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tv   [untitled]    September 25, 2010 3:00am-3:29am EDT

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from outer space and now on earth of the crew of soyuz t.m.a. eighteen is a back on the land and coming up where you have all the details. on the brink of a collapse a columnist in currency experts hold a little hope for the euro if they gather at a conference in berlin. brain drain reverses the american economy shrinks many indeed immigrants in the u.s. are heading home to jump starting innovation in their native country.
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very warm welcome to you this is the life from moscow with me alice hits two cosmonauts on the u.s. has landed safely back on the stand it follows a failed has had on friday to cut their soyuz craft from the international space station after a technical glitch we saw in thomas is that mission control for us. everything went according to plan and today in fact around six o two this morning the capsule undock from the international space station has soyuz t.m.a. eighteen crew then basically started their descent to earth at eight thirty they made their deorbit burn which meant firing the engines that pointed them down towards the earth which started their pretty tumultuous a descent and what i mean by that is that around nine o'clock in the morning they enter the earth's atmosphere a very fiery environment in fact no two we lost signal which is expected it's called an l o s but there's a firing your period of time where you have no idea what is happening with the crew you can only guess that everything is normal based on their last communication
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before entering that that system and then around at nine o seven or they came back here satisfy their deploy their parachutes were spotted by the helicopters and everything was fine and we've been able to see them getting out of the capsules having their first bites traditionally they've had the bite of an apple as their first a sustenance back on land except one of them in fact. actually decided to eat a cucumber instead but smiling faces the families happy and at this point in time we're awaiting them to get back to star city in the moscow region when the actual capsule landed there was a big round of applause here the reason for this is because there was some tense moments yesterday the capsule would not release from the international space station that was due to a malfunction in the latches and so what had to happen is the crew had to figure out a way and they found an electrical drive past so that they could actually release the capsule to figure that out yesterday but decided to wait an extra day to make sure that they have the correct time in the cracks trajectory because there's only
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a certain window of opportunity for them to be able to make that reentry and land in the correct position so they decided to take that second attempt today and of course the grads of this point alexander sorts of me and tracy caldwell dyson are all back on land safety and they're calling this story is eighteen a success. well well one the crew may be getting used to having their feet firmly back down on the ground another thousand lofty ambitions to replace them at the i assess they're heading to the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan with their shiny new soyuz rockets waiting to blast and rules the heavens on the eighth of october and our correspondent is in the moscow region and wish them well by oz the lazy maria has been stressed movie days doesn't it after the undocking problems that we experience there how that affected. the new crew any signs of nerves.
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well as indeed it's not an ordinary time for cosmonauts and astronauts both currently all between those who are here on earth now preparing to join them in two weeks' time because for the first time in history just several hours ago three space men failed to return home from the international space station which is some four hundred kilometers away from here from earth due to technical problems but we have been able to speak to all those three who are the next to go to orbit the russian alexander. kaleri scott kelly very experienced space men and one i would say space recruits for who is supposed to be his first wife and they've all told us that the don't feel any how intimidated or scared following these incidents on the international space station full of optimism the ready for everything that's now listen to what they say about that. so you just landed.
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a little bit later. it's not a problem it's really a testament to how well the technical experts on the ground and the crew can work together to solve problems you know there was a problem and they fixed it and now they are home safe and are docking port is free so we can dock there. very important. and where the crew will head for the new soyuz spacecraft so won't so you special of our set. while it is usual with three space men go into your bit on the sea of russians to use spacecraft but this time it will be end of her in advanced and more denies the version of the spacecraft called so used may and. where and that will be the first address to use spacecraft to use a digital a control system which is supposed to replace previous analog control a system which has been in use for more than three decades before that alexander kaleri cosmonauts who is the man for steam and the commander of.
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the team has been testing this machine and here's what he says about. house cashel it is. it's a number graded aircraft too like the one that flies now is small comfortable with new quitman and it will give the crew more opportunities in all bits. of this remembers of the twenty fifth mission to the international space station now or will are expected to spend the next two weeks in baikonur in kazakhstan preparing for their spaceflight which is scheduled on their eighth of october alice back to you can wear many thanks for the update that was all seen as correspondent there in the mosque a recent poor. if you're watching r.t. good to have your company still to come this hour tempers reach boiling point of view with job. after the ukrainian president blames the u.s.
