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tv   [untitled]    October 2, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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it really abuses in abu ghraib are exactly the same as those in the israeli secret prisons. six years ago divinely told an israeli court that captain george whose real name is the ones on harvey lifting naked for his first month in detention he says he was frequently tortured including being sodomized with a baton zahavi denied the torture charges but admitted to interrogating prisoners while they were naked the civil suit for one and a half million dollars in damages was never settled because the rani was released in a prisoner swap before the court issued a ruling and now in a move that has stunned human rights groups he's been appointed to the post of advisor on our buffets to the jerusalem police captain draw. very high ranking policeman in jerusalem is giving some sort of message to the palestinians we are bringing someone that knows how to treat you. meaning
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they don't care much about what the palestinian will feel they want to thirteen of them and the message of the waiting throughout the palestinian territories these two brothers were arrested last year how it was only kept in prison for three days because he says he was so badly tortured the other interrogator led me into that was very small probably one and a half meters square through the blindfold i could see small shapes moving around me but then he put a plastic bag over my head that reached into my knees then he started to beach me he hit me in the back and pushed me into the wall chargers of torture against israelis are nothing new since two thousand and one we know about more than six on and fifty complaints that were sent to the government. and there was no even one criminal investigation meaning that torture or have total impunity they
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can do everything that they want and nothing will happen to them here inside israel just months into his new position so hard he has already been accused of badly injuring a palestinian into. the police force using to comment on the story and in email reply to requests for an interview they said they are not dealing with the subject at this moment but that if there are any changes the updates first the fact that the facility with not. people were not. just their. individual complaints were closed. not. enough will also. show that. governmental policy and as for secret prison three nine one where torture admittedly took place human rights lawyers are convinced it's still operating somewhere in northern israel. r t tel of of. but every year more
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than thirty thousand people die from drug abuse in russia with tons of narcotics being smuggled into the country from afghanistan and central asia moscow believes in tackling the problem at its root by eradicating opium poppy fields because ours . has been finding out how much more chemist within russia also pose a threat. a sting operation turns into family drama this pregnant woman and her boyfriend just tried to sell five hundred grams of them fit him into undercover agents a sniffer dog found a stash of drugs under the front wheel of the suspects luxury car as it turned out the popular party drug was produced in a small village nearby all that the dealers needed to cuckoo eagle substance at home with some merchandise from the hardware store and some cough medicine from the local pharmacy drug dealers build their labs everywhere it could be an apartment or
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a house in a quiet residential area like this one besides the obvious criminal threat these places are extremely hazardous because of the chemicals that makes pollute at any moment drug enforcement agent alexander was shocked when colleagues discovered another amphetamine lab in the basement under this old wooden house the room was hidden three stories underground it was equipped with video surveillance but as the drug dealer tried to get rid of the chemicals he almost blew up the building it's in the middle of a neighborhood the houses are old some wood and one spark could have set the whole block on fire. in recent years the street cost of one third the men in southern russia has reason to seventy u.s. dollars program so more and more amateur chemists have been surfing the internet for cooking instructions right at home together with his college buddy this cross and our student has been trying to find the perfect them put him in court below the snorted the powder in themselves and wrote their impressions in
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a diary. unfortunately we were unable to extract part of the compound from the means dilution it's better if we use a different technique hey you guys are darn good. you not one of them has a college degree let alone a degree in chemistry most of these people a self qualified geniuses is the. with dozens of arrests in them for them and related cases the harsh jail sentence says law enforcement agents are trying to do them good and crazy but despite the risks the users and the dealers the demand for this controlled substance on the black market remains high so it's unlikely that the victory in the war on them fit them in will come any time soon. crossing the region. here with r t live from moscow coming up later in the program for you reaching boiling point revolver at the door we look at possible you want to fling stop rising in latin america. and the former pakistani president plans
