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as russia's largest trading partner last year. and ceremony commensurate with the trade volumes meeting for the fifth time this year presidents of russia and china both stressed this to t.g. components of their alliance. russia and china are committed to strategic partnership concerning all issues it helps our countries to adjust to a constantly changing geopolitical situation we have good coordination concerning the international agenda and regional issues or ling the joints of diplomatic corps reality our russian hydrocarbons about four hundred thousand barrels of russian crude crosses the border each day when these pipeline the first between the two neighbors reaches its full capacity next year the amount will triple along to russia among other things to diversify its supply markets away from western europe . you have these alliances not without reservations over the recent years russia
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scaled back its weapon sales to china due to concerns that beijing may copy the designs and later on in other foreign military markets. trying to buy some more for example before we quit mint and then produce those that equipment it's by itself so of course it's also reduces the boredom of military trade between russia and china but there's also something that russia would like to borrow from china back in the fifty's the soviet union spared no means to industrialize its communist neighbor but now it seems the tables have turned the russian officials now preoccupied with an idea of modernization with very much like to copy china's economic miracle. to war in the recent decades china made a breakthrough in high technology and called duration in these field is mutually beneficial for all countries nowadays we both have some ideas and experience to share with each other so we have a great perspective in the high tech. but do you third's of the cabinet traveling
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with the president russian delegation in china proved among the largest in recent years and they all did their homework for the course of this visit russian officials took a particular liking to side in confucius and china scholar how among other things had by peaceful or again developing friendship with somebody who can a teacher any good well china is definitely not the case this country has made such a dramatic leap forward that even a former communist big brother russia is more than willing to learn from it from a boycott or facing china. or call them over from a mosque a state university of international relations says wall washer is concerned about energy supplies here of winning in the chinese market will not be an easy task either. russia is concerned with the situation in europe whether this situations in those two regions are quite different now the situation is in europe
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is quite settled and we are not witnessing any off gas or oil wars this direction right now however with the channel we see some controversial issues yes we did agree about all supplies and we did agree about gas supplies we should remember quite well the china is also the r.c. flying suppliers not only russia is they are supplying its supplies. we know the china is building very good relations with central asian states with australia with salva stations there are plans to supply gas to china as well but there are no agreement on the exact process right of the moment. tourists and service aboard a boat sailing towards the gaza blockade say they expect israel to intercept them
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there campaigners say their objective is to show not all jewish people support their government's policy towards the palestinians will be attempts to deliver humanitarian aid comes almost four months after an israeli raid on another theater ended with night at his being killed the incident was condemned worldwide and labeled a brutal and disproportionate attack the jewish state still claims the incident was self-defense and considers the turkish charity which led the patella terrorist thing to hamas assays paula slater investigates. the pictures like catapulted a relatively little known him go on to the world stage in the world in which we live today where both eyes or ears or sympathize with are also being called terrorists it's no wonder that i age is being accused in this way the turkish charity first popped up on the cia's radar four years ago it's been banned in israel in germany who say it strongly linked with hamas in gaza blasting ismail humans would call him soft as a terrorist he's
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a father of three and says he boarded the ship for gaza for his three daughters in a gaza the children should have a right to live freely we want this so i joined that organization if another event of this kind was organized i would go again sit up in the early ninety's to help bosnian muslims the i h h or humanitarian relief foundation has offices in one hundred twenty countries where are the roads the people that are in need we will go room troll or solidarity for these peoples and it shows solidarity in pakistan if you know levanon indonesia iraq china as well as with the palestinians we help hospitals schools we have the old impress me how we are positives for the peoples cannister new writer had a commie says is. is trying to portray the group as a terrorist one in order to try and justify the deadly flotilla raid in the immediate after most of world condemnation of what israel had done in these really
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is. mounted a defense which was you know we're quite clever but with but not based on any on any facts it's enough for the investigators to decide to a key israel and the united nations each with the only inquiry policia r.t. . a recent un report came to the conclusion that israel's military broke international laws and taught to un watch that's a group that's part of the american jewish lobby that moss's the activities of the united nations is effective direct secular knew or believed that the ongoing investigation is nothing more than another attack on israel. the human rights council held an emergency session only a day or two after the flotilla incident happened they declared israel guilty of quote an outrageous attack so the outcome was entirely pre-determined and this is
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not something that's exceptional in fact mary robertson who was the un rights chief said that the human rights council has a pattern of acting politically and not for human rights let's remember who the membership is saudi arabia china colonel qadhafi of libya is now a member of the human rights council this is not a body that cares about human rights this is a body that is political that is in gauged in a constant campaign to digitalize israel and human rights is the last thing on the minds of members like saudi arabia. and saudi and libya the human rights council as kofi annan said it is selective politicized and casts a shadow upon the reputation of the un as a whole all the al cry of the flights in the death did lead to an easing of the guards a blockade some restrictions are still in place and. the united nations relief agency says easing the placate made little difference to life. i don't think the.
