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tv   [untitled]    September 27, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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it's shamelessly low prices and high turnover areas like this one in beijing transformed themselves from shanty towns into glitzy shopping quarters also helping china to surpass germany as russia's largest trading partner last year. mom and ceremony commensurate with the trade volumes meeting for the fifth time this year presidents of russia and china both stressed the strategic importance of balance. russia and china are committed to strategic partnership concerning all issues it helps our countries to adjust to a constantly changing geopolitical situation we have good coordination concerning the international agenda and regional issues. oiling the joints of diplomatic reality our russian hydrocarbons about four hundred thousand barrels of russian crude crosses the border each day when the pipeline the first between the two neighbors reaches its full capacity next year the amount will triple along with
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russia among other things to diversify supply markets overweight from western europe. have these alliances not without reservations over the recent years russia scaled back its weapon sales to china due to concerns that beijing may copy the designs and later on to. other foreign military markets. for example and then produce those. by itself so of course it's all for reduces the boredom of military trade between russia and china but there's also something that russia would like to borrow from china back in the fifty's the soviet union spared no means to industrialize its communist neighbor but now it seems the tables have turned the russian officials now are preoccupied with an idea from a different station very much like to copy china's economic miracle. to. in
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the recent decades china made a breakthrough in high technologies and called duration in this field is mutually beneficial for those countries nowadays we both have some ideas and experience to share with each other so we have a great perspective in the high tech little niche but two thirds of the cabinet traveling with the president russian delegation in china proved among the largest in recent years and they all did their homework for the course of this visit russian officials took a particular liking to citing confucius china scholar her among other things at by peaceful hours again developing friendship with somebody who can a teacher any good well china is definitely not the case this country has made such a dramatic leap forward that even a former communist big brother russia is more than willing to learn from it from a boycott our beijing china. policy you can put in a call them over from the mosque a state university of international relations says the wall is concerned about his
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energy supplies to europe winning the chinese market will not be an easy tough guy though. russia is concerned with the situation in europe whether the situations in this two regions are different. and europe is quite settled and we are witnessing. gas or oil wars so this direction right now. some controversial issues yes we did agree about all supplies we did agree about gas supplies should remember quite well the china is also the r.c. find its suppliers not only russia is the r.c. find it supplies. we know that china is building very good relations with central asian states with australia with. plans to gas to china as well but
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there are no agreement on the exact prices for at the moment. well jewish activists aboard a boat sailing towards a gaza blockade say they expect israel to intercept them campaigners say their objective is to show not all jewish people support their government's policy towards the palestinians but the attempt to deliver humanitarian aid comes always full months after an israeli raid on a number of the tele i did with nine that held the incident was god rather well why don't they build a brutal and disproportionate attack the jury state still claims they thought it was self-defense and cross it was the talk to start a group which led to tyler terrorists linked to hamas as promised their investigates. the pictures that catapulted a relatively little known in go on to the world stage in the world in which we live today where sympathizers or sympathize with them are also being called terrorists
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it's no wonder that i age is being accused in this way the turkish charity first popped up on the cia's radar for years ago it's been banned in israel in germany who say it strongly linked with him us in gaza the last thing is my ill humans would call him soft as a terrorist he's a father of three and says he boarded a ship for gaza for his three daughters. in a gaza the children should have a right to live freely we want this so why join that organization if another event of this kind was organized i would go again sit up in the early ninety's to help bosnian muslims the i h h or humanitarian relief foundation has offices in one hundred twenty countries wherever in the roads the people. we will go. troll or solidarity for these people and it should solidarity in pakistan ethiopia lebannon indonesia iraq china as well as with the palestinians we have hospitals we
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have schools we have old impress we have we are pulses for the peoples callista new writer how to. cami says israel is trying to put crazy people as a terrorist one in order to try and justify the did leafleting agreed immediately after most world continuation of what israel had done in these really. mounted a defense which was you know we quite clever but not based on any on any facts it's known for the investigations to decide to key israel and the united nations each with the only inquiry police here. all a recent un report came to the conclusion that israel's military broke international laws to un wants a group that's part of the american jewish lobby that more or less is the activities of the united nations its executive director believes the ongoing investigation is nothing more than another on israel the human rights council held
