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from science to her. stance on t.v. don't call. it one constant in a low movie all basic russia's prime minister vladimir putin says nature shows we must cooperate in resulting bonding issues at the forum in most. it's all about teamwork on the sidelines of the un assembly. nato says the alliance and russia need each other and should work on missile defense jointly iran is urged by the international community to resume talks we bring you all the latest updates from new york ahead in the program. young. people not just the dr no rain young president mahmoud ahmadinejad gets the cold shoulder in new york but some americans are questioning the protests and ad campaign against
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him calling it a huge waste of money. you're watching r t coming to you live from the russian capital welcome to the program and now to work top story hundreds of politicians and scientists from across the globe are putting their minds together to decide the future of the resource rich north pole they've gathered at the international arctic forum in moscow which is in the middle of its second day of debate and. is their latest there you've got thirty nine now there's been a lot of talk in being media about who will win the race for the arctic but according to prime minister putin cooperation is now the watchword. right. ration of course one can not survive and be out. on its own so too one can't one
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state on its own simply cannot deal with a range of problems and challenges in this very delicate region as the arctic while russia as the world's biggest arctic state is well aware of all the responsibilities it takes upon itself seventy percent of us territories put in reminded today i'm northern territories in russia the country is a northern country for russia the north pole region is that we can offer teacher interests and the government wants that by twenty twenty two becomes a top strategic resource center for russia and of course it will encourage it will continue scientific research to prove its territorial claims for parts of the arctic continental shelf well of course many other topics were discussed at today's forum but the main idea is that what the arctic really needs now is stable sustainable management and there should be no wars no conflicts over the top of the
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world of the cape of the world. vision anybody who does the stock of us that we have to hear some futuristic forecasts predicting a battle for the arctic are responsible analysis shows the majority of the frightening scenarios on the future of the arctic have no grounds whatsoever their goal is to provoke clashes among the arctic states and so that those who make the predictions can fish for something in the murky waters but i'm absolutely sure that all the existing problems including the ones over the continental shelf can be resolved in a matter of partnership and according to the law. paul arctic is all about dialogue and it should be about telling the main idea behind these international foreign policy in the russian capital and russia as the world's largest optic state is there to encourage these style local of course to rhetorical claims is just one of the hardest problems of all this one of the walls whole descriptions but that what many others want to talk more about what's been the main
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highlights of this two day forum in moscow i'm joined by chartists and president of the ocean visions consulting company france and also oceanography from the invesco thank you very much for joining us now most wars you know have been forceful less course than the arctic crisis and here we have a more scope of world's oil and gas reserves home of the chances that this quiet arctic conflict which now resembles a cakewalk on ice will suddenly boy a lot. but i don't think it will boil up i think meetings like this sort of the beginning dialogue member but these things from happening over time kind of international cooperation. has begun to happen at this meeting that other meetings as well certainly. arrangement in order to resolve conflicts before they become flashpoints and what does climate change tell
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us a bit more of the means for the companies which want to put their hand on to those resources to get it right that the ice is shrinking and now it's easier to get access to those costs because there's no question that they are suffering scientists agree on that i think in all countries and not only in the arctic but internationally and that will allow companies to exploit resources and that's why we need better management those a point was made this morning and i think the prime minister the prince president of iceland all made basically the same point that we. we want to develop those resources in a sustainable way but at the same time make sure that we protect nature and you can only do that by looking at planning in a different way than we have in the past has to be integrated it can't be by sector can't just do energy plan and you can't just do nature planning we have to put all this together in a management integrated management kind of framework what about the management one of the specifics of management inside chad well more i look at which in my
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expertise and my specialty is the spatial planning was basically taking ideas that we use on land like land use planning separating incompatible uses looking for compatibility use trying to have economic development but at the same time protect nature by identifying these areas early in the planning process and putting it all together in some kind of integrated management plan that is monitored and evaluated over time you see how things are working you revise that plan every five years or so and you adapt it to achieve whatever effect if you want to achieve solar cells very lucrative but what about the mexico gulf wake up call how i'm going the scientists to persuade people that won't be and now the disastrous similis of that which happened just others could very well be another disaster like that it could happen in the arctic it could happen anywhere. anywhere where we drill for oil and gas billion people waters because we weren't prepared for a response technologically not prepared just organizationally not prepared to have
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the massive response that was required of the gulf of mexico we need to create that kind of capability in areas where there are high risks of large spills and the arctic would be one and people are thinking about that but we haven't done enough yet a chinese say and confucius said talk doesn't boil weiss we need to have go beyond just talking about these kinds of problems and actually put something in place infrastructure response capability so this doesn't happen in the arctic for any world put in today said that potentially the opposite could also become a major transit route. what does it mean does it mean that these structures built for extracting natural resources could that in the future for all the publicists know what pups is but it's over the course well i mean it is a trade route right there and we've been looking for a east west or west east passage across the arctic now or a hundred years the shrinking ice creates openings in the in the ice that can be navigated by ships of any kind whether there are tankers that are taking the oil or
