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tv   [untitled]    September 23, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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tonights is the nations could we are to reach out for the region's mineral wealth scientific top brass comes together in moscow to preserve remove holds a college. one can stand alone in the arctic russia's prime minister vladimir putin says nature shows we must cooperate in resolving some of the poorest issues at the moscow forum joined we could see the actual fall more on the main highlights of the form and that's. also as the biggest gathering of world leaders wraps up in new york president obama tells the un general assembly that iran needs to come clean over its atomic ambitions. big political speeches take center stage at the u.n. mahmoud ahmadinejad continues to play mind games in new york amid anti rini and
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protests we bring you all the latest updates ahead in the program. the martial arts fighter known for his behavior and nationalistic views is pleading for asylum in norway follows a skate from a russian psychiatric facility last month. just after eleven pm thursday night here in moscow you're watching r.t. very good of you with us it's kevin you know the top story this hour and it has some of the most harsh conditions on the planet but the arctic is also among the most desirable places on earth right now that's because it's untapped resources of oil and gas are proving to be a great source of temptation for several northern countries that's why the best scientific minds and politicians have been in moscow today trying to ensure cutthroat competition doesn't destroy conservation. reports. one of the hottest
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issues surrounding one of the walls called a sweet chance is territorial claims at the moment several arctic states including russia canada the united states denmark and norway put forward their claims and i'm trying to prove their rise to the one most of reach which is believed to contain as much as a quarter of the world's untapped undiscovered natural resources so a very lucrative piece of pie the question is how this pie is going to be divided and who gets what russia's stance is that they need to rhetorical disputes should be resolved through dialogue and it demonstrated an example of the power of dialogue with norway when recently signed an agreement with the state which put an end to almost a four decade dispute of. boundaries and the many point to this agreement as an example of how similar to rhetorical conflicts could be resolved in the future the prime minister today said that any atoll corporate war or pyrrus
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battle over the icecap of the world are exaggerated to say the least but he said that every arctic state in russia in the first place as the world's largest arctic country can and should protect and protect its strategic interests in the north pole while russia's go into research work to provide data behind its territorial claims but there should be and there should be no disputes otherwise the price of any dispute surrounding this very delicate region is high. but what does this talk about that we have to hear some futuristic forecasts. for the arctic are responsible analysis shows the majority of the frightening scenarios on the future of the arctic have no grounds whatsoever their goal is to provoke clashes among the arctic states and so that those who make the predictions can fish for something in the murky waters but i am absolutely sure that all the. existing
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problems including the ones over the continental shelf can be resolved in a manner of partnership and according to the. i'm not joined by one of the participants high ranking guess the president of iceland all of our grimson thank you very much for being with us it's a real corner now from from a side it looks like the main dispute now is not even how to save the environment of this delicate region of the planet of a but how to get out the most of it is that true what's the top priority no i think there is a very strong almost concern by everybody in the article to be sure it in this conference call that the a model meant is of great importance the melting of the. will create and then my own mental condition that we all have to deal with so it's not just a question of often you call drudge in the arctic it's all shoulder that we approach
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the nation a responsible way all of us together that this is why i think i'm pretty confident that we will do all this shit of a responsible way and i think the recent agreement between morally and russia which has been short for for decades or now it's a subtle me here with us there's a very strong signal from russia as well as this conference here that russia wants to do all the responsible work about you welcome thank you very much for your insight it's a great or not all of a gram some president of iceland from the international arctic forum held in moscow . he's been speaking to a job a few expert who told us that he's impressed that the states are focusing as much on ecology is the on the legality of it. when researching my book on this topic the world in two thousand and fifty i was very surprise to learn of the great depth and level of cooperation between the five arctic countries as far as proceeding with
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extending these claims the historic agreement just this year between norway and russia as you know settles a four decades long dispute in the region and this is not unique only between russia and norway there is a great deal of cooperation that's going on between countries contrary to popular perception the arctic ocean is not a ruptured in yada in order to extend these claims a great deal of scientific mapping and work is needed unfortunately it's this is an area where it's difficult for international law to have a strong effect because each country of course controls its own environmental laws in the case of russia this will take a great deal of thought and planning and internal work but other countries face the same problem in canada on the mackenzie delta in the united states on the north slope of alaska protecting the environment will continue to be a matter of great importance and deliberation. the day's top stories now the
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largest form of world leaders is culminating with nearly two hundred nations rounding off the u.n. general assembly president obama again said that iran needs to open up about its nuclear program he also praised the progress on cutting nuclear weapons with russia and he said this is. today's the day when the frenzy has really taken over the city we haven't seen traffic we have policemen everywhere and it's ironic that the u.s. president barack obama was supposed to make a speech at a certain time today which he ended up also being late for his speech to address the u.n. general assembly in the assembly hall apparently all of this traffic was there for him so he could get places faster but he ended up being the one who is late so that's a little law irony for you there but on a more serious note we have to say that the speech that he made many analysts were saying and predicting that this speech will be an attempt by him to try to win more political points since of course the midterm elections are approaching in the united states whether or not that attempt was successful we're going to have to
