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tv   [untitled]    October 3, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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luzhkov the patriot was always in love with morse code his passion to build and reboot changed the face of the city in two decades the russian capital was transformed from dyes trace to more than a colossal ace that's corruption allegations and suspicion is of a cave's a business relationship with his property tycoon wife were to prove his downfall he would do it the authorities began to look more attentively private activities it turned out that funds allocated for the reconstruction and expansion of my school street and routes were invested in some enterprises from which someone received a huge profit. luzhkov has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing he says do so with his wife's company were transparent and above board but resentment crew as they warden of contracts to learn about to his company how to become russia's only female billionaire and want her place on the forbes rich least yelena nickel live now but is something else again hard charging in the plastics business
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in the construction business why they said to be in the corruption business there was also anger over luzhkov attitude to the city's cultural heritage he ordered the demolition of seven hundred historical buildings and new ones were put up in their place so the administration you know it and sen up to public opinion this is one more example of. vandalism and crime and approach to cultural heritage and architecture of the chip moscow but it was cause handling of the summer's wildfire crisis which proved the final straw while the capitol was choking from toxic smoke for more than a month the city's mayor refused to kushal his holiday preferring the clean air of the alps. beautiful but it's only if the mayor of moscow comes back from holidays the. so the smoke has dispersed and i think it's unacceptable and i think you
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should have been here after it started in the end started taking the blame for everything the night traffic jams all his lawful ugly monuments around the city it seemed there was a loss of trust not just one but true many people and the perception had been too long. just like many of the morning is here proved was a political figure who was hard to ignore loved by some he was hated by others and after eighteen years and no place to ask his growing band of critics who want out and. not in our team. michael binyon a former moscow correspondent for britain's times newspaper says that despite the mounting criticism luzhkov deserves credit for improving the capital's infrastructure and i think one shouldn't underestimate his achievements particularly in the early years in office where he really got things going when he
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came to power it was really chaotic mess had very little renewal of its infrastructure he cleaned up the buildings admittedly he knocked down a lot of the historic grounds which should have been preserved but those that were preserved were wonderfully cleaned up and he presided over a real boom in the city's infrastructure but of course the taint of corruption lingered so long now the question is whether in fact the corruption charges will stick whether he actually will be accused of corruption i think it would be a messy trial if it came to that. russian oil will be pumped directly into china by next year which will triple supply the pipeline to make it happen was open during president medvedev is three day visit to the country the trip included talks with the chinese leader on boosting regional security but as artie's oksana boyko reports russia is also keen to skid to study the secrets of china's economic phenomenon. three c.d.'s in three days a cascade of liftoffs and touchdowns that allowed russia and china to leave to
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major projects something ground and touch upon their strategic partnership. attention to detail has always been in china's very chair they may have rolled out the red carpet for the russians but they're meticulous bargaining proved just as tiring as climbing the great wall of china. it was these are serious important talks as there are a large number of issues to discuss here. while both the natural partners in each other for years russia and china have been haggling over that process russian hydrocarbons but almost fifteen years to build this oil pipeline in the first between the two neighbors because of the money. talks on the price of gas still ongoing. china doesn't want to have a pay it claims that it can offer a rapidly growing market in the future does problem in turn is waiting for the
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price of natural gas and its share on the chinese market to increase at the moment gas accounts for just ten percent of the overall consumption of energy resources in china it's too little to be interesting to gazprom tough bargaining is a useful skill in these beijing neighborhood nickname to russia town that attracts thousands of vendors on a hunt for knockoffs this is the first year with the village there was there's a here it used to be an open market with rows of counters only recently they've built everything that our expense if i may say so. but it's shamelessly low prices and high turnover areas like this one managed to transform themselves from shanty towns into glitzy shopping quarters russian china's trade has undergone a similar make over in two thousand and nine china surpassed germany as russia's largest trading partner. we've overcome last year's negative tendencies the global financial crisis was the reason for the collapse of our trade turnover volumes
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shrunk but this year we have managed to make up for it and will most likely get back to the pre-crisis level in trade and economic cooperation it's a big achievement for former communist allies while meeting second world war veterans in delhi and the russian president was once again reminded when the two countries shared past. for us you're a symbol of a country that gave us marxism leninism and communism. but two days later in shanghai it became clear that it was now in china's turn to spread their war there was them but its economy and infrastructure revamp in just three decades china seemed like a perfect case study for the money then is ation oriented russian president when you go to this exhibition is a unique chance to speed up the modernization of our economies and institutes innovative development is certainly the choice of our country we are following this path and we will do everything for our economy to modernize change and adapt to modern life. and while