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gas from the arctic areas or for green shipping just simply taking things between the east coast of. asia to the to europe or the east coast of america cross the northern passage to the west coast of america or russia pollute happen soon and we'll be able to report on that even thank you very much for the inside like for the carousel of president of the ocean visions consulting company in france and also i research scientists working for bigger nascar from the international oxic forum held in the russian capital thank you for that it was artie's it got to be now doctrove are reporting from the international arctic forum and in moscow and still to come in the program indeed psychotic and dangerous find out how a member of the band a russian nationalist party managed to break out of a psychiatric ward and leave the country without getting caught. in the
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world's biggest political forum is underway in new york tackling poverty and hunger among the globe's other most pressing problems and as we'll see in a couple of minutes it's the world leaders that america loves to hate such as the iranian president who are stealing the show russia and nato seize the opportunity to hold important talks parties in the sea of churkin of reports. one of the most important events of the day has been the russian nato council meeting where sides agreed that it's important to continue to cooperate and spheres like fighting drug trafficking in afghanistan security in europe and of course missile defense this is a very important moment because in the last couple of days nato secretary general has been saying that it's important for russia and nato to try to find a way to work in missile defense together to try to come up with a joint project the relationship between nato and russia has gone through some rough patches ever since the georgian a setian conflict back in the year two thousand and eight and of course the possibility and needles eastward expansion but the secretary general of nato gave
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a press conference where he said that it's very important for russia and nato to continue building a stronger and warmer and more trusting relationship let's take a listen to what he had to say the joint review of the twenty first century common security challenges. call for a show on afghanistan. practical cooperation in trying to cherish all piracy hopefully from my point of view a star controllers corporation jerry tauriel defense today corporation with russia in. their challenge is no longer just an opportunity to build a better relationship with russia it has become a necessity if we want to be effective in preserving our common security now another important meeting that took place today was the five permanent members of the security council plus germany meeting to discuss the latest situation the
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developing situation with iran basically the five permanent members plus germany got together to assess whether or not the existing sanctions have been working and impacting iran's actions now the main idea that came out of the five plus one meeting was that the group wants iran to resume talks that the possibility of being . as welcomed and wanted and it's interesting that it iran has hinted that basically it is open to discussions however we have to remember that iran and iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad has really been playing a lot of mind games lately among other things that he has said is that iran is going to launch a war against the united states if the united states tackles iran's you rhenium facilities are other things that the mahmoud ahmadinejad has said that iran is open for dialogue and then he was saying that this format of five plus one is not exactly the best way for iran to cooperate so really no details worked out yet but
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at today's meeting the five plus one try to come up with the next steps that they would take if iran sits down for negotiations as discussion of iran's nuclear program takes the floor at the u.n. meeting in new york a media blitz against it has been launched in manhattan now the main target of the pricey ad campaign is president obama did the job himself artie's a marine of course has more. call it a september tradition the president of iran visits the big apple. angry protesters scorn his arrival. is the biggest area. and. people were. just to drive you know if you go you need don't show it didn't is that it. or you. mahmoud ahmadinejad may be the most hated guest at the hilton. but the world leader
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americans love to vilify is also the most visible face in manhattan courtesy of this organization united against nuclear iran number of people don't understand the extent to which i mean agree just violator of human rights is they don't understand seriously the dangers of a nuclear armed iran. and the purpose of this ad campaign is to raise awareness of the specifics and we can only encourage people to take action again today new yorkers are surrounded by endless images of him sprinkled along second avenue posted along third pasted on phone booths and hovering over a million people here it's times where i'm out on the job has now become part of the media in the united states the billboard says he's not welcome here yet he seems to be featured in more than two hundred ads posted throughout the city america's favorite denim side by side with its favorite nemesis anytime you know
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you're everywhere sort of like the enemy but not the enemy you know but yet we're. wired plastering this phrase up there an ad blitz highlighting the worst accusations against iran's leader has some questioning the messenger more than the message this is the kind of dumbing down of our collective consciousness in this country that's just going to keep getting us in trouble like we need to be educated about what the issues are. and the only way we're going to solve this issue with iran is if we look at the entire middle east and in demilitarizing the whole zone of the goodness and misinforms will be misinformed about one of them what do you think there is one thing nobody knows the part when you were. not so telling the cost of the anti ahmed didn't jobs campaign. you know we don't disclose our numbers for obvious purposes ad sales experts tell our t.
