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anatoly in a forest ranger lives in a log cabin near the abandoned mine shaft which was famous for its rich deposits in the nineteenth century. at the right angle and placed inside metal tubes point to a gemstone vein. this may be geological prospecting on the cheap but it's a method that's great rewards for some practitioners.
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that means the. north east. west. soon as we move away from the. position. here they tell us there are lots of veins there all over the place here's another one and. as soon as we move away they go back to their initial position i think the energy coming from the people in the earth's magnetic field play a part in this when you go along a vein and come across a hollow with the sticks prosser over each other like this. what we don't know is the depth of the vein. to give you get closer to the contacts this is where the vein comes close to the surface something else where you won't find anything but splinters through. three
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diggers are looking for blue aquamarine crystals in an old pit looking for gems as these diggers way of life many of them do it as a sideline but some are full time professionals. here it gets out of the service. in the old days veins came out right here. just now. they know what to do and their intuition helps dave determine the veins direction and now they're trying to break through to it as they remove a pile of stones. there are some pretty big chunks here. we examine them. and break them up. there might be some crystals in the.
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blue crystals inside milk white cts thick and sticky substance these are not used for jury they're mainly for collectors if a digger is patient and lucky enough you might find something like this. all. these miners are certain they'll hit their streak of luck some day and many even seek support from the mistress of the copper mountain. local people regard her as the patron saint of diggers. she appears as a magical lizard wearing a golden crown. my dear kind lady i've come to you in all humility with an open heart not with evil thoughts please give me a nice stone don't leave me out to dry help me find the church's stone first i was skeptical about it but when i try there's a soul that had worked for. this stretch of highway follows an underground strip of rock packed with emeralds beryl
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and alexandra the year old emerald band is some thirty kilometers wide and about two kilometers and links this is the birthplace of geologist. emerald so the main line of his research is from time immemorial people here have literally been sitting on them or some of the veins are forty to fifty meters below ground a long time ago the french duck for emeralds and peeps they used to be nearby you might say people are walking on emeralds but you can see for yourself all the leaves i d's swampy banks of the took of a river produced a geological sensation in the early nineteenth century but it isn't one thousand one stumbled on pale aquamarine colored stone. it took them to you could sit in a morgue where scientists said they were emeralds in the summer of eight hundred thirty one emeralds were found right here on the banks of this river and exactly in
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first bits these unique aroldis were found. jim stone experts regard emeralds found in the urals is the best in the world they use a special scale to assess the color and transparency of a stone but there's another special quality of these your old chum stones that won't appear on any scale why did they see it in the middle of the supposed to be a green color i want to look at this one you see a trace of blue in that this means they come from a pit yes this blue streak tells you that they were dug out from. the village of the emerald capital of the year olds it's seen better days barrel was produced here in the soviet era a strategic material used in nuclear reactors before the early one nine hundred eighty s. it was mined in an open pit later an underground mine was built on the site. parents live in militia. his father is a mining engineer he spent
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a lifetime working in the chefs. with the. produce more strategically important. in those days up emeralds where just a byproduct so to speak the break up of the soviet union in the economic downturn that followed in its wake eventually brought production to a halt demolish if pitt has been closed since one thousand nine hundred three its equipment is gradually falling into disrepair only heavy duty pumps are still in operation pumping out subterranean water from the pit. scientists say some seven hundred kilograms of emeralds valued at twenty four million dollars could be produced here each year but the pit remains closed meanwhile law enforcement officials say that up to fifteen thousand carats of your all emeralds are illegally traded annually supplied by informal miners who take emeralds from wherever they
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can find them most often it's from garden piles of refuse that abandoned mine shafts. files you see in the background have been flushed only once. will reveal that the roskilde gemstones their so called crude crystals that. these waste piles have been flushed three times but they no longer belong to anybody some call them the miracle field others the field of fools if. you want to know why the place has this name anyone without special qualifications can find gems there would be the envy of any collector now here's a valuable stone. it seems to be a bear really i'm crystal it doesn't look too good as it's covered with dust on claims that. it isn't fact an emerald in accordance with international close if occasional. but here in the urals is just called the emerald green or.
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some jewelry firms indian once in particular are only too ready to buy such cheap stones they're specially treated and then resold at the price of emeralds. aleksandr cell of ana fizzed generally recognized as an expert on the certification of emeralds and other precious stones the certificate guarantees that the customer is not mining so-called refined beryllium or to put it plainly fake emeralds. emeralds are a variety of. the only different color. painting radioisotopes and other methods would change their color. has set up a certification center in the town of study and. in addition he's founded a private museum of minerals and jewelry complete with gem cutting workshops the art of stone cutting alone produces unique gems from emeralds and more modest semi-precious stones like topaz amethyst and other colored crystals.