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a three day visit may not be enough to mend the secrets of china's economic miracle the russian delegation will do a boot to take home a few pearls of wisdom for the course of this visit russian officials think about take a liking to siding confucius and china scolar her among other things had to buy a piece of all the worst again developing friendship that somebody can a teach any good well china is definitely not the case the country has made such a dramatic leap forward that even in common is big brother russia is more than willing to learn from it it's on a boycott our feet facing china. and there's more high level musical chairs on the other side of the atlantic in brazil where it's girl power on the march. as we report shortly brazil has passed its vote for a new president but because the popular lula da silva had served the maximum will his leading lady become the first ever woman in charge of the country. and well
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germany and germany parties to mark twenty years of being reunified e.u. economies struggle to stick together we talked to experts about the practice facing the union. first though a un panel says opium production in afghanistan has dropped by half this year but it's led to an almost three fold surge in prices thursday's report says that could encourage farmers to cultivate more of the heroin producing crop the survey also suggest the hype was prompted by a plant infection that devastated yields it adds that despite nato operations the size of the area used to grow poppies remains the same the south and west are the major growing regions which are also taliban strongholds extremists to rake in the cash but as our teams policy we are explains for many farmers it's still their only source of income one of which is tightly controlled by militants and even drug addicted police. abdulrahim used to put people behind bars for doing drugs now he's
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been put there himself but the former army commander denies the charges he insists he never swayed from the right side of the law. we saw our truck driving on the main road something made me suspicious and i checked out the cargo we found narcotics heroin and some drugs but what for him claims he didn't expect to find a driver who told authorities he was involved in drug smuggling. by himself is guarded by another policeman if. he's been taking drugs since he was twelve and went for treatment only recently after the prison warden found out he's in good company according to a recent u.s. congress report nearly half the afghan police are doing drugs. when i graduated as a policeman i was doing i kept quiet about for about two years all the other policemen here knew about it quite a few police who are drug addicts they're not telling anyone they're just saying
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i'm smoking something. paula tarty afghanistan's biggest jail many of the five thousand prisoners here are doing time for drug smuggling and drug use but the locks are not a sure safe way of keeping the drugs out. these are the different kinds of drugs we collected over the past years. this is a mix of all your contacts. this is opium. this is the kind of tricks drugs inside a calm family members coming to visit bring these with them we found drugs in shoes over the years prison guards have been charged with lending a hand. yes it's true when i joined a few years ago lots of guards were involved in smuggler. drugs into the jail. not for the good that you do don't know how. and they are not joining the produce
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two thousand of the people join the police through two of them but the ministry has come to the cottage insists it's now got a hold on the problem but questions remain what if some of those fines enough dunstan's drug war are actually foot soldiers for the other side and with the many challenges the country faces doesn't really have the resources to tackle the corruption within its ranks inside these full wars is a snapshot of the problems facing afghan society tell of members drug traffickers and petty criminals and the prisons overcrowded. our teen police chief was in kabul. germany marks twenty years over unification chancellor angela merkel led celebrations in the northern city of bremen where tens of thousands turned out it marks the culmination of a process sparked by the fall of the berlin wall in one thousand nine hundred nine
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bringing together east and west germany but let that lead to a turbulent decade with the huge cost of rebuilding infrastructure in the east causing recession even today there is a large gap in living standards between the two halves of the country after surviving that recession europe's largest economy is now covering much of the cost of the u.s. banking crisis political and business consultant first of course still warns germany can't afford to keep paying the use debts. they feel they do have enough to deal with and they're not really happy to pump out more money to europe that's quite understandable and the last bailout we had to organize for greece which amounted to guarantees to five hundred billion euros half a trillion that was to say you know because very clearly germany doesn't have that kind of money and is obviously not ready to extend more and you have all these. economic guided movements of populations inside europe and of course how to say the
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present crisis is not really adding up to the solution of that but it gets to an amount of an interest which may endanger the eurozone as a whole it is very clear the problems arising right now might lead to another financial crisis and the next financial crisis like the one we had in two thousand and eight and in a. very heavily growing together with the european union. coming up the safe return home for a russian boy abandoned abroad his adoptive parents left him behind in the dominican republic now i want to know if he was sold for drugs plus. well i just don't feel like we're getting all the facts the news media that just news anymore no news is news that's less entertainment it seems like they try and they show why everything why don't many americans trust the evening news anymore artie's