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wait and see if he talks extensively on the peace process in the middle east but it's interesting that these israeli delegation when barack obama was making his speech was nowhere to be seen in the assembly hall and not really following what he was saying but he also of course touched upon the u.s. and global economies the situation has been tough there both all over the world and within the united states of course and last but not least very importantly he really talked a lot about the issue of nuclear nonproliferation he healed the attempts between russia and the united states the signing of the new start treaty and he did say that it's the door for dialogue for iran is still open and that the u.s. and the international community are hoping that iran will step up and really begin serious dialogue on nuclear nonproliferation with the rest of the world as we pursue the world's most dangerous to extremists. we're also denying them the world's most dangerous weapons and pursuing the peace and security of
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a world without nuclear weapons we have joined with russia to sign the most comprehensive arms control treaty in decades and here at the united nations we came together to strengthen the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. as part of our effort on nonproliferation. i offered the islamic republic of iran an extended hand last year and underscore that it has both rights and responsibilities as a member of the international community iran is the only part of the n.p.t. that cannot demonstrate the peace the peaceful intentions of its nuclear program and those actions have consequences we are expecting much more damage and he's another very big speech taking place today it's interesting that protests have been taking place throughout the week when it comes to the human rights situation in
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iran when it comes to the disputed you reading richmond program in iran and today just outside our studios here i have seen buses of people dozens of people are moving to go to the protest against mahmoud ahmadinejad so really people are getting worked up about him being here now it's and it's important to note that over the last couple of days the messages that mahmoud ahmadinejad has been sending to the international community have been very mixed he has been seeing that yes iran is open to dialogue then he would say that he's not happy with the format it's been suggested by the international community and then of course he did say that if the united states proceeds to attack iran's uranium facilities iran will not resist to break out a war so definitely a lot of mind games and whether or not this speech that is going to take place later on today is going to turn into a traditional theatrical or not is something that we're going to have to wait and see but many predicting that nothing of substance will come out of my why do
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mahmoud ahmadinejad's speech today. in the peace of the middle east which is heavily at the u.n. summit there's also been speculation over the possibility of israel u.s. bombing iran some experts say the war is over before it began as four u.s. banks planned to open branches in the islamic republic with world. as you know on this show i said to tehran if you want to avoid getting by this fall by israel's last goldman sachs allow goldman sachs and citibank to open a bank and. therefore they've got a billion or ten or under a billion dollars of loans and you all get bombed hey did you know that world war three started and is and were you aware that by the time you love the process i knew where the gate world war three started and now it's over.
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the man of the moment mexico so they watch the cars report twenty minutes time here on r.t. tonight. a martial arts champion who escaped from a russian psychiatric hospitals turned up in norway where he's been pleading to allow to stay extreme nationalists vicious love that sick has a history of violence and was armed when he showed up at immigration officials so for takes up a story. he ran it decided he could no longer hide to stay for a month until the state of the psychiatric care in fake petersburg events that think has emerged in norway where he's asking all thirty if they granted political asylum. wearing a t. shirt with a swastika and carrying a loaded gun he turned himself in that city is now under arrest. this is a breach of the weapon we haven't found a weapon and confiscated other interesting items we would use these cases priority
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to harm the investigation is now under way to log he used to be best known for his aggressive fighting style within the ring now it's his imprisonment escape and his ties with the band's nationalists russian party the slavic union is grabbing the attention. when he called me several. before that video was made and said he was going to turn himself in i replied that it was up to him he thanked me for supporting him murder threats assault and robbery and an alleged psychotic breakdown that placed in high security psychiatric can but after he transferred to a low security facility he made light work of escaping whipping up a wire fence with his hands he simply walked away the doctors a dissing him too intimidated to intervene it's raising serious questions as to how exactly a dangerous psychiatric patient managed to escape and make it out of russia without
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being caught but there is a little funny they tell us that he's totally insane and all he does a scream and yell in reply to any question however he managed to cross to borders and he brought his weapon along i know one member of the slav again who originally came from his because don he asked for political asylum and was granted a residence visa i'm not sure what will happen with datsik but anything is possible . that the foreigner fighters fate now hangs on whether he'll be extradited back to russia or granted political asylum and sarah fair. must get a. norwegian t.v. reporter. people were asking how psychotic patient could so easily got into their country in the first place. oh that's a very good question everybody asks the same thing of course a lot a lot of illegal immigrants come to norway every single day it's not that hard to get into norway has such a high profile person the videos of him are on you tube and internet in the
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pictures of him and he's a high profile person he likes the attention just like now in court when he stood up and made the nazi salute to all the journalists that was there and he wanted the court to be open and he argued for the court proceedings should remain open so obviously he does get a lot of attention here from the public i think most people the general public. would like him to be sent back to russia as soon as possible and there is of course a fear that the whole right extremist environment in norway will grow up again we've had some very very bad incidents in the past with murders and church burnings and so on and nobody wants to return to that state. this is r t from moscow coming up in the program with me kevin i mean as the you he is a kid from a study of the wallet parties finds out whether the baltic states ready for.
