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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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heathy percent so we live in a much better world today but the nature of conflict has changed there are fewer casualties is that at the same time it's more difficult to deal with you know we didn't have suicide bombings during the cold war we have that now so it's clear to play with so called armed forces have got to be modernized they need to be more flexible they need to be more maneuverable they need to go a long distances here they have to be highly skilled and they have to use the most technologically advanced equipment but instead on both sides both the nato and russia we're investing in the equipment of the cold war huge time is big for missions you know the wrong type of people we stick taxpayers money on the wrong weapons were fated in the last war not the next conflict so we've got to adapt nato has to adapt russia has to adapt in order to be able to confront those new challenges of the threats to our security i talking about more modern weapons
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versus that's when the guerrilla we're talking a guerrilla warfare they're not using very highly advanced weapons themselves well there's nothing more primitive than a suicide bomber an individual who strap some explosive device to to themselves and blows themselves up themselves up as well as others and their company or this is you know this is all this new it has happened in the past but never on this on this scale so we we've got to be innovative in the we we think about these things to as a political say to this others a military side of this so that means adaptation innovation cooperation and it means cooperation and among all of the world's crispy people are going to be affected by modern warfare and too much of a tie at the present moment just take it all worth fund to say it's ancient and gorgeous. conflicts and people here talking about nato and some common you know
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possible need to act fantasy it is a fantasy and we have people in the way still say russia. russia russia wants to rule the world look at what catherine the great said you know i can only secure my frontiers by expanding catherine the game has big court is today more fun to see and hear if you go to talk to people in the streets they say we're worried about migration we're worried about was the piracy on the high seas we're worried about our jobs our pensions because of economic instability we've got to focus what people are concerned with and start working together to deal with these problems well it's interesting that you bring up the different problems your sense of who is nato's enemy because international terrorism first doesn't sound very convincing as you rightly brought up there are other issues that people are
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concerned with so who is nato's enemy while vader's enemy is instability that's what will tell of this it's the people who are on the insurgents it's it's all of that secular the same with russia's enemy is you we're not talking about nature being russia's enemy or all russia being neither is anybody the fact is that we've got to deal with these problems for example suddenly in the indian ocean the ships of every country of being attacked by somali pirates in small boats so what happens to that what is the response to it is it is a multinational fleet under need to control because nato has the machinery to do that with russian ships traineeships a mother of to take to the sealing the ships that are there against these pirates from a field just what is the other big problem we've got piece these fragile winfield states where government basically doesn't exist. and it spills over refugees it
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spills over in terms of child builds economic instability these of the enemies who are going to do what they're not be all creative it is this is not seen charity or appearing on japan or even you know the soviet union or need to study this it's much more disparate but it requires us to be imaginative and now thinking you know if the pilots the. international criminals the traffickers think globally. borders don't matter to them at all they ignore borders but we are trapped within the borders so we've got to start thinking as innovative with and and and was allegedly as these people do if we're going to keep people say now you mention your corporation with china with regard to the somali pirates out china is growing konami power and they also know that they have the biggest military two point five million strong is
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a reason to be afraid of china well no because china is facing the same problem you know when the piracy came up it was traineeships as well and china decided it was going to be engaged you know so we start thinking of china as an enemy rather than as an hour against these forces of disorder you know and then we kill another called war while else would we want to do that you know the neighbor of china is north korea north korea's got nuclear weapons and it's a crazy steers clear crazy people run it so as a threat to china it's much closer to china than it is to or to new york city so you know we need to engage all the different parties in in this north make artificial distinction right some more cooperation rather than points of contention with china at this point you know you know i wrote. the greatest and most successful defense ryans of the world. ever know native. and it has
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been it has been useful but it had survived and thrived because it wasn't just a military organization it was an alliance of values a belief in democracy a belief in people choosing their own government of freedom before the law of good neighborly relations good internal relations all of these things these are values this kid you need to together share of these faults but needs to be part of that community of values sure that we know what we're defending that's what that's what to do these conflicts and what today's world is about it's defending the order states against this order of world and bringing stability to these parts of the world as well one of the country that sort of creating a bit of instability in that at least in the minds of us in countries would be iran now to two years ago at the pentagon has has been reportedly developing plans of
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attacking iran how realistic is that what i think everyone goes in option quantity from the lowest the highest level you know that's that's natural because iran is not a normal country seeking to acquire nuclear weapons and iran is a country whose president of the ready said it wants to wipe one of its neighbors off the mark so you can't talk about iran in terms of just a country developing a nuclear deterrence it's a danger to its neighbors and indeed as it develops long range missiles to a much wider and wider area and frankly when i go to moscow i find people more school even more concerned than the americans are about a nuclear iran because iran and terrified of the missile sites they're much closer to the russian border than the united to the american by. so the rhetoric
