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everyone's after a piece of the arctic sea minerals treasury the best scientific minds come together in moscow to make sure exploration doesn't need to exploitation. one comes down to a lonely russia's prime minister vladimir putin says nature shows we must all the way to resolving voting issues at the most scope or. calling for unity in the big apple or as international leaders focus on global poverty middle east peace and world security. nato says the alliance and russia need each other and should work on missile defense jointly iran is urged by the international community to resume talks we'll bring you all the latest updates from new york ahead in the program. and of why the martial arts fighter with extremist news is
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seeking political asylum in norway after escaping from a russian psychiatric facility last month. and coming up in all the latest market news we've been looking at one point being that it. goes on going on in about twenty. here watching r t coming to you live from the russian capital good to have you with us now first in the program it may be one of the world's most inhospitable places but it's also among the most keenly sought after now that's why several nations including russia canada and the united states are in the race for the billions of tons of oil and gas which lie beneath the arctic leading science. and politicians
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are in moscow to ensure cutthroat competition does not destroy conservation now let's get more from a cut that even over this covering the event alive for us now all the nations involved are unlikely to give an inch of territory with such rich and increasingly accessible resources now how are they working out who gets what. indeed the territorial claim seems to be the host issues surrounding one of the world's coldest region as you've just said the united states russia canada norway and denmark are now putting their claims trying to prove their rise to the among most a breach which is believed to contain as much as a quarter of the world's untapped undiscovered natural resources but the question is how these countries are going to get to that piece of a big cake and russia says it should be done through dialogue it actually demonstrated just recently that the power of dialogue when it signed an agreement with ona the arctic state with no way which put an end to
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a four decade dispute over over ice boundaries ice boundaries in the northern pole and many say that it was an example of how similar territorial complex should be resolved in the future and another conflict is in the air at the moment as i've just said about the lamont also ridge and the forum is actually about the dialo the title of the forum itself says the arctic the territorial wherever the benefits the russian prime minister said today people should be aware what the arctic needs now is stable secure sustainable management and there should be no conflicts about the cape of the world because the price is too high. but what is to stop it is that we have to hear some futuristic forecasts predicting the battle for the arctic are responsible analysis shows the majority of the frightening scenarios on the future of the arctic have no grounds whatsoever
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their goal is to provoke clashes among the arctic states and so that those who make the projections can fish for something in the murky waters but i am absolutely sure that all the existing problems including the ones over the continental shelf can be resolved in a manner of partnership and according to the. now one should understand why these dialogue about undiscovered untapped natural resources was raised in the first place climate change has led to the use the ice is shrinking and now access to natural resources is getting easier but the problem is the country's going to ensure that there would be another disaster similar to that which happened in the gulf of mexico because with its specific very delicate environment like in the arctic case even a small or even a small accident could lead to much more serious consequences now for more on these some not joined by one of the participants of the international oxic forum in moscow but it's still of what was also executive director of the northern forum
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thank you very much for joining us ms my pleasure well turn onlooker who has been following what's the debates behind these doors it seems like the main dispute now is not about the ice itself not about the north pole but what's beneath the ice evolve these huge potentially huge amounts of untapped natural resources and. so what's the main priority in the whole to save the arctic or to get the most out of it. i think the priority is a combination of the two and we've heard several speakers over the last two days talk about the need to balance economic development natural resource extraction with protecting the environment and protecting the livelihoods of the people who live in the arctic but you know most forty seven forty a last reason certainly certainly is it likely that these quiet as a piece of cake dispute may suddenly boil up i don't i don't think so being an
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arctic resident you learn that you must depend on your next door neighbor to survive in fact prime minister putin mentioned that today in your speech that we rely on our neighbors for survival in the arctic. if you were to start some kind of . major dispute you jeopardize the trust in the ability to survive in the arctic cooperation is the key to survival in this environment this what the arctic is mainly undiscovered and this is what's been set highlights this for what should one know about the arctic in the first place the arctic is an area of rich resources natural resources oil gas timber gold but also resources of people and the people who live in the arctic are particularly.
