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tv   [untitled]    September 26, 2010 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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his own say that these are this week's top stories iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad is sent to stage at the do on general somebody sponsoring under u.s. led to come out with these speeches claiming america was behind the nine eleven it's months but also say his country is open to talks on its culture about a nuclear iran. is on the way and venezuela is the entry election in a contest seen as a battle between rich and poor and also expected to be a stiff test of the popularity of leftist nida who got shot. in the kitchen for the last adventure of resources beneath the oxygen brings nations would probably stake to moscow the state compromise and cooperation for the future. as the headlines up next he's a lower average talks to a professor. a concept who believes the greek you are a bailout is indigo. i'm
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in berlin with professor vilhelm hankel who is one of a group of currency experts who filed a suit with the constitutional court in germany against the greek bailout professor that's very much for talking to r.t. now tell me about the complaint that you've launched with the colt so your whole idea. is illegal because of the treaty for. your community. is completely forbidden for a very simple reason a country which can count to be bailed out will not follow the financial model. so all know it's a precondition for a stable so you're. having now suspended are you have to feel so you'll never be in trouble. because it's too late there's only one
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next case is our particular faith. maybe you can hear from. this is a real fear. is flowing in. from. the. inflated and this is a reason we started this complaint. must be fulfilled not so you maintain that under the terms of that treaty a bailout is actually called what outcome do you hope for if secord is sharing. in german participation. be stopped and i think we are coming back to. stability probably the richest are fading away. maybe greek is forced to opt out
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and why not because the country is not very happy to see the weak country trying to reassume the economy cannot share. monetary crap having hard towards for stability and hard currency and what effect do you foresee for the rest of the year in saying if countries like greece and spain and possibly italy were forced to pull out i seem to see the or possible one get smaller but i have a monetary union not sixteen or seventeen members but only has ten or eight but countries. follows that all of this would be an option. to your whole experiment of. union in my view which was not the union but concubinage sixteen sixteen countries
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share one cover which is a nonsense political as well as an economic so if see this experiment bill be stopped there would go to come back to a national currency so germany to search my heart and why not the torch mark there wasn't a particularly strong currency was it in the in the ten or twenty years leading up to the euro how do you think it would have performed during the financial crisis i think in case our congress are coming back to national currency and germany smart send we would have a clear cut split in your between countries depreciating. appreciating and germany pricing given the surpluses and some of the current we've grown to appreciate so you're saying that the shaping of currency is not the damage but it is a real one to travel the country you get more real goods for your money so we would
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have a higher welfare lower interest rate and better performance in the whole economy beach we had before your point if the euro did collapse and the year is broke apart surely there would be a period of huge instability in countries like germany and throughout the year i say. it's a moment all countries have problems with your because you will give him credit which is not worthwhile for source countries in a year or so on all accomplished even big deficit countries countries with high inflation rate. capability to get credit this is the reason reagan's hours are all over. so after such an experiment every country becomes very. stable. so you can.
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get back at it with an interest every week. has been appreciated and diminish made. exports to our places but again more prosperity in the home markets so each country of see you when you're in will fight against this national crisis of his national means and overcomes a crisis so it's a much better concept to master financial and real economic crisis some economists say that europe will emerge from this sovereign debt crisis in better shape than it ever was before what do you say to that it's a moment your whole is subsidized comes so it is a v. currency but it is subsidized by a high inflationary intervention of say your european central bank which is the beginning of inflation period for you or and inflation for you means
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a weak if not. junk currency which is intolerable. so since thousand years of monetary story all countries running interpreters like ours now. source. says why are monetary. revalidation and people of racial problem exchange a moment in order to overcome a crisis and. so far i'm optimistic after. opting out of the deficit countries former union operating downs a union we will get after a short short period of. let's see. into into. problems a very long time stability for you what about the consequences of a year a collapse outside the euro zone i'm thinking about its effect on the world
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financial markets some say that it will be cataclysmic much like the collapse of lehman brothers was what do you think i think the better off for for a ten or so and then. turmoil in the markets so markets need. data. items so you need. to protect them collapsing upper europe makes a case would be a moment of turmoil but only send markets can complete the stable currency is stable interest rate and come back to the. same thing. but importantly as much more important markets. of economies and economies need. to perform and.
