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tv   [untitled]    October 2, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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to appreciate it properly you really need somebody to give you a lift. never done this before. maybe the best way to see the sights and. the weather was perfect and soon i was getting a comic view of a nearby family although it can be a little hard to concentrate with all the gadgets on display. i was with one of the best mages so gay has been flying for over twenty years and force against the mujahideen in afghanistan i could've been in safer hands we had a blow to the ground for a closer look. and offer a quick tour across the river i was ready to head back to work to see some of the crops for myself. i was visiting one of the region's largest agricultural firms thomas who just finished raking in a huge harvest some flowers roisin grain will flourish it but before they can be
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sold they have to be checked for quality. the lab bills take samples of the crop and run a series of tests to check the moisture protein and gluten content. if they pass then they're ready to be loaded on to the trucks although in some cases that process can be pretty labor intensive. so the feel like if i see a losing battle there are over four thousand tons of some class heeds in this warehouse alone waiting to be shipped off to clients around the rust of fraser and there's one company. that takes in a particularly big order. because rust old is home to the largest sunflower oil producer in the whole of your. uterus here produces thirty million bottles of oil every month from two hundred thousand hectares of sunflowers if you seed survive another quality control check there unloaded into the factory to be processed.
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displaced. this is. this is. this is about is. yes a yes you're right just two guys controlling the whole. thing has these pipes and funnel shell and divides the seeds of different categories which is then pummeled imprints to various grades of oil. going to bottles in this form saves a significant amount of space and then attach to the production line for the grand finale. so upset i've been so proud of the fact they've had for the sunflower seeds end up in horrible almost one million both of the boil the factory sets out every single day if you sit down for a burger and fries it process pretty likely it was good to me. when dealing with
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industrial scale you need some pretty serious equipment and most of them don't cost my company to. do so much as the largest supplier of agricultural machinery in russia and sells to almost fifty countries around the world. they build bales and trucks is with wheels bigger than me but they're particularly proud of that combine harvesters. infamous i think this is the end of the production. not cheap to be here without a helmet ok. safety first people. each machine you stay to build on this trip to the hundreds of times just to make sure my competition is with you. if you miss it would bring a profit to divert both prosecco would say every single hour you're sucking twenty times the price. props this. bunch of kooks with every new combine really needs is
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a good strong. business to come have a go of. mine. yes steph. hold the phone off of the. night she says in russian made machine these machines certainly don't lack for creature comforts but this is a transmission here's a steering wheel and this moves you for a cigarette. a legend in your fridge. the serializer in the fridge you could live in the state i feel so here i was i had a brand new combine all of this stuff and they were about to give me. a. break it. was a little late in the year to go out to the fields but luckily they got pretty wide
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roads around here and there weren't any police around to observe my highly illegal u. turns. my maybe massive but it's surprisingly easy to drive and i arrived back at the death know with everything and everyone still intact. the people over a stove may be surrounded by the latest technology but they're also still in touch with the past i'm no more side of the me areas cossack population. the don't call sites will run away serfs who set a little aside the river here hundreds of years ago they formed their own society and gained a reputation as super horsemen and fierce fighters playing significant roles in russia's military campaigns up until the twentieth century. they also adopted traditions from the countries they visited and i've been invited to the village of star each of us colonel thin to coffee ceremony. if you sit down for coffee every day of eleven o'clock it's a tradition that dates back to the turkish wars of the seventeenth century where
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the cossacks brought back turkish habits along with the new turkish wives and it's been a big social occasion ever since. you could see was not simply a means. to a chill get together over coffee sit to discuss matters of interest because x. never drank on their own they're always invited to. other friendship. and you don't just drink plain coffee it's always served with whipped milk it's called kind mark . extreme. things to come around town obama's delicious pancakes i was ready to see what else was going on in the village and i didn't have to look phone. and his friends of dr who perform around russia but they're all so happy to train new students providing they are wearing the proper gear of course. right i don't like
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a ready hole i'm missing now is the beard so we don't have time for that but i had a few riding lessons by now and i was confident that nothing could possibly go wrong assuming that's all he wasn't going to make me copy his proteges i'm told he was once in the presidential guard and he's following in the footsteps of a proud line of course. but these guys were the best in the whole of the world and if he had had them he could have called the bolder they were an inspiring sight and moments later i was ready to get into the saddle. so this is tomahawk. i don't mean a racing horse and he's going to be the horse that i'm training on today quite as one of the all. time on a horse. on the. but eventually but tommy was happy to let me without him holding the reins. but. they go third
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lesson think i'm getting a little bit more confident in these guys. now than then. maybe i'll make a horseman one day for running around in traditional costume was most enough for my trainer. in the real course acts have to be on. this weapon is very sure it's going to kill people just so handle it was clear let's put it on your shoulder and shoot straight. with those encouraging words in my is i began to practice my little among a large powerful animal with a really quite dangerous weapon. i'm so far. this this is a good day this is definitely a good day i don't want to move at all they really. should leave the plates my more experienced colleagues were just getting started and things were about to heat up.
