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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2010 1:30am-1:59am EDT

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focus people's attention by using techniques that are the sense in which it seems now during this war we had. military entertainment. to. be soo much brighter than if you move soon from phones to pressure it's. nice for instance on t.v. don't come.
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out of your with our t.v. it's taken of the headlines for you know the presidential election in one of the world's fastest emerging heads for a second round brazil's ruling party candidate people have begun. to secure the fifty percent victory. of president medvedev goes on dolling to condemn recent russian rhetoric to use to speak. russian the stresses that bound his actions it's not about relations between the two neighbors. on britain's the substructure to use both of their influence based on mines in the freedoms are obvious events on the fringe and conservative party conference. special report exploring how the world's mass media is putting into tame values ahead of the real story.
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coalition forces have begun striking selected targets of military importance to undermine saddam hussein's ability to wage war. these are opening stages of what will be a broad and concerted campaign. began
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about one pm eastern friday nine pm. the precision guided assault lit up the. regime change for the iraqi people.
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the mass media coverage in base nothing. with excitement and enthusiasm there were cover it was a spectacular show of explosions and awesome weaponry and their obvious support for the bush administration was remarkable to me. as in our recent so maker i wanted to understand how they can present war this way and i started to search for real information through independent media and their investigations i discovered the silence stories. this is what really happens when we drop bombs.
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media sanitizes or i mean in the case of iraq.
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war is hell war is bloody war is ugly and that's what we should have seen twenty four hours a day on television war is not primarily about discrete to victory it's about death and not dealt with by any of the people who are leading us on whether it be mr blair or who's an experience of war of television or whether it be mr bush or trying to serve his country we have lost touch with the essence of war with what it is war is at its core death the celebration of our own military prowess what is that it is necrophilia war is a poison america will seize every opportunity. in pursuit of peace. and the end. of the present regime in iraq. would create such an opportunity. war is about self aggrandizement all these abstract
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terms like patriotism and glory that. after thirty seconds of combat are rendered hollow and ridiculous we live in a society where the mainstream media are constantly involved in numbing in anaesthetics in preventing us from being in touch with the human realities just by distraction the media politics of changing the subject putting forward images that are disconnected from human realities the myth making nationalism of one kind or another was the cause of most of the genocide of the twentieth century. flags bits of colored cloth that governments you are forced to shrink wrap people's brains and then a ceremony to bury the dead to go to war. i mean whether it's war against iraq war against afghanistan go to war anywhere means that you do not
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consider the lives of other people as important as the lives of the people in your country. it means that you don't consider that the children of iraq have an equal right to life as our children before the invasion we saw these photographs of this target on saddam hussein's far head but it would be a much more accurate to see that target on the forehead of a little iraqi girl because that's who dies and for the overwhelming number of people who die in a war are innocent civilians and there are signs i think a tyrant for war. after what they are and once that happens is when you are in school you see everyone running from there you're looking at it just do it and and going oh wow great great and even the school is not a doesn't have the president of the next size or right this area is practiced around the iraqi service gary if we believe that people have the same right to life we could make war if we believe that the people in africa and asia and everywhere
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else have the same right to the life liberty and the pursuit of happiness or we would be taking these billions and billions of dollars for war and we'd be using it for for medicine and food and we would no longer be a military superpower which is a disgusting thing to be really and we would become less humanitarian superpower in the world. as the war began i was pregnant with my second child and horrified to think what was going to happen to the people in the uk. i was part of what seemed to be the biggest anti-war movement of our times as millions of people around the world took to the streets and said no to war.
