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tv   [untitled]    September 24, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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russian cosmonauts and american astronauts remain stuck on the international space station has a technical problem that so you space crawled from. the edge to the. reports of sounds of cia trained subsumes operating in a pocket started raising concerns over what's to happen after the u.s. pulls out of the region and the control of the elite living souls they'll be leaving behind. the words between the american and it will be the president's ultimate read enough medical chart tells the u.n. general assembly that most people in the world believe the united states will be benign and then the next time.
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hello and welcome to all see twenty four hour news live from moscow i'm here to main story the return of two russian cosmonauts and an american astronaut from the international space station to us has been to some today so you space called g. to take them home sales to undock for the first time ever do you see on the list indicating problems will be called seals mission control says there's no cause for alarm and the crew are in good shape also is not i don't know they call the hospital. a difficult maneuver and not a good time to hear warning bells after spending nearly six months in orbit three of the current i says crew get held up trying to head for home well trying to undo the automatic lock between the space station and sees landing module feel to open.
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an alarm went off aboard the spacecraft seeing that the airlock isn't properly secured and the vehicle isn't isolated from the vacuum of space after a thorough inspection it turned out this was a false alarm and this is no ordinary jammed lock this journey home takes intense preparation. they haven't slept for a day preparing for the landing and checking the spacecraft costumes and testing the air tightness and now they have to go through that all over again which means another day of no rest it's very tough but they're well trained. safety is the watchword here mission control center needs to be one hundred percent certain before giving the next green light we could have proceeded with the undocking and landing today but we decided to do it tomorrow just to be sure there is nothing wrong with either the station or the landing module. now the problem is solved nothing should stop so you spacecraft from successfully detaching as planned in case of emergency in case the spacecraft fails to undock again there's always
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a back up module that they came here to for i pad to earth and there's always plan c. as then by say you spacecraft that's ready to take off for the isis and bring the stranded crew safely back to earth not only the r.t. kind of moscow region. leads on to terra kill teams one by america's intelligence agency have now taken the u.s. led war beyond afghanistan those are the claims in a new book called obama's wars by veteran journalist bob woodward and he reveals that a secret army of south three thousand other fighters sent to hunt. either and the taliban have now infiltrated pakistan but as articles paullus their reports the fact that the cia has been monitoring a cover up there was never a well guarded secret. u.s. officials for some time have been talking quite openly and brazenly about secret armies operating here although these officials economic mislead some of them of
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gone so far as to actually brag and boast that some of their most effective counterinsurgency efforts have been things to groups like this now in a book that will be released and next week i'm titled obama's war was written by bob woodward he suggests that there are as many as three thousand afghan assassins who have been directly trained and funded by the cia to carry out a can design operations in which they capture and kill al qaeda and taliban fighters and leaders here in afghanistan and also across the border in pakistan and this is something that is not going to go down well with his there has always been a red light and i knew his forces operating here in afghanistan not to cross over into pakistan and this coupled with the fact that the u.s. has been firing missiles from a manned u.s. drone aircraft a rate higher than the bush administration does point to an enlargement of the u.s. president barack obama's closer to when the region that is the million dollar
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question what does happen to these heavily trained heavily equipped and heavily funded groups if and when the u. is loses interest in this part of the world this is a decades old strategy we're not talking about something new we're talking about a system women for whatever reasons it is not politically or economically or militarily viable for the united states to take some kind of direct action it employs proxy armies the same thing or a very similar type of operation happened in iraq against al qaida there we saw the same thing happening back in the one nine hundred eighty s. here in afghanistan when the cia sponsored which if you didn't take on the soviets and very often people refer to this as the salvador option a throwback to the seventy's and eighty's when the u.s. sponsored diffs squads in countries in latin america to take on its enemies. pulis lee ever pushing back from afghanistan's capital kabul and. from the think tank project for pakistan in the twenty first century he says that back schools may
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become a major source of problems for afghanistan and pakistan. but the united states continues to rely on warlords in afghanistan when when i heard about the mercenary force of three thousand well trained of guns i still there's one part of the story that is still missing and that is where these three thousand of gone volunteers for this mercenary army came from and i have no doubt about the answer to this question and that is they came and they were recommended by some of the warlords of course as you know there is a there's a problem of loyalty and enough to understand you cannot recruit people without knowing exactly where they're coming from so most of this three thousand force must have come recommended from some of the warlords and these warlords are really milking the u.s. government and the u.s. military they're making a lot of money and of course we all know the story of what happened in toto back in november and in december two thousand and one when it was some of bin laden