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a grand return to office amid militant attacks on nato forces in the country. but first suspected militants holed up in two apartment blocks are shooting at police and standoff in russia's southern republic of dagestan one of the apartments is on fire the areas in the city of my heart have been sealed off and nearby buildings have been evacuated ross's antiterrorist committee says one militant has been killed the volatile region has seen a series of militant attacks in the past several weeks followed by extensive security raids. so loudly and are voting in a parliamentary election as the baltic state battles the recession and its ten billion dollar international bailout loan six of the thirteen parties are expected to win seats in the part of the meant with confidence in the country's leader is plummeting the opinion poll suggests the opposition candidate could be a surprise front runner the harmony center party is rooted in the state's russian
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ethnic minority and protects their rights including those who don't have citizenship parties tom barton has more. politics is very popular in latvia these days everyone's talking about it even the catholic church is saying it would be a sin not to vote in the elections. if we don't care about what's going on in our society in our community and we don't cast our votes that means we are indifferent and that is against the principles of the bible. and there's a lot of sin to talk about latvian politics has long been hung up on ethnic differences in the country the largest minority at around thirty percent or ethnic russians many of whom moved here were not there was part of the soviet union after the break up hundreds of thousands were denied citizenship a policy the government is one concern by. non-citizens or
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residence. which means. also in. social benefits. for example with one small exception they can't vote reports by the un amnesty international and e.u. bodies say that non-citizens have affectively been denied a state to call home that tory and for another church has grown up in latvia and says that ethnic policies are ruining a country but it is the first nation of political groups and latina has for a long time been determined by their city that's no secret it's obvious there is no unity in the country it's split into two major groups here and while nationalist politicians have been busy segregating their people latvia's economy has nosedived dangerously leveraged by reckless speculation it was hammered by the two thousand and eight crisis the financial bungling caused riots in two thousand and nine topple the government and led to the worst growth and unemployment rates in the
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e.u. because critics say ethnic fiddling while rome burns everyday. things . in economic terms social course. playing again and again a couple of topics connected with. russians because. now there's a new political force the party standing on a ticket of equality for latvians and russians alike the harmony center is already in power in the reagan municipal government and polls indicate it could become the biggest single party in latvia's national parliament two although dubbed by some a pro russian party a third of its support base comes from latvians tired of economic mismanagement which indicates that most want national unity not division. there's national monument behind me is supposed to represent liberty one of the right wing parties
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in this election has even taken a slogan from it for the motherland and freedom but ethnic russians and latvians here now want the same thing freedom for all to contribute to their motherland prosperity tom barton r.t. . well moscow and washington have resolve the outstanding trade disagreements that have been holding up brussels bid to join the world trade organization barack obama confirmed that positive progress has been made in a phone conversation with dmitri medvedev a number of issues with the u.s. had to be worked through including the tax advantaged amendment which places restrictions on trade with russia finance minister alexa cauldrons says russia could become a full member of the w t o with the u. . our web site r t dot com has more stories seizures blogs and much more for you to check out here's a look at what's online right now how can we solve this or get the sign for drug smuggling we visit a kabul prison where former board for service are doing time. and russian and there
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is the answer offering stress relief six feet under find out how twenty minutes on a fresh grave could help relieve depression all that and much more at our dot com. ecuador remains in political turmoil after a police uprising that saw president rafael correa held by force in hospital on thursday he was rescued by twelve hours later by soldiers well these four people were killed and two hundred injured and what the president has described as an attempted coup the police quark's roads and took control of the airport in protest against austerity measures that would cut their benefits korea says there will be no pardon for those involved the army is now in charge of public order across the country the role comes more than a year after a coup rocked another south american country on doris parsis jiang has its takes a closer look at a trend on the continent. it was
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a moment that ignited latin america once again. the attempted coup against a democratically elected president of ecuador rafael correa seem to remain less and previous coups that destabilized once functioning democracies. the last one happened here last year in hundred us they the coup mongers they call them the natural allies of the united states and why are they natural allies because this coup is theirs because it corresponds to the interest of the united states almost immediately the u.s. was implicated in the one during coup the right wing military generals who carried out the ousting of the democratically elected president of honduras the lions were . trained in the united states the u.s. state department was the first to support the right wing government an election that countries in the world deemed as illegitimate as for the former president of honduras he was in the midst of implementing leftist reforms similar to those in
