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tv   [untitled]    September 25, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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maybe her to carry collection. she was promised but they promised. land safely because it started to russian cosmonaut sort of american arsenal delayed by a day after a false alarm event the pitch from the international space station. you're on the edge a group of economists the currency experts gathering in to discuss the single currency heading for collapse. and reverse brain drain highly qualified indians who immigrated to the u.s. returning home due to the full state of the american economy.
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just joined us at one am here now i'm kevin owen with a top story from r.t. how the three space crew who had to spend an extra day stuck in orbit have returned safely to earth they were held up by a glitch which prevented this soyuz craft docking with the space station but they will be replaced by another team which is already at the baikonur cosmodrome preparing for next month's flight sean thomas has been following the story for r.t. in moscow. the preliminary tests say that the flight crew is nominal meaning that they are in good health and in good condition after six months in space and a trying to days in fact the t.m.a. eighteen crew consisting of alexander sort of. the ankle and tracy caldwell dyson they did launch back in april and spent six months in space but the past two days let me give you a little bit of a rundown they were supposed to come back on friday they were in their capsules ready to go and then the latches would not release it from the actual soyuz spacecraft or from the international space station so they had to do some checking
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make sure that everything was ok they were able to create an electrical fire fast of the malfunctioning appointment but they decided to wait a day because there's only a small window of opportunity for them to make their correct landing spot they decided to take that extra precaution and so today at six o two in the morning they got back into the capsules they released from the international space station successfully at eight thirty in the morning they launched a deorbit burn to send their engines a back into the earth's atmosphere then there was a tense of five minutes between nine o two and nine o seven where there was no communication whatsoever with the capsule as they were entering your satisfy your and the parachute deployed that they landed safely back on the ground at around nine twenty one local time in kazakhstan at this point they are now back at star city they are back in the moscow region and they are in fact getting their medical checkups right now as i said it looks like after six months of flying so everything is a ok the next crew which is that t.m. eight zero one am they left today from the star city to go down to baikonur to
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start their training for the next flight and in fact what's really unique about this a crew is that they are the very first to test out of brand new spacecraft called the m series soyuz t.m.a. them series which you know gives them the designation at zero one m. now this crew consist of alexander kaleri all a good script and scott kelly now they say that their new spacecraft is a more comfortable it's user. and they're also going from a analog system which they've been using for around thirty years to a brand new completely digital system so it's the first time that the soyuz craft will be completely digital and they say they're burning to go and that they're not nervous at all in fact listen to what scott kelly had to say about the subject they just landed. a little bit late. so ok it's not a problem it's really a testament to how well the technical experts on the ground and the crew can work together to solve problems you know there was a problem and they fixed it and now they're home safe and our docking port is free
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so we can dock there and scott kelly and the rest of the t.m.a. zero one am crew they're getting ready to launch in a couple of weeks on october eighth down in baikonur kazakhstan and their task right now is to go down to do the final preparations the final training make sure that their craft is ready so that they can launch up for the next group to join with the international space station. with the good news today still ahead in our team tonight we search for clues behind this diplomacy russia's foreign minister tells us what he thinks could be behind iran's latest twist to stay. healthy future of the euro is being debated by economic experts meeting in berlin the eurozone brought to the brink of collapse in spring by sweeping death and overspending was only saved by a multi-billion euro bailout but many critics believe this is just the beginning of the end for the single currency. for. and we had
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a room full of six hundred fifty people listening to around about fifteen speakers ranging from economists to some of the foremost currency experts in germany and also former european central bankers and they've been saying stuns me that maybe not today maybe not tomorrow but sometime in the not too distant future the euro is going to collapse and they've been arguing that it's a fundamentally flawed concept in the first place that ever since its introduction it's been in inherently a wrong thing to do also officially bringing together sixteen economies nearly seventeen when a stone joins in january that inherently have nothing in common there's going to be . what they're calling an action plan is going to be four points and one of them is going to encourage people to call for a referendum in germany on the euro asking people whether they really want to or is still being forced into the aim of these people through that referendum will be to bring the door each more back to germany now i am joined very kindly by michael
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moore oss who is a stock market guru and he's also the editor in chief of and you news michael thanks very much for talking to us now tell me will you be backing this referendum that's being proposed if there's a referendum of course but on the other hand have big doubts that this referendum take place because all those questions are. politically incorrect we don't have a call from the from the masses. this scene is. people just don't talk about it it's really a scandal in my opinion from russian t.v. and the western media is for example covering this event to. be christian if such could be. in the future because the political to high people. for example. currency which is
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a basic democratic seen in my opinion we were not asked if you want to have it also many other people of the european community will not and if you would ask them they would say no we don't like it for example we had a recent poll here in germany fifty percent of all germans didn't want the euro still don't want it at the moment and even sixty percent of the french people don't like it so i ask myself why do we have it there and it's only a thing of a political book a seat in brussels to behave more or less like the taters in my opinion you know we didn't elect them but they turned us what to do so and in fact that's one of the things that you and other people in the room is saying is that the euro is a tool for undermining democracy yes of course it's it to do so very much it is the basic tool for brussels in order to dictate into the government how much is this conversation about getting rid of the euro pie in the sky if you like do you think
