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so you're watching r t the headlines for you. the protests in europe with populations angered by rising unemployment. americans facing similar problems and taking on ships less seriously. alleged russian arms dealer viktor brutus facing charges of fraud and money laundering in the toy court hearing could determine whether the so-called merchant of death will be extradited to the u.s. . the garbage could all moscow's long fields of turning into rounds of trash are far from home and what used to produce a movie in the capital
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a small portion of it is recycled. now is the euro on the brink of collapse and should the strong countries of the euro zone ditch the weaker ones well to your emmett's puts these questions to a well known british you're a skeptic i think. today i'm talking to the right honorable john redwood he's a member of parliament and also needs a conservative policy group on economic competitiveness he was also someone who was instrumental in keeping brits and out of the eurozone john redwood thank you very much for talking to r.t. now your. explain to me your reasons for that well i'm skeptical about how much european government we need and want. as a british democrat i believe that most of the big decision should be taken by an
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elected parliament in the united kingdom and as many decisions as possible should be dedicated to individuals families or levels of government within the united kingdom so i am skeptical about the need and purpose of a lot of european government at the mess a nine level if something requires global agreement with and our systems for global treaties and global agreement global government if something needs national government we have the institutions it's quite difficult i think identifying those things that really require a european level of government as well the debt crisis and resulting unrest that we're seeing in the arizona at the moment i just think that's a precursor to a total collapse of the what those countries in western europe that wish to create a bigger country called europe are obviously right to try and create a single currency as well as other single governing institutions my country doesn't want to do that it is very clearly not the view of the british people they wish to belong to a european superstate and where they have to be polled again on it i think it would
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be very convincing that they don't want to be part of a big european superstate. those on the continent to do i think prematurely going in for a currency union and it is creating stresses and strains within the system. i hope for the sake of the world and for their sakes that they make a success of it and they need to make certain changes in order to give it a greater probability of surviving and there are those who believe in hell coming out particularly at the moment and saying that the year i was there an economic concept that was fundamentally flawed from the very beginning are you one of. where i was one of the leading critics of the euro and i was one of the leading campaign is to keep my country out of the euro i'm very pleased we succeeded as i always said if you keep britain out of the euro it gives the euro greater chance of success i think if britain had been in the euro with the difficulty. we've been through in the most recent years with the banking system and the strong pull of the transatlantic trade on the british currency it could well have destroyed the euro
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by now so i think our great contribution to european unity was to keep out of it and it's made it more possible for the euro to survive i think now they have another problem in the euro zone which is that germany is very competitive for this level of the euro whereas the southern western member states of the euro area are not competitive for this level of the euro and so there has to be some give and take within the system if they want to keep all these countries in the euro i think they're going to have to devalue a bit further they can have to print or euros and germany may not like that because it might create a little bit more inflation in germany but it will be the price of that in the euro succeed do you think that adjusting and balancing is this nation or should we actually go to a more core you say for all its germany a couple of others and just that the rest of them for a way where it's not for me to say what the future of europe should be because all i'm concerned about is the united kingdom and my country is out of it and i want to
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keep us out of it and there is no likelihood of us going in it so all is well and i think it's up to the current member states of the euro to come to political conclusions democratic conclusions about how much pain individual countries are prepared to put up with to stay in it and whether they can reach a better global settlement within the euro zone which perhaps releases a bit of the tension and pressure on spain and portugal and greece and ireland without completely upset in germany but if you want a successful single currency area you need first would have a central bank that can decide how much of currency to print in the european central bank hasn't quite reached that point yet it's making progress towards the germans sort of a bit hesitant about that and you also need quite big transfer payments around the sorry from the richer and stronger parts to the poorer parts so that the poorer parts can survive with a car. sealevel that doesn't suit them and there are big enough transfers in the euro zone at the moment to make it work so it also adds to the strains for greece
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and portugal and so forth let's talk a bit about social problems we've seen big demonstrations last week across across the eurozone do you think that when austerity measures are announced here in the u.k. as they inevitably will be we will see similar demonstrations here. well i hope we won't have big demonstrations the united kingdom i think the media and political presentation of our public spending is a bit bizarre. and i made a mistake reading the figures which no one else seems to bother to do and what the coalition government is proposing. is an increase of fifteen percent or ninety billion a year over the five year period that they expect to be in government now it's not hugely generous but it's growth in the amount of money being spent so if the public sector in britain manages its affairs intelligently and well there is no need to cut any public service that matters in the united kingdom and that is one of the
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advantages of having our own currency of course because what we decided to do under the last couple months was to devalue the currency quite sharply which of course hit british living standards but also made british business a bit more competitive. and that was something we were free to do which greece and portugal and spain weren't free to do as they were part of the europe of course we're not part of the same but we do have a close relationship with you how do you characterize that relationship and how would you like it change when he you has taken more and more power from the united kingdom often against the wishes of the british people who were asked about it and sometimes with the reluctant or tacit acceptance of the politicians but not with the enthusiastic support with the politicians that's why i welcome the coalition government statement to the new government statement that it doesn't intend to transfer any more power to the european union and of course my party the conservative party the biggest party in the coalition has said that it wishes to