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would get involved in the fall and jumping. in the general was never really got involved in the battles did they. that's to stand here direct. is very good. if not one dramatic enough about a few schumann fence posts. i'm willing to was risking far more on just his dignity his wife was wanting the. well it seemed safe enough. to make me feel better this may be the most stupid thing i have ever done. but alright it's. this is what real. and they tell me that these are a bit of a crazy bunch apparently cleared me by some distance. i have my eyes closed to typing too much as. i learned my stripes and for sure the troops have a special reward for that. but on the other hand i think i have down
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to give you my legs get the feeling you know your you. know that as you crazy well he could read the long line to you. here oh i think i need a stiff drink as you know to those who don't river into the cossacks. it was definitely time for a well deserved break and luckily restored has just the place to get away from it all. the don't feel i'm the cossacks.
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much brighter. from palestinian christians. who screams totty don't come. if training would cause sex doesn't inspire a love of horses in years nothing will but most of is also one of the few places in russia where you can see them in the wilds. just a few hundred kilometers away from the city is the real stuff skin nature is of. almost sixty years ago some domestic horses were left on the islands and began to breed hundreds of foals later this isolated treeless colony is home to the longest heard of wild horses in the world. amazing size it used to have.
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of cow even camels i've seen in russia never anything like this a great. wild horse. wonder if we can get a little bit closer. in fact the horses are used to humans members of the public a frequent visitors along with the park rangers who come to study the horses behavior numbers and foliage levels on the island and if you approach them with a tempting treat you might get closer than you dad hopefull. one thing about spending a day on a freezing oil and his you tend to work up an appetite but with no restaurants for more than a hundred kilometers in any direction if you want to eat out here you'd better catch it yourself. or james or your scenario which is jamieson when you are approaching the prototype as it was. the biggest and most of your approach in a crayfish station. right but if. you're a fish
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a real looking delicacy in the clear water here provides perfect conditions to find them. so apparently this is the best spots on the river to see if we can find some fresh crayfish so we've got to go check the nets and hopefully. have enough for a bit of. crayfish or a local delicacy fishermen like me share regularly lay traps to catch them i'm not can be a bit of a mess if. ok but. you need to bait the traps first of all the more fishy and fresh and generally unpleasant bass is the more likely the crayfish will come looking. ahead so they. all you can't expect to get looking away. from good. lost
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a big one and sometimes you get the old one just want to accept the inevitable. hanging. let go absolutely. we had a few more hits and misses but eventually the trade was full. of. a feast fit for a king. any question is. what's the best way to cook them. but so. many things. i needed a bit of help if i was going to prepare these guys properly and finance i needed to make a speedy trip back into the city. has very little i like more in this world than fresh shellfish and you don't really get much fresh seafood. so i've
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heard that there's one place in the city that they really know how to cook this is rostrums best seafood restaurant appropriately enough fish. stores which. my friends over you very well thank you i have some wonderful fresh crayfish and that you all the gentleman to show me how to do a proper crayfish boil yes well you know. i'm really looking forward to this. has been working in real stall for almost ten years and cooking for more than thirty he's passionate about fresh fish and an expert when it comes to the local cross station and we were going to make a favorite. board cream go from there also because leaving cool ways. delay's the all war is the
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clean water he says the space and this is a round from the right is. yes and this is the video nice he's not the problem you are making in the home when you're ok with i found i was stretched it was busy at the start i was put to work chopping vegetables for the. although we had to keep an eye on the old crayfish trying to launch a daring escape. look at it it's a very very nice and once everything was boiling away it was time to add the main ingredients. of all russian crayfish protection needs doing this which is too graphic for network television. set back soon with the regular program. check things out for us cooks. local crayfish now. obviously i'm going to diggin him but you've got to do these things properly so according to
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local course a tradition. i must wash everything down with a cold beer so when i feel very hot sometimes. i decided to take a stroll to walk up my meal but it seems to be quite difficult to do so i was relaxing in rostov on don even if you're a kid. this is not a scene you see every day children cause. because you are deadly weapon i assume it's going. to kill us he's still going to be. just was a school day so what do you guys doing if you didn't get to see any children students judio is preparing for the shootings stunt school for kids the children here are all budding hunters and dead devils believes. the poem is have trained
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three hundred children in the past two years some pretty serious skills behind the wheel even if they do need to sit on a cushion. i didn't get my pillows twenty three. duster can barely reach the pedals. and now we're going to be. honest with. the with the head trainer how exciting on the radio is in full control of the car and she's got the movie star to. promise you my fondest. since i'm a student she told me i could already drive a little bit even russia and started to teach me at the police ten. so i could take on an eleven year old with my driving skills and the stump lesson.
