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tv   [untitled]    September 26, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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today. you headlines now. u.s. officials with. many. political . across the continent.
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heats up. for that reason. to believe that the greek bailout is illegal. i'm in berlin with professor vilhelm hankel who is one of a group of currency experts who filed a suit with the constitutional court in germany against the greek bailout professor hackles that's very much for talking to r.t. now tell me about the complaint that you've launched with the colt so your whole idea. is illegal because of the twenty four. community beitar is completely forbidden for
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a very simple reason a country which can count to be bailed out will not follow the financial model. so all know it's a precondition for a stable you're. having now it's a spade we have to feel so you'll never be in future. because it requires all you want to let's face it our particular faith. maybe it will be around so this is a real fear. is flowing in. very very. inflated and this is the reason we started this complaint. must be fulfilled. so you maintain that under the terms of that a bailout is actually illegal what outcome do you hope for if secord is sharing.
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in german participation. be stopped and i think we are coming back to. stability probably the richest now fading away. maybe greek is forced to opt out and why not because the country is not very happy to see the weak country trying to receive the economy cannot share. monetary crap having hard towards for the ability and hard currency and what effect do you foresee for the rest of the year in saying if countries like greece and spain and possibly italy were forced to pull out i seem to see your possible one
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get smaller but harder monetary union not sixteen or seventeen members but only has ten or eight but countries. follows that all of this would be an option. whole experiment of. union in my view which was not the union but concubinage sixteen sixteen countries shared one cover which is a nonsense political as well as in economic terms so if sis experimenting would be stopped there would go to come back to national currency so germany to it's a gorgeous mark and why not the torch mark there wasn't a particularly strong currency was it in there in the ten or twenty years leading up to the euro how do you think would have performed during the financial crisis i think in case our congress are coming back to national currency and german it was
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dark smart send we would have a clear cut split in your between countries depreciating. appreciating and germany by seeing it given by surpluses and turning the current we've grown to appreciating something that is shaping our currency is not to damage but it is a real one to travel the country you get more real goods for your money so we would have a higher welfare lower interest rate and better performance in the whole economy bitch we had before your point if the euro did collapse and the year is broke apart surely there would be a period of huge instability in countries like germany and throughout the year i say. i see it happen. at the moment all countries have problems with your because the euro give him credit which is not worth while for source countries in
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a year or so on all accomplished even big deficit countries countries with high inflation rate. capability to get credit this is the reason rightly guns are ours ours are all over. so after such an experiment every country do come back to speak good english so you can. get back to the interest every week. has been appreciated and diminish made. exports to our places but in more prosperity in the home markets so each country of c. union will fight against this national crisis business means and overcomes the kaiser's so it's a much better concept to master financial and to real economic crisis some economists say that europe will emerge from this crisis in better shape than
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it ever was before what do you say to that it's a moment your whole is subsidized currency so it is a v. currency but it is subsidized by a high inflationary intervention of so your central european central bank which is the beginning of inflation period for you or and inflation for you means weak if not. junk a currency which is intolerable. so since thousand years of monetary story all countries running interpreted like ours now could source. crisis why are monetary. revalidation and people other racial problem exchange a moment in order to overcome a crisis and we need to see. i am optimistic after. opting out of
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the deficit countries former union operating down the union we will get after a short a short period of. let's see. into into. problems a very long time stability for you what about the consequences of a year a collapse outside the euro zone i'm thinking about its effect on the world financial markets some say that it will be cataclysmic much like the collapse of lehman brothers was what do you think i think the better off for for a ten or so and then. in the markets so markets need. items so you need. the prospect of collapsing upper europe that makes a case would be
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a moment of turmoil but only send markets can complete its people permanency is stable interest rate and come back to the normality of something. but important was much more important so markets. most of economies and economies need. to perform. and. see clips. of. really a real positive effect on the economies involved into your soul countries keep on joining the eurozone on the first of january estonia will become and then what's the effect on the union of having nice more diverse economies being part of the problem. look monetary union we have lessons from history can function only
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a limited period if you have no tomorrow on the external markets and it can function only among countries having to same stable conditions so i would say as a country smaller union it's a more cynical way to use a chance for stability before they had super formalized you or you when we had an informal monetary union in you or bounce a dutch mark serve us no contract with no property. or luxembourg but we should see exchange rates because we also can't. stay put stay but not by by the aid shipments and complex but because the markets fit together we have to very. intel ation between economies and we need to hit people from different countries so a monetary union is
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a good flick to instability inside it's a countries if you have to count with the abilities you have a defacto union and so it's forced the artificial. base of so your we have no common base of stability in the union we have been very weak base for the union and this is now becoming many fist what kind of a time scale do you think we're looking at for potentially collapsing to is very hard to say because economists like me can calculate trends but not dates so if our constitutional court will decide to have a quick sound i think and germany has to stop his participation in two years or union sends a day this is what i have. but nobody knows when. it's coming in reality so i'm quite sure. we have forecast the
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president because. you will it's the same go up my nose forecasting so you will video. put it to. the front because it's. not it's. economically strong i said political officials and so far i'm sure we. have to see the collapse of fuel but i cannot see it cannot confuse a pea sized state thank you very much.