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for the nine eleven attacks. in the spring indebted nations such as greece portugal and spain nearly drowning the eurozone into the press it was only a seven hundred fifty billion euro bailout package that maintained the shaky balance but many experts still believe what we witnessed is the beginning of the end. in berlin this weekend a group of economists currency experts and former european central bankers are gathering to discuss the fate of the euro their view it won't survive it won't collapse today it probably won't be tomorrow but one day in the not too distant future the sixteen country eurozone will fall apart according to those gathered in berlin this weekend and where better to hold a conference like this of all the economies in the eurozone germany has paid the heaviest price for the economic mismanagement of the countries that have come to be
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known as the pigs portugal italy ireland greece and spain forced to do some things to rescue those economies the e.u. and the i.m.f. set up a seven hundred fifty billion euro emergency fund one hundred ten billion euros has been lent to greece and there's some speculation in the press that the greeks are looking to delay repayment of that loan but the collapse of the euro looks less likely than it did three months ago here is own economies are doing much better than expected germany has few unemployed people and in the second quarter of this year it clocked up its best quarterly growth rate for twenty years but nigel farage of the u.k. independence party says more on the rest is coming situation in portugal possibly worse in greece. so i mean don't think that because we had a relatively quiet summer that these things have gone away plus between now and christmas the greeks have to roll over a huge amount of their own government that this has not gone away the basic
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fundamental problem that these countries are not suited to being in the same monetary union hasn't gone away it will come back it'll be argued here this weekend that the whole idea of the euro is fundamentally flawed it's attempted to cobble together an economic union for political reasons the economies that unite stiffer in competitiveness have no shared labor markets and some haven't stuck to rules on fiscal policy that were agreed on entry to the eurozone therefore according to some economists it's impossible to have a common monetary policy but despite the last year's upset in the euro zone new and more diverse countries keep on joining weakening economic paris even further estonia is the newest recruit will join in january what's the fate of the euro i'll be in berlin talking to economists and currency experts all day stay tuned to find out. well teaching in this sunday when we'll be running an interview with dr
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william heikal he's one of the current the experts you filed under will see to the german constitutional court against the greek bailout he says it breaks the basis of monetary union. for the european community. is completely forbidden for a very simple reason a country which can count to be bailed out with not follow financial monetary discipline in treaty must be fulfilled not. indians have for years made up one of the longest immigrant groups in the us with highly qualified technicians and programmers boosting innovation but now a new migration is underway as hopes for a better living and greater job opportunities are driving many. appreciative for.
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ten years ago k.j. saying would have never imagined that he'd be back in india going overseas for higher education was something that the guys who did well in academics that was the first preference there weren't too many jobs in india. in the private sector and so i followed this trend lead saying to a ph d. a job at a prestigious research institute and ultimately the skills to start his own company but living the american dream wasn't enough the attraction for a career is only when you're sort of doing news and you're sort of pushing beyond the loping terms of whatever you're doing and that really is synonymous with gort if you're looking to sort of grow your career to sort of learn new things this is the right place to be and this place is bangalore india. the city of six million exports more than. thirty billion dollars of i.t.
