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tv   [untitled]    October 6, 2010 10:00pm-10:29pm EDT

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the thai government to discuss the fate of alleged russian arms smuggler victor boot who's facing extradition to the u.s. . we can't allow ourselves to be out communicated by our enemies the vanguard of u.s. international broadcasting calls for more cash to battle rising media voices from around the world. and as the u.s. demands of greater data sharing the calls for but privacy under the pretense of fighting terror.
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six am in moscow i match reza good to be with you here on r t our top story thailand says it's moving closer to a decision on whether alleged russian gun smuggler victor boot should be extradited to the u.s. the country's prime minister said they had over a period it could last more than three months if it's deemed necessary who will stay in a thai jail until his legal team appeals the latest verdict thomas has been following developments. victor boot has certainly created a name for himself some call him the merchant of death or even the lord of war but to sear gabled victor's brother he's seen simply as a great business mind just up to her first course he had the drive in quite an outstanding talent to organize and run business that's why it was great working with him but the mood was arrested in two thousand and eight in bangkok thailand the during a sting operation and accused of trying to sell weapons to colombian fark militants
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the u.s. has been trying to extradite ever since he claims he's innocent and has only operated as an international businessman providing logistics for shipping that his brother doesn't understand what is driving the american push against him which was pistol labor making a monster out of him and if you think about it the victim has been out of the business for over ten years let's sort of secret information can he possibly not resist but he has not been out of the country and he hasn't talked to any artist darkness about the last ten years when you he was out of the business he couldn't work anymore because everywhere he went the u.s. government tried to obstruct his work and i guess the u.s. special service has so straight unloads his cousin but that there is increased pressure from america and the political connections within the thai government for a decision to be made a lot of phone calls have been made from the united states to thailand obviously to the prime minister's office and this is another part of the this delicious irony of the thai prime minister will be americans are saying is actually working for the victor borge is actually working for the americans because he's not only is
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a british war but also all british passport which means he's obviously subservient to the british american interest and with the power of american banking some say the incentive is right for thailand to play ball but america has promised thailand fighter jets and cheap oil if the decision goes their way if he's next ready to america and stands trial in america itself i think then everything will be in public but probably a but might have. they would like to extradite him but not have a face trial in america but to be in a prison another country as they have done with other people so we don't know so merican people don't really know what's going on and there are questions about the legality of the extradition process and the motives of the united states but those who are close to victor both say they are more concerned about his welfare and safety that the company it's quite possible they like sudan team and just look him up on some aircraft carrier and force him to give whatever testimony the u.s. once seemed to give i think they'll go as far as it takes to get it to get it. and
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now the question if true justice is even a possibility. we will suppose i think there's nothing left of american democracy today the u.s. regime is the same or worse than stones i mean once any action is depicted as a patriotic act but everything is classified they have secret prisons where they torture people and inject them with sin and chemicals to extract information but they're willing to resort to any means to get what they want which. now with the possibility of victor boot extradition growing closer to reality those who remain convinced of his innocence are still keeping up to find the stuff that is the still for the book we're still hoping big two will be freed we believe he might be it's hard for regular people like us to find the u.s. machines look at them and look at us what do we have to back this up it's like a man fighting an elephant and it's hard for us to get through this hoping for just as we haven't seen any in the past three years sure. sean thomas archie.
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russian chinese and iranian news channels have been labeled enemies by the u.s. sponsored media organization that oversees programming directed at foreign audiences broadcasting board of governors says it needs no money to fight the growing danger. we can't allow ourselves to be out communicated by our enemies there's that freedom house report that reveals that today's autocratic leaders are investing billions of dollars in media resources to influence the global opinion you've got russia today iran's press t.v. venezuela's tell us and of course china as a launching international broadcasting twenty four hour news channel has correspondents around the world professor christopher a sense and author of the book the science of coersion thinks the attack on foreign news outlets is connected to a media credibility crisis in the u.s. . the way that information in news works is carefully tailored to deliver
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particular messages now the in the us system what we've seen is a a culture and a system as grown up about it that helps to tailor these messages in such a way that the larger security strategy of the united states is supported and for the most part this is quite successful within the united states however for a number of reasons it's becoming less and less successful internationally and this creates a crisis in the in the foreign policy establishment and in the organizations that specialize in this type of international communication the organizations that are in charge of u.s. information and propaganda policy internationally are in a crisis it's a financial crisis and it's a credibility crisis and people get worried when for example the man in charge of
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the of the agency that oversees the voice of america starts talking about russia and china as enemies of the united states this was a this was a big mistake that he made and he i am sure that he did not intend to do it and that he regrets it quite a bit. while some in the u.s. media may be looking for enemies outside on the inside the country may be facing a spike of racial hatred. you're a mexican immigrant right and people think that you're a threat maybe to a job or something like that they're going to throw us on one basket anything who looks different all the sudden becomes bad. many muslims and mexicans alike say they're facing xenophobia in their everyday lives. also miracle breakthrough find out how doctors in russia had given hope to children fighting a deadly disease. first though new data sharing demands from washington are