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see clips. of. really a real positive effect on the economies involved into your country's keepon joining the euro zone on the first of january estonia will become and then what's the effect on the union of having these more diverse economies being part of the problem. look monetary union we have lessons from history can function only a limited period if you have no tomorrow on the external markets and it can function only among countries having to same stable conditions so i would say is a contrary smaller union it's a more cynical way to it's a chance for stability before they had super formalized you or you when we had an
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informal monetary union in your bounce a dutch mark was no contract with no property. or luxembourg but a sure exchange rate between all sorts of countries where staple stay but not by by arrangements and complex but because the markets fit together they had to very. intel a shared between the economies and we need to hit people from different countries so a monetary union is good flecked instability inside it's a countries if you have to count with the abilities you have a defacto union and so it's forced the artificial. base of so your no common base of stability in the union we have been very weak base for the union and this is now becoming many faced what kind of
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a time scale do you think we're looking at for potentially collapsing to it's very hard to say because economists like me can calculate trends but not dates so if our constitutional court will decide to have a quick send i think and germany has to stop his participation in two years or union sends a day is is what i have. but nobody knows when. it's coming in reality so i am quite sure the view that we have for cost the president because when he started so your will is the same go up my nose one forecasting so you will video not steve sitting on the same politicians sought to be funny because. that's what. he could not make laws are strong us and political officials and so far i'm sure we
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will. have to see. collapse of to your will but i cannot see i cannot think if he was a precise date professor thank you very much. i
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was. just. wealthy british stock.
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market. find out what's really happening to the global economy. for a no holds barred global financial headlines kaiser reports. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. today. these truths told stories raimi and president mahmoud ahmadinejad is center stage of the drug trade also made spontaneous and it ended u.s. led war with his speech claiming america was behind the nine eleven months but also
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say his country so told so that it's controversial nuclear program. as well as go into the polls in poland ensure that shows with the result of ways was in a context seen as a battle between rich and poor and also expect a sixth term for the popularity of leftist you get this. competition for the false energy resources or beneath the altar greens nations with a potent stake to moscow to see the miners and corporation for the future. this is all see coming to you for coming up next the sports news with. you're with sports today here on twenty four r.t. i'm you know these are headlines keeping in contention c.s.k. moscow dominated f.c.
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tom to consolidate third place in the premier league with the season into its final third. top gear fernando alonso produces a textbook race from pole to win the singapore grand prix and move up to second in the driver standings. as you wear the boston red sox don arch rivals the new york yankees for the second time in as many nights. more not coming up but. be overwhelming favorites to be crying russian football champions this year but c.s.k. moscow certainly have not given up the chase the army men easing two or three when away to f.c. tom on sunday no waiting around for this one with less than a minute on the clock wagner love picks up the ball and finds the net exquisitely the man with the blue hair will he think a big part and number two as well love taking the defender out of the equation to be fourteen off see do who knocks home for two no forty minutes the second half
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was one we assess for traffic as well but the muscovites didn't have the ball pass the time line again until the death nest each of them on sweeping up the remnants three male the final score at six thirty eight points behind metres and eight with exactly a third of the season enough to play. because cross city rivals the exact opposite look on the day the blue and white scoring die and three nil it home to spark technology chick. got the ball rolling just after the high. mark messi goal then made it to nil at the beginning of the second period again in the right place and he claimed his hump trick late on the twenty two year old proving the king of the six yard box but really the defense must take the lion's
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share of blame for this one three in the capital fourth and well in contention for european football next season. somewhat of a shock in the days final match up of rock bottom getting back to winning after three straight defeats. disappears edging. off home to a minute header from big international. severe room in the last but their fourth win of the year should at least restore some confidence. they made to. round out the day. one to. only their second win since july probably the best striker in the russian league this year ukrainian alexander ally of netting the real womens first in the. ok let's talk english football now being the best of days for. alex ferguson's men on
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able to take full advantage of chelsea slip off earlier in the weekend. needing to come from behind twice to salvage a point against both and when that would have seen the reds move to within a point to chelsea to themselves their first points of the season against man city . aston villa up to fifty two one win over wolves newcastle stoke couldn't be separated after ninety minutes. was a dramatic night on the formula one track with fernando alonso holding off sebastian vettel to clinch is fourth the winner of the year in singapore the twice former champion are just eleven points behind leader mark. weber in the overall scheme of things that spawn you're making the most odd of his pool position on the night street circuit red bull sebastian vettel pushed in the whole way with teammate mark webber managing to survive a collision which knocked out of the race seven time champion michael schumacher also putting nick heidfeld in a spin on the brain of