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products every year amidst the hustle and bustle of can just did roads and street markets is the soba jazz mean a tranquil gated community talked in the corner of india's silicon valley many immigrants who have left the united states and come back to india have settled in gated communities like this one the residents here say that almost seventy percent of the people who live here came from abroad but one thing they can all agree on is that you definitely get more bang for your buck here in india in singh's gated community residents can enjoy the olympic sized pool state of the art tennis courts and a playground where there are just as many maids as children to supervise the kids while their parents exercise it's a far cry from the lives these immigrants were leading in america. is a lot of the things taken care of that. the sweepings will be called into place at the. ready. and while most cite india's growing
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economy as a reason for moving back they won't discount the quality of life as a perk to just ask pooja bhattacharya she worked as an i.t. professional in the u.s. in a double income house but now says her life is better than ever as an indian homemaker i see definitely. you know up to the standard of living in the sense that you have a household. affordability is much better. it's good the going is good here it's comfortable it's your own country. and while the crew at the sober jasmine are living it up they can't help but wonder if their presence in the united states is missed the united states has enough people to support it so it should have been on employment situation before the indians come back to while many americans may view immigrants as taking jobs the reality is that indian and chinese immigrants created fifteen percent of the job. mobs in places of power like silicon valley but now that entrepreneurial spirit is being brought back
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to the place they started from the economy is definitely booming far more opportunities far more it is that they're going to work and the younger generation has a lot more things going on for them and this is good for them this is good for the country a country that gave them the wings to leave but ultimately the roots that drew them back preassure either our t. bangalore india. nations the general assembly has seen a novel war of words between us underground with president mahmoud ahmadinejad's saying he believes america was behind the nine eleven terror attacks the claims that led to a walkout by u.s. and western nations and the wrath of. well the u.s. mainstream media has largely been focusing on barack obama building him up as the host the united states running the show it's still been mahmoud ahmadinejad really stealing the spotlight being the main leader in world headlines throughout these
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last couple of days he has really gotten himself a free one man's reality t.v. show throughout this week in new york with his fiery speeches and countless protests surrounding his persona he has really been in the spotlight addressing the united nations general assembly debate in his speech he said that he believes that americans were behind the events of september eleventh and he actually said that he believes that most of the world knows this and this is something that god the u.s. delegation outrage they left the assembly hall and surprisingly it took a little while for barack obama to react to these comments when he did a deal later he said that their hateful many were thinking that maybe the uranium president towards sort of calmed down a little bit but he spoke later at a press conference where he stuck to his opinion take a listen. what i raise is a very clear discussion of the precise one an event occurred and under the pretext
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of that event two countries were invaded and up until now hundreds of thousands of people have been killed as a result don't you think that that excuse needs to be revised don't you feel that if a fact finding mission was present from the start to explore the true reason behind september eleventh that we would not see the catastrophes in afghanistan and iraq why do you soon that all nations should accept what the u.s. government tells them it was reiterating that what the international community wants is dialogue and even though mahmoud ahmadinejad has been attacking the united states in several speeches made throughout this week the white house has also said that what it wants is dialogue to take place and the latest that we heard from the reunion leader was that iran is actually prepared for conversation and that talks could come as soon as next month in october speaking at a media conference here in new york the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has said that several signals. been sent to iran and basically what the international community is looking for is that iran cooperate with the international atomic energy agency as well as sign up to several important nuclear nonproliferation
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agreements international agreements as well as prove its peaceful intentions so that the international community can believe that it really has nothing to worry about and speaking in an interview with popular t.v. host charlie rose russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said he believes that striking iran would be the worst possible outcome the worst possible scenario and really is not a way to deal with iran at this point take a listen the for those threats which we hear from time to time from several quarters. materialist and the forces used against iran i believe this would be the shortest way. to the radicals in the room. and decided that no that we will strike we must have nuclear weapons so striking around in my view would be the shortest way to reducing graham's going nuclear military and this is
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a position similar to what mahmoud ahmadinejad has been seeing he said that if the united states tries to attack its uranium enrichment facilities it can expect a war but the latest that we heard is that mahmoud ahmadinejad has promised that talks should come soon and hopefully some sort of cooperation with the international community is to follow. a quick look now at a few other stories making news around the globe this hour on the terror threat level with moderate to substantial in britain the government believes the time from irish related terrorists is now a strong possibility the change follows an m i five warning that republican dissidents opposed to british rule in northern ireland might strike the british mainland security officials say the ira diehards have been responsible for more than thirty its hands or attempted attacks since the start of the year. roughly two million people in northern nigeria have been displaced by massive flooding the flood gates on two swollen downs encountered. a torrent of water on the thousands
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of villages in the neighboring state the gates so normally open during the rainy season to help irrigate farmland it's not yet clear whether residents were given proper warning or whether there been any casualties. a chinese fishing boat captain detained by japan more than two weeks ago has been released and returned home he was seized on to his boat collided with two japanese coast guard vessels in the area claimed by both china and japan its attention strained relations between the two countries with china now demanding an apology compensation. although it is business news on the way now we solve it. hello and welcome to the business program with me charlayne folly the construction of the north stream gas pipeline is progressing quickly the first phase due to be completed by next april an international crew of more than four hundred specialists
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are working night and day laying pipe at record speed and tell you how clover went to see the work. world's biggest by playing best seller has started working in the baltic sea only a month ago and already it's one week ahead of schedule having laid forty kilometers of the pipeline so far. three hundred metre long and sixty meter high the vessel is a record holder in deep water pipe lake there are over a thousand kilometers ahead but she's progressing fast and more mental concerns were the main obstacle to the north stream pipeline and as an added complication in the waters between russia and finland a full of mine lines left from the second world war but with soyuz has dynamic positioning system there's little to fear as the vessel can be maneuvered with pinpoint accuracy without having to use and because the technology has helped increase the speed of the operation and also.