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all these headlines in brief before the top rebel commander for the revolutionary armed forces of colombia known as far as being killed following a military and a strike he was known as one of joy lead operations for the rebels in the east it was behind a wave of attacks on security forces throughout the ninety's government officials describe his death as the most significant strike against fark in recent years. the u.n. investigation is concluded israel's military broke international laws during a raid on a gaza bound aid for terror in may the report describes the violence that left nine dead as disproportionate but israel insists its soldiers were acting in self-defense it all happened after commandos boarded the six ship convoy as it tried to reach an israeli naval blockade but. such is mounting on officials in delhi tonight as more countries delay their arrival for the commonwealth games in india new zealand along with canada and scotland spoke of their travel plans to the event it all comes after indian organizers faced criticism of a poor commendation for police and the collapse of
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a foot bridge which injured twenty seven workers the games due to begin next week with local officials insisting facilities will be completed on time. hundreds of thousands of people frogs are protesting against plans to raise the retirement age from sixty to sixty two public transport and traffic of being hit by the twenty four hour stoppage while over two hundred protests are planned to try and force the government rethink but it is expected to possible with because france is struggling still slashes budget deficit. stoney is gearing up to become the first country from the former soviet union to adopt the euro the new year will see the new currency introduced a move being held by the country's politicians as a story but with the single european currency on shaky ground many stone. ines ferre that joining the club could lead to financial uncertainty. a day at the market an experience you know your fears will become considerably more expensive the impending arrival of the single currency which now as
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a regular housewife i'm against the dutch you know the euro because with that adoption prices for basic groceries such as sugar potatoes and carrots who will go up on january the first estonia will become the seventeenth country to join the euro area it's taken years of economic reform and government spending cuts to get here we need to keep inflation low but this means also we need to keep our salaries low and cannot have. high growth we need and that's why according to my understanding the timing of joining gehrels own is not a court but an exhibition to mark the euro countdown politicians and economists came together to convince the estonian public of the currencies virtues. as late as the spring of two thousand and nine europe was skeptical about a stone you're joining the euro zone but the attitude changed within half
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a year and people started to see a store near as a prospect maybe even a good example for the eurozone. however such tough measures are because as tony are joined other baltic states and over leverage in their economies sacrificing long term stability for short term growth after latvia estonia became the second most severely affected e.u. member state in terms of i would put a decline in the severity of the just moment revealed that the period of rapid output growth was to some extent also a period of imbalance growth and economic overheating despite a painful struggle to get it here hysteria and government has brought the euro to its peoples doorstep. first only and more than other countries. the crone represents something uniquely cherished by its people because of a short eighteen year history independence both political and economic but i would like to start by expressing my appreciation for this story in chrome we should be
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proud of for a country and our nation many estonians feel this mr alger but many also say they can accept its disappearance if the loss of control over their country's financial instruments really worries them. when we get the euro will be hostage of this debility or instability of the whole euro system. meaning that paying for those groceries in a stone year could become a whole lot harder to martin marty. online at r.t. dot com tonight america's tea party movement is calling for the u.s. to stop meddling in the world's affairs and take domestic out should instead worry about operating stories on our home page also the effects of this summer's record breaking heat wave are still being felt by who you asked by high numbers of moscow's pigeons dying as a result of it find out why because we're into water now what is because of it r t v dot com to find out more. as catch it was charlotte scott latest business news
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next. hello welcome to business program with may show it was folly gold prices are at all time highs near thirteen hundred dollars per ounce many analysts expect the rally to continue which has seen prices rise thirty six percent since the beginning of the year seen as a hedge against economic uncertainty gold has been one of the best performing asset classes throughout the financial crisis to mccutcheon c.e.o. evoke a gold explains people are taking into account the overall situation in the global economy clearly as a whole the global economy is not doing as well as i think i would like and so what gold is doing is basically acting as an insurance policy if you will on future economic and uncertainty what also is doing of course local always does traditionally is act as a real absolute way of storing wealth i suppose a nominal value such as national currencies i think the gold still has legs i think it's going to go higher although the reality is the gold's been going up now since