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get powers back now some of us can't wait for the day when we start to get parts back because we think the european union has too many powers we don't think it exercises them very well for example we think the common agricultural policy is expensive and bad. we think it's very bad for developing africa because they can't serve as much as they're a coach or produce into our markets as they ought to because of these restrictions so say for british customers if they have to pay rather more for their food it's not even very popular with the farmers who thought might of liked it so we think there needs to be a massive reform a common agricultural policy which really means less brussels interference and the coalition government has said that it will restrict the amount of power that the e.u. can take away from the u.k. and yet foreign secretary william hague has opted further into the european investigation order which restricts the powers of britain's judiciary were you expecting that to happen no i was not expecting any transfer of power because i
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believe the coalition agreement and i did in the house of commons my voice to those who was critical of this so i don't think we do need to opt in to more of the criminal justice system of the european union as one of the few good things the last labor government did to give us the right not to be at all that and i don't expect to see the government i support then moving into it how does the european investigation order affects the ability of persons judiciary to protect its own citizens well of course it must limit the ability of the british government to run its own criminal justice system that's that's the whole idea of this collective action and i'm very suspicious that we get something out of it which makes it worthwhile to surrender that power one of things i must object to about european power is that there's no real repeal or revision mechanism whereas in britain governments come and go they make mistakes they do things that are unpopular you can change it if they're sensible they change it before they do so if they're not they lose office new government changes it when
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a new government comes in in britain now it cannot change all the things it doesn't like about european government and if the previous governments get in the way of powers we don't think they should be given away and they certainly did that we can get those powers back and i think that's wrong it's a ratchet which makes governing your own country increasingly difficult so what do you see happening sort. ten years down the line if that if this kind of thinking teams. no idea what's going to happen in this area for a long period like ten years ten days would be a long time in politics in here is very long time and in theory there are lots of possibilities on that i mean that this government does mean what it say and it too or can serve to success or stays in office for ten years and so no more powers given and we learn to live with the powers that are already gone. may be future and so if your government actually takes some powers back in the second half of your ten year period. possibility is that the some other different kind of government which carry on giving away powers and although the british people wouldn't want
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that they might have chosen a different government for a different reason i obviously hope it's going to be a five year period of current issue government followed by a five year period of conservative government and if that's the case then i think we can limit the damage prime minister david cameron here is skepticism was much wanted before he came to power can you see that in his actions as prime minister i think david cameron as prime minister of a coalition government is obviously more restricted than perhaps he would like to have been and he's in kurdish unbuildable democrats and if they've been consistent about one thing above all others over the last twenty years it's their wish to get more and more part of the european union they are the closest to a federalist party the united kingdom house so i think david cameron's just accepted that he's rather strange in that he cannot go in and demand lots of powers back from brussels because his coalition partners were never there so in terms of that it's rather not quite merit. no coalition is perfect from the point of view of
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the individuals in it at least this coalition is being honest about its disagreements and i think that's quite healthy sometimes you have disagreements within parties and there suppressed although the public knows that going on i think it's something quite healthy about being out to say i don't agree with all the liberal democrat ministers in the coalition or. on the matter of course i didn't before we form the coalition may be completely nonsensical to say that some. of this is strange because we haven't done much but thank you very much. wealthy british style the stock.
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resort and spa. in israel ots available in some hotel time period hotel jerusalem. protesting gulf european populations angered by rising unemployment while americans facing similar problems taking trips that seriously. alleged russian arms to the victim groups is facing charges of fraud and. michael could determine the so-called merchant of death extradited to the u.s. . for moscow's landfills are turning into mountains of trash a million tons of waste has produced i mean the capital in a small portion of it is recycled. up next on the sports news with.
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have you with us this is sports today on twenty four hour r t i mean you know me headline welsh wonder team europe would use a stunning performance to recapture the ryder cup beating the united states on the final call. another season trophy eight in a row russian basketball champions moscow kick off the new season with victory and the. king of kuala lumpur mikhail youzhny wraps up his second a.t.p. title of the season but the malaysian. europe are again on top of the gulf in the world the hosts doing what they had to and then up to belcher of a final at ryder cup brand on monday in south wheels it really does not get any more tense than this momentum shifting from the continent to continent as the day
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went on court the hosts entered monday on top with that three point lead but as the final singles match up went to the eating hold absolutely nothing between the teams the scored thirteen and a half to thirteen on the huff green mcdowell the northern irishman winning an absolute belcher against country off the american had fluffed the earlier chip europe to make it their fourth ryder cup triumph in the previous five attempts. brings us on to the hard road where russian squads are busy gearing up for the start of the super league season before that though the annual alexander leskie cup always takes center stage for the country's top team who is now usual c.s.k. moscow constantine but top off was at the closing day of the international competition for a. display to trim the status of the. host to worry him into groups in the. future. the any of the winner of the immobile cup.