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actually escaped from tora bora thanks actually to the very allies of the u.s. military the of gone warlords who some of them according to reports took money and let many almost one thousand al qaeda fighters really escape so you really these are really shifting loyalties and these three thousand fighters must have come from somewhere and they must have loyalty is to some warlords inside have got to stand and this confirms actually that we will have problems about these militias and these mercenaries getting out of control at some point in the future. you know coming up relating the. seas close up team on a journey that explores the ethnic diversity of these sometime in the region in russia. u.s. president barack obama has sharply criticized iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad for telling the u.n. general assembly he believes america was behind the nine eleven terror attacks the claims let a walkout by u.s. and western nations however they iranian president has said his country's open to
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negotiations on its nuclear program as it is next month as the situation has moved from new york for us. barack obama did take an extra day to figure out a response to mahmoud ahmadinejad's comments at the united nations general assembly basically barack obama said that the statements that ahmadinejad had made saying that most of the world believes that americans were behind the events of september eleventh are completely. hateful and spend save even though barack obama has really called the iranian president's comments inexcusable many were thinking that maybe the iranian president's words sort of calmed down a little bit and not continue pushing with the provocations but he spoke later at a press conference where he stuck to his opinion take a listen to what i read is a very clear discussion of the precise one event occurred and under the pretext of that event two countries were invaded and up until now hundreds of thousands of people have been killed as a result do you think that that excuse needs to be revised don't you feel that
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a fact finding mission was present from the start to explore the true reason behind september eleventh that we would not see the good times trees in afghanistan and iraq why do you soon that all nation should accept what the u.s. government tells a. very interesting unspoken battle of sorts clearly the u.s. mainstream media was here to cover barack obama what he did what he said where he went what with the international media we have to say it's been mahmoud ahmadinejad stealing the show and now not just because of his fiery speeches and his sort of outrageous behavior that takes place every time he's in new york but because of the political mind games he has been playing with the u.s. we have been hearing the united states saying how the sanctions that have been imposed are toughest ever in iran so iran is now bound to listen but that is not so far been the case it really and president mahmoud ahmadinejad has really been sending out very mixed messages to the united states and the rest of the international community over these last couple of days even if we exclude these comments which were clearly said to provoke the u.s. in particular he has been saying that when it comes to iran's you rename in
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richmond program that iran has always been open to dialogue then he was saying that . the format which is being proposed by the international community is not good enough then she was saying that if the united states continues attacking iran if the united states attacks its you rename in richmond facilities there could be a war going on so because of all of these mixed messages and because of my who just magennis are really seeming to change his mind around so much every single day his mood really seems to be different and old all of these statements coming out just in a matter of a couple of days is really sending a mixed message out so the international community is expected to be pretty cautious when it comes to the next steps and really keeping promises of the remaining leader. also online at r.t. dot com for you tonight the green policy in batteries moving to presidential candidate to be banned from the upcoming election after it had made to killing a kitten when i was a child. and take
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a look at this together and pretty static shows all the skateboarding skills to his parish porch more of the loss of class on siegel called. us atomic watch dog house not rejected every solution proposed by arab nations to allow an international committed to monitor israel's nuclear weapons program the proposal all good that israel atomic also has existence the country's government neither confirmed nor denied threatens regional security the u.s. voiced concern that the motion could jeopardize the ongoing peace talks with palestinians but one a former middle east diplomat claims that for peace to be possible it's all my sign the nonproliferation treaty. if one one middle eastern power would have would possess nuclear nuclear armaments and the others i guess security in the region would be under threats. that you want
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they think that if the national interest. to be big. as far as. their possession of little or not but of course the whole world the whole world knows that israel has nuclear weapons and we don't see any need for this weapon in the middle east in the middle east and of course we will never reach a comprehensive peaceful settlement as as long as israel hasn't join the n.p.t. and hasn't accepted the additional protocols of the of the n.p.t. . let's now take a look at some other news stories from around the world see you as construction problems just two weeks before new delhi hose the color world games have prompted see the australian sports figure to say they should not have been awarded to india
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australia is a little bit committee president john codes sat down to the event organizers could get the work done on time a bridge collapsed earlier this week along with the ceiling in one of the valleys as the indian authorities awarded the game seven days ago a battle to get everything finished in a fortnight several nations have delayed arrival. japan has released a chinese fishing boat captain was arrested more than two weeks ago he was detained after use by a lighted with two journeys coast guard vessels in the area claimed by both countries beijing says there was a legal postponed any ongoing talks with japan until the cotton was returned. coming up next our close up team takes another road trip to bring you the very best of us.
