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both the rich coals and ground many of your culture who took the season straight to the sultan who took. dollars he's told stories cola gerry's the number one issue as nations around the all six circle meet on wall street to discuss their claims over the region's mineral wealth they're trying to ensure that cutthroat competition doesn't destroy the financial ecosystem it's estimated that around a thinks of the walls on top of oil reserves and they enter the. new us with saga of the united nations general assembly as the iranian president nine eleven un sanctions on the western domination president ahmadinejad's speculated that the two us supported that tox as a way to control the middle east and hope for a good ball and i called in tehran to come clean about it said that. the russian all turn option is to take from
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a psychiatric hospital just turned himself into a no we journal sources on this pleading to baghdad to stay in the country but just as a history of bonnets that was owned when he showed up at immigration office is how not in custody being investigated by organized crime police and also by his connection to have bonded and wanted wing group in russia. and those are the headlines up next. on the talk calls the reaction to the you write in the president's u.n. speech accusing the u.s. of involvement in nine eleven. welcome to the ilona show where we get the real headlines with none of the mersey are coming live out of washington d.c. now today marked the first official day of the un general assembly so as world leaders took to the stage to give their grandiose views on the state of the world among leaders speaking where presidents obama and mahmoud ahmadinejad are two
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correspondent lauren lyster will join me for the details on their fiery speeches and with in new york for the u.n. to revive talks of the potential threat that iran poses to the world as american politicians harp about the inevitability of an attack on the country from the u.s. or israel we have to ask what the consequences of that move could be and whether iran really poses a threat to the world at all next we'll introduce you to lady despite the nickname this woman has never been responsible for a terror attack yet she's now serving eighty six years in prison or to correspond to marina born i will tell us about the injustice surrounding a case that nobody seems to talk about then we'll take a look at the agenda and veiled by the g.o.p. today they're calling this their pledge to america it's filled with vague ideas by conservative lawmakers on how to shrink government and take health care and high take on health care and high taxes but what was the point of it all while hopefully
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my guess j.p. frere is going to try and tell us that and defend it and is america no longer the land of opportunity with unemployment nearing ten percent more americans are opting to move to other countries to jumpstart their careers correspondent preassure there will join me to discuss that later in the show but now let's move on to our top story. the first official day of the u.n. general assembly kicked off today world leaders took to the sage to share their goals and their complaints with other governments and personalities and among those speaking again were president barack obama and iranian leader mahmoud ahmadinejad so what do you guys have to say well aren't you correspondent lauren lyster reports . in a developing world becoming ever more complex a superpower post nine eleven and post global recession took its fears to the world stage the world which has grown more interconnected somehow slipped beyond our control yet still while speaking at the general assembly u.s.
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president barack obama laid out a twenty first century vision for american leadership in global peace democracy and human rights calling for help from the united nations before him the world that america seeks is not one we can build on. for human rights to reach those who suffer the boot of oppression we need your voices to speak up and speak up delegates did but against some of the very policies the u.s. has pursued in the world when president lula forced the spoken news haul in two thousand and three the world leave the under the shadow of the mation feyerick we hope we learned the lessons from that episode the blind faith in the intelligence report tailored to justify political goals must be rejected we must ban once and for all all the use of force inconsistent we need international law it's criticism the us overlooked as it praised only as an achievement
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a future where iraq is governed by neither tyrant nor a foreign power while the us is calling for a voice is an action from the world part of the price of our own freedom is standing up for the freedom of others other members of the world begged to be heard calling for the expansion of the un security council so they can have a say when it comes to war and peace the traditional players are reluctant to share power. and speaking of peace president obama also tried to sell his vision for the future of israel and palestine i recognize many are pessimistic about this process but with keith feet sitting empty you have to wonder if it was falling on deaf ears many a world leader championed ridding the world of nukes the obama administration defended its hard line taken in spearheading sanctions against iran iran is the only part of the n.p.t. that cannot demonstrate the peace the peaceful intentions of its nuclear program.