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despite the massive global demonstrations and the corporate media ignored and minimized the protests you know signs of protests like the sign of the policy based upon a focus group. a silence dissent and free speech there are still several thousand of these antiwar protesters roaming around the streets of manhattan so anything could happen and anti-war demonstrators tried to shut down san francisco's financial district again this
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morning when you think the spring see that here that's pepper spray tracy i'll guarantee you they have supplied cans of pepper sprays you can see quite a stray but once the war against saddam begins we expect every american to support our military and if they can't do that to shut up we heard of course the usual antiwar slogans the same rhetoric we've heard before no solutions simply slogans being shouted by most of those protesters and those like susan sarandon the corporate media took an active role in the purse for war and clear channel the radio conglomerate and a major contributor to the bush campaign even organize pro-war rallies and encourage confrontations between the peace movement and the pro-war demonstrators. the media outlets quick to patrol the piece as anti-catholic and. anything i'm
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jodan and i'm tracy barry thank you for being with us tonight protesters burned old glory holed up. just simply create chaos at rush hour in contrast to the carpet coverage of the protests independent media were out in the streets and organized special broadcast to give the lease. program the largest ever collaboration of progressive broadcast media the march itself just a part of what's become the most massive diverse global peace movement in history well the corporate media in the us continues to build the illusion that us citizens are united for war it is very clear that more than a million people in new york today joining millions of people around the world have completely destroyed that myth and are saying yes to peace and no to bush but the corporate media is eager to wage war.
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the troops at the ready welcome everybody this is you're worried a warning poised for war and we are avery generally think will be a war by the end of the week i do i do i just don't see any way we can stretch out the diplomacy given the attitudes we've heard broad but it certainly feels that way here as well as will be spending some time together this week thank you more than half the people are opposed to the invasion they were for more diplomacy and inspections yet if you look at the two week period around colin powell giving his address at the united nations fairness and accuracy in reporting did a study of the four major nightly newscasts n.b.c. a.b.c. c.b.s. and the p.b.s. news hour of the three hundred ninety three interviews down there were only three with antiwar representatives almost four hundred that doesn't represent mainstream america i mean i would say that the antiwar movement cuts across the whole political spectrum. and it's not a fringe minority it's not
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a silent maturity it's the silenced maturity silenced by the. media. i.
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knew as follows routines of coverage and it reproduces of that it's in terms of familial formats and structures do a little bit more analysis now on the weaponry that was used in this the racial attack in the united states over the last twenty years there's been a merger movement big companies have merged become bigger there's also been a merger of showbiz and news because that means that showbiz values entertainment value is have infiltrated into news presentation high production values fast paced graphics music all of this is a way to try to focus people's attention by using techniques that are associated with entertainment and now during this war we had merely tamed that military and to tame and a way in which the war was covered as if it was a sporting event if we jump in and take a quick look of what the game plan will be and this is our shock and awe game plan
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you can see we're still coming from all three directions idea here is to get. squads infantry squads a group of ground pounders if you will into harm's way safely if you will all this well armed it also has an offensive capability doesn't it does have offensive capability weapons on the side of the vehicle itself and also designed to protect the troops as they go into battle and then deploy them out to take objectives you know awesome fighting force all right was the way in which the war was sold because political ways of understanding conflict might lead to a debate so you want to d. politicize the presentation and keep it on the tactical level keep it on these are our boys they're in danger look what they did today it's in this wonderful i. mean. we will know. and we.
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trust. the cable news network. this is really undermining a political culture in the country and it's also leading to a tremendous amount of political polarization so the media which is basically has a constitutional protection in america you know in its bill of rights for first amendment freedom of the press well that's about having the media play the role of a watchdog power but the media has become a lapdog you know it's become part of the system it was symbolized during the war in iraq where the military commander tommy franks in his plan referred to the media not as the fourth estate you know a separate autonomy as sector outside of government but as the fourth front of the war the fourth front you know part of the war integrated into it embedded in the
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army's seventh cavalry regiment has crossed the border from kuwait and is wrong across the desert toward baghdad. the shock in all of this raining down to three thousand or so cruise missiles that is the beginning of the massive battle plan the sequin seem to use the military term has not yet started and may not start for many hours to calm journalists toward certain questions who what where when how and why and why i was in the ask the whole like why are we doing this do we have to do this is there an alternative to doing this george bush not finding weapons of mass destruction and iraq exposed more than the bush administration it exposed a media that acted as a conveyor belt for the lies of the strange former top iraqi scientist says baghdad is almost certainly making chemical and biological weapons the scientists claims iraq has mobile what i did wrong the countryside media monopoly militarism they go
