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efforts to establish a system of collective security nine hundred thirty three and it still. has to be learned from the munich agreement on. this week's up top stories arabian president. sent to the state u.n. general assembly spunking us. speech may mean america is behind that. but also saying his country's top talent. has all three is all right freedom almost doubles it. from him actions we see war games it play to win and how it follows victory on the immigration policies elsewhere in europe and made an uprising islamic faith. competition of all standards he was
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a listen to the baltic brings nations of the current state to moscow to see compromise and cooperation for the future. but i won't welcome to you this is live from moscow with me alice had it the war of words between us under rainy and president's at the u.n. general assembly this week has left much of the rest of the debate in new york in the shade. sharply criticized within their jobs for his claims that america was behind the nine eleven terror attacks remarks which led to a walkout by u.s. and western nations but despite that while the iranian president says he's ready to resume negotiations over his country's nuclear program. the report. the fanfare on the streets of new york this week. no one could miss the spectacle
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of more than one hundred ninety world leaders descending upon the united nations for the annual general assembly. but stealing the spotlight on the world stage a face off between iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad and u.s. president barack obama obama defended u.n. sanctions the u.s. has spearheaded over iran's nuclear program though he called for dialogue on the door remains open to diplomacy should iran choose to walk through. the dialogue awkward in a job responded with drove the u.s. and european union delegations out of the assembly hall all together he claimed nine eleven was an inside job by america. all of us with the most people believe that some segments within the u.s. government has traded the attack to reverse the decline in the u.s. economy and his group in the middle east in order to save the zionist regime. may
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have lost some of his audience inside the halls but he continued the conversation in public when you're smiling do you believe or started that the government had to have out alive and in what seemed like interviews with almost every network and you had a captive audience on the street voted to have a drawing activist to protest against his visit almost daily how do. you pump and circumstance aside ahmed in a job said he may return to the negotiating table if the security council plays nice. iran has always be ready for a dialing based on respect and justice and the international community warned of where an escalation in the conflict could lead and the forces used against iran i believe this would be the shortest way to the radicals in their own. truly and decided that no that we will struck we must have. been talk of n d g's or
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millennium development goals of fighting hunger and poverty amidst a global recession countries were more measured in making pledges for too long we've measured our efforts by the dollars we spoke of the food that we delivered through the conference concluded with deep concern that the un is falling far short of conquering problems such as world poverty and malnutrition it appeared no country yesterday we did the morris they're. still short of conquering their hunger with the finest cuisine new york has to offer but this time of the year you have the fresh french fry truffle so we do our make up out of there were black truffle sauce and i will shave the truffle staple sides and after a week of traffic truffles and talk the price is already packing up despite debates continuing next week as global problems persist the u.n.g.a. remains a convenient place for leaders to share their opinions and ideas if people hope
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that they care even if nothing changes after this week as to whether any of the rhetoric becomes reality or that we're just going to have to wait and see next year or in leicester artes you are. now taking the role stream of the un general assembly many participants talked about mutual obligations of democracy and human rights but some critics think the host nation should take a closer look at domestic abuse is before preaching to the rest of the world. as world leaders gathered at the united nations today we must. be living up to our mutual responsibility the voice of america took to the podium in the universal declaration of human rights. we recognize the inherent dignity and rights of every individual yet three miles south from barack obama's lecture on moral principles one woman languishes in this federal jail behind me stripped many
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say of all her dignity allegedly at the hands of u.s. officials. pakistani born u.s. educated a neuroscientist mother of three and a doctor u.s. mainstream media jobbed levy. a so-called terrorist never charged with committing an act of terror i mean i think his story is really just a symbol of a broader problem which has gone largely unnoticed which is that there are you know hundreds and if not thousands of people who have been disappeared at the hands of. you know either the bush administration or we don't know perhaps it continues into the obama administration and have never there is the captors have never been held to account family spokesperson. says before publicized arrests in two thousand and eight the mit graduate was tortured beaten and secretly detained
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in the notorious prison she was kidnapped in pakistan with her three children in march of two thousand and three no one knows where they are for a period of five years until of course the united states government announces that she is in custody in afghanistan and foster says he is among the countless faces illegally swept up by a known forces fighting this so-called global war on terror we believe that the u.s. cover. a man had a role in her disappearance and imprisonment for the missing five years. overseas siddiqi has become known as the daughter of pakistan. thousands have stormed the streets. proclaiming her a victim of america's post nine eleven justice system a system creating more enemies than friends this was never about count yet this was about the u.s. trying to see if it's being something that you should you can you just did that but
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what did you do in that in in the process was that it smashed it's one thing that it stood for and that was the power of justice and it has just lost that and that is in front of the will was amnesty international headquartered in manhattan for decades was staging noisy worldwide campaigns to free people they say are political prisoners often as far as burma or north korea but not in the case of a city who was imprisoned and tried next door in new york city key supporters sara flounders says the so-called pioneers of human rights abroad have blatantly turned away from a horrific problem here at home not to address us on the where people are held and under horrendous conditions for true abuse held in solitary confinement the first obligation always to address the issues and the conduct of your own
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government thursday morning after he was sentenced to eighty six years in prison her crime attempted assault against a u.s. soldier yet the alleged crimes against her never investigated it's been absolutely horrifying to see that obama who ran for president as the anti bush and who was so adamantly opposed to the perversion of the united states constitution to see. now the continuation of all of these policies that he has adopted from the bush administration has been absolutely outrageous thank you very much. marina portnoy r.t. new york. coming up later this hour venezuelans go to vote the country goes to the polls in parliamentary elections as a rich person's point. was.
