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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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sent a letter to the party complaining about what he called was a strong media campaign against him just to remind you please be russia's president even be sacked moscow's me or you will scoff i've usually been to his last office for a good frost but i decided to dismiss the mayor of moscow the decree i signed states that i is president have lost trust in you. and it is a legal reason for his dismissal i cannot work of that fish kills i can't trust that was the way to show that you know it's obvious the professional relations between the presidents in moscow had was and he was a man subordinate to the president the not the other way round as a certain steps should have been taken to return the situation banks and on the. bush folks stayed in office as the mayor of moscow for eighteen years that is a tremendous amount of time that is that's why his sacking caused quite a mixed reaction among most whites because many people supported he was called for
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his policies on pension years so the average level of pensions in moscow is higher than in other russian cities many people said that it was because of you score that moscow received they knew more and more however there are a lot of people who i think you will scoff all feeling to solve moscow's traffic problem of failing to protect many buildings which bore off cultural importance not only to the city of moscow but to be for me and there's also a lot of controversy going on around you of course wife given them but good enough to start to be russia's richest wealthiest business woman and many people do say that she managed to keep the city council successful because of her husband being in the air of moscow under the law of the united russia party as the majority within the russian parliament now has ten b. to submit at least the candidacies to the russian prize. and for the course of
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moscow's we are very few have to choose one of them and submit this can you see to the moscow city hall and you will score also have the right to appeal the sacking forward however we haven't heard any reports obvious intentions to do so. you go to his going to reporting they're. weighing up their mayor's sacking former c.b.s. correspondent here in moscow jonathan saunders described the ousted chief as a bulldozer. across eighteen years. was a combination combination of four kinds of poor people he was really a renaissance prince running a city state he was in american terms a combination of mayor daley and robert moses the great city builder who ruthlessly did things he was a little dictator he was a kind of robin hood he would put his finger on the pulse or on the road there was a new landlord spoke people building buildings making money in moscow and force
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them to do other things there was a time when your. was quite popular popular because he ripped off the rip off artists who were making money on the new bush moscow and did things like build christ the savior cathedral i think his legacy will be that he's a bulldozer bulldozers get things done but they sometimes are rude and crude if you were to go back and look in the middle of the one nine hundred ninety s. i think a lot of muscovites would say we'll take coffee with all his rough edges because he got a lot done because he did have a populist unfortunately i think many times people are influenced by their spouses . wife elaine and nick alive now but hard charging in the plastics business in the construction business widely said to be in the corruption business and some of that sloshed over in a man who stayed in his job just to. yuri luzhkov will have
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a mixed legacy but his legacy is evident on the new face of the new moscow. could a stunned is gearing up for a general election in the hope of restoring order following months of ethnic violence and political uncertainty in the central asian republic the interim leader also often by ever took the reins following april's bloody street riots which ousted could have been backed by pia she is to remain in office until the end of next year the poll on october tenth will see some two dozen parties battling it out for one hundred twenty seats in parliament but one party and its leader has a good chance of winning their way. in the middle of. as the clock ticks towards the cricket and elections the country holds its breath will the polls bring stability or plunge the country into another round of violence and chaos meet
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félix school of the country's former prime minister who could be next to lead the country following the controversial reigns of us got a cause and could not get back if coffee is one of the few figures who have not been tarnished in the last fifteen twenty years so he has a pretty hard moral standing. population and he has a good chance for us all we need in the next parliamentary election who have has a different times been the national security general the regional governor and mayor of the capital bishkek but what he's most renowned and praised for in his home country is an ability to handle crisis situations. in two thousand and five there were scarce total mass marauders in the capital police and national security had already away at that point that's when all of his friends revolutionaries asked him to take matters into his own hands and in three days he restored order. but also has a reputation for being difficult. he was
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a close ally of both presidents at the beginning of their terms and soon fell out of favor with both of them finding himself in opposition and twice in prison. they can never be two or three powerful figures at the top of the curious politics pool of has always been a very powerful person and the key of the kind of have both felt that he could be the person to sweep them from their post and take power into his hands some predict school of the party are numberless which translates as dignity is in a strong position it could have will have to run against a multitude of other parties all of whom also fancy their chances of challenging him the problem is that it's very difficult to create a democratic country in central asia kyrgyzstan is a more democratic country in central asia unfortunately this is a very immature democracy and sometimes it leads to or some very bad results right