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an emergency session only a day or two after the flotilla incident happened they declared israel guilty of quote an outrageous attack so the outcome was entirely pre-determined and this is not something that's exceptional in fact mary robinson who was the un rights chief said that the human rights council has a pattern of acting politically and not for human rights let's remember who the membership is saudi arabia china colonel qadhafi of libya is now a member of the human rights council this is not a body that cares about human rights this is a body that is political that is in gauged in a constant campaign to digitalize israel and human rights is the last thing on the minds of members like saudi arabia cuba and saudi libya the human rights council as coffee and on said it is selective politicized and casts a shadow upon the reputation of the un as a whole. we don't cry over the deaths did lead to an easing of the gaza blockade
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although some restrictions are still in place and. from the united nations relief agency says easing the blockade made little difference to life in gaza. i don't think that is. a great influence on the humanitarian situation or the circumstances of the people here. we need jobs in gaza with the not only we need just you know trucks that follow normal goods or or visit doubles or something like that we need building materials to get into gaza because we have tens of thousands of homeless people in the gaza strip great project for the u.n. system and the private sector is completely paralyzed and we have more than four thousand factories i have been destroyed during the war and because the percent of the population is still depending in you and humanitarian aid organizations it is an unbearable situation here in gaza. now fall sarazen trying their luck in
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politics in an attempt to legalize the free use of copyrighted products it comes as no make is actually attempt to strengthen the existing laws against our saying. this cannot fix the winners and losers in any current sound russia's pirate and music industry. has been in show business since the lead nineteen eighties back then giving away demo tapes was the best way to gain a few decades he seems to be making a comeback. except now to spread the word his music on the world so people p. u. see him in concert. you see the album was already uploaded and downloaded a hundred times before i even published it i know there's no point in fighting it so i'm going to use it. according to some estimates piracy leads to over ten
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billion dollars in losses globally every year. anything can be found on the internet or many musicians are forced to hold more concerts while just a few years ago. merely the second source of income of the. record companies are accusing pirates of stealing their money but there are those who want to draw a line between selling counterfeit c.d.'s or d.v.d.'s and sharing files on the internet or the noncommercial exchange of information be afraid of little by little is the leader of the pirates of russia party. the internet is everywhere i just need to take a button a couple of times in a movie or some new album i want to listen to all distribution model is an outdated . the party wants to see new laws in russia legalizing all nonprofit file sharing on the web formed in july in two thousand and nine it's also one of the founders of the pirates parties international
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a movement which unites so-called pirates from around fifty countries we need to really take our chance to get to take a stand and also tradition and taking back the freedom that once belonged to us to rephrase somebody's last name is. and take in one hundred years. birotteau divert unite some websites accused of facilitating illegal file sharing in the global anti compu right movement have millions of registered users and last year two members of sweden's squires party even managed to get two seats in the european parliament. if these people are naive and lost with poor norge of economics and history a free economy cannot exist criticism supported by some deputies of the state duma who see by meeting the plan was a russian official its organizers could get more than they bargained for the establishment of the pirate party while. liberated this people from the
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criminal liability for the law the parents of russia are seeing the. fear and claim that we will be back to internet users in the country and that is around forty percent of the. piracy surely is a controversial subject but let's face it it's now grown into an international phenomenon with some official pirates even getting into european politics but before the pirates of russia can even dream of getting into the state duma deal need at least forty five thousand members just to register and the question is even if they do have the right amount of supporters are they ready to come out i mean themselves you've got this kind of orgy moscow. when israel is ruling a posse president hugo chavez has won the contras general election but early results so it's missed out on the t.v. sets waiting for an outline until i see now the opposition could bale's afforded by