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influence on the humanitarian situation or the circumstances of the people here. we need jobs in gaza we not only we need just to ignore the trucks that pull over normal goods or or visit the grooves or something like that we need to build big materials to get them to gaza because we have thousands of homeless people in the gaza strip great produce for dui and. private completely but our lives and we have more than four thousand for truth been destroyed during the war and because the percent of the population is still being in you are in humanitarian aid or going to the. heating. now fall sarazen ross are trying their luck in politics and tend to meet allies the free of copyrighted products it comes as lawmakers that attempt to strengthen the existing laws against piracy at the canal think that the winners and losers in any
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crackdown russia's pirate vested district. has been in show business since the late nineteen eighties back then giving away demo tapes was the best way to gain fans have two decades his formula seems to be making a comeback. except now to spread the word his music on the web for free so people pay to see him in concert. you see the album is already uploaded and downloaded a hundred times before i even publish date i know there's no point in fighting it some going to use it instead. according to some estimates piracy leads to over ten billion dollars in losses globally every year. anything can be found on the internet or many musicians are forced to hold more concerts while just a few years ago they were merely the second source of income the. record companies are accusing pirates of stealing their money but there are those who want to draw
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a fat line between selling counterfeit c.d.'s or d.v.d.'s and sharing files on the internet or just the noncommercial exchange of information to be free. by the way is the leader of the pirates of russia portie. the internet is everywhere i just need to click a button a couple of times and download a movie or some new album i want to listen to that all distribution model is pointless now dated. the party wants to see new laws in russia legalizing all nonprofit file sharing on the web formed in july in two thousand and nine it's also one of the founders of the pirates parties international a movement which unites so-called pirates from around fifty countries we need to really take our chance again to take a stand and also tradition. taking back the freedom to belong to us to rephrase somebody's last name that is. taking the one hundred years for. irish.
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unite some websites accused of facilitating illegal file sharing in the global copyright movement have millions of registered users and last year two members of sweden's pirates party even managed to get two seats in the european parliament at . least people are naive and lost with poor noise of economics and history a free economy cannot exist criticism supported by some deputies of the state duma who see by making the pirates of russia party official its organizers could get more than they bargained for the establishment of the party while lot liberate the people from the criminal liability for the law the parents of russia are seeing the current laws are outdated and unfair and claim that he will be backed by most of the internet users in the country and that is around forty percent of the electorate piracy surely is
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a controversial subject but let's face it it's now grown into an international phenomenon not some official pirates even getting into european politics but before the pirates of russia can even dream of getting into. state duma believed at least forty five thousand members just to register and the question is even if they do have the right amount of supporters are they ready to come out and mean themselves you got this going off r g moscow. coming up in fifteen minutes time the debate over illegal immigration that's raging across europe on the united states is tackled and all cross talks ga his a quick. i just hate this rhetoric of this own you know these poor people and coming out of the shadows let me tell you they came out of the shadows didn't they they were marching down our streets in the millions everybody in the world saw that even in. oh come on give me a maori have a way he had ammunition i want to say one point there are children that they're
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having here while they're here he illegal as well as a huge i mean it is a sure as we were very very close to this story you know get our chief initial now see this is not compassion because people want to talk about the feelings they want to feel they want to make everybody think that the log should have feelings and that we should think that well you know if someone committed murder let's feel bad for them because hey they came from a bad home that's ownerless when you're on the rich me it's got wise to be more you're with your during the united states by by harboring of your money with illegal aliens with your words and you're right. in. venezuela is ruling the policy by president chavez has won the conference done well and lection but early results show it's missed out of the two thirds needed for and i don't