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now what kyrgyzstan needs is not a democracy or you would be and i don't think it's possible in kyrgyzstan what it is stability and violence whoever wins the election this is a crucial decision for kurdistan a country that's been to the brink it in a goal. we are coming to you live from moscow this is r.t. coming out for you in our program the pentagon destroys the war memoirs of a former army officer in afghanistan find out more. in india thousands of farmers are agitated against a government plans to build a new road on their own land find out why. spain has been gripped by a twenty four hour general strike against the government's plans to slash its budget thousands of passengers were left stranded in madrid with two thirds of flights grounded due to the actions by transport workers a wave of austerity measure demonstrations is expected all over europe will. tens
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of thousands set to march on brussels let's get more now from our correspondent laura emmet who can give us details now live hello to you laura so this sounds like a massive far reaching uprising here let's get down to it just how serious is the level of discontent across europe. well these are extraordinary scenes that we're seeing we've had a summer of relative calm but it now seems that this isn't of the european union saying now it's time to get back to work or rather it's time to walk out of work. and extraordinary general strike in spain it's the first general strike they've had since two thousand and two and interestingly there's a socialist government in spain and the trade unions are socialist organizations and this marxist. between trade unions the government they've been working together for really quite a long time now this marks a split between them thanks to twenty percent unemployment rate at the moment so that's what they're. trying.
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to get. this morning not able to get to where they need to go newspapers have gone on strike so they went out ahead of time so there's no news in spain this morning rubbish has gone on collected which will be an extremely powerful signal to the government. and nearly one hundred percent of steel workers are going on strike and in the car industry there's a complete halt. now the spanish. government directly respond. to what they had to say. government policy was based on public private partnerships to incentivize economic activity and create jobs but since many of the priority has shifted to reducing the deficit instead of stimulating the economy that's how the government justifies the pension freeze reducing public sector salaries withdrawing billions of euros from
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direct investment into the public sector and cutting back the rights of those who depend on the law sooner or later the government will have to change its mind because if not social unrest will make it impossible for them to govern. and this is a really europe wide what they're calling a day of action there also demonstrations in portugal italy latvia lithuania. rumania poland and france and italy you mentioned belgium and brussels there's a big demonstration going on and that is coinciding with a meeting of e.u. finance ministers that's going on that really the people who matter will see that happening and in dublin there's also a big demonstration ireland's released very poor economic figures last week and looks like it may go into default protesters all greeting members of the irish parliament as they return from some a break so that'll be a rude awakening for them so thousands of tempers flaring all across europe as
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we're hearing now and more of the at the end of the day what do the protesters really expect to achieve. well it's not clear what they expect obviously they think that these actions are worth it essentially the e.u. governments particularly the ones that we've now come to call the pigs portugal italy ireland greece and spain they've overspent essentially in much the same way that you or i could spend and now what they need to do is borrow money and then save money in order to repay that and the way that a lot of these governments have chosen to do that is by cutting pay slashing jobs in the public sector they've cut pensions in spain they're raising the retirement age and people really feel that they're being punished for the recklessness of the state in spending too much money in the banks in borrowing too much money and what they hope is that the government was just up and take notice and costs less more slowly now in greece you may remember in may three people died during
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demonstrations against austerity measures and that did make the greek government sit up and take notice and retract some of the measures that they were proposing obviously everybody must be hoping that the same thing doesn't happen this time but they will be pressing governments to cut back on the austerity measures that they're proposing or normal when we need more data as we will come to you laura but reporting for us live from london thank you. well ten militants have been killed in two separate counter terror operations in russia's southern republic of dagestan security forces say there are no casualties among the police dagestan in the volatile north caucuses region has seen several militant attacks in the past few months last week a suicide bomber blew himself up killing four policemen and wounding more than forty civilians who had attempted to break the police cordon in republics capital. while the pentagon has ordered the destruction of almost ten thousand copies of
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memoirs by a former intelligence officer involved in the afghanistan campaign the defense department called the book a threat to america's national security a revised edition has since been published earlier the author anthony schaeffer told r.t. the first version of the memoirs was banned when information backing up his claims emerged. we actually worked with the army the organization i do belong to as a reservist to work to vet the book vetting me going through it being very careful to not reveal anything in the way of secrets which would be detrimental effect our troops our operations or the our allies within the region that process took about eight months to books been in work for two years and that process was collaborative things were taken out they were completely taken our me ask i did and that process in january of this year at that point through my lawyer mark zaid the manuscript was passed to the publisher and the funny thing is that all through this entire