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i think it's just a power struggle. to. balance in the big apple way or in more people to say about america's economic situation. israel's moratorium on sacrament construction in the west bank is set to expire within the hour the government imposed the ban a ten months ago was a move towards peace talks with palestinians all they've warned construction of the west bank would mean that their withdrawal from the new round of negotiations currently under way under american mediation jewish settlers in the area to celebrate the left by laying a foundations for a new buildings the israeli government has ignored pleas from the international community to extend the moratorium in the light of the ongoing peace talks well earlier. the view about a severe right value. in jerusalem. so i put the
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question to you do you think that an end to this moratorium will help the peace process be the end of it. i don't think that freezing jewish building in judea and some area has anything to do with peace whatsoever we have i misidentified what the cause of of not having peace here is the cause is the arab world at large and the palestinians in particular are not accepting the right for the do to have a state here and so therefore the phrase has nothing to do with peace whatsoever and never did what do you think should be the next step in order to bring peace to the region first of all we need to keep on freezing after keep on freezing we have to get into serious negotiations in order to find a truly trivial solution to the church disputing the list and after having some kind of two states for two nations solution in the land of israel and then we'll be able to say that we really have bring to peace the camp that mr berger
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represents has almost disappeared from the israeli political scene at their representatives in knesset are almost completely gone in the parliament because israelis have woken up and they realize that this messianic idea of the far left they're all we have to do is say what we think is right and everything will fall into place is just absurd and what we're doing most israelis is actually listening to what the arabs have to say and giving respect to what they say deserve a country of their will is not just the jewish people like me we believe. this and you know we have to keep on freezing jibbing and. you know that you catch israel into a real peace within a few years we have. israel maybe maybe losing. weight with you and harold you to meet exist. now when looking for votes some politicians gauge a trade union some try to sweet talk the media but all serious right wing freedom
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party has painted its hopes on an anti muslim computer game whatever the cause that its share of the vote in sunday's regional elections doubled he could have got out and take a look at the game that's hit a raw nerve in austria and may have helped cause the readings of democrats majority . watch the bye-bye mosque game as simple as its message they came and shoot down as many new mosques as you can as they rise relentlessly above asters alpine skyline if you're not quick enough the country is islam wised up that is so we are defending our rights our traditions our culture we don't want to be dissolved into islam nor do we want there to be parallel islamic societies in our country we released by the right wing freedom party as part of its bid for election and the regional government in styria austria second largest
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province the game has hit the wrong nerve within twenty four hours it received more than two hundred thousand web hits within a week it was bam the computer game may have been just a small part of a political campaign but the reaction has been nothing but a firestorm of outrage there around five hundred thousand muslims in austria together with the greens their community leaders sued the freedom party emotions in the game and islam is a reality if we want to build mosques we will build the many with i have a vision of the future where every town and city in austria has a mosque with a minaret that people can see from the air it's a in. the judicial authorities up hold the complaint and ruled it again went beyond the perceptible discussion forcing the freedom party to take it down from its website in one of the numbers who played the game show that islam is a very important issue again thanks to us it was talked about in the first place but the judicial system is meddling in politics and stopping a free discussion of many say the ban has had the reverse effect because not even
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a single minute in styria and less than two percent of the population of muslim. the freedom party failed to get the single seat of the last election now it's expected to put a dent in the ruling coalition of two centrist party to hear it will be a change in the whole system because i have to feeling it's already beginning to like what they like to this position themselves as like. the resistance of the true option people which is kind of been suppressed by the status quo if the freedom party performs well it will fall in the footsteps of recent successes by far right parties in sweden belgium and the netherlands. it appears that no longer can the centrist parties ignore the voices of those alone by islam and immigration or they risk being penalized at the ballot box. party gratz steria.