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might be different but we have all got a common interest in helping the people of iran to escape the states for dictatorship to stop and to stop iran being a menace in the most volatile region of the world now here we're analyzing a country with at analyzing there a leader of the same way that possibly here we've done with iraq in the past so we should have a right to think that was a mistake because there were no weapons of mass destruction found out to date but we know that no we didn't know that then. so is why czar is what is after the other but iran and iraq are not the same iraq was a dictatorship of the most vicious and a horrible time it was a country that attacked the one of its neighbors iran and used chemical and biological weapons it is a country that invaded another neighboring country kuwait and reaped and pillage shooting there is a country that used chemical weapons against its own people in the kurdish area and
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the it's a country that dreamed the marchioness where the arabs the shia arabs had lived for many years and was involved in genocidal attacks it was it had a track record of threatening its neighbors and the wider region and we therefore believed and had good reason to believe even if the intelligence was faulty that saddam was up to something and it was only a matter of time before he would again threaten his neighbors and threaten the region iran has north of fundamentalistic people should we see for the recent demonstrations of the people the people of iran want to be free they're able to demonstrate your they're being ruthless still oppressed at the moment but you know this is more a monolithic country and i think we need to be more sympathetic to the nude hornish decent peace loving people in iran and encourage them to stand up. to those who
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would drop press them and seek to destabilize the region that would mean leadership . leadership is of huge importance of the world today i'm not a leader of any war i'm an ex said john. but there are people who must carry on the torch of leadership of the world today and recognize it is what people are concerned about and whoa whoa we need to find the new tools to be able to deal with these concerns if we go. preoccupied with the ghosts of the past then we miss the opportunity of doing something good and we take our people and in danger because we've taken our eye off the real target all right thank you very much for your time pleasure.
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this is not a. war. everybody should. have no idea about the hardships the face. of self-sacrifice. you have to live a. real life stories from world war.
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moscow for mayor is reportedly planning to stay in politics after being sacked by the russian president on wednesday morning here which call for a ride to the mayor's office. and thousands prepare to take to the streets throughout europe to say no to a stair and measures the largest march is expected in brussels near the headquarters of the e.u. commission. and kyrgyzstan is gearing up for a parliamentary polls a month of violence and political turmoil in the central asian republics the country's former prime minister and his party are said to be in with a good chance of winning the race. up next we've got all the latest sports news with andrew farmer.
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hello there good to have you company thanks for watching the sport where it is european football dominates coming up it's two wins from t.v. spot that most go in the champions league for three nil thrashing of. while they're ready to rock barcelona as the spanish giants travel to the tonight's clash . i'm rolling back the years japanese veteran. celebrates her fortieth birthday with a second upset in tokyo that's kick off for the football they were spot at moscow have got a second when they were in a row in the champions league as they won three nil at home to a group f. brazilian striker scored in the car and his compadres added a third with a minute to go was the red and whites first champions league victory at the luzhniki for over a decade and i seconding group earth only on goal difference to chelsea the blues beating french champions marsay to know that stamford bridge first half goals came from john terry and nicklaus and their nicolas anelka penalty spot act and chelsea
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looking good for the knockout stage. for merges with. more. elsewhere to european cup powerhouses i.x. and ac milan three one of. the talks by a single goal in the eighty first minute they now have top group pair with two victories and you couldn't argue with the latest one says marina. some. children ship. fifteen chances to score. we didn't score we draw zero zero against majorca withdrawals it was zero zero against. and everybody was saying that we didn't deserve to win
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because we didn't score. so to score to do it is a healthy whereby i mean it came from a goal down to beat bars and bastian schweinsteiger scoring twice with his winner coming in the eighty ninth minute that's two wins from two to the gym inside all so while roma got their first win of the champions league beating the remaining kluge two one and finally in group h. arsenal were three one win is against him and part of them belgrade the gunners topping their group along with shakhtar donetsk braga three nails well tonight it is the turn of russian champions rubin who be hoping to cause another upset against barcelona sides meeting. rubin managed to hold barter to a draw in russia in last season's tournament and also beat the spanish giants at the nou camp some achievement and given that there is men will need a similar performance tonight they lost their great game one nil to f.c. copenhagen plays vitaly lation carlos eduardo and salvatore but chetan should be
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fit they barcelona could welcome back neil messi he took part in a training session on choose day after recovering from a sprained ankle. after their second win after thrashing planets the night cops. tennis now in russia in the dementia there is of honor a ever as well as denmark's caroline wozniacki have all cruised into round three of the pan pacific open but its local veteran can make a date krumm who continues to steal the show in tokyo where the former world number four gave yourself a nice birthday present the japanese turn forty on tuesday mark the occasion with a hard for when i have a twenty seven year old slovak daniela to cover a date krumm lost six two but stormed back to take the second to love before her more fancied opponent were tied with shoulder pain for love in the decider the home favorite also knocked out twenty three year old rachel wrap of a in the first round could become the oldest woman ever to claim the w.t. a title should she continue her winning ways and if she does it wouldn't be the