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together. and that unholy relationship has to be challenged has to be broken. to fully understand the motivation behind the corporate news coverage we have take salmon who owns the media now five corporations with interest in the entertainment industry and in the military industrial complex control eighty percent of our media they decide what information we get and their choices are driven by profit and their political agenda we have a system with only one side of the corporate side advertising agency side the the television network side those commercial forces are doing all the talking and the other side is almost zero as entry becomes essentially impossible and the markets become more under the control of major corporations they can't just give information they have to somehow get consumers to get their own right here in
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washington fox a network america trust fair and balanced. which means they have to convince consumers to buy their product and then it will read it which means you have to match a good replacement but one of the effects is that you have the for the media is to get. it's part of the general corporatization of america than most of the industrial world so you get huge mega corporations controlling what's produced and that tends to reinforce the pressures towards reflecting the interests of the business world and of course the interesting state which is very closely related to the business world and very distinguished. and he'll did you hear that big sigh of relief on wall street wall street couldn't have been more relieved that finally the uncertainty about war was not placed by some chart tells
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a story that the president would talk. likely to drop on baghdad within days the markets up some hundred points mark still more on markets north for stocks so there is pressure to the to conform to impose the doctrines and beliefs and attitudes that are conducive to stay poor for getting rid of saddam hussein will help spread peace and democracy throughout the middle east the president promised that the u.s. will see to it that iraq is are allowed to choose a new and better later and the u.s. will also protect iraq's oil from sabotaged by saddam hussein the row with news media in times of war is all about propaganda it's couched in terms of supporting our troops paying attention to the commander in chief explaining to the public what is being one how the bad people are being punished for their deeds and of course that doesn't come out of
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a vacuum because before or coverage is pre-work coverage this whole process of agenda building what we could call welling flagstones on the path to war and that's a very methodical and you go back and you look at every war of the last several decades there was the media build up to the war people the pentagon the white. house understand very well that as much as any military technology and bombers any missiles any satellite guidance systems you need to mean to prepare the ground we have taken these actions because intelligence reporting indicates that well in those sympathetic to their cars are still a principal threat the principal threat. for iraqi state agents iraqi surrogate groups other regional extremist organizations and ad hoc groups were disgruntled individuals may use this time period to conduct terrorist attacks against the
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united states. you know our interest either here or abroad we were led from this entire war from the beginning even until now i know with a series of lies and it wasn't just about weapons of mass destruction you know it was about how long it would take and how the rocky people would view it and whether it was working or not and that the only reason that there's resistance is because we're winning and the lights at the end of the tunnel and on and on and on and frankly speaking evidence on the ground is contrary to that but if the american people don't know it they can make an independent judgment americans in particular are the number one target audience in the world for propaganda it matters what americans think because we can change the system here so it's important that the media function as a weapon of mass distraction to keep people's attention away from which really going on that's the problem with these corporate media types you know even when
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they're educated and have some degree of talent and able to break through their own sonic sound barrier of of limitation so it's it's like they have become masters of newspeak you know the language and orwell's one thousand nine hundred eighty four newspeak was specifically designed by the party to diminish thought to limit the possibility of your developing any kind of critical thinking constantly repeating the message you hear that all the time stay on message the war on terrorism the evil doers bring them to justice this is about moral clarity. right no war and. it's ready to be a trigger happy and so that creates this kind of war momentum which is designed to manufacture consent americans who are watching a very different war from the rest of the world not only that the few points where uniform we were hearing the same experts the same points of view. across the
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spectrum there was very little debate very little difference which was really justified as you're either with us or against us so the fact that the american people rallied behind the president supported the war not surprising the people can always be brought to do the bidding of the leaders that's easy all you have to do is tell them that they're being attacked and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger it works the same in any country the official story is essentially you know they the evil doers hate us why because we're the beacon of freedom and democracy and this story case closed that's all you need to know american citizens there's no history there's no context as your background and it's crucial to deny that there's any connection between terrorism and us foreign policy and economic policy and globalization and you're see the corporate controlled media going nowhere near those issues the media.
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can be the most powerful force media. or the most powerful and stick to shands on earth right now because that the way we come to understand each other if we don't know each other personally they're the way we come to understand the world and that the way the rest of the world comes to understand us and that can be very dangerous when we're projected through a corporate lens. imagine your life a big city. crystal clear. organic. living in harmony with nature. sounds impossible. some people have already killed. a place.
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