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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2010 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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this is r.j. live from moscow had lines life on the line up thai court dismissed as fresh charges against alleged arms do little victor brute who would have us step closer towards extradition to the us but his relatives feared the quick judgment that could wait in their. britain's ministry of defense and slammed for purging its computers of data on its afghanistan mission making it virtually impossible to properly investigate claims of abuse by soldiers. while europeans cry out against getting crushed by tax hikes and paid the same troubles in the queue as
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can't seem to coax americans into action. and a mountain of trouble ahead for moscow's garbage problem as the trash piles off the city says it can't get recycling plant off the ground. is the euro on the brink of collapse and should the strong contras of the eurozone ditch the weaker ones that puts those questions to a well known british euro skeptic that interview's up next. today i'm talking to the right honorable john edwards he's a member of parliament and also needs of the conservative policy group on economic competitiveness he was also someone who was instrumental in keeping britain out since the eurozone john redwood thank you very much for talking to r.t. now you're a euro skeptic explain to me your reasons for that but i'm skeptical about how much
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european government we need and want. as a british democrat i believe that most of the big decision should be taken by an elected parliament in the united kingdom and as many decisions as possible should be dedicated to individuals farmers and lower levels of government within the united kingdom so i am skeptical about the need and purpose of a lot of european government at the measure nine level if something requires global agreement with and our systems for global treaties and global agreement global government if something needs national government we have the institutions it's quite difficult i think identifying those things that really require a european level of government as well the debt crisis and resulting unrest that we're seeing in the euro zone at the moment do you think that's a precursor to a total collapse of the what those countries in western europe that wish to create a bigger country called europe are obviously right to try and create a single currency as well as other single governing institutions my country doesn't
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want to do that it is very clearly not the view of the british people that they wish to belong to a european superstate where they have to be polled again on it i think it would be very convincing that they don't want to be part of a big european superstate those on the continent to do i think prematurely going in for a currency union and it is creating stresses and strains within the system. i hope for the sake of the world and for their sakes that they make. success of it and they need to make certain changes in order to give it a greater probability of surviving and there are those who believe in hell coming out particularly in the moment and saying that the year i was at an economic concept that was fundamentally flawed from the very beginning are you one of them where i was one of the leading critics of the euro and i was one of the leading campaign is to keep my country out of the euro i'm very pleased we succeeded as i always said if you keep britain out of the euro it gives the euro greater chance of success i think if britain had been in the euro with the difficulties we've been
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through in most recent years with the banking system and the strong pull of the transatlantic trade on the british currency it could well have destroyed the euro by now so i think our great contribution to european unity was to keep out of it and it's made it more possible for the euro to survive i think now they have another problem in the euro zone which is that germany is very competitive for this level of the euro whereas the southern western member states of the euro area are not competitive for the slope of the euro and so there has to be some give and take within the system if they want to keep all these countries in the euro i think they're going to have to devalue a bit further they can have to print or euros and germany may not like that because it may create a little bit more inflation in germany but it will be the price of that in the euro succeed do you think that adjusting and balancing is the solution or should we actually go to a more core you say for all it's germany
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a couple of others and just that the rest of them for the way well it's not for me to say what the future of europe should be because all i'm concerned about is the united kingdom and my country is out of it and i want to keep us out of it and there is no likelihood of us going in it so all is well and i think it's up to the current member states of the euro to come to political conclusions democratic conclusions about how much pain individual countries are prepared to put up with to stay in it and whether they can reach a better global settlement within the euro zone. which perhaps releases a bit of the tension and pressure on spain and portugal and greece and ireland without completely upset in germany but if you want a successful single currency area you need first would have a central bank that can decide how much of currency to print in the european central bank hasn't quite reach that point yet it's making progress towards that the germans are a little bit hesitant about that and you also need quite big transfer payments around the from the richer and stronger parts to the poorer parts so that the poorer parts can survive with
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a currency level that doesn't suit them and there are big enough transfers in the euro zone at the moment to make it work also adds to the strains for greece and portugal and so forth let's talk a bit about social problems we've seen a big demonstrations last week across across the usa do you think that when all star city measures are announced here in the u.k. as they inevitably will we will see similar demonstrations here. well i hope we won't have big demonstrations the united kingdom i think the media and political presentation of our public spending is a bit bizarre. and i made a mistake reading the figures which no one else seems to bother to do and what the coalition government is proposing. is an increase of fifteen percent or ninety billion a year over the five year period that they expect to be in government now it's not hugely generous but it's growth in the amount of money being spent so if the public