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quite majority now they'll position could block pills put forward by the booming policy of opposition the designers say they won the popular vote which could be made to blame for the country's parliament elections all seen as a popularity test the challenges ahead of the twenty twelve presidential elections you have off it's been following events of. rumors start to flare on the eve of the election allegations that voting machines were out of order began to circulate on the opposition side. but here at a station that is predominately pro opposition there were no complaints did you having trouble voting just now on a program you know nothing. i'm very surprised what has been drilled into their heads is that the opposition will win close to fifty fifty. six. members. in the house you know the in the congress and maybe
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sixty seventy towards the inner city however the crowds display more support for the government. what the opposition claim all along is that media messages they hold a majority on the contrary throughout the past eleven years to a revolutionary process us one reelection and these do is going to be a victory for us. my point station you can hear people saying vote up to the left read the government's party this school is not only one of the most historic landmarks in the city it's also one of the largest voting districts and the opinions here for the most part are split fifty fifty at this polling station there were also no problems with voting some were even helping people with how and who to vote for began on the streets of caracas it's almost impossible to avoid election time to get a gauge of the venezuelan people know this election in many ways isn't it a logical dispute one deeply rooted in the history of latin america into what this is more than on the although tickle war it's a world of interests and power the power that the right has always had over latin
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america more than any of you logical war it's about the right of the people in about the america to make our own decisions decisions that will eventually reflect after this election is finally over r t caracas venezuela. safely back on earth and seemingly are fazed by the technical glitch which threatened their return the i.s.f. crew members have been talking about their experience in orbit their minds were unsurprisingly fixated on the things they miss most of the space. i love spicy food i make real hot chili sauce myself i missed it badly i finished off all the spicy cooked up stock on the isis and shocked everyone by making eating with subway sandwiches now it's more fuel is good is a rocket. the thing you missed most of all is that you know if it's so off i missed smiles i miss trees i even dreamt of them i even hallucinated i thought i smelled
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a real fire and something being barbecued only i ended up putting pictures of trees on the walls to cheer myself up you do miss the earth. all the crews the first attempt to end shuttle from the international space station fails because of a technical malfunction as a result two russian cosmonauts and an american astronauts return home. by a day because it was quickly picked and three crew members landed saving kazakstan after their six month mission circling the planet. ok a quick look now as weather headlines around the world this hour u.s. seventeen's along with the afghan national army were involved in a firefight against taliban rebels in southern afghanistan the soldiers were forced to take cover if they came under attack from several directions in the town of marjah they responded with a barrels of rockets a machine gun fire the attack comes during nato is the largest military operation
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in the country so far named drag in a strike the operation is designed to drive militants from the solomons how about heartland of kandahar. former serbian leader khaled it has appeared in court in the hay. week to defend himself over charges of war crimes and genocide the trial which has been running for almost a year regime xampp to the defense request a time to review extensive documentation candidate is accused of being responsible for the massacre of over seventy thousand muslims of the bosnian town. in one nine hundred ninety five he has so far denied the allegations judges warned that the trial could stretch into twenty fourteen if prosecutors and candidates don't speed up the case. thousands of slovenian public sector workers began an open ended strike against a two year wage freeze proposed by the government there were no news bulletins on the stage cham others journalists are among those to join the protests police and
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other vital services are still at what but have cut back on their duties as a result the police have not been issuing traffic tickets or penalties and social services are handling. next hour we take you to russia's south where the country's gateway to five sees is located they know for its fast haul agricultural its soul is a base a high spec industrial hob watch i'll see today discover the multi-faceted city office the long ball not fall special or.
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the late. sixty's. while i bought quick update of state headlines all of the business days with the happy to go away. hello and welcome to the business bulletin russia's largest bank spare bank says it has billions of dollars to spend on mergers and acquisitions the bank wants to become a bigger global player and is looking to expand in asia eastern europe and c.i.s. countries c.e.o. herman graff says while spare bank has lots of money the problem is finding quality assets to invest in bust just acquired by the russian d.p.s.