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hardy people they cooperate with each other they work together they have unique cultures that should be cherished by all of us the resources in the north are both human and natural resources and it's a beautiful environment it's a beautiful place to live but it's also an environment that needs to be protected or we hope that we can indeed cherish that increasingly a beautiful and very delicate environment thank you very much for your insight to what is still a boy executive director of the northern forum and the participants of the international oxic corps which has been how to these minutes in the russian capital thank you for that r.t.c. cutting out got two of our reporting from the international arctic four in moscow and that will have more coverage on the disputed area throughout the day so do stay with r.t. . now the largest a form of world leaders call me it's on thursday as nearly two hundred nations around the u.n. general assembly and it's been dominated by hitting poverty goals but with many
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eyes on the middle east and iran suspect nuclear program other matters on the sidelines include russia's dealings with nato artie's an associate explains. one of the most important events of the day has been the russian nato council meeting where sides agreed that it's important to continue to cooperate and spheres like fighting drug trafficking in afghanistan security in europe and of course missile defense this is a very important moments because in the last couple of days nato secretary general has been saying that it's important for russia and nato to try to find a way to work in missile defense together to try to come up with a joint project the relationship between nato and russia has gone through some rough patches ever since the georgian a setting in conflict back in the year two thousand and eight and of course the possibility and needles eastward expansion but the secretary general of nato gave a press conference where he said that it's very important for russia and nato to continue building a stronger and warmer and more trusting relationship. review of the twenty first
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century common security challenges. call peroration on afghanistan. all practical corporation in try to cherish them all piracy hopefully from my point of view a star controller's corporation gerry tauriel defense today corporation with russia in addressing these challenges is no longer just an opportunity to build a better relationship with russia it has become a necessity if we want to be effective in preserving our common security now another important meeting was the five permanent members of the security council plus germany meeting to discuss the latest situation the developing situation with iran basically the five permanent members plus germany got together to assess whether or not the existing sanctions have been working and impacting iran's
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actions now the main idea that came out of the five plus one meeting was that the group wants iran to resume talks that the possibility of negotiations is welcomed and and wanted. interesting that it has hinted that basically it is open to discussions however we have to remember that iran and iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad has really been playing a lot of mind games lately among other things that he has said is that iran is going to launch a war against the united states if the united states tackles iran's uranium facilities other things that the mahmoud ahmadinejad has said that iran is open for dialogue and then he was saying that this format of five plus one is not exactly the best way for iran to cooperate so really no details worked out yet but at today's meeting the five plus one try to come up with the next steps that they would take if iran sits down for negotiations. well as discussion over iran's nuclear program takes the floor at a u.n.
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meeting in new york a media blitz against it has been launched in manhattan now the main target of the costly ad campaign is president obama did the job himself artie's muddy the portnoy has more. to do just. call it a september tradition the president of iran visits the big apple. angry protesters school on his arrival i am going to say please this. is the biggest area . and there are people being hurt there wasn't a blizzard around people you must be honest it drives know right now a good bill you need don't show it didn't is that it. or you'll be there more to the oas mahmoud ahmadinejad may be the most hated guest at the hilton. but the world leader americans love to vilify is also the most visible face in manhattan courtesy of this organization united against nuclear iran
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a number of people don't understand the extent to which you can agree just violator of human rights is they don't understand seriously the dangers of a nuclear armed iran and the purpose of this ad campaign is to raise awareness of the specific and we can only encourage people to take action again today new yorkers are surrounded by endless images of him sprinkled along second avenue posted along third pasted on phone booths and hovering over a million people here in times where i'm out on the job has now become part of the media map of united states the billboard says he's not welcome here yet he sees the future in more than two hundred ads posted throughout the city america's favorite dinner side by side with its favorite nemesis and he need to do it everywhere sort of like the enemy but not. the enemy you know but yet we're.
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plastering this face up there an ad blitz highlighting the worst accusations against iran's leader has some questioning the messenger more than the message this is the kind of dumbing down of our collective consciousness in this country that's just going to keep getting us in trouble like we need to be educated about what the issues are. and the only way we're going to solve this issue with iran is if we look at the entire middle east and in demilitarizing the whole zone but we could listen from misinforms most people mr burnham about one of them what do you think there is about one thing nobody knows for sure we were. not so telling the cost of the anti on the didn't job campaign. you know we don't disclose our numbers for obvious purposes ad sales experts tell our t. that united against nuclear iran spent an estimated three hundred thousand dollars project that money be better off spent on home a speedboat forty thousand of whom remain out in the dark of new york city while
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the spotlight shines solely on one man. party in new york. and still ahead for you in the program as the euro gears up to kick butt on from a still wooden wallets artie finds out whether the baltic state is ready for the change. a martial arts champion who escaped from a russian psychiatric hospital has turned up in norway where he's pleading to be allowed to stay extreme nationalists. has a history of violence and was off when he showed up to immigration officials takes up the story. rand decided he could no longer hide not long after his escape from the psychiatric facility in st petersburg. six has emerged in norway where he handed himself david to authorities asking them to grant him political asylum that i think you've been. fighting with and there were a. day as well as highs of the first part of the service.