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sector in britain manages its affairs intelligently and well there is no need to cut any public service that matters in the united kingdom and that is one of the advantages of having our own currency of course because what we decided to do under the law scope moment was to devalue the currency quite sharply which of course hit british living standards but also made british business a bit more competitive and that was something that we were free to do which greece and portugal and spain weren't free to do as they were part of the europe of course we're not part of the same but we do have a close relationship with you how do you characterize that relationship and how would you like it change when the you has taken more and more power from the united kingdom often against the wishes of the british people who were asked about it and sometimes with the reluctant or tacit acceptance of the politicians but not with the enthusiastic support with the politicians and that's why i welcome the
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coalition government statement to the new government statement that it doesn't intend to transfer any more power to the european union and of course my party the conservative party the biggest party in the coalition has said that it wishes to get powers back now some of us can't wait for the day when we start to go back because we think the european union has too many powers we don't think it exercises them very well for example we think the common agricultural policy is expensive and bad. we think it's very bad for developing africa because they can't serve as much as their a coach or produce into our markets as they ought to because of these restrictions it's also bad for british customers because they have to pay rather more for their food and it's not even very popular with the farmers who thought might have liked it so we think there needs to be a massive reform a common agricultural policy which really means less brussels interference and the coalition government has said that it will stretch the amount of power that the e.u. can take away from the u.k. and yet foreign secretary william hague has opted further into the european
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investigation order which restricts the powers of britain's judiciary were you expecting that to happen no i was not expecting any transfer of power because i believe the coalition agreement and i did in the house of commons my voice to those who was critical of this i don't think we do need to opt into more of the criminal justice system of the european union as one of the few good things that australia government did to give us the right not to be at all that and i don't expect to see the government i support then moving into it how does the european investigation order affects the ability of press in this judiciary to protect its own citizens of course it must limit the ability of the british government to run its own criminal justice system that's that's the whole idea of this collective action and i'm very suspicious that we get something out of it which makes it worthwhile to surrender that power one of things i must object to about european power is that there's no real repeal or revision mechanism whereas in britain governments come and go they
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make mistakes they do things that are unpopular you can change it if they're sensible they change it before they do so office if they're not they lose office new government changes it when a new government comes in in britain now it cannot change all the things it doesn't like about european government and if the previous governments get in the way of powers we don't think they should be given away and they certainly did that we can get those powers back and i think that's wrong it's a rock chip which makes governing your own country increasingly difficult so what do you see happening so. ten years down the line if that if this kind of thinking teams. no idea what's going to happen in this area for a long period like ten years ten days could be a long time in politics in here is very long time and in theory there are lots of possibilities out there in that this government does mean what it say and it too or can serve to success or stays in office for ten years and so no more powers given and we learn to live with the powers that are already gone. may be future and so if your government actually takes some powers back in the second half of your ten year
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period. possibility is that there's some other different kind of government which carry on giving away powers and although the british people wouldn't want that they might have chosen a different government for different reasons i obviously hope it's going to be a five year period of current issue government followed by a five year period of conservative government and if that's the case then i think we can limit the damage prime minister david cameron's year is skepticism was much wanted before he came to power can you see that in his actions as prime minister. david cameron as prime minister of the kurdish government is obviously more restricted than perhaps he would like to have been and he's in kurdish with liberal democrats and if they've been consistent about one thing above all others over the last twenty years it's their wish to give more and more power to the european union they are the closest to a federalist party the united kingdom house so i think david cameron just accepted that he's rather strange in that he cannot go in and demand lots of powers back
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from brussels because his coalition partners were never there so in terms of that is rather not quite merit. no coalition is perfect from the point of view of the individuals in it at least this coalition is being honest about its disagreements and i think that's quite healthy sometimes you have disagreements within parties and there suppressed although the public knows that going on i think it's something quite healthy about being out so i don't agree with all the liberal democrat ministers in the coalition on the matter of your course i don't i didn't before we formed the coalition would be completely nonsensical to say that some one or both of us is strange because we haven't done that but thank you very much.