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the ruling party opposition leaders also claim a long the popular vote would be a major blow for the country i think elections are seen as a popularity test the chavez head of the twenty twelve presidential elections he had happened has been following events so the rumors started to flare on the eve of the election allegations that voting machines were out of order began to circulate on the opposition side. but here at a station that is predominately pro opposition there were no complaints did you having trouble voting just now on our program no nothing no problems every. what has been drilled into their heads is that the opposition will win close to fifty fifty. eight. members. in the house you know that in the congress and maybe sixty seventy towards the inner city however the crowds display more support for the government. what the
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opposition claim all along use the media message that they hold a majority on the contrary throughout the bow to live in years to a revolutionary process has won every election and these do is going to be a victory for us. my point station you can hear people saying vote up to the left read the government's party this school is not only one of the most historic landmarks in the city it's also one of the largest voting districts and the opinions here for the most part are split fifty fifty at this polling station there were also no problems with voting some were even helping people with how and who to vote for began on the streets of caracas it's almost impossible to avoid election time the ability to learn as one people know this election in many ways is an illogical dispute one deeply rooted in the history of latin america and what this is more than under the old war it's a work of interests and power the power that the right has always had over latin america more than any of you logical war it's about the right of the people in
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about america to make our own decisions decisions that will eventually reflect after this election is finally over. our t.v. caracas venezuela now safely back. fazed by the technical glitch which turned the i have been talking about their experience their minds unsurprisingly fixated on the things they missed most space. i love spicy food i make real hot chili sauce myself i missed it badly i finished off all the spicy pitch up stuck on the ice and shocked everyone by making eating with the sandwiches now it's more fuel is good is a rock it's. the thing you miss the most to be. i missed smiles i missed trees i even dreamt of them i even hallucinated i thought i smelled a real fire and something being bombed you don't need i ended up putting pictures of trees on the walls to cheer myself up you do miss the earth where. the cruise
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a first attempt to on. from the international space station fails because it is a technical malfunction as a result of two russian cosmonauts and an american astronauts return home with. the coffin was a crew of six members landed safely in kazakstan for their six month mission in the us. and now quit because of headlines from around the world this hour the power. on the way reclusive north korea is the tipping doubts about the health the come to sixty eight year old leader don't know head of the country's biggest risk with that decades king has been promoted by his father to the rank of military general the law such missing person years ago in syria it's a power to succeed his fall back a little is known about the songs that would be in his twenty's commentator says don't expect her to change the country's current. form.
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of it has appeared in court in the hague to defend himself over charges of genocide the trial which has been alarming for almost a year after his offense requested time to review extensive documentation callid it is accused of being responsible for the massacre of over seven thousand of the balls to tell. him to rise and fall. denied the allegations georges wall that the trunk was stretching to twenty four to prosecute is. speed up the case. thousands of civilian public sector workers began a good and did strike against a two year wage freeze proposed by the government there were no news bulletins of the state channel as journalists are among those to join the protest police and other vital services all still at work but have cut back on their duties as a result the police have not been issuing traffic tickets all penalties and social
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services the handling a reemergence it's. coming up later this hour with the debate over illegal immigration raging across europe and the united states is tackled in all cross talk studio his. that is hate this rhetoric of this own you know these poor people and coming out of the shadows let me tell you they came out of the shadows didn't they they were marching down our streets in the millions everybody in the world saw that even and. oh come on give me a merry hell of a way i mean i know you hate america i know cheri i want to say one point there are children that they're having here while they're hairy illegal as well as a huge issue that is day sure because when you're so sure it's still going through this story you're not going to let me finish now go see this is the compassion then those people want to talk about the feelings they want to feel they want to make everybody think that the law should have feelings and that we should think that well you know if someone committed murder let's feel bad for them because hey they came from a bad home that's only or less so when you're on the other is me so you're always
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got was more your was your earlier ordering the united states by by harboring oh my goodness illegal aliens with your words and your rhetoric. on just a few moments from tool to american public speaking. and reisa and political observer doris. my zation of china.
