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which is full cost at one point five percent and unemployment declining. that's all we have for you for now and join me at twenty past the hour from was business news here are. wealthy british style the sun. is not on the tires on.
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the. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day.
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the biggest issues. welcome back you're watching live from moscow here's a look at the top stories the u.s. sees a spike in islamophobia oregon hate crimes as american society frustrated by comic hardships is also split by a break and many fear the country previously known as the biggest preacher of tolerance in the world is now swapping peter and his him for nationalism. european parliament is divided over washington's demands to provide more personal data of the new citizens in a bid to root out potential terrorist traveling to the u.s. the requirements include fingerprints d.n.a. samples and cross border payments. and alleged russian gun runner
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a big your book is awaiting a decision on his extradition to the u.s. after a thai court cleared the way for the handover the family of the so-called merchant of death fear for his wife and say he may be forced to confession. is a euro on the brink of collapse and should the strong countries of the eurozone to ditch the weaker ones are his lorianne it puts these questions and war to the well known british euro skeptic roger helmer that interviews coming right up. i'm talking to roger helmer who's a you're a skeptic member of the european parliament he's very eminent he opposed to further integration with the european union and also supports renegotiating many of the e.u. case treaties with the right to have that thank you very much for talking to r.t.
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first of all how would you characterize the u.k.'s relationship with the e.u. there's a big question we have always been reluctant members of the european union when we joined it we were told that it was merely a trading operation we had a referendum i voted in favor if i had known then what i know now i would have voted against. but we have this unfortunate feeling that on the one hand we don't like it very much we resent all the nonsense on the other hand many people think well europe's a long way away it doesn't affect me very much so let them get on with it in fact of course it does intimately affect the lives of all of us and huge swathes of policy areas are decided in brussels not decided in the u.k. in my view it is making us poorer and less democratic and less free and i believe we would be better off out and do you support at this stage a referendum on being and if it were possible well i think we should start with the
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referendum that every major political party in britain promised us which is the referendum on the lisbon treaty what they're now saying is what it's been ratified it's too late no it isn't too late we should have a referendum saying do you accept the terms of the lisbon treaty or do you wish the government to renegotiate those terms and that would give i'm sure we get a renegotiation that would give a british government a very strong position a very strong mandate to renegotiate so that's what we want to do now the question that is also arising should we have a referendum in or out. i'm less clear there what the outcome would be. i think probably after a good campaign we would actually get an out vote but i'm less confident of it and of course if we had an inner vote on the part and the people voted to stay in then i suppose the issue would be off the agenda for twenty years so from my point of view that is a high risk route i would just like to see the referendum that we originally were promised it always interests me to meet members of the european parliament who are
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opposed to the e.u. as a construct how does that work well i'm often asked that question and there's a sort of underlying assumption that if you take the brussels shilling then you're all there to support them and sadly that applies to too many people it applies to the great majority of any p's and virtually all the stall for the all the commissioners and so on i take the view that i'm not elected to support the european union and to promote it i'm elected to represent the interests of the people who voted for me and i recall that in the last election in two thousand and nine. a majority of voters in my region and nationally i think supported broadly euro skeptic parties or at least they believed that the conservative party was euro skeptic which brings us to the as you that in terms of the coalition government it's really failing to deliver on that expectation prime minister david cameron's position is here a skeptic didn't seem to be any doubt before he came to power that now it doesn't
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seem to be say claire i think it's tragic and something that my colleague dan hannan points out is that the higher people climb up the greasy pole the more sympathetic they become to large centers of power like the european union william hague he had a reputation as a clear principled euro skeptic i had great confidence in him it seems to me now that he's shifted his position he's trin so that he's sort of prepared to accommodate he's prepared to come up with a few euro skeptic quotes from time to time but but actually we've accepted regular regulation of the city of london we've accepted the. matic service we've accepted the investigation order we are passing powers to brussels arguably more quickly than the previous labor government did and i personally am deeply unhappy with that and william hague in fact expressly opted into the air pair of estimation that any i believe was treason may have actually signed it off but it was an unforced error we didn't have to we could simply have said no we could have introduced as with the
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european arrest warrant we could have introduced national protections and safeguards in the way that some of the member states have we just seem to roll over and play dead something like thirteen hundred i think british citizens were sent abroad under the european arrest warrant last year that's more than half of all the cases in the whole of the european union i've followed the case of a couple of my constituents who have been appallingly badly treated absolutely wicked the freedoms that we used to believe were inherent to english men and women have just been taken away from us so i think that the airplane investigation ought to and arrest warrant to something which is something which enables europe wide investigations to take place against criminals and potentially against terrorists that's got to be a good thing as a net it's intended to do that but what it does is it sets aside all of the safeguards and checks and balances that we normally associate with the extradition of criminals of course we have several agents to extradite criminals and terrorists