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for over ten years so but i don't say that gold is going to go up higher lightly i really think it will because i see massive amount of money printing throughout the world not only in the u.s. i see other places too for example the bank of japan just intervened on their currencies perhaps essentially devaluing the currency and so all of these things taken into account basically mean it's been nominal value of gold which is what we see on our screens every day it's going to go higher so yeah i think it has a way it's going to get over. now in other news the russian government believes it will be able to achieve a zero budget deficit sometime soon after two thousand and thirteen but prime minister putin says this will be dependent on generating income from other sources the rule materials. we will continue to decrease our budget deficit in the future or two thousand and thirteen the deficit will be less than three percent of g.d.p. . zero deficit judging by the changes that happened this year it could happen quickly
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first of all to balance the. budget we count your own economic group it's quality we're going to we need not just the revenues you. want to shoot. time now have a look at the markets and here in moscow the board says the close thursday session in a narrow range that follows losses during the day in line with trends in the global markets as worries grew over the pace of economic recovery energy majors were the main driver to go home to be more than one percent on the r.t.s. bucking the trend they were bad bank which closed up then we'd like to sell. now the world bank's private sector lending on international finance corporation is to buy a fifteen percent stake in a creative financial one hundred million dollars ahead of its i.p.o. accrete t. is an emerging its commercial and investment banks into a single lender before a potential i.p.o. an early two thousand and twelve very courageous plans to raise three hundred seventy five million dollars to fund expansion and acquisitions i.f.c.
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already owns a quarter of one of the creature major shareholders patrolled skate and also invested two point four billion dollars in russia its second biggest investment worldwide providing financing for banks health care i will coach a telecommunications a manufacturing. carbon trading was one of the key elements of the character protocol to reduce greenhouse gas emissions say russia offers tremendous potential for carbon trading as it ran up a huge carbon deficit at the beginning of the decade when industrial production was low earlier i spoke to michael wilkins head of carbon markets at standard and poor's they explained how the trading system works and what it's worth in russia. essentially carbon trading is when one country trades carbon reductions with another one so if you reduce the amount of greenhouse gases you put into the atmosphere you can sell that reduction to another country for profit and the same as any other commodity in that respect the only big difference is that it's very
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strictly regulated under the kyoto protocol above united nations so it is essentially a commodity market it's worth around one hundred forty four billion dollars a year in terms of global trading and most of the activity is in the european emissions trading scheme other countries are increasingly selling credits into the trading scheme including russia that is there is it possible to make money from it and there is a possibility to make money essentially if you reduce the amount of carbon you put into view atmosphere and you invest money to do so and you earn a carbon credit that carbon credit can then be sold at a profit into an emissions trading scheme so it is possible to make money out of your hair or not skate for a conference the carbon markets and invest it and left as they say shit what ten shill does russia offer for carbon trading what russia at the moment is and bought on a major milestone in terms of its carbon trading activity it's just approved the first fifteen and mission reduction projects under the j i scheme stands for joint
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implementation those fifteen projects account for somewhere in the region of thirty seven million tonnes of carbon reductions and they are going to be sold into the international market now while that's not a huge amount of carbon reduction we're talking about three hundred seventy million euros in terms of the value compared to hundred forty four billion overall globally it's still an important start for russia we've been waiting for for years to get to this stage and more importantly russia is now going to carry on ten more more projects under j i and the estimated value of the market for russia is somewhere in the region of two point seven billion euros on the assumption of it it generates one hundred billion tonnes of carbon reduction per year. and i show up there for this hour you can always find more stories on our website auto called slash business.
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it's. the. much brighter. song from steve. nineteen thirty eight england and france tried to reason with hitler germany. it's way they all thought they had created a safety net for themselves nineteen thirty nine the whole of the. war
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efforts to establish a system of collective security nine hundred thirty eight failed and it's still on the agenda. the lessons to be learned from the munich agreement on our t.v. in the united kingdom a little in ft house bill and the forty one hotel the old waverly hotel. motel the mill stone hotel some country house. the pool. halls the rim brant the crimean the chesterfield. the royal the rubens hotel. every month we give you the future the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for technology update on our jeep now with i.b.m. . data data from an electrical grid. the data you can.


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