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man to clean the shitty from the teeth off much more efficient dominated from the three point one helping his team to take the lead just minutes in and try jim langdon is a usual shield impressive moves on the court sinking a few great shots the man's experience of that is gust would need him an inch and the margin was increasing twenty six ten after the first quarter of the second period however so the team's exchange rules came under pressure and the ball just couldn't find the basket and the risk came to the fore to reducing the red in blues advantage to just a point to confuse the enough to the resumption lillith you an inside wins in front . of. the more consistent. started to play in a very offensive manner and that was a mistake as the red and lose banished them with their quick attacks the main
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powerhouse of russian best can put some rukus to the test and jump on gordon in two minute twenty one but when money on a match didn't disappoint the army man fans for the head coach to his car got a six point lead and once again joe louis resurrected and it was all square just five minutes before the final nevertheless the more experienced moscow side close to victory dominating the last minutes of play. and in several points to his staley and as a result he got the m.v.p. prize of the tournament to get very. few. more. than i wanted tournaments. to be a part of that and his teammates morticia ended with a game high of twenty one points but it also it's great that we won the cup for the first time this win is important for it and our new head coach we finished the pre-season very good. everyone is looking forward to the coming season seven
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hundred seventy three i would dramatically finish. and it's another to a few to be seen. ok let's move on to football for a look at the state of play in the russian premier league at the moment with twenty three dollars dusted it still is and it's in petersburg who are looking down on the rest of them it would have been somewhat tighter than this at the top though how. to overcome rock bottom said beer at the weekend champions only drawing meetings and he told a full six point two game advantage over the kids onside football remaining this season though with even third still in with a shot of taking the crown on the other end though it's. a beer who remain the prime candidates to end the year in the automatic drops. temperatures have
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been dropping quite dramatically here in moscow of late so it's not surprising that recent tennis tournaments in sunny south east asia have been packing in the russians and one of them has returned home with more than a ton the world number eight well he claimed the malaysian open title following victory over. it was anything but easy for the higher ranked. the first said by a hybrid the mistakes cost his opponent dearly in the next one the. long distance of two to point. a more even match up in the third with a tie breaker again needed but this time the last say was with. six seven six the final score youzhny being the title to the b.m.w. open crown he won in may. garcia lopez meanwhile topped off a great week at the thailand open the spaniard following up with a shot semifinal win over. it's. not even
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a surprise final all in all with two players side the top fifty of the tournament contesting it. to secure the opening said. should his appearance in the final two was no blip storming to the second set courtesy of some great net play. their third was a to and fro a for with long rallies the order of play but the winning point was. its simplicity are seen lopez with a brilliant cross court hits and no twenty seven year old french a second career a.t.p. cross. another hard hitting nights in the n.f.l. washington are tied for first in the n.f.c. east with donovan mcnabb leading the redskins against his former eagles squad but it wasn't such a great outing for a philadelphia signal caller michael vick evens of course reports. mcnabb receiving a standing ovation from the jury asleep saw philadelphia fans after is eleven year
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run with the eagles it was the redskins ground game which made those spectators worried early on however bryant's or ray making it seven nothing in the first it didn't take thirty three year old mcmahon belong to remind the crowd just how good he is a perfect through a with a middle caused by chris cooley who helps extend the advantage to fourteen nothing now philadelphia seemed to have found the answer quarterback in michael vick until displays to signal color sandwiched between defenders three moore in this former teammate danger the whole software you ruined and chest dangerous by vick's long run right before the injury also negated by a holding penalty. philadelphia called the lead to seventeen six with a pair of field goals before vick's replacement kevin called found brant celek in the fourth the ensuing two point conversion field making the score seventeen twelve kolb unable to deliver in crunch time so he'll be remain winless at home this year
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but so if they feel quarterback jay cutler at the new meadowlands with his bears leaving the undefeated rinks after a loss to the giants new york registering nine six in the first half alone aaron ross introducing himself to call there late in the second. water the twenty seven year old forced out of the game in the opening half with a concussion the giants utilizing an old school style with a good defense and a strong running game to complement it i'm odd bradshaw making it ten nothing to new york in the third chicago answer with a field goal to cut the deficit to ten three before overmatched in the final quarter the giants leaving plenty of devastation in their wake couplers replacement todd collins getting blindsided by michael boley the veteran headed to the sideline after that one with a stinger which means third string quarterback callup haney was sent out to try and
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finish the game the twenty five year old suffering a similar fate to his teammates though justin talked dishing out punishment giving his team their tenth sack seventeen three the final score with the bears bruised and battered in that one and in the other games mad bryant's late field goal held the falcons prevail over the winless forty niners lead dainian tomlinson meanwhile with one hundred thirty three yards on the ground as the jets thrashed the bills kyle orton amassing three hundred forty one passing yards in nashville helping the broncos beat the titans the latest round in the classic heavyweight fight between baltimore and pittsburgh goes to the ravens last year's runners up indianapolis meanwhile off to an uncharacteristically slow start the jaguars kohen out a thirty one to twenty eight win from the colts the chargers trashed the cardinals while houston continued to be on the rise area and foster running wild for one hundred thirty one yards helping the texans be the raiders even the gorski are.
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is your sports felt for this hour i'll see you soon by the way weather's coming up in just a tick. soon which brightened if you knew me about soon from funds to impressions.
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