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and we had those and they do take time because the safeguards take time but it's right that they should it is not right that innocent citizens should be sent abroad held in jail as in the case of my constituents for nearly three months tried acquitted then recalled because the prosecutor is appealing against the acquittal and now recalled for a third time one of them has been acquitted twice and is told he must go back again for a formal judicial process to confirm the acquittal for heaven's sake this man has had two years of his life ruined. despite the fact that two courts in regular classes in regard to courts and rigor have separately found him not guilty this is just unjustifiable treatment of british citizens let's talk about what's happening in europe at the moment recently we've seen a rise in protests against austerity measures what do you see that going forward well i could see a long period of quite serious process and on rest but the
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political and broader economic questions of really very interesting we're seeing that the the german people are becoming extremely reluctant to be the bankers of last resort for the euro zone germans who retire it is it sixty five don't want to keep paying money to greece where they retire at fifty eight in order to maintain a mediterranean lifestyle so there's deep unhappiness. i think it comes down to the issue of the euro currency we euro skeptics have always said that the euro the euro currency couldn't work because you had disparate economies with different economic cycles they can't all have the same monetary policy and therefore they can't all have the same currency and frankly for best part of ten years the euro seemed to work sort of all right and people say well you predicted all these disasters nothing's going wrong or no it has and this is exactly what we expected you simply cannot have germany on the one hand which has been extremely careful with inflation
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on wage rates and all those things in the same monetary union as places like greece and italy and spain which have been entirely proffered and of allowed their unit labor costs to run out of control ceased to be competitive. those countries want to devalue or germany want to revalue within a currency union they can't so either some of the peripheral club med countries are going to have to peel off at the bottom or germany is going to have to get out at the top you could have a currency union probably of germany the bene locks for aunts austria but the moment you put in all these other countries it just isn't going to work what's the solution that recently european central bank has said that countries opting out of the year is a would be committing economic and political suicide wouldn't be tantamount to suicide but they face a very hard choice because staying in they're going to have the most desperate problems getting out of the first to admit they're going to have desperate problems
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it's a choice between two evils and difficult me to say which is the greater evil but in a sense they don't they may not have a choice because the bond markets may decide for them. and i personally think that a country like greece would go through a period of desperate pain if they left they would certainly have to default or it's called as much polite of the default but they have to do something like that but basically people let money greece would have to take a haircut and probably quite a substantial haircut but that's roughly what happened to argentina or whatever it was the nine hundred ninety. and it's terrible at the time but the country comes through and actually it's much better off afterwards it's just like when britain left the exchange rate mechanism you know it was called black wednesday suddenly in retrospect we realize it was goldman wednesday because we had a long period of sustained economic growth because we got our currency back to the right level that's what greece needs that's what spain needs a violin needs but they also committed politically emotionally psychologically to
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the euro project that they they dare not bring themselves to make that leap they may be forced to make it by the markets and when they do that i think will be the point at which the european union. it starts to unravel because they've invested so much sort of like the lord of the rings you know all the power is in the ring and when the rings dissolved it's gone all the economic and political motivation of the european project comes to a central point in the single currency when the single currency starts to break up it will cause big questions to be asked about the about the viability of the union so you see this affecting the economic and political union as a whole yes i don't think the european union can last forever. i like to compare it to the u.s.s.r. we didn't do a comparison too far but there are a lot of factors essentially both the u.s.s.r. and the european union have decided to create structures that ignore the identity and aspirations of the people and eventually the aspiration and identity of the
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people reassert itself the soviet union lasted what was it about seventy years the european union has just lost it about fifty years. and i wouldn't be at all surprised to see the same pattern i think in twenty years time there may be something that's called a european union but i think it will look very different and be much less input influential than it is today and yet becoming a member of the euro is and is still something that countries aspire to estonia well become a member in january yes i think it's only is very unwise to do that. i could see a case for a baltic currency union i mean the one and a half million people that's very very small country to have its own independent currency although quite small countries like singapore and switzerland have independent currencies and redraw the world with them but there is a case there will be case for baltic union there is not a case for a stone in my view being in the same currency union with germany aren't in greece want to have a thank you very much my pleasure. imagine
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see a place where supernatural things are happening. and. fall . on our feet. more news today violence is once again flared up to feel these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are all today. look. look. look fifty