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first time she's won the story she also pulled off our feet fifteen years ago. well until now and i suck e m a k h l torpedo have come from two goals down to beat the chairs five three to pick up their fourth victory in a row on great make it think there was a man of the gath for them as he launched the comeback and completed this story the other year in the other game of the day service style snapped a three game losing streak at the expense of sparta winning that three two. one and bron james twice the n.b.a.'s most valuable player has defended his one hundred ten million dollars move to the miami heat michael jordan a magic johnson slam james for leaving his long time club the cleveland cavaliers in his pursuit of a maiden n.b.a. title but championing sis it was the right thing to do. pave the way for guys like myself i watched those guys growing up all the clips. but i can't lift
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roles grows i got a big ball. drop off to go continue to get better as a professional to do the things that i do or not. meanwhile a new basketball season in russia were tipped off and just on the tail waits while the club's finalizing their preparations ahead of the first clashes the moscow region side triumph has also faced the dish and challenge of many changes at the club during the off season as constantine but up off now reports. busking will call up triumph or maybe just three years old but they have already built up a reputation as a rising power in russia however the moscow regions have been mired deep in financial problems leading to a loss of their coach and almost entire squad so this is and there is a host of new faces on board and a new tudor on the bench while the modest home matures the fifty one year old leaf through any and who is well known in russia for having previously coached cousin is
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eager to put his coaching skills to the test with his new sate going to go i would say that our squad is totally renewed we've got several hard prospects my only hope is that they will get their confidence through games no matter if we win or lose we work very hard in a training camp in the only thing needed for them to become good players is time. for more russian international wesley could i show who put the ball in the basket of his professional career just a year ago or will this season work as an assistant coach. when i was a player it seemed like we had a very hard life training every day but now i understand that i had plenty of spare time to do whatever i wanted after sessions as a coach i have to spend all day firstly on the court then prepare tactics for a next opponent and so on the responsibility is much higher and lot of problems are there to be solved. the forthcoming season will be very demanding not to mention challenging for the blue and whites the collapse hoping them a key signing can make a positive difference playmaker german under some will be putting on the triumph
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jersey in twenty town the canadian national team player and where that fans will be eagerly waiting for his debut and the perfect go you know. you know. not only do i have to worry about myself in my life where the younger guy told me but i said to do a little bit more than that i work. for it. having a name such as triumph expectations are always relatively high but this season it's really all about adapting to the tough new circumstances but if the club can see through their heavy financial difficulties and the talented to younger stars in their pay and resurrection could happen sooner rather than later complaining about out of our team. so that brings up site with all the new stuff but before we go here's a quick look at all the football winning goal fest that was this weekend's russian primarily getting this guy was going to.
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club. play a. critical. election . eleven.
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slalom eleven clubs. a an. eleven. eleven. slim.
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the mimes on back with more. culture is that so much of the same is going to get a lot of people here you are looking at live next to kim isolated and impoverished
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north korea is badly in need of change all of this happened and who will. wealthy british scientists some time to. market. scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into a report on our. in
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some petersburg ots available in hotels a story of a little ambassador in a sense beauty cotto a trip on his hotel a true story toto told you go to. elvis you still. live in the sea of others you visit.
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moscow's former mayor is reportedly not wanting to leave the political scene after being sacked by the russian president. a wave of protests is expected to sweep through you were best tens of thousands prepare to take to the streets to say no to a stereo measures. and after months of violence and political turmoil care to stand aside for parliamentary poll the lookout one politician's chances to bring stability to the troubled central asian republics. and watching our teeth coming to live from moscow nine am in the russian capital i'm marina joshua welcome to the program first off the mayor of moscow has
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reportedly insisted he will not retire and wants to stay in politics having been sacked by the russian president it was cost shared he's planned his colleagues after dmitry medvedev said he had lost trust in the country's most powerful regional leader oh you know across life to our correspondent work this could offer all the very ill latest so we go or why do we now. mayor where abouts and what is he doing at the moment any indication at all. well early on wednesday moscow's former mayor you both came to his former office to gather some of his personal belongings and you before you said that he's going to have to make several further visits through all of this because he does have a lot of personal feel warm to the city is currently controlled by an interim government and the school steve is still in power until a new mayor is appointed and new government.


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