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a certain things heating up for heikki kovalainen the fins lotus clearly in need of a cool down at the end of it although it was along. just two of the second with webber in third four races remained this. now the clash billed as the game of the weekend in the kontinental hockey league have a distinctly individual flavor to it on saturday denise of putting his name in lights. off guard for their third straight win the visitors were the first to get on the scoreboard just three minutes in but i'm on getting behind the lead. responded five minutes later the old converting on the breakaway i was plenty more to come from the youngster midway through the second young forward does it all himself with the hosts on top. of completing his first career huck trick with an empty netter to see the album cards late in the game three one the final stewards
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now a sitting pretty. russia's female busta ball team are through to the second group stage of the world championships in the czech republic offer they reported their third consecutive win over argentina this time seventy seven fifty nine the final score thus finishing top of group d. to prove into the next stage the united states spain on raving champions astri are the other on the fitted squads. to put the bad a wall full record at the finals they have lost in the decider of the previous three championships all right that brings us on to the diamond where boston may have won two big bottles but the war. for the post season is just heating up the red sox beating arch rivals the new york yankees for the second straight night on the road boston though still not guaranteed a wildcard playoff spot a sunny day in the bronx with the sox seeking to overcome the gloom of their recent struggles david ortiz enjoying good form at the top of the third inning boston
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a three zero lead big papi striking again in the fifth collecting his ninetieth r.b.i. of the season and helping the visitors to a four nothing lead the yankees going on to lose it seven three but they do have a chance at redemption on sunday the red sox will most likely need to win six of their next eight to secure that wildcard spot. right that brings us on to golf where it was a night of firsts in parlous with rookie john pari lifting the vivendi cup title for his maiden european true when the twenty three year old englishman holding his nerve like a veteran of the gulf to join with force corey following up a birdie on the seventh hole with another one on the tenth putting himself in solid tension for the win put for a par enough to clinch the title in the it didn't break the heart of finishing seventeen on the par for the event you hunted for as was the long sweet and second place while this compacted on halfway stage the only example on was in
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a five way tie for third ok let's head over to germany where a pair of kenyans overcame dump conditions to outlast the field at the berlin martha. patrick maku. a tad smarter in his stride than compacted geoffrey mutai on the day the twenty five year old can bring the forty two kilometer distance and two hours five minutes and eight seconds just fifteen seconds off the pace if you've been boss you work kook rounded off the podium workers come puffy it's where on the mark in the women's portion of the race a bird who can bet on those who nash kelly their top two their weight japanese tomo marie moto in third let's finish by heading on to the mutts were sunday so the finale of the world with mick gymnastics held here in moscow russia have been
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dominating proceedings all week long didn't alter too much on day six constantly but top off went along for us. it's the first time russia has hosted the biggest two and two north when jimmy sticks so the pressure was high as the country is the clear trend setter in the sport but you know the law is being done to make this who are even more popular here with. sticks around the world it's easy to work with a ration a real pleasure many a full coach's work at brule to increase the level to next six worldwide nevertheless we should continue the progress of the sport and we have a project for development. but pressure not the house swept all around them the proverbial nerves of steel very much in evidence with a tally of eight gold five and one bronze medal russia absolutely dominated the thirteenth world championships the russians have always said that more high for their challengers and on this occasion no nation came close to emulate ing them
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again a kind of approved way she's simply the best overshadowing the field would have flo is routines the twenty year old gymnast getting three gold and a silver to have medal cabinet however the olympic champion can be fully satisfied with the result as last year come i won five gold medals and sensationally this a year in one thousand didn't reach the final of the ribbon a band that on i went to. long with the to conduct cooler shoulder more than ready to challenge to any of gania for a slice of her employer. competition is thus rife for a place on the national team and that can only be good ahead of the olympic games in london in two years' time russia climbed atop the podium in all but a single group final losing to reigning champions italy in one of the three deciders. we're very very pleased with their performance and their results i don't think we could even dream of getting a higher score it's extremely hard to compete with the russian team so i think we did very well. looking back over the six days of the world championships the
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inaugural games held in russia were enormous success for the host it all by as well for record hold at london twenty twelfth consigning but out of our team. is your support for this hour i'll see you soon but they stick around the world whether it's coming your way and just to take. culture is that so much of the taxpayers' money coming to heights is never a real mystery it is more of a undocumented immigrants or even legal aliens a label to protect or punish as an anti immigration. on. more news today violence is once again flared up.
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these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are all today.
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1930's england and france tried to reason with hitler's germany demands forgotten land and gets its way they also have been traded a safety net for themselves nineteen thirty nine the whole of europe is involved in war efforts to establish a system of collective security nine hundred thirty eight failed and it's still on the agenda. the lessons to be learned from the munich agreement on our t.v. . this week's top stories for you ready and president mahmoud ahmadinejad is center stage at the do un general assembly sparking under u.s.
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led will come out with a speech claiming america was behind the nine.


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