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ft ft. u.s. sees a spike in islamophobia rhetoric and hate crimes in american society frustrated by konami hardships there's also a split by racial tension which many fear the country previously known as the biggest tolerance in the world is now swapping usually just for nationalism. almonds divided over washington's demands to provide more personal data e.u. citizens in a bid to temple terrorist traveling to the u.s. the requirements include fingerprints d.n.a. samples and cross border payments. can alleged russian gun runner victor borge is waiting in the station on his extradition to the u.s. after a thai court cleared the way for the handover the family of a so-called merchant of death fear for his life and safety may be forced to
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a confession. so they have lines here in our back at the top of the hour with more meantime let's give away the sports news. great to have you with us this is sports today i mean these are headlines this hour rivalry revived tradition which halted with the soviet union the north american and russian clubs doing battle back. setting up their stall the all shorten a little on new england winning the first super bowl of the new decade after they go to town on miami in week four of the n.f.l. season. and take your pick we've got each and every strike that was banged in this past weekend in the russian premier league get your fill of gold score in a few minutes time. let's get underway with ice
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hockey where it's taken some twenty years but the stars of the n.h.l. eastern european game are again facing off against each other their current hurricanes and phoenix coyotes this science crossing the atlantic to take on petersburg. in a series of exhibition clashes. takes up the story blasts from the past that is a perfect way to describe what's happening here today thousands of ice hockey fans in st petersburg will be called witnesses to a revival or tradition that ceased to exist along with the soviet union around twenty years ago that's right n.h.l. is back in russia and in the post soviet space and hopefully this time it's back here to say exhibit matches between russian and north american hockey teams have always been special for players and fans alike despite having a friend list that is these games have always been full of intensity that you would have been sold out before the game. ran to get tickets right away like it would be
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great to have games like this more often than not only to raise revenue because because there is a risk that game interests are split. on. i was over the moon as soon as i heard it was on and i rushed to buy tickets available for the two thousand and six stanley cup winners carolina hurricanes and scott st petersburg were first on the ice in russia was carolina's last match before the team starts its regular season in the n.h.l. while occasional season is already well underway so it was difficult to foresee how the game would shape up mind that the russians have former n.h.l. stars of their own moxie mocking again a good game in the back of alexei yasha are just a few of those players in form islands and others rosters and the head coach was pleased to say the least after he seems convincing five three went against carolina straight. to play if you know. this it
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was very old for everyone. else. you know you have to focus. a little. bit people scott st petersburg scored two goals in the first period showing their serious intent from the get go n.h.l. is replied with two of their own in the second and it was right about time for the eternal rivals to show some fans what they've been waiting for some serious mano a mano combat action. the result match penalty for those involved has been old scow won the match however it wasn't a walk in the park for them or their opponents that's a much different game or were used to back home i think with the way they play is a lot different to illiterate erling of the walls on an ultrasound machine come back to me to get me to take game sells out then you live broadcasts and happy fans
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seem to be a part of a perfect recipe for a new cross kontinental hockey tradition the presidents of the cage shelf alexander in the dead of his. this match is a good start for bringing the superheroes and to discos for expand this protocol that we could. still be in full force both or will somebody for the future because it's quite a. few weeks more interest to. the public or the locals of those principles. one more n.h.l. cage match will take place in latvia on wednesday as local athlete takes on and we'll be there to tell the story. on cost artie st petersburg. ok let's stay with hard hitting sports but head to the gridiron where the new england patriots have tell it up a very special win against the dolphins quarterback tom brady recording his one
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hundredth career victory but the three time super bowl champion was mostly cheering on his teammates from the sideline to brush it off at the start of the second week of spring seventy six brandon tate making the most of the often overlooked specialty case a one hundred three yard kick off return providing a spark to the rest of the squad pretty good in particular fired off after one quarterback becoming the fastest in the opposition to reach one hundred wins but the spotlight was on the fence on the special teams after show is blocking field goal line kind of to score here to see if the also returning an interception for more of the same forty one forty would be the one but were heads in the european ryder cup camp this week no doubt following their thrilling win were team usa on monday but that didn't stop the key protagonists of the victory taking some time might to give their view on the weekend they'll be dining out on for years
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coming down the stretch there of number of the riffle nerves like in my life i mean obviously i was out there trying to win it for me for my for my levon teammates for calling. for your for all. fans out there i mean it was it was a different different level to what public beach was and in others this is what this is it's extremely special continues to be one of the greatest probably the greatest golf been on the planet became very very difficult to gain that extra half a point. it's made much easier when you're only fourteen these matches are so close now so close. and all credit to everybody here on the stage that has performed magnificently and finally let's recap the strikes which proceedings in the russian premier league this past weekend a total of twenty goals from eight much as it flew in with the need some petersburg still the team to catch at the end of it all.
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great efforts there a lot as all. the world weather is coming up in just a. question is that so much of the taxpayers' money coming to you and i seriously have a real serious injuries all over the world are going to bigger their neighbors and gain a leg up for their exports by cheapening their currencies if left unchecked. wealthy british style. that's not on.
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