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and those actions have consequences obama didn't mention the solution other countries see but. must destruction through resolve in the middle east as well as been busy each united nations security council resolution this would of course require the us to acknowledge the nuclear weapons israel is believed to have so when obama opines there what unites us as human beings is far greater than what divides us in order to convince the united nations of that the u.s. may need to start truly playing by the emerging rules multilateralism is the international face of democracy lauren lyster r t new york. a lawyer and lister joins me live now from our new york studio to give us even more details on this story now lawrence so in your report we heard a lot of what barack obama had to say and a lot of it focused on global cooperation countries working together
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multilateralism now in that sense you know if we think of one of the largest emerging powers in the world we talk about china was it mentioned how did people react perhaps to the chinese leaders speech as well. well what's interesting is when you speak to people who have covered the u.n. very very closely they compare china to the u.s. in the sense that it's one of the countries that is now having a larger and larger interest and any affairs of any country that in having a growing reach seeing more of the world is their waster whereas other countries advance their own interests but seem to keep within a region or area that they have a particular interest in so china is really emerging as as more of a major major player in international affairs and when they spoke what's interesting is that so many countries focused on the hit that is that the world is experienced really in the global recession in the global financial downturn and
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china's speech you know they stick out because they're talking about how their economy has grown immensely and been developing now at the same time they also said that you know their major goal is modernization and they still have a long way to go in those regards but you really heard a different tune as far as the growth that they've been experiencing compared to the rest of the world now they reiterated support for the united nations in international affairs and playing a leading role but they also stress that that wouldn't be in any case where they felt their sovereignty or their rule was at stake so those are some of the key highlights from china who also spoke this morning now china was also the afternoon at the end of the session this morning china was also you know one of the key players needed to pass a new round of sanctions a fourth round against iran and president. running president did speak today as usual he caused quite a stir he pointed a lot of fingers at the u.s. he even brought up the topic of nine eleven which made a lot of us delicates walk out but you know what else to be after saying we need to
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talk about the u.n. itself and you know how it functions as an organization. actually he did alone and now earlier in my piece you heard the brazil foreign minister criticize the united nations security council for making decisions behind closed doors that don't take into account the rest of the world and that affect all of mankind but don't involve enough voices from the developing world and from other countries outside of the council now you also heard president ahmadinejad criticize the u.n. criticize the security council in regards to the sanctions against his country and i think we have some of that let's take a listen. it will. have. to have use intimidation and sanctions in response to your logic of the wrong. are in real terms destroy the remaining credibility of the
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security council and the trust of nations for this. proving once and again how. is the function of the council when. there are of course highly critical of the security council in his country they're dealing with a fourth round of sanctions in regards to their nuclear program which president obama we heard earlier defend ilona there definitely of course every year when there the u.n. general assembly takes place there are a lot of questions as to the effectiveness of the u.n. and perhaps also some of its decisions and you know we're not done yet so we'll keep seeing what else comes out of this week learned thanks so much. well still to come on tonight's show there's a lot of talk about the iranian nuclear threat and imminent war those nights we're going to ask the question is war really inevitable or is the iranian threat just an
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overblown distraction we back in just a moment. it's been too they are saying those. are the frustrations. margy goes to the area. resources. are the biggest russian someone can be our processing factories know. where unique species i'm. sure close up.
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now with mark would ahmadinejad making a big splash in new york this week for the u.n. general assembly conversation of course has turned to iran as a nuclear threat but perhaps the question that we really need to ask is whether iran is a threat to the dominant issue and said that he is ready to sit down and talk if the stakes are fair but can they be fair when u.s. politicians former officials have already made up their minds what the likes of new john bolton and newt gingrich calling for attacks on the regular now iran is by no means a cooperative player on the world stage but is it fair to make them the very center of discussion could they perhaps be a distraction from other problems in the middle east including the u.s. relationship with both israel and saudi arabia which for some reason have become taboo topics joining me in the studio to discuss it is attorney jordan secular director of international operations for the american center for law and justice and from our l.a. studio scott horton host of antiwar radio and the assistant editor antiwar dot com
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john allen thank you both for being here now george i'm going to start with you is iran a threat tell me why they are i do think iran is a threat to them. at least to many of our allies not just israel but also saudi arabia the gulf states to the us as well i think to the united states as well because of our troops in iraq and throughout the middle east we've got a base an air force base in saudi arabia and what iran has said is that even if israel attacked unilaterally in that hypothetical situation that they would see it as an attack also on the united states even if we had nothing to do with it and would hit back at us and i think hitting back at us means hitting our troops we have over one hundred thousand troops stationed right there as basically sitting duck targets for those that kind of attack they're not there you know in response to that kind of regime now scott i want to get your opinion on this because like i said there's a lot of a lot of talk about how dangerous the iran is especially for on becomes a nuclear threat but in the meantime i mean everyone's military really is it is minuscule compared to ours you know and you could say we could easily blow them off