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grabbing the attention. wearing a t. shirt with a swastika and carrying a loaded gun he turns himself in he makes a rat equinox calling for the ugly to die and praising his slavic god for a party members have openly supported his escape. when he called me several hours before that video was made and said he was going to turn himself in i replied that it was up to him he thanked me for supporting him murder threats assault and robbery and an alleged psychotic breakdown placed in high security psychiatric care but after he transferred to a low security facility he made light work of escaping whipping up a wire fence of his hands he simply walked away the doctors a dissing him too intimidated to intervene serious questions have been raised as to how exactly a psychiatric patient managed to escape and make it out of russia without being
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caught but really it's funny they tell us that he's totally insane and all he does a scream and in reply to any question however he managed to cross two borders and he brought his weapon along i know one member of the slav again who originally came from his back a stand he asked for political asylum and was granted a residence visa i'm not sure what will happen with death sick but anything is possible. now under arrest in norway the former fight his fate hangs on whether he'll be extradited back to russia to political asylum sarah fat arses. well keep ahead of what's happening by logging onto our website and there's plenty for you to see right now what art dot com as nationalism gains ground throughout europe far right austrians edge towards regional power this coming week we've added islamism. and it needed a group of vigilantes fighting for a love in india commandos have taken it upon themselves to protect the only way to
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tie the knot against their parents wishes for more head to our team dot com. estonia is gearing up to become the first country from the former soviet union to adopt the euro and the new year will see the new currency adopted a move being hailed by the country's politicians as a story but with a single european currency on shaky ground many a story and severe that joining the club could lead to financial uncertainty artie's tom barton has more. a day at the market an experience you live fears will become considerably more expensive the impending arrival of the single currency the cook of which now the most is a regular housewife i mean against deduction of the euro because with that adoption precious relation groceries such as sugar potatoes and carrots who will go up on january the first stone will become the seventeenth country to join the euro area it's taken years of economic reform and government spending cuts to get here we
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need to keep inflation low but this means also we need to keep our salaries low and cannot have. high growth we need and that's why according to my understanding the timing of joining their also is not caught as an exhibition to mark the euro countdown politicians and economists came together to convince the public of the currency is virtually. as late as the spring of two thousand and nine euro. i was skeptical of a dystonia joining the euro zone but the attitude changed within half a year and people started to see a store near as a prospect maybe even a good example for the eurozone. however such tough measures are because a stony adjoined other baltic states in over leverage in their economies sacrificing long term stability for short term growth after latvia estonia became
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the second most severely affected e.u. member state in terms of output declining the severity of the said just moment revealed that the period of rapid output growth was to some extent also a period of imbalance growth and economic overheating despite a painful struggle to get it here hysteria and government has brought the euro to its people's doorstep. but first only on more than other countries the crown represents something uniquely cherished by its people because of a short eighteen year history independence both political and economic but i would like to start by expressing my appreciation for this story in crone we should be proud of our country and our nation many estonians feel this mr alger but many also say they can accept its disappearance if the loss of control over their country's financial instruments that really worries them. when you get me hostage of the state military or instability of the whole us system. meaning that paying for those
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groceries in a stone year could become a whole lot harder tom bottom party. russia has given poland more than twenty volumes of documents detailing the mass killing of polish officers in the soviet union in the one nine hundred forty s. it's part of moscow's fourteen year long investigation into the massacre thousands of imprisoned poles were executed in be caught in a forest near small yes russia has since acknowledge that soviet forces were responsible for the deaths but poland still wanted further investigation into the incident this is the second handover of evidence relating to the case following warsaw's calls for legal assistance and now to some international stories in brief this hour pressure is mounting on officials in delhi as more countries delay their arrival for the commonwealth games in india new zealand along with canada and scotland have to spawn their travel plans to the event it all comes
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after indian organizers faced criticism over poor accommodation for athletes at the collapse of a foot bridge which injured twenty seven workers the games are due to begin next week with local officials insisting the facilities will be completed on time. a un investigation has concluded the military broke international laws during a raid on a gaza bound aid flotilla it made the report describes the violence that left all dead as disproportionate but israel insists the soldiers were acting in self-defense it all happened after commandos boarded the six boys as it tried to breach an israeli naval blockade of gaza. a fresh wave of strikes are underway in france in protest of plans to raise the retirement age from sixty to sixty two public transport and air traffic are being hit by the twenty four hour stoppage while over two hundred protests are planned to try and force