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the resident gathers opinions on the streets of new york. first though it's been a week of mass demonstrations across europe as tens of thousands protest against their respective governments severe cutbacks the biggest march has happened in belgium spain and greece in brussels protesters gathered around the e.u. headquarters and forced the closure of the city's two international airports while in madrid two thirds of flights were grounded because of action by transport workers protest came amid rising unemployment and unprecedented levels of government debt david campbell banner man and european m.p. claims the euro currency is to blame for most of the continent's current economic woes. i think the euro is teetering on the edge this is a manifestation of it this is a massive problem and you can throw hundreds of billions that is they're trying to do but it's beyond i mean the real. underlying problem is you're trying to force together all these different types of column is that some of the doing very well is
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a very weak and you cannot force them together under one common currency called the euro the euro's the problem it's just unsustainable this as a say you know they're throwing hundreds of billions of euros that's it and the germans of paying through the nose and you know the majority of germans now want to leave the euro and that's conceivable that we recreate all the national currency is will certain strong currencies leave all that we currently know the other. and it's another story in the e.u. countries suffering with the worst recession latvians had voted to give their center right government another chance to save their embattled economy the prime minister's coalition partners seem to have got the majority in the needed they needed in saturday's election in support of his harsh austerity plans there's also been a boost for a party representing the large russian speaking minority which wants to mend strained ties with moscow the harmony center has secured about a quarter of the vote with the ruling party suggesting that could lead to
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a role in the government. and in brazil voting has finished in the country's presidential election according to the latest t.v. exit polls those latin american giant could see its first female leader artie's lauren lyster has more from sao paolo. the largest thing that people know about this candidate dilma rousseff is that she is the candidate of the current president lula da silva who is one of the best presidents people say brazil has ever had and has had eighty percent support of the people during his two terms in office which are coming to an end she has been leading the polls in large part because she is a choice really little is known about her by the brazilian people she's his chief of staff she's a. she did fight against a dictatorship years and years ago in her youth but since then has really been in the public eye so she is running on lula's track record and when you talk to people both on the streets that are lula's supporters and. candidacy in her campaign they
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believe wholeheartedly that she will continue the programs little has started primarily narrowing the gap in this country between the rich and poor which is incredibly vast and they say no other government has really taken charge and doing and is social programs that have worked for this country and a way that is relevant to an emerging nation and not necessarily impressed upon them by another nation or an outside influence so she's really been leading in the polls at about fifty percent her leading opponent is at about thirty percent but if she doesn't get fifty percent in this first election it will go to a runoff because that remaining votes in the polls have been split between two candidates now the next candidate is a little more conservative now when you go to the polls in the rich areas where the upper class vote this is who they're voting for this is still a country that is vastly divided along class lines and you really see that in this election now supporters of lula saying that this opposition candidate being nominated would be devastating for the progress that brazil has made especially
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diplomatically they say this would align brazil again with the u.s. and impress policies that rely on the market to solve social problems and they say in a country with eighty percent poverty that's just not realistic and it's just not possible but jose serra supporters that you speak to. the whole day that i feel my candidacy adele my presidency rather would be the disaster there. are russian boy whose adoptive parents abandoned him in the caribbean return to his home country on friday twelve year old dennis is now getting help for him to adapt back to a normal life in moscow our kids tom barton was there for his return. home. after allegedly being sold for drugs on the other side of the world physical abuse and five years in an orphanage twelve year old denise is finally back in his native russia the full extent of his suffering isn't yet known just that he might have been taken to the dominican republic as a slave in exchange for drugs or it may have been an organ trade the judicial investigation couldn't clarify all the circumstances now we should make
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speculations just because the boy can't explain what happened born in the volgograd region in one nine hundred ninety eight his adoptive parents moved to the dominican republic in two thousand and four a year later they returned to russia turning their backs on dennis and leaving him with the local family they too soon gave him up this time to an orphanage but not before a cruise day they hit and punished him the thing is that he behaved badly it was terrible but only because his parents and sisters left him he stayed all alone and the house they even left him without meals as a punishment so one day and they were sword and decided to report at last year's adopt a russian parents were in prison for cocaine trafficking that led a court to come slowly adoption decision since his return more possible evidence of abuse has been found a note on the presidential ombudsman's twitter page said that scars on the boy's head indicate he was beaten now an investigation is looking into why denise was allowed to be adopted by such bad parents in the first place and what really
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happened in the dominican republic. not every adult can survive while he went through the russian adoption agency committed a crime letting drug dealers adopt the boy that's the subject of our future investigation but hopefully all the bad things are in the past now. dennis will now be able to resume his life in russia after his five year absence will have to really learn his native language and rediscover life here but it's hope that he will receive a lot more in his next five years than he did in his last five. the north korean leader's youngest son was given to keep promotions this week in what's widely seen as lining up to take over from his ailing father kim jong un was appointed second in command of the country's central military commission and made a four star general is took place at a rare convention of the ruling workers' party after which images of kim jong il son worship going to the media it's the first time anyone's seen him as an adult with childhood pictures have been shown until now was the first such meeting in