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for the school teacher. let's do this. the brake pedal and switch to reader. first the brakes. step on it and drive backwards. and then just to do that. you have to be very quick. there are a couple of less than perfect attempts but i was confident of becoming a qualified getaway driver. never take me alive.
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true but such an expert instructor how cannot succeed. in the dr. thank you teacher a very lesson ladies and gentlemen coming soon to a cinema you. watch out for this one but not every girl grows up wants to be a racing driver him a minister future trade business is also a big. injury to have been based here for twenty years and they've got nearly three hundred models on the books in the past ten years they've produced one miss universe three miss rushers and in two thousand and nine one misses world. victoria wrote a transcoder won the title in toyland and the phones not stop ringing since she's
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married with an eight year old son and it seems that all this new attention has been keeping her away for too long from the men in her life. and my husband understands me she has told me i should take her best from the people who have been displaying so much interest that i think. she just wants me how mick and. victoria's husband's lost his image elite again and when she's not waiting for close ups she's inspiring the next generation of models. big tourist says the agency doubles as a finishing school and of the girls are taught to kids acting and performance skills to in hopes that macaskill which definitely helps if you address ways to start off to the girls who pairing for passion friday i think four months of the local hotel where they show off some of the latest designs it's a chance to gain experience on a real stage and each one. took the captain by storm i'm finished they were joined
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by a couple of local celebrities including the morning nicole just one minute to the end of school speak toward the self. serving what he does best. when you go to. say a much redefines the phrase yummy mummy. let's congratulate once again pretty woman victoria. my son restored was all my stuff but there was one place i have to see before i left and it's time to move one of the most important periods in the region's history. so. this is our most valuable item it's eighty six tiger germans first used in fighting here. it weighs six tons two hundred tanks in our soldiers very much. to mine is the owner of rough storms museum of military history and he's
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collected a huge selection of world war two memorabilia i'm vehicles it's a real labor of love for him and a group of dedicated friends. played a huge pulse in the second world war there was occupied twice and was the scene of some intense fighting the second time it took the defenders seven months to force the germans out. must soon this all these machines are assembled by military enthusiasm. is guys put together the tanks parts that have been found discarded on the battlefield then come here to do the job on their days off they restored tanks to their original using drawings that suit those needs are very painstaking work. almost all of the vehicles are in working order and they used in film and television recreate. it belongs to the division and fought near rostov people wrote some inscriptions here would. and here's the number and some stars i should
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explain it's. there this is a soviet light and it may be easy to maneuver but it's definitely not easy to get into. the future what if like me around. someone still crammed inside you get monday or how terrifying it would have been to have to drive this towards the enemy. but you shot yourself in one of these and it's almost like your back in world war two. was suddenly in the thick of the action the fortunately i wasn't taking on the minds of the german army unloaded we even had sailors fighting for us on the battlefield. and even though we lost a few brave men along the way the enemy never stood
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a chance. i can honestly say i don't think i've ever had such an adrenaline fuelled week in my life. oh there's a city that's going places a town with a thriving business and i got a cultural climate and people that like to live life at high speed. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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in some petersburg ots available in grown to tell you a grand hotel emerald. full of a club small town circles photo olympic gold circus hotel ski corinthian if ski pundits reticent s.a.'s want kempinski twenty two year old kid school kids come on . now so tell.
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a recap of the stories that shape the week. yuri luzhkov loses his job off the russian president loses his patience with the city's boss. rusher expands relations with its biggest trading partners china opening and oil pipeline and sealing major energy deals. has a huge drop in the afghan opium output sends its value story we report on the devastating impact of drugs across all levels of society in the country. and unsafe after years of abuse and neglect russian boy who was reportedly sold abroad for drugs by his adoptive parents the returns to his mother that.
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this is our weekly news would be welcome to the program well this week russia's president fired. off after almost two decades at the helm of the city and he said he had lost confidence in him which cough will go down in history for changing the face of capital but the many controversies surrounding his tenure threaten to overshadow his legacy with the notion as the story. i decided to dismiss the mayor of moscow the decree i resigned states that this president have lost trust in you really. wants to project power the phone support to talk was hard to come by.


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