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venezuela brazil bolivia and ecuador was which is why the crisis in ecuador brought back memories of one during this for a dull full pastore he worked for this lie of government you know you've got to wonder how these forces and how these dark sectors within ecuadorian society are strength and bold and by the coup in honduras and by the president that was said and of course by the decision made by the us to support that coup nearly every country in latin america has experienced u.s. intervention in one way or another the ambassador of nicaragua insists the coup in honduras is paramount to understanding why the u.s. needs to maintain control of the region. can't forget that after the coup de townhome duras the united states has an interest in paralyzing the integration of the countries and development of the social processes generated and made dynamic in the countries the fact that the coup failed in ecuador is an indication the people of latin america are mobilized the direction of the left turn sweeping the
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continent. it happened in venice wella when president chavez was temporarily ousted by right wing forces the people brought him back to power. and then again the people in hundreds generated one of the largest resistance movements in central america against the right wing u.s. backed government of the below but there are seven or ten others argue it's an ideological shift in latin america the us is up against socialist leaders from bolivia than a swollen ecuador to emerging world power brazil are operating participatory democracy is where the poor people of their countries are intimately involved in the direction of their political future. the pull from right to left is distinct obvious and very much alive in latin america. the organization of american states is supposed to represent the john consensus in latin america but leaders
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argue that the away yes based in this building behind me here in washington d.c. does not reflect the idea that most countries are struggling to get out of the shadows of their north american neighbor it is because of this there is a left turn that is sweeping the continent and hopes of shaking off decades of u.s. dominance in the region are t. washington d.c. . well another raid on the nato convoy in pakistan has left two people dead it happened hours after suspected militants torched twenty seven tankers carrying fuel for nato troops stationed in afghanistan the attacks come after pakistan deny the alliance access to a vital border crossing the move was seen as a response to a nato air strike against insurgents which killed three pakistani soldiers islamabad says it will consider harsher measures if nato forces continue incursions into its territory u.s. led strikes against alleged militants in pakistan have been taking place for years meanwhile former president pervez musharraf who's in exile in london has launched
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a new political party he plans to return to pakistan and run for office which are of says the war on terror cannot be won with out islamabad support. unless you stand either part of the fight to give them an extremism the fight to gain or to exceed their paul the incumbent on own on the united states and on allied forces across to be conscious of this entity would be the pakistan and then big actions nor. encourage him across the border killing pakistani soldiers. and he billions reaches the sentry duty or pakistan norway lucian of the sovereignty of pakistan can be accepted by anyone in particular. let's take a look now at some international news in greece for you this hour at least thirty six people have been killed in a train crash in indonesia the central java province more than
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a dozen i was injured seriously injured grandmother in an incident when a train from jakarta ploughed into a stationary one and leave say a traffic management stake may be to blame for the accident. the bottom island president says the u.s. committed a crime against humanity when hundreds in his country were deliberately in fact did with gonorrhoea and syphilis more than sixty years ago america has apologized for the recently on earth experiments conducted in a psychiatric hospital u.s. says it will investigate the case further before making any decisions on compensation. thirty three workers trapped underground in which a lane coal mine for the last two months could be out earlier than previously thought rescue workers say the drilling of the shaft is going well and will be completed by mid october meanwhile the relatives of the workers have filed a ten million dollars lawsuit against the mine's owners accusing them of neglecting safety regulations. now just steps away from the busiest streets of moscow
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a small area called patriarchs pollens is an oasis of serenity and one nine hundred centuries charm or more here. it's a lovely place to hunger out stools whatever the season from ice skating on here during the cold winter months or coming here with your family and friends during the summer having a picnic the fresh noise of tourists and the sunning and grand architecture that surrounds you really could be in your kids. who can join martin and discover more of patriarchs ponds in just under ten minutes here on r.t. but first it's the weekend business news with stephanie. hello