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the face of the earth with our nuclear power so what iran ever risk attacking the u.s. or israel. no i don't think so in the recent jeffrey goldberg piece in the atlantic for trade benjamin netanyahu and barack both the prime minister and the defense minister of israel as not actually concerned that iran is an existential threat to israel not concerned that even if they did have nuclear weapons that they would launch some sort of first strike. netanyahu said that he was concerned that hezbollah might be emboldened worried that we remember so well from the bush years and and fretted that perhaps they were being a brain drain he called it of talented israelis to who might want to move to the united states to live instead of israel this is the existential threat to israel that american boys are supposed to die in another war for and your your other guest is absolutely correct that we have fifty thousand combat forces in iraq right now
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along with one hundred thousand or so contractors some of the mercenaries some not all of them within range of iranian retaliation and you know when it comes. to any israeli unilateral attack. the iranians i think correctly as well as probably anyone in the rest of the world perceive that there is no such thing as a unilateral israeli attack that was american outside i would say i would say it's of american fuel in those have sixteen's tanks those are american tax dollars that pay for the bombs hanging under their wings we also support a lot of obama actually would probably say that he had a discussion with benjamin netanyahu that we will not have any surprises here and that if there's a nervous israeli attack on iran it will be with his wife and of course there were going to be very of course there was no you know ideas about rise i don't think anyone would expect the iranians to just sit there and take it and not defend themselves. you know is ridiculous i think also there's a treat everyone i know you know as long as they are you sitting around here you know it's not i mean i think you are sure and mixing two issues first israel could
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not unilaterally attack iran in that mindset they could be the only military force involved but the u.s. would have to be notified as well as saudi arabia and there's already been reports in middle eastern right you know that saudi arabia is fine with this kind of attack they don't want iran either the second thing is we're not sure it's not i mean this kind of attack but you know do you think he was so easy it is needless to say he says i you know you are you can have an absolute certainty or not have to be an attack on the iranian people if it came to that i don't want to i hope what the united states does and other world powers who are visiting and attacking just tell me what the point is a regime another war and more violence of attacking sure unlike what happened in iraq with the weapons of mass destruction we didn't actually end up exactly you know how do we know if. you're raining and raining no one wants to also is a threat let me say it's in israel and we have an office there we work a lot of israeli government officials they don't want to go with towards iran no one wants to do that in israel and i agree with scott you know that's not
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a good idea for anyone it's cause a lot of human life lost this is not a two day strike a six day war scenario it's not like that. but we know they have a nuclear program we know that they keep impeding the inspectors is long as they won't let that program go on it raises everyone's suspicion when their leader then comes and says netanyahu is a killer we should wipe israel off the face of the map and he doesn't say israel says zionist it is very troubling and i do believe in my hope of hearts i work with the iranian dissidents inside iran is that we can do more to help them that there is an opposition movement that i don't want to have to attack that and israel doesn't want to attack that the iranian people don't stand up for this regime they've tried to fight back he's got a hold it's an economic interest for the iranian revolutionary guard they have a small army but let's not forget one hundred twenty five thousand iranian revolutionary guard members who are economically this means something to that they don't want to lose the regime because the money they make off this and i think that's let me ask you another question here scott i mean let's think about a year there is of course an opposition within iran but every time that let's say.
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it comes on the world stage when he comes to the u.n. and all of a sudden everyone starts attacking. like vultures then does not somehow unite the people back in iran unite perhaps the opposing parties again when they become the global scapegoat. of course you know last time we had an aggressive war against a country based on a nuclear weapons program that didn't exist we empowered iran we've handed the entire nation at least from baghdad to bosler over to the ayatollah sistani and the top all solder right now lives in tehran entire war we reverse reagan's policy and imported the iranian revolution into iraq and if we bomb iran we're going to do the same thing we empower the iranian regime it's not just i mean if we drop bombs on them that's the ultimate but just look back to two thousand and five when george bush lectured the iranian people on t.v. and said in july of two thousand and five you said do not vote for the right winger and the people of iran came out and they elected mahmoud ahmadinejad in the first
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place what do we know know this guy and so on. and his entire regime would love to pretend that every dissident in iran who works for this guy works for the cia in order to deal of genocide with them the worst thing that we can do is try to help dissidents their way through this or that is. why are we going to terror that it doesn't. you know that there are this is. a doll of who our dog. should not be in a lot of errors that's who we support inside iran against the regime there that's not going to weaken the irish all of this regime is not popular second of all they have they cannot survive with real sanctions economic ok well let me just ask you is i mean the sanctions haven't worked before this is the fourth round let's see if they make any difference but i think they are you are what i was trying to get to the very beginning is that ok iran is one issue but to make iran the center of all discussion and act like that they are the only reason why the u.s. might feel like they're threatened you know it ignores other issues like our
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relationship with israel in the middle east it ignores perhaps the fact that we just made a nice little weapons deal with saudi arabia and you know it also we're talking about weapons we're talking about nuclear materials which are now the threat right it's no longer and nation in gauging and war with another nation it's about these materials getting into the wrong hands so then why don't we focus on pakistan more in that case i feel like it's just a little misguided to act like iran needs to be the center of attention two points again from a u.s. perspective only we have our interest and i've made that kind of clear with our troops that we have in iraq agree with it and there we have a lot of military in the region saudi arabia is not a threat to our ally israel it's not a threat to our military bases their country allows us to be there and to to help the government there fight off radical second point would be that this is bringing the world together and we have russia canceling arms sales to iran because of those sanctions so maybe the first three rounds of sanctions didn't work and i'm not even sure if the u.n. sanctions from the fourth time they did but the u.s.