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terry killings things run by america's intelligence agency have now taken the u.s. led war beyond all at least those are the claims that a new book called the bombers was by veteran journalist bob woodward woodward says the secret army of some three thousand afghan fighters said to hunt al qaeda and the taliban now in full trying to pakistan the revelation comes amid another book accountable or pentagon officials destroyed thousands of copies of an army reservist memoir about fighting in afghanistan everything is revealed military secrets. cassy from the think tank project for pakistan of the twenty first century says the death squads may become a major source of problems for both afghanistan and pakistan. but the united states continues to rely on warlords in afghanistan when when i heard about the mercenary force of three thousand well trained of guns i still there's one part of the story that is still missing and that is where these three thousand of gun
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volunteers for this mercenary army came from and i have no doubt about the answer to this question and that is they came and they were recommended by some of the warlords and these warlords are really milking the u.s. government and the u.s. military they're making a lot of money and of course we all know the story of what happened in toto back in november and in december two thousand and one when it was some of bin laden actually escaped from total vote of thanks actually to the very allies of the u.s. military the of gone warlords who some of them according to reports took money and let many almost one thousand al qaeda fighters really scape and this confirms actually that we will have problems about these militias and these mercenaries getting out of control at some point in the future. but as well as the voting in parliamentary elections being seen as a crunch test for the ruling policy of president hugo chavez out of boycotting the previous poll in two thousand and five position is trying to win back seat to
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change the country's political course away from the left around two hundred fifty thousand police would a poor way to cross the country ahead of voting with a seventy percent electoral turn up predicted hundreds of easy out that support the result would hinge on who emerges victorious from the showdown between the country's rich and poor. it's an outstanding view from the top of one of the finest hotels in caracas venezuela. but on the ground there is a different reality a class war between the wealthy and the poor a battle that has been playing out here in venezuela since president chavez came to power in one thousand nine hundred eight it happened in almost every election and this one is no exception. it is what has politically mobilized both sides of the class divides leading to scenes as distinct as day.
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and night. for the people of venezuela are calling one of the most important election this year what stake here is that building the national assembly whoever gave the majority of the national assembly will have the authority to pass the laws in this country. and so the birds build into the shade tree both for and against the chavez system the system we have right now but it's not. working for poor people that's why people love chavez because we can go to the neighborhood today we have free education we have preferred before chavez came to power and the poor were marginalized in venezuela according to statistics from the venezuelan national statistic. office poverty in this country has dropped by seventy percent in only fourteen years that's a bit us women before chavez it was like a long night the poor were excluded from the country's wealth this represents our aspirations for freedom and emancipation because chavez sees people as human beings
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he fights for us but the opposition has different views also look at how it truly is not just destroyed venezuela has destroyed latin america has destroyed our values as citizens he has brought out the worst of us so if the worst means foreign money to help their cause it's not sitting well with most of the venezuelan people and government newspapers articles exposing hefty figures from u.s. government funded n.g.o.s are causing venezuelans to cry foul in this election and sustain the money is going directly to opposition forces to states make whatever they want not around the world and nobody said nothing so they are angry because we are saying something about that. that however the opposition refuses to acknowledge there is a link between dollars pouring into this country and their campaigns are going to get rid of chavez through votes in the market that's why we're going to vote on september twenty sixth against chavez a socialist communist project twenty first century socialism hasn't helped us it
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has hurt us but we post chavez elements also insist the opposition is composed of the wealthy elite with a prejudice towards majority poor. i hate discrimination and that is what the opposition that's white people don't trust and they discriminate good like they were there the whites over here the indians over there i am white powerful you know no no no from day to night both sides are behind two different messages. one calling for a balance in a parliament dominated by the governments parties and a more capitalist system. the other praising the political structure currently in place one with the socialist agenda because depending on which way the pendulum swings in this election the governing system of venice while a will ultimately follow john huff is r.t. could arcus venezuela. we have lots more coming up on the program for you including . the streets of russia. made