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every seven minutes the part goes down the vessel moves it's scheduled to late two point three kilometers a day but we're already reaching two point five kilometers and we believe it's quite possible to reach three kilometers in fact to lay pipe in the sea is cheaper land where you have to deal with landowners and compensate them for the vessel has already hosted several dignitaries and it's journey towards russia the main promoter of the pipeline the russian prime minister who is one of those to go aboard and watch the pipes as they made their way to the sea floor known stream contract is keen to support putin's plans to build more energy links between russia and europe and take on the work it would bring. to the shelter for. talking with people. i think carry us. no matter who ultimately wins the battle for the optics and the
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honors of the soldiers have already betting the development of the region will happen to me that they've started to build a new vessel which will be three times. began the song and will be able to withstand the harsh conditions of the far no. business r.t. from the russian baltic. tunnels have a look at the market here in moscow thought it ended the week in the back of positive sentiment was a line with global trends after good money factoring data from the u.s. under arrived in general as confidence banks provided to most people with bad bank gaining more than two point five percent. l.t.v. have told business all say that foreign firms should look closer at investing in russia but there are fears that moscow could block access off the case that the country's human rights record was more important than commercial interests daniel bushell ports this will and gas refinery in russia self was destined to fail the owners a small english firm which likes top level connections the projects in an unfamiliar
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region the government's wary of foreign investment in energy creating strategic sector restrictions that choke interest and the plant needs connection to the national gas network which the federal anti monopoly watchdog admits gazprom has little incentive to open to third parties but on tuesday the patron of the russell british chamber of commerce still open the plant. the whole view towards russia is a pretty forgiving. car so i brought it up to be with you and see if you're. proud of how they work with the pickup very much for. the plant is a wrist six's story russian funds too can a lovable hundred thousand dollars investment for the week to wednesday rival emerging economies brazil game fifty eight million india three hundred three and china five hundred two million dollars western corporations may celebrate the
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riches in russia's window but they remain scared of coming in. there's oil and gas just below the surface here for hundreds of kilometers past the refinery all the way into kazakstan like it or not this part of the world has what the west needs in this case on top reserves of energy and the situation with russia's top foreign investor now threatens to get worse new british foreign secretary william hague on vild a tough new international code of conduct last week saying human rights will be the cool of u.k. foreign policy in an r.t. interview the ambassador to russia insisted she'll christmas go over issues like the murder of alexander litvinenko and britain's refusal to extradite boris berezovsky even if you damages trade between the two states. around a murder case extradition issues and they're well set out in you know the position
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so we do not change or watered down our position on issues like that for political or commercial x. media nancy and that remains the position which the foreign secretary has also clearly set out russia's leader dmitry medvedev says he wants more western investors but sweeteners such as tax breaks and equal access to infrastructure so far remain thin on the ground business r.t. . mash up if they can always find more stories on our website r.t. to call slash business.
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it's going to continue to go as you update here in washington we've got the future covered wealthy british style. that's not on the tightly accurate. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max keiser for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our.
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oh. come on come on come. this history still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal to the soviet files house on the embankment come on. a close up came has been to the our hang me. for the first russian fleet was books kawar t. goes to the area which holds top position in oil and gas resources. where the
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