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that united against nuclear iran spent an estimated three hundred thousand dollars but it's money be better off spent on home a speedboat forty thousand of whom remain out in the dark of new york city while the spotlight shines solely on one man. party in new york. we're also online for twenty four hours. today we have plenty more stories to explore and here's some of what you'll find right now what are called. elsa were the only dogs to last fall into space and now they are taking their mission to the silver screen and breaking european box office records along the way. and with the mushroom season in full swing in russia we tell you about the do's and don'ts of mushroom picking so log on to our g dot com to find out which ones should be avoided.
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a former russian a martial arts fighter with a history of violence and extremism has turned up in norway after simply walking out of a psychiatric ward last month now just love adot sick who was also a prominent member of a bad nationalist party is seeking political asylum. has been following this story . he ran it decided he could no longer hide not long after his escape from a psychiatric facility in st petersburg which is laughed at sick has emerged in norway where he handed himself over to authorities asking them to grant him political asylum and that thank you for being a his aggressive fighting within there were a. day as well if isaac. grabbing the attention. wearing a t. shirt with a swastika and carrying a loaded gun he turned himself in he makes
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a right a quick marks calling for the ugly to die and praising his slavic god for a party members have openly supported his escape. he called me several hours before that video was made and said he was going to turn himself in i replied that it was up to him he thanked me for supporting him murder threats assault and robbery and an alleged psychotic breakdown placed in high security psychiatric care but after he transferred to a low security facility he made light work of escaping ripping up a wire fence with his hands he simply walked away the doctors a dissing him too intimidated to intervene serious questions have been raised as to how exactly a psychiatric patient managed to escape and make it out of russia without being caught but it's funny they tell us that he's totally insane and all he does a scream and yell in reply to any question however he managed to cross two borders
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and he brought his weapon along i know one member of the slav again who originally came from is because stan he asked for political asylum and was granted a residence visa i'm not sure what will happen with dirt sick but anything is possible. now under arrest in norway the former fighters fate hangs on whether he'll be extradited back to russia. political asylum sara fair. see. now the vice president has been wounded in a grenade attack on his house however officials say the next on that wasn't seriously injured the country's leader said the attack was aimed at destabilizing the republic of hardware is a small nation located on the eastern shore of the black sea in the early ninety's after the collapse of the soviet union it fought a war for its independence with georgia after the georgian a set in conflict in two thousand and eight the country's independence was recognized by russia and several other countries georgia continues to consider as
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part of its territory. after weeks of public discussion over for forms of russian police president dmitri medvedev has outlined a number of key changes that are to take place by twenty twelve and nationwide toll free hotline will be created for people to report on police negligence and human rights violations also an independent investigation agency will be set up under the personal supervision of the president and as such procedures as police entry of homes and clear work benefits for all officers are under review it's part of a total overhaul of the force following a number of high profile cases that have brought respect for the police to an all time low. russia has given poland more than twenty volumes of documents relating to be cut in the massacre of the papers detail the mass killings of polish officers in the country in the one nine hundred forty s. now it's part of russia's fourteen year long investigation into the massacre
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thousands of people were imprisoned and executed in the could to enforce near smolensk russia and poland had previously disagreed on the date and death toll of the events a criminal proceedings began in one thousand nine hundred ninety and moscow's official investigation ended in two thousand and four this is the second handover of materials relating to the case following warsaw's calls for legal assistance. and i let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world a un a probe has concluded that israel's raid on a gaza bound aid flotilla in may broke international law the organization said the violence which left nine activists dead was this book fortunate but israel insists the soldiers were acting in self-defense the attack happened after israeli commandos boarded the convoy as it tried to breach an israeli naval blockade. around twenty people have been injured after two bomb blasts in eastern afghanistan it's reported that the devices planted at the roadside exploded while security
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forces were passing by the injured are senior officials as well as civilians the area has been cordoned off for further investigation. italian police have seized seven tons of a powerful military grade explosive which was hidden on board a container ship docked in the south of the country customs officers believe the cargo had been heading from iran to syria police are now examining the ship's log to confirm its planned route and final destination the type of explosive found has been several attacks of the italian mafia in previous years. at least ten people including policemen have been injured as thousands of slaughters with security forces in the philippine capital locals rocks and debris to prevent the demolition team from entering the shanty town anti-riot troops responded with water cannon and but tongs to repeal the krauts now the operation
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was aimed at retaking government allowed that had bigger used illegally by settlers who'd been given a thursday deadline to leave. now charlotte will bring you the latest from the world of business a few moments from now. hungry for the full stop we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. every month we give you the future we'll do you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join our technology update on our g.