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time between january and today there was total public awareness of the book late in the summer when the book was ready to be released you know three guys in black suits and sunglasses shows up at the publisher and basically says hey we got really we get a lot of problems in this book and if you publish it the world's going to fall the whole issue became what deity didn't did and did not like in the book and obviously we've worked on that issue for the past month it resulted in the book you see today two major events happened which changed the atmosphere regarding my burst it was like it's means something but no one can really make out what it really means it was all this stuff just kind of thrown out there and second thing that happens from a crystal spiral i was in favor of president obama retaining him for any number of reasons those two events changed the the very fabric of the pentagon and their concerns all of a sudden there's a lot of information a back up what i'm saying they can't just say i'm a disgruntled employee you don't nothing to see here all of
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a sudden you've got people saying hey you made me take a look at this and the book actually predates the information is already out there . in other news now and thousands of farmers in india are opposing government plans to build a new highway on their land where the two thirds of the country's population dependent on agriculture land acquisition is a sensitive and explosive issue council reports. indian farmers took to the capital recently in protest against a government takeover of their land to build a new two billion dollar highway this followed the deaths of three farmers who were killed after police opened fire on protesters in the state of top of the. will not give learnt for development to turn in price at any price at any price we are ready to die and will not allow anyone to step on our learned. these protests have stalled government efforts to acquire farmland for industrial in india which
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means developers have been forced to put the roads refineries and power plants on hold the major tenant is the land acquisition if you land acquisition is going to per different even pick over the order department and in hand and that is what government is trying to do in case there is you know projects. they are to be and the land available to you are going to grant a thirty percent then they believe that in the bill is going to happen the land is anymore division in a country where two thirds of the population is still dependent on the greek culture fifty five year old age we're saying doesn't want to sell out but nor some offers will be hard to turn down he got a lot of my learn goes i will lose my livelihood what will i do so i say if you are going to take my form give me a fair price for my earned as well as a job. some analysts believe that acquiring prime agricultural land for non
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agricultural purposes could spur a food crisis in the country on a what was it a there will be no food to eat they aren't giving us good conversation and they're still taking our land without the land will we eat either the government listens to our demands within a month or we will take action. the farmers do have a point after all the government uses a colonial law to pay a tiny amount of compensation to farmers to buy their land for development projects the government plans to update this law by the end of the year to get in the market prices for farmers but until it does vital infrastructure projects remain in limbo something toward largest economy can ill afford got and seeing r t new delhi. just now turning twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow you with r.t. and bear in mind our teeth on commerce our website we are online for you twenty four hours a day and here are some of what you'll find there right now socialism by any other name find out why americans are scared of the wall at the same time supporting many
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of its principles. the governor of a russian southern region is planning to put a divine guarantee on bottled mineral water from all just had a dot com. let's check out some other news now making headlines around the world a landslide in southern mexico has buried homes and left more than a dozen people missing blocked roads making it difficult for rescue teams to search for survivors earlier officials said hundreds of being killed after heavy rains caused landslides that followed tropical storms which battered mexico's eastern and southern regions last month. north korea to hold the military talks for the first time in nearly two years on wednesday it comes after kim jong il appointed his youngest son to two main party posts the move is seen as part of the plan to extend
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the kim dynasty in the reclusive communist state into a third generation. and thirty three miners trapped underground in chile for about two months could be out earlier than previously rescue workers say they can get the job done by mid october but they also warn that unforeseen problems could slow their work however the country's government still insists it could take until early november to get them out. and time now for the business news with korea. it's twenty past two pm here in moscow welcome to business good to have you with us we're just timber industry has been severely hit by the financial downturn in the last couple of years the volume of wood harvested has fallen by more than thirty percent and it's still one of the country's top exports but the government wants to ensure its profitability it wants to encourage produces to process the food here
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rather than exporting it wall correspondent once in a corner is at a moscow exhibition for wood processing machinery promised puts and is attending hello medina again so what does this this exhibition tell us about the future of the district. well here at this exhibition we're looking different ways how to develop the rushes timber industry and particularly how it develop and how to build the countries that would precessing sector as specially that at the moment too much of its wood is being exported to roll with no additional value well with me to discuss the challenges that are facing the industry is tom gross the funder of a norco transnational thank you very much for joining us thank you so please tell us what sort of impact did the recent economic downturn have on the russian timber