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damage. but very little. key to our problem our own right. which brightened. the suns from funds to pressure in some.
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stunts on t.v. don't come. the
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headlines. at the un general assembly reached fever pitch as iranian president. and u.s. officials with noisy rhetoric many protested his attendance and president obama called. the recent success. political. is turning heads raising fears of growing nationalism across the continent. struggle for access to the region's vast resources heats up prompting russia to call for more cooperation for that reason the arctic nations gathered in moscow this week in an attempt to avoid
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clashes. the sporting news with the toddy. you're watching the sports news an r.t.a. and here is our headlines. russian leaders they need show the most against the south durham in one of seven days premier league highlights. in the cage challenge a nice muslims have tree gives to numb a mosque away three want victory over the visiting of on guard. and engulfed tiger woods will retain his number one status barring a record setting performance from phil mickelson on the final day of the tour championship meanwhile it's jim fury to say it's at the top before sunday's action . so for both of us stands on its relentless march to the second russian prime in a crowd in four years hit
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a new high on center day the biggest backside not showing up the biggest win of the season at the expanse of south zinni to receiving just reward for employing a normal out attack policy twenty five minutes into the game the on fire and he's on the pitch shuffle heading home an expert fashion their second came from the spot bunker was not it's believed he was abandoned in the penalty area and so did the referee who shook his international danny did the rest of the thirty three minutes and just moments later it soon became three picture of doing the hard part was a bitch with a tap in there. so that might have been forgiven for getting a little casual at this stage but i think maybe temporary price slack defending from thomas about channeling me trickery chance got to have a story of one who was restored right after the break though good shot both claimed his second off this from was it was that i'll. have a double after weren't finished yet. that's good circles hat trick to show me now
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has done enough to warrant a stop for russia against next month's world cup qualifier in dublin. the icing on the cake king viola sunder a scene a six one the final score up morris. reigning champions are being kept up the change though later in the day because on side the g struggling along one nil to put four points between themselves and the need by the leaders do hold a crucial two games in hand to tell and defend the salvatore book it was just signed from juneau office and went to mandela's magic disco still in the case one will display the sign. over in england chelsea have dropped the first points of the season manchester city winning the battle of the big spenders at a slants carlos tennis making a difference of minutes before the hour mark since he now sits second alongside manchester united and also the who themselves were shocked by west brom by goals
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passed away to training to kill first appearances and little poles last i'm still a stop to the season shows no sign of holding the two will go against sunderland keeping them stranded in the boardroom paul full of the table moving to france now where title holders olympic mall say moved up to fifth in the standings of traits you want to win over us all show the opening goal was an absolute dollar for the visit this tie a tie vote probably had a cross on his mind but the ball had a that's right i did find even that instead. and so most we can say why is the nigerian but looking up failed for in the open teammates of matthew dre it is too late with his reaction as small say grab the lead eighteen minutes into the match and fifteen minutes off the restart the hosts double delayed a lone for a win and loic remy has a war going solace with us the rest social pulled one back in the seventy fifth for a week without maurice the les but maul say held on for the win
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a boost of confidence for them ahead of wednesday's champions league game at chelsea. and the south atlantic. change the number one spot would be one of the women at the old retreat by yes boring the winner from a freaking knee on meanwhile remains stuck in the bottom with walk away from the first seven games and with those kind of results mode they may not be in charge of very much longer. and that shift gears to formula one the way fernando alonso is once again in the driving seat as he claimed his second straight poll for sunday's singapore grand prix that's why it's a nine year old achieving a remarkable turnaround after a slow start all the more you have a street circuit and then gene mapping problem slowing alone so down until the spaniard produced a blistering final round red bulls sebastian the towel will stop beside a loans on the greens with lewis hamilton behind that to be english went to the third with a small momentums with the two time world champion though the spaniard putting