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hello welcome to the business program with me this folly innovation has become a mantra for the russian government it wants to diversify away from its reliance on exporting natural resources and become an economy that also you can see produces markets bright new products to push the process along the government is developing an innovation complex that skulker. and is offering high tech companies all sorts of incentives to go there joining me now to discuss the roots of innovation is john hofmeister the dark global director of innovation at markets synovate thank you very much for joining us today so the government here is that the main driving force behind trying to turn russian into a modern economy now do you think this is the right approach can it be achieved from the top down. in my experience innovation that comes from the top down tends to be less efficient than innovation that is the individuals living sort of slightly outside the establishment so it can be done but if tends to be less efficient and what role do cultural conditions play in promoting innovation.
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cultural com well look it's a cliche that. that innovation needs freedom i don't think that it necessarily needs freedom or thrives more in a free environment. but cultural conditions do so much more important than cultural conditions as money and especially the opportunity to make money. creativity and innovation tend to move towards where money is. if people or if innovative people don't see an opportunity to do well for themselves of innovation then they will go somewhere else and do you think russia should be trying to nurture individuals become more innovative always there in terms of more emphasis should be put on firms and companies it's a good question there's a tremendous amount of innovation that happens inside companies. but because it happens inside companies it doesn't get recognized as much as innovation that
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happens with unique individuals lockable gates or steve jobs or somebody like that so it's wrong to think that innovation is only driven by individuals who can be driven by big companies. but whether it happens inside a company or whether it happens outside companies in my experience small groups of individuals. tend to be much more productive than big teams the attempt to create begin a vote of teams generally tends to lead to a kind of descent to the lowest common denominator or small so you want to really nurture create an environment where the individual can be innovative with the inside a company. now you specialize in the marketing of innovation and so do i merging economies like russia they face a hard time convincing the well that they can actually have the value of a new innovation politically if you come from if you don't come from one of the capitals of the west you start with
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a credibility problem. it's it's not that you can't succeed. it's just that you don't get taken the seriously people sort of thing to themselves well. they don't come from harvard or wherever they come from some of the universe who have never heard of them so you start with a credibility issue. you also face challenges defending your innovation from western business and so it is there for three more challenging but it can be done so what would your advice be then for russia what's the best was the best way forward you know i don't know russia that well it's a huge country it seems to me potentially very powerful. come from south africa which is small and faces even bigger challenges we've tended to do really well by forming partnerships and i don't know whether russians feel that they need to form partnerships or whether they think they can do it themselves but it's a lot easier to go and scale and distribution in the big markets if you for partnerships with established people that we have half my global direct synovate
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thank you very much for joining us this. time now and see how the markets are performing in european shares a sliding further into the red erasing i think gains that follows the release of the eurozone purchasing managers survey for september showing activity rose at the slowest pace in seven months banks are extending losses in the foot sea as investors remain unconvinced by the pace of economic recovery. and here in moscow both e.l.t.'s on the sex are in the red spare bank has bounced back from earlier losses and is now gaining a third of percent of the license loss telecom is one of the worst performers they're down more than two percent energy majors also dragging. and i should update this hour we can always find more stories on our website r.t. dot com slash business.
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crucial when you want to get down to brass tacks when you bring in special coverage . this time the latest news from the international market for scientific discussion an expert in change of opinion is on the person issues of the region. markets foreign. polar interests. questionable ati. every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for technology update on our g.


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