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each gemstone splinter or even a plain looking one is given a new lease on life important as well as local stones are cut here but local stones no matter how plain they might be are dearer to the master's hearts. gemstone is closer to the soul if you look at solace woman maybe because it's russian. there's a fountain in front of the museum in the small courtyard visitors are immediately drawn to its rich decoration covered in uncut chunks of greenish barrel it stands as a monument to the locals love for their gem stones. every month we give you the future we help you understand. and want to bring the best in
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science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for technology update on r g. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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the old village of at the very center of the year old gemstone belt legend has it that a long time ago women and children used to wash ruby and sapphire stones at the cattle watering hole today college undergraduates would be geologists come here from moscow each summer to get hands on training they stay at the house which once belonged to a local priest. prospector with years of experience. he takes the students on
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a guided tour of an old quarry tells them about the nuts and bolts of his job. they go to a place where piles of paint. covered a hundred years ago and. show me. you can see right through. the students look like seasoned digger says they flush the rock hunting for beautiful stones fires anyone with enthusiasm once they get their hands a bit dirty. the students and their professors in the praise of the professional
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digger. this is a captivating and useful experience they feel more confident. even from the way. the skills they get here can be taught in the classroom. only through personal contacts that each small find is a delight for them like a valuable gift in a different sacks full of much bigger maligns were called from here to village fairs it's a. possible to estimate how many of these were incinerated in for an asus to produce nickel. that's. what you've got there. oh yeah it's real big family well worth the effort. now there's a praiseworthy stone. well more or less how are we going to divide them among us. from time to time the pit steep sides reveal gemstone outcroppings dangerous rift was discovered only a few years ago diggers got away with the crystals in no time but they were at risk
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of being buried alive in a massive landslide it is impossible to let's get in there to see if anything is left of the vein. to be ok for you can you know you stay put for a while. sometimes people do get inside the vein this is dangerous. numerous gemstone pits are scattered in the forests around the village but few people know where gemstones were mined in the old days. could have known what it was really this transgender is for exploration he would accuse the merchant men mind of the beauty they were often told beryl they were only the top layer there are several pits here who would fit you thirty to forty percent of them and certainly not more than fifty percent have been worked out
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there may be down there but it's. a mill that belong to the merchant who own the pits stood here by the riverside a long time ago stories of treasures are well known but all that remains of the miller wall fragments and old grindstones lying in the grass the mill produced more than simple flour. from the. here is his silver mill it made flower but they also can the hope of finding gold in it is there and they mined stones in these pits wood with our ancestors did work hard . but then the stones had a heart of value they worked like titans and they got paid for the job the work was well compensated. every village and a chance to build one or two more shops handling semiprecious stones most of the
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people working conditions using more now obsolete equipment are self-taught craftsmen. these workshops are anything but cost effective they can survive because marginal people don't stay long. it's not an easy job if you're doing it you've got to look at a new booth as you can't give it up just like that when the stones are like little kids when you first hold them and your hands they're rough but you know what you need to work and polish them and only then did they look so much. these in my kids polished and sparkling. looking modeless. several times a year stone cutters come to you considering board to attend a fair featuring serpent tonight rhoda knight jasper cornelian and many more their wares reflect the whole spectrum of semiprecious stones found in the urals these
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are pieces of art made from landscape jasper from the southern year olds and these are all lumps of rock crystal from the northern end of the same mountain range other tables display deskilling jewelry from the traditional ural school most of the masters and diggers have known one another for years there aren't that many new faces. only a handful of. work with local stones everybody is trying to make goods for popular consumption. there's a brisk trade in melaka where from zero at the fair the euro master scoffed at african malakai because of its banal striped pattern. that used to be mined in the euro's is only found in museums. deposits have been completely exhausted. what do people take home from the urals gemstones jasper and mel
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a kind those are the stones they so shape with are original but this malecon is from africa most people are well aware of the fact they're still willing to buy an . artist a lego pile of cards flowers from stone he matches and with this petals with leaves made of nephrite nephrite leaves look exactly like the real thing spots and all. tiny silver pins are used to hold parts of the flower together because the glue doesn't last long alone the flower itself is more durable and it can never weather . the light radiates through its petals and the flower seems alive but looks are deceptive as the lifeless flower is hard and cool to the touch. stone as. if it doesn't feel like being a flower it's going to be one in the beginning on made several attempts to tame stones but nothing came of it. as a result i had