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himself in a great position to follow up his winning makes me a fortnight ago with another one on the singapore streets. both of my daughters were. both out there and work similar in terms of up time because in the car you don't know what those are doing but i was quite happy with my lap on i didn't know if it was enough to be a circle move forth but i think we get the word hundred percent of the crowd today and so that was their main target for us. ok joe hockey now and now i'm also. on guard three want to help with straights when the visit is legit to get on the school board just three minutes into the game i want you to come and sing on the rebound you'll believe the number responded five minutes later though denise mausam of converting all the breakaway for the equalizer. and there was more to come from him midway through the second period the young forward schools the second to put the hosts on top and he completed his fast korea had
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a tree with an empty netter to garz fate late in the game. now russia's female basketball team is through to the second group stage of the world championships in the czech republic that often securing their consecutive victory over seventy seven fifty nine the final score that russia finish top of group d. standings and make it to the next round along with a second seeded czech republic. in goal for a record setting final round performance said the tour championship could see phil mickelson overtake tiger woods as world number one later on sunday but the lefties to fall behind the leaders up to three days meaning woods is likely to retain his status at least for another couple of weeks. sixty eight on saturday rickles and is tied for ninth so in shots behind and say it's a loan at the top of the shooting a bar round of seventy and they've done all that richard wilson i want shot back in second meeting both can still win the fed ex cup and it's jam million dollar bonus
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so kam fourth placed geoff ogilvy who trails spirit by three strokes. staying stateside for a classic rivalry all the baseball diamond with the red sox defeating their biggest opponents new york eight ounce or eight road victory made even sweeter of the boston with the yankees now out of the first place in the atlantic league east following the loss new york pitcher and deep it teeth still showing twenty over us to me second stopped after coming back from the disabled list. taking full advantage to hit a full year on home and making it three zero to the sox early on their baseball is a game where records are especially coveted and alex rodriguez has got an historic home broad number six hundred and sound false slamming sammy sosa for six overall a year old's commandable after a however in the gate and while that cost to al to inform the rest of the team for the ten to eight red sox victory. this year and finally russia continued to dominate their race make gymnastics world championships held here in waltz go their
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streets a having the medal tables winning almost every gold on offer so far richer the poor feel it now takes a look at the daunting task facing other nations seeking to break their russian domination. these world championships in moscow able to give the gymnasts a perfect bromance to see just how much they have to improve with the london olympics drawing ever closer however with the russians sweeping up almost every single gold available the future mitchell menace for their rivals that really think domestics has a long tradition in russia the country has a number of brilliant coaches while there is a lot of funding perhaps most importantly there are a number of girls come on to they did and want to compete however maybe some chinks developing in the host nations arma they could only finishing third in saturday's team iran defends the first time they failed to win a gold so far has been talents took first place such a defeat is rare for the russians have won every olympic rhythmic gymnastics gold
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since ninety nine to seeks the russians dominance of the sport despite saturday's hey come is largely down to having the world's best coaches and a large pool of talent from which to pick from. i think much of the case when they go it was. a complete. put up. to. try to. stop the fight. thank you. russia i'm a former soviet union the powerhouse abridgement gymnastics with the rest of the low playing catch up more and more coaches from the former u.s.s.r. and i working abroad to help countries who had little success in the pasta improve . to be the old conquering russians in the team all run competition there is hope for a number of nations with the london olympics lesson two years away. but you don't
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see. that slate this is called for now stay tuned for a check on the wild weather. hungry for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. are close enough that we are going to. put it back on track.
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we'll have a rally we'll sell lots of beer will. they will wear uniforms that will damage is the black and them anything but very little damming the way. they are the key to our problem are already.
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in most go. in hotels. toto keep this. nice twist.


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