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thank. very much to you both for joining us now i'll start with you mr nesbitt now you first visited china about forty years ago and obviously a lot has changed now what is the post dramatic or surprising change that you've seen well in nineteen sixty seven when i first read there was china is very primitive really very poor. pretty discouraging place the big change is the people now that people are so energetic. the so so excited about china and what's happening what's happening their own lives and that is a huge huge area with people are obviously the people who are in politics or who are
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in government. businesses and so on so that every level whatever they're doing very very or more excitement more energy and of course physical. appearance in china just gone from that primitive third world look to the most modern country in the world. the country with the most modern cities in the world having said that now thirty years ago china was track one hundred thirty seven in terms of g.d.p. and today they are now in the second position so what do you think from your first outsider's perspective what are they doing right while they're doing a lot of things right obviously in the in bringing the economy up the constancy of the government of course allows a more long term thinking than you could have in a western democracy so this long term strategic thinking and now trial and error
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and as we see us china goes along and some things fail but most of the things that they tried out work and then they apply it on a bigger scale ok you seem to be very positive about china. coming from europe you're coming from europe you're coming from the u.s. do you think china is misrepresented in the world yes or no you know there are things in china that are not good at all and that absolutely need to be changed and will change over time especially with the new generation coming up that has a much lower tolerance on. strict surratt authorities but what needs to be done is to also report the guts things about china the many things where china really has made enormous progress and that not only in economics but also it is on the way through change its in its political structure in its social
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economic system i think i think good biggest problem with the reporting in the western press about china is that there is this mindset about communist china and people say they always say in the western press that communist government in china. well we're coming is going to china china is that what it used to be but there's this mindset about what it probably is. that shakes to everything about china and it gives a very distorted picture this is a very modern society where there's a lot of participation. of the people obviously the point is there's a there's a social and personal freedom in china that there's never been before in the history of china that freedom is allowed the people to contribute to the whole and to create. an ever greater and more prosperous
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society and speaking of prosperous they are indeed getting very prosperous these days and in fact the government the chinese government has been trying to cool the economy but because of. overheating supposedly. overheating do you think there is an overheating of the stock market and the property market and you think it's going to person possibly be another us incident well i think we're i think the whole world is too focused on the crisis of a cooling of the healer and. we're going to have a double dip or not it's over it a number of years i think this will be seen as an event rather than you have over here this is an event this is a bump in the road this bumpy road is part of something called already very much in prague and that is the very slow. decline of the well and the pretty fast rise of the use that same place those are you hear
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the large chains you mentioned china is a rich country that is correct but you know lately more and more what comes up is the difference between china being a rich country and having a huge population which is not rich which has not yet gained its share on the rich and to give you a little example how why that is so the property rights private property is has not existed in china so when the urbanization of the country was beginning. private property and the property belonged to the community they were sold to developers that moment the value of the roast dramatically hamas who were relocated did not bring that. did not get that again but only the low price and then you know the property rolls and rolls so what is now going on and we
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are now investigating and researching that in a chinese province of sichuan in chengdu is to give the farm us the people who are not all one owns the land before. the property the private property rights to sales that land too much but the price to have a shia off that creation and if you think that in china still fifty percent of the population are farm us then there is a lot of wells that can be created to the people and that's a development that can contribute their e much to the sustainability of the economic progress of china.
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cultures that so much of the taxpayers' money coming in to one hundred six years of a real mystery has more of a undocumented immigrants or even legal aliens a label to protect or punish us as an end to immigration. 1930's england and france tried to reason with hitler germany demands are going to land and gets its way they also have been treated to safety nets for themselves nineteen thirty nine the whole of europe isn't in war efforts to establish a system of collective security nine hundred thirty eight failed and it's still on the agenda that. the lessons to be learned from the munich agreement on our t.v. . every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us our technology update on our jeep.
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it's. of all launches to triple that schools to. the francis family of the giant nation is growing and that is the need. of the monday by president's reasons i went to bed of these on the three day visits to check. another humanitarian aid consider is bound to listen in these four months all to these radio me it was the last one headed that killing at nine and i mentioned the un human rights council says was brutal and disproportionate it's. funded the side of the pirates across a come out into the open and into politics stalls and all and campaign to establish
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a policy to fight to make coping and freefall souring illegal. robots debate now on the immigration and crosstalk i am here on all sides i go away. every month we give you the future we'll do you understand how we'll get there and want to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world to join us. on our g. .


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