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it would be a hugely destabilizing thing now that the euro is in place to dismantle leary's and in this way some economists say that it will be almost the same as the effect that the collapse of lehman brothers hatched this is of course the other side of the calling the longer we have it the more difficult it will be to get rid of it and of course there will be thousands and millions of problems but it doesn't mean that we didn't have to start no because the longer we wait the more problems we have we will get and the higher we will fall down i mean are you saying in germany if you are moving towards the wrong direction there is no sense in excel or to the extent where diversity you know what is it eve did even makes it was hard for us all at the end. foerster market analyst michael ross talking to r.t.s. laura and stay tuned if you will for our interview a little later in the program tonight with professor wilhelm and cole one of the currency experts who filed a lawsuit in the german constitutional court against the greek bailout that's come in a few minutes time. iran will challenge the demands of the u.n.
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security council for as long as possible despite realizing we need to restart talks over its nuclear program that is the view of russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov who spoke about nuclear issues surrounding to during an interview for a weekly russian news show. of course me and the russians simply documented in the presidential decree what is required from russia and all the other states in relation to iran after the adoption of the un security council's new resolution russia refused to deliver the s. three hundred surface to air missile systems to iran in support of this resolution and russia remains opposed to any unilateral sanctions against tehran resolutions adopted by the un security council a binding but they need to be turned international laws because they are not direct application documents within countries legislation that further measures regarding terror and were discussed at this week's ministerial meeting in new york of the un security council's five permanent members plus germany on the iranian nuclear
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problem we in china brought this issue up once again if we work jointly and if our western partners continue to say that it's necessary to maintain a consolidated position on iran we need to decide whether we can have a consolidated position on all issues or if the security council should be used to achieve the maximum possible collective result but if it cannot be achieved individual states will do it beyond the agreements reached within the security council this is at least ethically and morally wrong in terms of collective work even though the iranians realize very well the need to restart talks over the nuclear program they will challenge the demands of the u.n. security council for as long as possible iran is an ancient country with centuries of history iranian diplomats are very intelligent people it turns out that iranian diplomats are liable to holding very drawn out talks haggling to the bitter end and forcing partners to work to their maximum maybe to the utterly impossible in order to learn how a partner will be ready to react of course we face further problems in the context
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of iran's nuclear dossier in this aspect the iranian partners could be more constructive and react to the i.a.e.a. claims more cooperatively and must comply with all that we agree on a year ago in geneva the group of six and iranian representatives were agree. on things which could be considered a breakthrough and have a positive impact even today in order to prevent the adoption of a new un security council resolution we agree then that it would take a few days to then discuss concrete dates for talks on iran's nuclear reactor problem twelve months on activity has finally started in order to convene any meeting on the issue iranian friends could be slightly more proactive on this and i hope the meeting of the foreign ministers of the group of six in new york will make a clear statement could confirm our readiness to resume talks and i hope that our meeting will have an impact and it will begin in the immediate future of silver but on the foreign minister's comments sort of follow angry displays at the un general assembly over the iranian president's speech how can we diminish as suggested that
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the u.s. could have been behind the nine eleven attacks his comments triggered a walkout from the assembly hall led by the u.s. delegation the iranian leader says he is now prepared to discuss the enrichment of uranium in his country and the talks could come as soon as next month. america could sit bear the brunt of a reverse brain drain as the economy in india expands highly qualified immigrants in the u.s. are doing a u. turn and heading back to their homeland are to press freedom when to find out why. ten years ago k.j. saying would have never imagined that he'd be back in india going overseas for higher education was something that the guys who did well in academics that was the first preference there weren't too many jobs in india. in the private sector and so i followed the plan this trend led sing to a ph d. a job at a prestigious research institute and ultimately the skills to start his own company
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but living the american dream wasn't enough the attraction for it is only when you're sort of doing news and you're sort of pushing the on the lope in terms of whatever you're doing and that really is synonymous with go out if you're looking to sort of grow to sort of learn new things this is that a place to be and this place is bangalore india. the city of six million exports more than thirty billion dollars of i.t. products every year amidst the hustle and bustle of congested roads and street markets is the sober jazz mean a tranquil gated community tucked in the corner of india's silicon valley many immigrants who have left the united states and come back to india have settled in gated communities like this one the residents here say that almost seventy percent of the people who live here came from abroad but one thing they can all agree on is that you definitely get more bang for your buck here in india in seems gated
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community residents can enjoy the olympic sized pool state of the art tennis courts and a playground where there are just as many maids as children to supervise the kids while their parents exercise it's a far cry from the lives these immigrants were leading in america other data databases a lot of the things get taken care of that made comes into the sweepings while being called in to cook twice a day and somebody comes into the clothes and while most cite india's growing economy as a reason for me. moving back they won't discount the quality of life as a perk to just ask pooja bhatt acharya she worked as an i.t. professional in the u.s. in a double income house but now says her life is better than avar as an indian homemaker i see definitely. you know up to the standard of living in the sense that you have a household. affordability is much better.