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industry. just like everywhere else in the world we saw it in the united states we saw it in all the other markets that were doing business and where everything slowed down but it didn't come to a complete stop so it was my belief that even though things would take a little while to come back to normal. they are coming back so we're very happy with the positive return of the flow of capital in the building businesses have started to take off again and the bio mass wood for energy is starting to take off again so we're. very encouraged with what's happening it was bad at first but it's getting stronger and i first see a very positive future for russia once too precise a more. well russia of course my figures tell me that russia has some twenty five percent of the world's forests and only ten percent of the sustainable yield is harvested so there is such a tremendous resource within russia and if they can develop their infrastructure
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for processing wood for making lumber for making pellets many many different uses for forest products if they can develop that based on the what i think is a very positive forestry policy that mr putin brought in a couple of years ago if that comes to fruition there will be many markets that the russian forces conserved internationally not only to develop their own infrastructure their own building businesses but also for export which will be a big boost to the russian economy and how how do you see the. sector just giving you some side of the forecasts it's very difficult to forecast but i can see that the building businesses in the use of domestic timber for building we are also seeing the uses of pellets for export and for energy. of course everybody knows about the world energy situation and the reliance on oil. the use of timber and waste from the forests can also pick up
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a good share of the energy requirements that are out there for generating electricity and heat especially in the small communities that lie out in the outer areas small communities can use their local timber resource for creating heat and electricity and also create jobs as well so the equipment that we build fits right into that niche in that we make machinery for gathering processing harvesting chipping grinding everything from start to chip so. we feel that we can play a big part in there in the russian forests they present the opportunity for us to help their growth and if we talk about challenges what do you think what kind of challenges does a foreign company wishing to work over here face the challenges here are like they are many other places you've got regulatory issues you've got people's mindset where they're slow to change and adapt new types of practices but with the new
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forestry policy and with the advent of new technology to help harvest. if the regulators will make it a favorable working environment i think everybody can be successful. with this tom gross the founder of transnational thank you very much for talking to us back to you kareena. thank you my dear thanks for this for this interesting update and now let's take a look at what we have at the markets stock markets are mostly higher. speculation speculation that the federal reserve. measures to support me japan's nikkei is up point six percent this hour helped by the treaty against the dollar and hong kong the hang seng gaining one point three percent now european shares slide amid labor protest against austerity measures. switching from positive to negative miners on demand oh. and here in russia.
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in the black the rise comes amid high u.s. and asian markets and high oil prices banking stocks are trading well with one point seven percent. is the biggest gain on the r.t.s. stocks are trading over two percent higher. oil. well here's national airline air flight has to start its own budget carrier its part of the company's fifteen year development strategy it concentrates on increasing its domestic business while cutting the number of international flights has set itself a target of passenger flow and revenues by two thousand and twenty five. and that's all the update for now but we'll be back with more and less than one hour hope you join us.
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wealthy british soil it's time to rise. to. market and. find out what's really happening to the global economy for
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a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. guns a report on our. news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day. from stupid. stunts
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on t.v. . here in the russian capital this is your headlines the mayor of moscow is reportedly planning to stay on the political scene after the russian president said he had lost trust in the official on wednesday morning arrives at the mayor's office to start. massive strikes in motion thousands throughout the continent prepared to say no to austerity measures the largest protests are expected to take place in brussels near the e.u. commission had called. for a parliamentary poll in october to repeated the central asian republics in turmoil
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the country's former prime minister and his party are said to have a good chance of winning the race. the nato summit in lisbon in november will focus on the alliances course for the twenty first century from afghanistan missile defense to improving relations with russia spoken to the former nato boss george robertson about how he sees its future and that is coming up next. thank you very much for joining us now i'll begin with a general question on wars though recently we've been witnessing a lot of guerrilla warfare style where you have poorly trained militants in you have. armed militants causing a lot of problems that is nato ready to respond to such threats and in what way all of us have to adapt.


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