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and welcome to the business bulletin president medvedev visit to china this week put the seal on a number of new energy deals the negotiations have been drawn out and at least where gas contracts a concern to the us still more to do but as medina cochon of a report there's now a greater sense of urgency. china is the fastest growing energy consumer in the world and in russia its neighbors the biggest energy provider and it's a business smash this crying out to be made the deals have been a long time in the making finally this week in quest put on the dotted line what was a surprise is that we didn't see any reciprocal deals from china you know it's quite clear to russia went down there looking to barter energy and materials exports to china in exchange for some commitment for investment into russia's new industries into infrastructure into technology etc and there wasn't any mention of that whatsoever gazprom has agreed to supply thirty billion cubic meters of gas annually
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to china over thirty years starting from twenty fifteen to make it all happen the gas giant also announced it would start building a new pipeline to china next year diversifying its customers is a significant ambition for russia it provides a hedge against a drop in demand from you rope in the event of an economic slowdown more kids have a way of going inside. and the reason for growth is so strong in asia right now is because they are buying. centralized economy party policies they are bad on that they decided to go market oriented but russia faces stiff competition to the east most so then in western europe as china also borders the nations of central asia which have considerable gas reserves moreover countries like to get some have got there first with agreements to build
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a pipeline and fill it with fuel analysts suggest this has provided the final up to the russian side in their negotiations for fear of losing out altogether mind in the question of business r.t. welshing markets have continued their upward trend for a second week in a row peter weston of the tongue things the dismissal of moscow's mess spiced up the performance of domestic a tease. we had first of all very interesting we. guess culminating with the sacking of. added some flavor to some if you want russia specific factors that were in france in the market but in general it was a good week for the russian market but again it is very much moving along the lines of what's happening globally russia remains a hostage to what we see on data coming out of us and our europe method names continue to do well last week and on friday we also saw financials moving out but
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that came on the back of some easing of concerns out of the south of europe as well as ireland so it was a mixed picture i would say in terms of sectors but in general the market was moving up in life more or less with the global markets plans to unite the somewhat fractured nature of russia's railway grid underway the operator hopes this will make rail a more competitive option for companies transporting goods from asia to europe and vice versa you know it's a myth that if reports. there are plenty and pacific oceans connected by a railway going across. it's now almost a reality with a unified wide track from eastern russia reaching. the agreements have already made to extend the route to vienna that's creates over ten thousand kilometers. to the austrian capital in the heart of europe russia has.
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twenty percent. europe and asia and such as. china and japan it will be unified rates as well as no time lost at the border controls. transport from asia to finland takes fifty days. could cover the distance in seven days. at the moment the rail cannot charge enough money to meet the profitable. are still too small. just cannot compete if we speak of. the competition between rail and. in order to balance the cost of travelling in
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each direction. need to be lowered. which is very. expensive. right about going to meet the press is yes so cargo transport in russia dropping fifteen percent to eleven point five million containers to try and save you in route fill an even sharper thirty percent through coverage this year has been strong but much student has to be done to make a true breach between east and west isn't a given due to a business r.t. . i'm not sold the business years from now but you can always read stories if you
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look on twelve website at slash.
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imagine your life big city. crystal clear water. or galaxy. living in harmony with nature. sounds impossible. some people have already children. are placed. on our. wealthy. it's sometimes a very violent. margetts finance scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines you need to cause a report on our.
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morning news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are all over the day.
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moskow out is coming up here in our team but first let's take a look at today's headlines human rights groups are furious that no lunch torturer has been put in charge of arab affairs in jerusalem the infamous israeli interrogator has been accused of numerous abuse cases of palestinians. as amphetamine surgeon crisis russia has been gripped by the party drug how much more chemists surf the web for instructions on how to cook it up and risk life and limb will void prison. and latvians are voting on a part of the mentoring election amid the baltic states worst economic crisis to
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date opinion polls say the party of protecting the rights of the state's russian minority could be a surprise from. back subjoined martin andrews in the very center of a busy moscow district to enjoy relaxing views and a taste of the old capital. hello a welcome it's one of my favorite places in the russian capital is pottery all she fruity they made off to the pub and it's the perfect place to sit and watch the world. if i just saw one of the my six.


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