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halls the rembrandt the crimean the chesterfield the montague hotel the local the rubens hotel. parts of his top stories and life on the line anti court dismisses fresh charges against alleged harms to victor boot proving him a step closer towards that tradition to us but his relatives feared the quick judgment that put away when their. britain's ministry of defense is slammed for purging its computers of data on its afghanistan missions making it virtually impossible to properly investigate claims by soldiers. and while europeans cry out against getting crossed by tax spikes and pay cuts the same troubles in the u.s. can't seem to coax americans into action. also one hour to me a mountain of trouble ahead for moscow is garbage problem as the trash piles up the
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city says they can't get recycling clowns off the ground. units here now with the latest sports news. it's. great to have you with us this is sports today i'm you know neal i'm very use our headlines of this. rivalry revived tradition which halted with the soviet union all the north american and russian clubs doing battle buck. setting up their stole the auld short in a little and new england winning the first super bowl of the new decade after they go to an on my all me in week four of the n.f.l. season. take your pick we've got each and every strike that was bugged in this past weekend in the russian premier league get your fill of gold score in a few minutes time and. let's get underway with ice
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hockey where it's taken some twenty years but the stars of the n.h.l. eastern european game are again facing off against each. coraline hurricanes out of phoenix coyotes besides crossing the atlantic to take on petersburg. in a series of exhibition plushest. takes up the story. from the past that is a perfect way to describe what's happening here today thousands of ice hockey fans in st petersburg will become the witnesses to a revival or tradition that ceased to exist along with the soviet union around twenty years ago that's right n.h.l. is back in russia and space and hopefully it's back here to say exhibition matches between russian and north american hockey teams have always been special for players and fans alike despite having a friendly status these games have always been full of intensity and then you would have been sold out long before the game.
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was like this more often. because there is a risk that game. over the moon as soon as. i rush to. two thousand and six stanley cup winners carolina hurricanes and scott st petersburg were first on the ice in russia was carolina's last match before the team starts its regular season in the n.h.l. while the nation season is already well underway so it was difficult to foresee how the game would shape up mind that the russians the former n.h.l. stars of their own. alexei yasha are just a few of those players in form roster and head coach was pleased to say the least after his team's convincing five three win against carolina.
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for everyone. you know. the people scott st petersburg scored two goals in the face of showing their serious intent from the get go n.h.l. is replied with two of their own in the second and it was right about signing for the eternal rivals to show some fans what they'd been waiting for some serious mano a mano combat action. the result match penalty for goals and ball as sky won the match however it wasn't a walk in the park for them or their opponents it's a much different game or were used to back home i think with the way they play is a lot different to. think i will. come back to me to take game sold out thank you live broadcast and happy fans seem to be a part of
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a perfect recipe for a new cross kontinental hockey tradition the president of the cage alexander considers this match is a good start bringing for super close calls for expand this protocol the wake of the fall collapse of all foreseeable star was already there for sure because it's quite told. to flex pay more interest to. the public or the battles for the sponsors. one more n.h.l. cage match will take place in latvia on wednesday as local altitude takes on phoenix and r.c. will be there to tell the story room on cost or an r.t. st petersburg. ok let's stay with hard hitting sports but head to the gridiron where the new england patriots have tallied up a very special win against the dolphins quarterback tom brady recording his one hundredth career victory but the three time super bowl champion was mostly cheering
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on his teammates from the sideline to brush it off at the start of the second period staying seven six. brandon tate. of the often overlooked specialty case one of the three o'clock return providing support for the rest of the squad really in particular fired off after one of the quarterback becoming the fastest in the opposition to reach one hundred wins but the spotlight was on the fence on the special teams the showings blocking field goal. to score here to see if the also returning an interception for more of the same forty one forty would be so what penny of sore heads in the european ryder cup camp this week no doubt following their thrilling win were team usa on monday but that didn't stop the key protagonists of the victory taking some time might to give their view on the weekend they'll be dining out on for years coming down the stretch there of number of the riffle nerves like in my life i mean obviously i was out there trying
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to win it for me for my for my eleven teammates for calling. for your for all those fans out there i don't mean it was it was a different different level which was you know this is what this this golf tournament is it's extremely special to be one of the greatest probably the greatest golf and on the planet it became very very difficult to gain that extra half a point. it's made much easier when you're only fourteen these matches are so close now so close. all credit to everybody here on the stage that was performed magnificently and finally let's recap the strikes which shook up proceedings in the russian premier league this past weekend a total of twenty goals from eight much as it flew in with the need some petersburg still the team to catch at the end of it all.
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so great efforts. weather is coming up in just a. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images go for all
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of that and seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are the day. they faced it this is not a prohibition but war and. the forces that we should use steverson are you sure it's a pretty tree species they have no idea about the hardships to face. one it is this is it is all of them too nuisance for any army the life of abuse the other is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. the truth nine hundred forty five dollars on t.v. dot com.


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