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it's good the going is good here it's comfortable it's your own country that tops it all and while the crew at the silver jasmine are living it up they can't help but wonder if their presence in the united states is missed the united states has enough people to support it so it should have been on employment situation before the indians come back to while many americans may view immigrants as taking jobs the reality is that indian and chinese immigrants created fifteen percent of the jobs in places of power like silicon valley but now that entrepreneurial spirit is being brought back to the place they started from the economy is definitely booming far more opportunities far more it is that they're going to work and the younger generation has a lot more things going on for them and this is good for them this is good for the country a country that gave them the wings to leave but ultimately the roots that drew them back preassure either our t. bangalore india. let me bring up today the main world news headlines this britain's
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opposition labor party chosen in the as its new leader an extremely close one competition he not only defeated his brother the former foreign secretary david miliband but just over one percent it took four rounds of lemonade to count the votes with preference wrote before the two said wiggs battle for the fifty percent needed to take over from ex-president. cashews had been reported between palestinians and israeli troops in the west bank these protests come a day before a freeze on jewish settlement building. palestinian territories is lifted fresh middle east talks mediated by u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is still ongoing however both israeli and palestinian officials say a peace deal is far from certain. somali pirates have seized a greek cargo ship with twelve ukrainians on board the european union's antipiracy force says the greek vessel sent a distress call before altering its course toward somalia there's been no contact
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with the ship since which was taking steel bars and wired to more issues lawless instability in somalia for the past two decades has fueled rampant piracy in the gulf of aden and the indian ocean. timer to take a journey with us are close out in about again transporting us to varied and inspiring regions of russia. so let's take a look at the map so we are today ok the teams traveled seven thousand kilometers from moscow to russia's far east island of succulent and today we continue our trip to one of the country's most exquisite regions as it is where natural beauty is only matched by unique wildlife and rich was all says however experts believe over a third of the area's rich and diverse ecology is endangered but his lecture is here ski explores now how this mesmerizing beauty is being protected.
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risking life or limb special troops to send the speeding boat in the middle of the pacific. coast guard in the russian far east this is an almost daily routine they fight cultures annual turnover of illegal fishing and mounts to millions of dollars . along with a team of officers we come on board a fishing boat they check documents to see whether the vessel had any right to fish here. this particular boat was legit but officer got a boost said this was an exception rather than a rule and xander told us of the biggest highlight of his three years of service here. we identified a vessel belonging to poachers we asked them to stop and fight flares they didn't reply so after an hour we had to open fire after about twenty minutes they stopped probably being too scared of us shooting at them that was one wild chase alexander
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came here from the other side of russia and despite nonstop action and hard work he enjoys his time here that is because he projects natural beauty from human harm the beauty which is visible from the very first glance. tucked in between the russian mainland japan and the circling island is the of minute on named after french seafarer who discovered it it is described as the pride of the sakhalin region we'll take a look at what's in store for us here. until two thousand and four the island was part of the boarders own and was completely restricted to visit is now the speech rest place is open to tourists unique plants and animals are its top attraction. which. it's a false story and it's why many endangered species by flora and fauna can be found
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here and to watch the world here is o.c. nique because of currents in the sea minor honest by might the panels are released . while some go to the sakhalin region to enjoy the sites others convert the island's nature's riches into a healthy dollar it is home to the biggest seafood processing factory in russia the tonight shock hundreds of thousands of tons of fish get caught in the nets too late to produce delicious salamon caviar and there's a serious tribute of any feast in russia the owner of the enterprise says a good fishing season can bring in more than one hundred million dollars net profit . and to a large extent this is old to do what succulent offers environmentally the tonight show operates in only and natural habitat farms selman the feed you have to give them a lot of. all sorts of matters in mind to biologics and things like you have to make sure that it actually survived and this is the natural environment and again while
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filming is certainly much better than many farms basis it's a natural product if you can see the fish is alive with delivery of life to the factory and you get the best product you can get a mild climate unique natural sites and delicious seafood succulent can offer a diverse holiday for those who are not afraid to travel ten thousand kilometers from europe the question is whether this distant land would ever be able to become a major tourist destination alexi russia ski r.t. reporting from the cycling region. beautiful scenery there is that next tonight our interview with professor cole one of the currency experts who filed a lawsuit in the german constitutional court against the greek bailout he told us he's more on that why helping greece in this way fundamentally bridges the basis of european monetary union.