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bank and is currently examining a takeover of cuz it stands at e.t.a. . bad debts that russia's top banks have reached twenty percent of the loan portfolio the highest level since the beginning of the crisis the international finance corporation part of the world bank says russia needs to develop a market for bad debts so banks can clear them from their balance sheets timothy crouse from the i.f.c. spoke to business r.t. about its proposal to jumpstart the system with a two hundred million dollar fund. i think that some of the banks here that are trying too hard to collect their loans are not paying attention to their core business and their market share will shrink and they'll be left holding paper that's not worth anything i think the thing is to create a market so you have a market you need buyers and you need sellers so we have plenty of buyers here capitols not the question i see provides financing we also try to match the buyers and the sellers right now we don't have enough sellers there are not enough banks
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that want to sell their corporate loans so there's loans to small businesses they'll sell retail loans credit card loans things like this but they won't sell corporate loans yet there's too big of a gap between the price banks think that they should get thirty forty cents on the dollar but buyers that are coming into the market are not willing to pay that yet there is no track record yet we need a precedent we need a first sale to occur and then prices will go up after that when people see that you can actually collect on bad loans in russia why hasn't the bad that markets in russia emerged naturally off its own accord it's a little bit of a cycle psychological issue i think no one wants to admit that they've made bad loans it takes a while to get prepared for this and i think once banks think it through once they see that they're not making progress and restructuring corporate loans once they understand that they're not going to make much progress it makes sense for someone else to give it a try someone that specializes in this business liquidity has
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a longer goal stop being the bank's main problem do you really think that clean the balance so how banks lending i think it will because banks don't have to allocate capital to the bad loans that are sitting on their books if their management doesn't have to devote time to the bad assets that are sitting in their bank they can spend time doing what they do best which is to originate new loans there people can go out and figure out which corporate lenders are the ones that are most credit worthy which can be their best clients allocate capital to that that's what they need to do. russia is ready to provide china with all the natural gas it needs deputy prime minister igor suchan and nancy incentives the countries signed agreements on oil gas coal and nuclear energy russia may start delivering gas to china in two thousand and fifteen if the two countries can agree on all aspects of their corporation contracts with china which include gas pricing terms are expected to be signed by the middle of next year china wants to triple the use of gas to
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about ten percent of all energy consumption by twenty twenty to cut its reliance on coal and oil. and the russian markets finished low on monday echoing trends in global markets record dragged on the my sex it shares were down more than four percent at close banks also under full formed between you showed more than two percent on the my sex lives for about finished one point three percent lower but ross helicon bucked the trend goes even one point four percent in the. profits at the russian oil pipeline monopoly transept plunged by forty eight percent in the second quarter despite stronger sales than that total came in at just under six hundred million dollars alice say the bottom line was hit by rising costs and foreign exchange losses. russia's record had almost five percent of it shares from conoco phillips for two point four billion dollars it's less than half the stake
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the american firm put up for sale under an option that expired on saturday because as the a with the buyback is to enhance its attractiveness to investors and to support the share price. and finally russia is adding a new natural resource to its long list of exports amid a global ban on elephant ivory the country is digging up mammoth tusks to meet a growing demand for ethical ivory at a price of roughly five hundred twenty dollars a kilo sixty tons of the ivory are exported annually to china the world. biggest market scientists believe there should be a plentiful supply of the tusks as they estimate as many as one hundred fifty million mammoths life frozen beneath the siberian tundra. and that's all the business news for now but you can always final stories by logging on to our website that's called slash business.
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culture is that so much of the taxpayers' money maybe one hundred zero zero zero m. a real mystery that is more of a undocumented immigrants or even legal aliens a label to protect or punish as an anti immigration. wealthy british style sun. spot on the tirelessly.
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market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. morning news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are old today .
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this is the flow of oil to china will triple bombing next year that's all good for the new does of both countries as they met to officially a compartment and then to the. jewish angst of itself and located also with a humanitarian mission to excuse me talk to members of the aid to the brutally attacked by israeli forces back in may. on the cyber pirates of rush or attempt to go official setting up at his school policy to campaign for the negro lies they should offer free fall shattering. all debate show talk is next why people of gas clash over illegal immigration in europe on the united states.
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nineteen thirty eight england and france try to reason with hitler germany demands are going to land and gets its way they all thought they had created a safety net for themselves nineteen thirty nine the whole of europe isn't gulf war efforts to establish a system of collective security in one nine hundred thirty eight failed and it's still on the agenda. the lesson was to be learned from the munich agreement on r t . a login welcome to cross talk i'm peter lavelle who are they undock.


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