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decades kim jong il awarded top post to other family members glyn ford who headed a european parliament delegation to north korea says kim jong un's appointments could mark a whole new era for the country's foreign policy. this party conferences can the city some i suspect unprecedented changes in terms of generational changes in the in the leadership of the korean workers party we've already seen that some people like you. both who've been negotiating with the americans i've had recent promotions within the people's assembly within the ministries people within the united states administration who actually find it very convenient. excuse to deploy their missile defense in japan which. is to north korea the same time pressure only trying to move more money into their military and of course the analysis of the chinese is being exactly one of the reasons for the full of the soviet union was
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the fact that the economy was forced to live a lie and too much of the military sector and all the enough on improving civilian standards of living. research this week shows that americans mistrust of their longstanding news media is at an all time high online talk show host laurie her finest also known as the resident people why they've got many misgivings about the mainstream media. according to a new gallup poll fifty seven percent of americans do not trust the news media to accurately and fairly report the news this week let's talk about that do you trust the news media not really find out well i just don't feel like we're getting all the facts and there are some facts to should be out there that the media news media is bringing to the public here's a problem news media isn't just news anymore no news is news slash entertainment so anytime you get like a c.n.n. or a fox who has their own ban on things i think people just try to find what most fit
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in what they're already thinking anyways and then they watch their so if you're not from that side if you're not from the whatever side it is and you're not going to trust that other side it seems like they try and sensationalize everything and just a little you know rein in this thing like here in new york it was like there's going to be massive floods and hurricanes and tornadoes and the like were is that suppose the sources will only focus on the on one issue or one side and continue to barrage of the their opponents will take sides in these conflicts in issues yeah seems like they'll do that at any cost no matter how ridiculous that sounds true enough so why do they do that. prophets people people like stories that have questions that we all couldn't treat you know and the america knew i see it's maybe the difference between friends and. i mean we can
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maybe thirty think if we stick around for a couple more hundred years we'll learn some things and maybe our news media will be more trustworthy maybe i don't know i don't know the bottom line is that if you are one of the many who don't trust the news media it might be time to consider a new stores outside the mainstream. be sure to stick with us for the next hour of news here on our team got plenty more heading your way including the deps you can go to stress. well the state of the feeling like great as it were it this feels very very strange the soul is very cold and also heavy i'm doing all right at the moment but i think it's going to get a lot more scary. we take a look at what it feels like to be buried alive all in the interests of taking away the stress and strain of life. good to have you with us here from r.t. in moscow we'll be back in the next hour with even more stories and i'll be back
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with a recap of the top stories after a short. more
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news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images cobol has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are on day. six.
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they say this is not a production little warm. and you should see everybody you sure to see the pretty trees trees they have no idea about the hardships that we face. wanted. to do since. the army is the least of the use the government is the most precious thing in the world. the use of self-sacrifice and terrorism of those who understands it fully that you have to live a little real life stories from well. nine
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hundred forty five don't. good to have you with us as we recap the week's top stories here on r t added his hat and shown the door of the russian president fires the mayor of moscow the president says very luzhkov that eighteen year tenure had come to an end after he lost trust in the capital's leader. russia eyes are rising sun in the east with a major oil pipeline to china opening the floodgates with its largest trading partner oil will now be pumped directly to china tripling russia's export commitment. and un figures show despite a fifty percent drop in afghan opium production traffickers are still raking in the cash as heroin prices soar the surveys suggest the drop was caused by
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a crop disease rather than a nato operation. it may have been two years since the credit crunch struck but many americans are still picking up the pieces next to run out analyst joins us to take a closer look at the gap between the real victims and the people who caused the crash stay with us. our team is sitting down with the author of needed capitalism one of the top five most visited financial log on the web eve smith thank you very much for joining us and i was here thank you so much for having me here i'd like to start off by throwing some numbers out there recently we've marked two years since the peak of the financial meltdown and in these last couple of weeks we've been seeing some pretty shocking numbers we're hearing about one in seven americans are living below the poverty line one in five children are living in a state of poverty in the united states where are these numbers coming from and do you think people.


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