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a government rethink however a problem and six-pack to to pass the law with ease as france struggles to slash its budget deficit. well up soon a what's it like to work alongside the world's most wanted terrorist but first the business news with charlotte. hello welcome to the business program with me shel amos folly gold prices are at all time highs near thirteen hundred dollars per ounce many analysts expect the rally to continue which has seen prices rise thirty six percent since the beginning of the year seen as a hedge against economic uncertainty gold has been one of the best performing asset classes throughout the financial crisis to mccutcheon c.e.o. of a gold explains. people are taking into account the overall situation in the global economy clearly as a whole the global economy is not doing as well as i think it would like so all
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gold is doing is basically acting as an insurance policy if you will on future economic uncertainty but it also is doing of course what go always does traditionally is act as a real absolute way of storing well i suppose a nominal value such as national currencies i think the gold still has legs i think it's going to go higher although the reality is a gold's been going up. over ten years so but i don't say that gold's going to go up higher lightly i really think it will because i see massive amount of money printing throughout the world not only in the u.s. we see other places too for example the bank of japan just intervene on their currencies behalf essentially devaluing the currency and so all of these things taken into account basically mean that been nominal value of gold which is what we see on our screens every day is going to go higher so you are going to figure has a way it's going to. time now see how the markets that performing in european shares is sliding further into the red or raising games that follows the release of the euro zone purchasing managers survey for september showing activity rose at the
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slowest pace in seven months thanks to extending losses on the foot sea as investors remain unconvinced by the pace of economic recovery. here in moscow both yachts yes the my sex or in the red energy majors in the main drag the gas problem a new course ripping open five percent. from earlier losses and is now gaining a moot point six percent on the my six now the world bank's private sector lending international finance corporation is to buy fifteen percent stake in a critical financial for one hundred million dollars ahead of its i.p.o. a treaty is merging its commercial and investment banks into a single end for a potential i.p.o. in early two thousand and twelve very courage plans to raise three hundred seventy five million dollars to fund expansion and acquisitions see already owns a quarter of one of the. pretty major shareholders petrofsky it also invested two point four billion dollars in russia second biggest investment worldwide providing
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financing for banks health care agriculture telecommunications and manufacturing. now moving to the automotive industry now into new coal plants operated by foreign companies have opened in st petersburg experts say the magna factories will have a significant impact on the development of the country's automobile industry prime minister vladimir putin officially opened both enterprises and promised to continue supporting foreign investors but tell you how close are reports that. it took russia a lot of effort and money to steer the car industry out of the crisis and though it's too early to reap all the benefits some progress can already be seen as sales of locally made cars are back to growth and global brands expand their presence the russian government is seeking to develop the domestic manufacturing base by ensuring local production of car components but. we will create more attractive terms in russia to make it profitable for foreign companies to work here we will
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also make sure the production of the necessary quality and volume to cover the demands of the internal russian market and provide good terms for export abroad. st petersburg with this automotive cluster is seen as setting an example of how russia goes about further industrial development prime minister vladimir putin has opened the facilities of two more residents of this techno paulk the huge i plant which will be its first full cycle cup production enterprise in russia and not know how to call its factory intended to be held in days of major supply a car utility plant built by the canadian company will have an annual production capacity equivalent to one hundred million dollars the canadian also components produce a sudden supply agreements with him to a general motors that rests on already working in st petersburg area even before its own blog has been officially opened with magnus enterprise the idea to localize full cycle call production in russia will finally become
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a reality. magnus crow chief executive officer believes russia should continue creating incentives for investors and says he's company is keen to open more plants in russia car companies have been a somebody plants here will continue to grow which means the auto parts industry needs to grow so whether we have ten plants here and ten years or thirty points here really depends on what we're being asked to do by our customers and how competitive we are but it is very key growth. areas strategy for for magna to grow our business in russia as much as sixty percent of policy russian cut production could be made locally within the next six years the government believes the increase localization along with more from the cycle call factories will provide russia is also a industry with a much needed shot in the arm at the liquor business or to st petersburg. for this hour you can always find little stories on our website called business.
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when the news is not enough. when it's something really crucial when you want to get down to brass tacks when you bring up special coverage. news trying the latest news from the international market for signs of a discussion an expert exchange of opinions on the prison issues of the region.
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market foreign creditors and polar interests. question more on. nineteen thirty eight england and france trying to reason with hitler germany demands are going to land and gets its way they also have been trading the safety net for themselves nineteen thirty nine the whole of europe isn't gulf war efforts to establish a system of collective security in one nine hundred thirty eight failed and it's still on the agenda that. the lesson has to be learned from the munich agreement on r t. if. russia would be soon which brightened if you knew about some.


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