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i'm in berlin with professor vilhelm hankel who is one of a group of currency experts who filed a suit with the constitutional court in germany against the greek bailout professor hackles that's very much for talking to r.t. now tell me about the complaint that with the court. is illegal because. we foresee it will be in community beta of this completely forbidden for a very simple reason
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a country which can current be bailed out with not photo financial and monetary disagreeing so all no doubt is a precondition for. your having i was a spade i have to feel so you're never be in future stable currency because of the deficit greek has already run case next cases are portugal spain ireland maybe italy and france so there's a real fear it's going in europe is your. become very very weak. currency inflated and so there's a reason why we started this is a complaint. must be fulfilled not so you maintain that. under the terms of that treaty a bailout is actually in the cold what outcome do you hope for if secord sharing
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of hugh sen german participation on since all the action. be stopped and i think we are coming back to. stability probably you see which is now freighting over a and maybe greek is forced to opt out and why not because the country is not very happy to see your weak country can do with the economy cannot share. monetary crap having. the ability and hard currency and what effect do you foresee for the rest of the year in saying if countries like greece and spain and possibly italy were forced to pull out i seem to see no real possible one that is
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smaller but harder monetary union not sixteen or seventeen members but only has ten or eight but countries. follows it all of this would be an option. whole experiment of union in my view would force not a union but but. how to see it in english. one could be in there sixteen sixteen countries shared one currency which is a nonsense political as well as in economic terms so if sis experimenting would be stopped there would go. to a national currency so germany to its advantage mark and why not join its mark there wasn't a particularly strong currency was it in there in the ten or twenty years leading up to the year how do you think that would have performed during the financial
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crisis i think in case our congress are coming back to national currency and to a german it was dark smart send we would have a clear cut split in your between countries depreciating and appreciating and germany sink given his high surpluses and counter current belong to his appreciating currency saying that shooting a currency is not the damage but it is a real do want to troubled country you get more real goods for your money so we would have. lower interest rate and better performance in the whole economy which we had before so your point if the euro did collapse in the year is a broke apart surely there would be a period of huge instability in countries like germany and throughout the year it's a war. it's a moment all countries have problems to you all because you will give him
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credit which is not the answer while the full source countries in the your so all accomplished even big deficits can't count which is high inflation rates are. capable to. get credit so this is the reason why greek and sours are all over it so after such an experiment and every country will come back to to stable condition so you can. one key is the value of the currency getting back competitive business which is very important for proctor better and so i was a. bit appreciate and diminish may be explored surpluses but again more prosperity in the home markets so each country of see you and build five against its national crisis for its national means and overcomes
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a crisis so it's a much better concept to master financial and to real economic crisis some economists say that europe will emerge from this crisis in better shape than it ever was before what do you say to that it's a moment your whole is subsidized currency so it is a v. currency but it is subsidized by a high inflationary intervention of so your central european central bank. which is the beginning of inflation period for you or. inflation for you means weak if not in a currency which is intolerable so since see two thousand years of monetary history all countries running and that it's like ours now. source and so it's crisis via monetary. lever liberation and evaluations of foreign
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exchange rate are an instrument in order to overcome a crisis and we need to see instrument i am optimistic after. opting out of the deficit countries form so you when you're not breaking downs are you and we will get after a short short period of. let's see. problems a very long time stupidity for you professor thank you very much.


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