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sanctions if you go through them and i think they could be tougher on the world stage but if you want to do business with the united states of america. you can't do any military business with iran anymore and that's going to not only slow down their nuclear program but they're not as protected without that system from russia they don't have the kind of range to protect against an air strike any more of it we really have like twenty seconds sky do these things bring the world together or tear them apart. while they tear them apart and just like iraq it's all based on lies the fact is just on august sixth the i.a.e.a. report said that they continue to verify the non diversion of declared nuclear material in iran to any military or other special purpose they are not in violation of the n.p.t. barack obama is a liar what they're in violation of are a bunch of illegitimate u.n. security council mandates that have no legitimacy whatsoever in fact i was with did i say the signature is very sad to ron's right to say oh you know john kerry said stand by their words that i know you guys can keep going forever and now we can call everyone liars but that's all the time we have for today i want to thank you
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both very much for joining me as well the debate rages on ok still ahead. she's known as lady al qaida so we'll look into the case of the d.c. who was sentenced to eighty six years in federal prison today for the attempted murder of u.s. government officials are to correspond a marine important i has more in just a moment. for the. we've got to. the biggest issues get you the voice ceased to face with the news makers. the news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations rule the day.
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she's been charged with attempted assault against a u.s. soldier though there's been no investigation she's been deemed a terrorist and she hasn't committed any acts of terrorism but now. a k. a lady al qaeda has been sentenced to eighty six years in prison on many questions still surround that imprisonment are to correspond a marine important i has the story. world leaders gathered at the united nations today we must say are we living up to our mutual responsibility the voice of
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america took to the podium in the universal declaration of human rights. we recognize the inherent dignity and rights of every individual yet three miles south from barack obama's lecture on moral principles one woman languishes in this federal jail behind me stripped many say of all her dignity allegedly at the hands of u.s. officials after. pakistani born u.s. educated a neuroscientist mother of three and the doctor us mainstream media jobbed levy al qaida a so-called terrorist never charged with committing an act of terror i mean i think his story is really just a symbol of a broader problem which has gone largely unnoticed which is that there are you know hundreds and if not thousands of people who have been disappeared at the
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hands of. you know either the bush administration or we don't know perhaps it continues into the obama administration and have never there the captors have never been held to account family spokesperson tina manship were foster says before city's publicized arrest in two thousand and eight the mit graduate was tortured beaten and frequently detained in the notorious prison she was kidnapped in pakistan with her three children in march of two thousand and three no one knows where they are for a period of five years until of course the united states government announces that she's in custody in afghanistan and foster says siddiqi is among the countless faces illegally swept up by un forces fighting the so-called global war on terror we believe that the u.s. government had a role in her disappearance and imprisonment for the missing five years.
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overseas siggy has become known as the daughter of pakistan. thousands have stormed the streets. proclaiming her a victim of america's post nine eleven justice system a system creating more enemies than friends this was never about that this was about us trying to save its music i'm so sick you shouldn't and you just did that but what it did in that in in the process was that it smashed it's one thing that it stood for and that was the power of justice and it has just lost that and that is in front of the will would be amnesty international headquartered in manhattan for decades was staging noisy worldwide campaigns to free people they say are political prisoners often as far as burma or north korea but not in the case of a city who was imprisoned and tried next door in new york we are very much sad we never see human rights watch we never see any other human amnesty international is
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here you see dickie supporter sara flounders says the so-called pioneers of human rights abroad have blatantly turned away from a horrific problem here at home not to address us congo where people are held and under horrendous conditions tortured abused held in solitary confinement the first obligation is always to address the issues and the conduct of your own government petra bardot see which is among the very few american journalists to report that city key story i think it is. a case that really shows some of the fundamental problem. in the way that we prosecute the war on terrorism which is your secrecy and your measures that are not transparent it does seem there was some foul play somewhere along the line but we are we may never know
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what really happened to her thursday morning after he was sentenced to eighty six years in prison. her crime attempted assault against a u.s. soldier yet the alleged crimes against her never investigated it's been absolutely horrifying to see that obama who ran for president as the anti bush and who was so adamantly opposed to the perversion of the united states constitution to see him now the continuation of all of these policies that he has adopted from the bush administration has been absolutely outrageous thank you very much. marina portnoy r.t. new york. we have much more ahead on tonight's show we're giving our tool time award to a congressman who's denying that he's used to having products to stick around for some fun and the long awaited g.o.p.
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pledge to america was unveiled today but is this just a bunch of lip service in hopes of getting elected that doesn't offer any real solutions i'm going to debate the issue with j.p. frere of the washington examiner in just a moment. wealthy british style. expert on. market why no. one.


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