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so they close up team i have traveled all across russia but never before they have been so far from this time they report on somehow living in the countries far east around seventy thousand kilometers from the russian capital so russia's biggest island so helene is also one of the country's most prosperous regions located not far from japan it was the scene of a territorial struggle between moscow and tokyo in the early twentieth century in the late one nine hundred thirty s. stuff and became home to thousands of koreans send that by japan as cheap labor and the exit your chest described to members of that unique community we still call the island. green prefers to be court judge. russian style this nineteen year old man worked and suffered in school mines for more than four decades under two different political regimes he still remembers the night his life changed completely. japanese soldiers came to our village in korea
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in one thousand nine hundred three and dragged me and some of my family out of our house they said they were taking us to sakhalin to work in a mine and promised we would only be there for two years because you can see i'm still here. kim lives in a small mining village in eastern sakhalin home to several hundred people who share his story koreans were sent to cycling by japan as forced labor migrants to work in coal mines thus they supply talk with the resources needed for the war. the japanese occupation ended more than six decades ago and most of the coal mines are no longer operational but the koreans are still here. just under a thousand koreans were sent to cycling by talkie all while their country was on the japanese rule. now there are almost fifty times as many
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living on the island and if the third generation has adapted to life here some of the older people who see themselves as forced migrants still dream of going back given their holiday gatherings turn into political rallies as you can demand historic justice. this organization deals with we've got three ation and has helped more than fifteen hundred koreans return home over the past twenty years its president says this number would be higher if talkee or provided help. because. as we believe japan is guilty of causing our situation in the first place since nine hundred eighty five we've heard tokyo apologize twice but it hasn't gone anywhere from there there's been no action that's why we rely on our own resources and help from russia and south korea. moskos stance is to assist the report's relation of the sakhalin koreans and local authorities say they try to do just that but the
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number of people wanting to leave is diminishing every year but it is going to school with a but will fully cooperate with local green organizations on the pattern but ethnic koreans are getting more and more into south and in life they held positions and then ministration there is successful in regional business and they get a good education that's why some even come back after a patch ration to korea he. says he'd happily return to korea but all of his family are here so like many within the diaspora he sees no point in leaving his home even if this was not the home he chose. ski r.t. reporting from the cycling region. and coming up next a trip back in time as martin enters explores soviet era moscow that's ahead.
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hello and welcome to the south on the subject of science that's the theme of this week's moscow out come from the great space race to medical advances ever since the times of peace the great this country has been fascinated it's not flooding obsessed with technological and biological developments over the day and also here at the russian academy of sciences. the economy was stuck in seven hundred twenty full time million additional push snakes but it's a logical and o.t. city cheeseman of western europe as time progressed scientific research battle against censorship and control in russia in eight hundred forty eight for example good luck made it illegal for young russians to attend western universities in search of a strong scientific training to bullshit government to him much uncertainty introduced censorship. of iraq throughout the soviet times from closed cities to space race. leaders and scientific discovery.