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a whole bottle stone flows and leaves only then did i realize that stones could never be time. on display at the museum of stones and. a celebrated collector owns these pieces. his collection isn't limited to your all stones he's devoted a lifetime to it. around the world recognize it is unique to support ortiz have helped him set up a museum of his own. on how to master more than two thousand diatoms i realize that this fine collection should belong to my hometown and everybody must have a chance to see it's. a physicist own afficionado in his own right widely known in the. his home collection is nothing spectacular but each item reveals
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a bit about him. just look at these sugar like crystals. very unusual. and this is an image that's jim. out in the open. if. you. talk to these colored quartz. they're really wonderful they help me forget any problems or misfortune. with. many of these stones were mind at the same place where the legendary mining engineer didn't have found gemstones one hundred years ago academics went to for advice and he made great contributions to geology though he never revealed all his secrets or he was the first and only one to find. he found. twelve
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carrots. just couldn't find a single one in many years until a ship shy of devoted himself to studying old maps and the legacy of past mining engineers by retracing their forgotten paths. there are no records of the legacy of our ancestors none what nothing about pits that's all. until issued shy of joining city give a look and director of the race have mineralogical reserve on frequent visits to the pits to assess their deposits. exploring the pits is going to require a lot of digging. there's nothing but barren rock here no crystallization. there is something left. to people we have to find some big samples.
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ok let's get on with the job. diggers rely on telltale signs rather than intuition they know that if they don't see such signs there's no point in messing about in that vein here is a very thin vein pulling its center than your little finger there will be a bulge but make no mistake about it where it joins the court vein over there. crystals all over the place i'm telling you. this pit was once thought to be empty but there are still some treasures to be found if the crystal is flushed and polished it will begin to sparkle. should be done very carefully if you've got clever fingers you'll make a nice brooch very beautiful. science is yet on ravel all the mysteries of the gemstone belt. researchers studying old gemstone pits mapped them
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according to the accounts of pioneers who often refused to disclose all of their secrets. don't believe in mysteries a mystery is simply something you don't know a good miner has no secrets except a place where he's working. there are many pits to be found in the gemstone belt. but their contents remain unknown. nobody knows. day in and day out they go from one pit to another driving an all terrain vehicle through the forests where their forefathers also mind. the secrets of old miners are being put back on the maps this immune and sky a pit is a case in point it's gemstone deposit has not been exhausted. the winch is still in good order the pain has not even peeled off and the rope remained from the
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soviet times if you still find. people we need to do is to put the engine. as soon as the engine is here the winch will start working. it was forty meters deep when a large nast of crystals was found at a depth of only fourteen meters. this means that the vein has good prospects because apparently they were planning to mine stones at a lower level. if the p.v. is to be restored and made up aeration all this will require an outlay of at least one hundred million roubles but it's not yet clear who will furnish that kind of capital. if water is pumped out miners could regain access to shafts that produced riches for over a hundred years lying deep beneath the earth's surface gemstones are just waiting for someone to rediscover their unique beauty.
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peace soon which brightened a few new band sume from phones to impressions. whose phone starts on t.v. don't come.
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in india g.'s available in the grand central shirts and the taj mahal also mumbling polish president bush order they will resume monday beatriz a book clothes are going to go in taj mahal hotel charges some rent hotel palace hotel room close up in the radio to leave the g.o.p. hotel it's a church in new delhi who took the maori babyhood to carry election among the
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clothes of the other maidens hotel. pagosa really does medicine shift he was punished but they protest permits. party's top stories of the week moscow's mayor is fired after almost two decades in charge president says he lost trust in the capital's leader. and russia eyes wise in standing in the east with a major oil pipeline to china and clear the way for future big deals with its biggest trading partner. also the double edged sword of afghanistan's deadly drugs calm by risk stories swathes of opium poppies surging heroin prices keep officials addicted.
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at six pm on sunday october third we're coming to you live from moscow and this is our team's weekly program for a stop moscow's long serving mayor were shown the door by the president this week to meet them is relative said he lost confidence in your english call who had worked eighteen years as the capital's chief was called leaves behind a controversial legacy loved by some but hated by others as maria explains your. side decided to dismiss the mayor of moscow the decree i signed states that i as president have lost trust in yuri luzhkov. once deprived of power to phone support to the top was hard to come by a challenge it's obvious the professional relations between the president and moscow men had worsened meanwhile the man is subordinate to the president and not the other way around certain steps should have been taken to return the situation back to normal so where did it all go wrong.


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