four percent in august.
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russia is now running to. number five among the world's largest oil producer says a report by the world steel organization the country produced five point six million metric tons of steel last month falling one place behind india china japan and the u.s. make up the top three during the financial crisis last year russia over took the u.s. as the world's number three producer however it hasn't been able to recover as quickly as its competitors. and that's all the business news for now but i'll be back with more few in about an hour's time and of course you can always find the stories on our website that's all t dot com slash business. wealthy
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british style. markets. can. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our. close up team has been to the our hangal speak. for the first russian fleet was born. goes to the area which holds top
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position in oil and gas resources. where the biggest russian salmon can be are processing factories located. where unique species of farm fauna can be found. come to some clean region. should close up on our teeth. are. stopped going to come back. we'll have a rally we'll sell lots of beer will. they will wear uniforms that will damage is the black and them anything but very little damming the white. and they are.


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