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a pair of the late brother one month ago. took the pen down from the for the walk not run russian roulette with it. now u.s. census figures show america's poverty level is that it's highest for a hundred years wars in iraq and afghanistan along with the turmoil of the financial crisis blamed for the grim statistic resident asks people on the streets of new york how bad they think the situation really is. the u.s. census bureau released a report indicating that about forty four million americans or one in seven live below the poverty level that's the highest it's been in over half of that injury what or who's to blame for this this week let's talk about that is that the prising
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not consider in obama's policy you know the pinkies the blame for where we're at right now well he's partially to blame he's put the whole country and. so how are we going to get out of it. get rid of obama money we are fighting two wars and i think they are costing a lot of money so obviously that's having a significant effect on the economy and obama inherited these wars so i don't think we can blame him i've lost faith in the government i think it's just a power struggle in washington now that's what i think it's kind of like everyone saying what they're supposed to be saying for their party but no one's concerned about doing anything that's one way of putting it i suppose i would say the mortgage mortgage dilemma. loaning money that we don't have to people that can afford it to begin with and i think that was the beginning of it do you think that's going to turn around any time soon are we going to just see more. i hope i hope it turns around i think it's i think it's on the upswing there would be no middle class just poverty class and the rich class that would have you tube it is
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so you think that the middle class is kind of disappearing in this country i think it's definitely it's definitely. not so much disappearing but it's definitely not as big as it as it used to be i mean you know growing up my parents always said that the middle class was a lot bigger and times were a lot easier like a lot of people tend to react and take a lot of things for granted. well those things that we really have and you know we have a lot more than several other countries in the world i'm just going to get complacent that things we're going to debate we should focus and what we do have instead of what we don't have a now so. the bottom line is that no matter. who or what is to blame for this high level of poverty let's just hope someone or something can do something about it. cost north american made it safely back on saturday after a technical glitch in orbit threaten their return the crew currently in
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a stunning rehabilitation center in the moscow region for the first time the soyuz spacecraft failed to on from the international space station on time on the journey was spoken by a day the problem was fixed on the second attempt hats went smoothly for space travelers landed safely in kazakhstan after spending almost six months on board the i assessed three crew members who made the station ready to welcome the next team who is scheduled to leave for albeit on october eighth. ready servants were taking place all across russia on sunday as part of the country's national running day in moscow it was no exception participants range from celebrities to top runners and they had to complete a five kilometers run around the capital's historic landmarks eighty's daisy bivins put on a train is and took on the challenge. runners here are the streets of russian capital hadn't made a paper ballot in late brother run months ago by a pavement how to test the can come from the i prefer to walk not run crowd rushing
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. runners. i want see. here. i want to. hear. one racer came from manchester england to raise money and awareness for russian orphanage it's a race because so far it's a good distance just two hundred forty kilometers a place so for three weeks. three continents to raise money for north beach just north east all the marathon is meant to inspire a healthy living it's also meant to inspire those robots reserve. down but. not for the trauma of this event is that races are able to take an historic site of the city at night and do it in a party atmosphere and speaking
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a party once the event is over that's when the celebration began with the free concert at home. running in the streets on sunday as another round the race took place in seven hundred people in the seats around seven kilometers along the river thames on sunday they were used to raise awareness of the species which is near extinction the number taking paul is the same as the tiny population of mountain gorillas believed to remain in the wild around two hundred forty thousand dollars raise for the great to win organization which is dedicated to pry my conversation. and in all the headlines from around the world with close to detention camp for asylum seekers in brussels demonstrators say their protest. against the imprisonment of refugees he lacked identification documents earlier this month the european commission and nouns are planned to toughen immigration laws. at least twelve
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polish tourists have been killed after their bus collided with a car before hitting a bridge in germany the bus with forty nine poles on their way back from holiday in spain crash near berlin police believe the bus was a force from the road by a car merging into traffic potence prime minister donald skin the country's health minister had flown to berlin to visit survivors and the crash site. it's the main stories i'll be back with a recap of the headlines in just a few minutes. struggling
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