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everything. of research has kept top secret. over the centuries the periodic table of elements the monorail and the for example have been invented by russian scientists closed. now russia is working with dozens of countries around the world on various scientific projects which brings us back to the cademy of science there are several. of this building here on the prospect of various presidents and scientific debate. with solar power and it always amazes me that. i didn't even know this and this space is called the golden hole. thousand two hundred eager and excited scientists. and while i travel to my next scientific location let's
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take a look at this week's entertainment news. moscow house of photography has organized a display dedicated to one of russia's most famous before the pollution. pollution is a clown who shows especially the production called slow show. around the world the exhibition features dozens of photographs showing the red nosed entertainer not only on stage but mostly without makeup. world is remarkable for the fact that there are almost no borders between his outstanding artistic work than ordinary everyday life those borders are vague and time soon more. interesting creative approaches strange. everyone can now take an excise usually go in the most remote corners of russian leaders mention to get to the new exhibition hall in moscow. rhodes in
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collaboration with the talkers around to lunch have created a project named to a train window which featuring hundreds of pitches of the countryside first nature and people. is really to meet you thank you so tell me about the science and technology center where we started in ninety four and i did is to promote russian scientists and to bring them into contact with their colleagues elsewhere in the world you know russia came from certain system that needed to be opened up and that's what we're doing and that's what we did and many countries involved in the international organization japan america kind of the thirty nine members also from the european union but again the main strength of this organization is grassroots funding russian scientists who did the work previously in
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different i'm now working to develop for example a new medicine for tuberculosis and it's the efficiency devices and also the aim is to bring those to the marketplace i mean if you funded and worked on a staggering two thousand seven hundred projects is that correct yes so we have funded during those years two thousand seven hundred sixteen fifteen sixteen years to sixteen years in many different scientific area as basic research applied to search but also improving the individual skills of the scientist to understand what you need to do for protect the search results so intellect property protection how to write a business plan even how to write a project. these are very important basic skills and they bring experts to help before i came here. i was. and i haven't
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a clue. projects . innovation projects this is what you call a chip. disease is really. what you this is. becoming. so we take. two to three minutes we can see. you're working on hundreds of amazing. of course the help to bring the. ideas to fruition well thank you. for the future thank you thank you.
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there are a number of museums cater to science the state museum is the only one specializing in evolution but a process to show you explained in an intelligible way museum private collection of alexander quotes the beginning of the twentieth century he believed to display should not only be academic but also interesting to visit. various interactive exhibition is. the founder of all museum alexander quotes paid a lot of attention to scientific research she truly believed that only those people who study and explore nature in the wild can open arms exhibitions and explain and deliver such knowledge to the museum visitors in an easy to understand and interesting we. and to learn something about an even earlier history on our planet has the museum collection started as part of peter the great cabinet of
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curiosities in the early eighteenth century including bones and teeth from ancient animals just play was moved to moscow and as the collection grew it changed locations several times both children and adults love the exhibition because of the impressive and large items on display. erm museum differs from many displays of this kind in during the world and is notable for having mostly genuine exhibit real roomy and not just models and cash's when you see these items you realize that dinosaurs are not fiction also a product of the imagination of real creatures that lived in the past so. the memorial museum cosmonaut takes is dedicated to the history of space exploration it opened in one nine hundred eighty one to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the first human spaceflight by russian cosmonaut yuri gagarin museum showcases models of satellites and space stations it also has flight simulators as
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well as thousands of objects that were once in orbit. we've recently introduced a new project we invite cosmonauts onto their flights to a museum bring something that has been in space such new additions to our connection is connected to some of the ants and episodes which are carefully described what you can search exhibits become historical artifacts. setting the best to last if you're moscow really interested in the subject of science you must come to this next venue the political museum is the largest of its kind you russia and takes back to eight hundred seventy. many thing else to museum is fascinating in terms of the inventions claimed by russia. all the rooms are crammed full of interesting artifacts. exhibit some from the pieces to space travel you can see how russia heavily contributed to the world of science this whole here
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is dedicated to the technology behind mining you can see this one to ten scale. excavates as it's called in the nineteen fifties and i see how big. this next school aims to bring up a child in its hands on the way. from laser beam musical props to scientific games and puzzles galore exhibits levy. and amazed to. see details. of this. idea so when you sit on this chair you don't feel any pain because your wages evenly distributed between the numerous nails of a bus and there are more than a thousand and that's just the. same collection contains more than one hundred sixty thousand items in sixty five one group in particular caught my eye history of television in russia. because television broadcast in russia was and i think
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that's why by the lights in the fifty's people of the us a soft drink television channels on the same as this one. was the first country to utilize communications satellites. t.v. networks for centuries scientists in russia have made groundbreaking discoveries but today help assist the lives of everyone on the planet close shop is now open for business and we can look forward to collaboration with scientists around the world and patiently wait for scientific amazing inventions and future while there we have it that's all we have on this week's program on the subject of science i'll see you again at the same time next week. so for me i'm a restaurateur upon a technical museum in the center of nascar. and our.


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