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causing anger in europe the u.s. could get access to fingerprints d.n.a. samples banking details and other private and sensitive information the u.s. says it just wants to stop potential terrorist from getting into the country travelers from states refusing to share information will now have to apply for a u.s. visa sunny you countries including austria and germany have already agreed to hand over the personal data of citizens in june the e.u. and u.s. signed their so-called swift deal that gives american officials access to all bank transactions within europe greta of irish politician and member of the european parliament has washington doesn't want to allow the e.u. the same access. at this point we are sending about nine ninety six million bits of financial transfers ninety million messages financial messages each month to the united states so it sees billions a year and well. the european citizens turn to us to see. how
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is this happening at this point the floor of that is from the e.u. to the u.s. and does that theoretical possibility of diverting this is this this where all the data but still are ethical reciprocity it's not real reciprocity and asymmetrical reciprocity it's not reciprocity absolute so at this point we do not address busses with united states we between these two grown deal which was rejected by paul. i meant and shift to which was approved and then with my faults against but the proved we managed to get a new repeat overseer in washington which will be looking over the american shoulders as it were ans with the power to start a search that he or she will did not appropriate the problem is that now the european commission is not willing to tell us the name of this person missing in washington so. yes i will say ironic situation where the privacy of one person one representative that should be put up with from the outset is i better protected
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than the privacy of five hundred million european cities we have the citizens we the representatives we are once disparity on their side so if they give us transparency if we know what kind of date has been accessed by whom and when if we have representatives whose name we know then we can you know in the reciprocity between the citizen and institutions we can work in making everybody said. the united states has always been among the biggest preachers of tolerance in the world but some fear contemporary us society may be losing that reputation as being free and open xenophobia and nationalistic hate against minorities including islamophobia may be on the rise. america is supposed to be a nation of tolerance. but bleeding through her stars and stripes. and ugliness incapable of masking protests against the construction of new mosques illegal immigration and economic reform point to
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a fear and frustration. an emotional climate experts say where many americans are swapping patriotism for nationalism definitely is a phobia it's a fear of the other zina phobia is defined as an unknown reasonable fear or hatred of the unfamiliar especially people of other race or religion muslim associated with phil that's everybody knows there's no fly in these there's ninety nine names most of them sorry sacks created what he calls mobile art aviation a missile decorated with signs equating islam to terrorism at the front a mannequin dressed as an arab there is no display there is no more sex drives this display all over new york this. is the out of ramadan is the executive director of the council of american islamic relations his new york office repeatedly receives hate mail like this picture of a burning korans there's been
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a spike and obvious by. hate crimes and islamophobia and attacks on mosques throughout the country from temecula california to sheboygan wisconsin to tennessee these are our crimes that are motivated by. hate or intolerance or bigotry a rage that amnesty international believes is being exploited not tempered by politicians all across america now she's going to have the right to put up a sign actually a holocaust museum. the russians in the number of shots of japanese are going to show you next to pearl harbor i do is no reason for us to show up to moscow and actually we're afraid that tea parties around the country frustrations over taxes and joblessness are aimed more directly at us president barack obama is saying oh you think you know most of you know what i don't know what the world is i cannot
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make up what the president is but the reason to suspect him is because you're talking like what stop talking like i must look bad. according to the f.b.i. obama has garnered more death threats than any other american president in the us immigrants have also become the other arrested and detained in arizona beaten and bruised in new york where racial tensions have erupted in some low income neighborhoods unfortunately most of the attacks most recently have been by blacks against mexican violence many attribute to the struggling u.s. economy if you're a mexican immigrant right and people think that you're a threat maybe to a job or something like that they're going to throw a saw in one basket that's the bottom line anything who looks different all the sudden becomes bad an alarming downturn in america's mood it clearly illustrates a frustrated and divided public but this leaves many hosking of the land founded on freedom is becoming
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a land and soon i hate arena fortnight party new york. the first attempt to prosecute a suspected terrorist how they kuantan him obey in a civilian court has been delayed after a judge blocked the use of a key witness the trial of ahmed ghailani has been postponed until next week because the key witness emerged during interrogation at a cia at a secret cia prison where his lawyers say he was tortured they argue that any statements made under duress are inadmissible the witness allegedly sold explosives to any who is charged with plotting the one nine hundred ninety eight bombings of two american embassies in africa that killed two hundred twenty four people is the first one time in the detainee to be transferred to the u.s. civilian justice system dr alan singer director of social service of social studies at hofstra university in new york discuss the issue. the united states claims to represent freedom represent justice represents human rights if you have secret military prisons where people waterboarding and work people are undergoing sensory
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deprivation the rest of the world sees this and the rest of the world says american claims to represent righteousness fully so united states is undermining the school position by maintaining a a prison in guantanamo the american legal system is on trial as well the united states is trying to have it both ways it's accused these people who are being prisoners of war but isn't treated as prisoners of war now it's accusing them of being criminals and if they're criminals they need to be tried in civilian court i mean one question is why they're being tried in the united states and not in the areas where the crimes were committed like kenya but. the american legal system is being observed by the whole world right now and i think that the american legal system has the ability to respond if there is evidence that stated it will not be admitted in court. coming soon here on r.t. happy birthday mr prime minister future journalists just wrote to congratulate
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a lot of your putin on his special day. turning the first so to some other stories making headlines across the globe hungary has opened a criminal investigation into a deadly toxic sludge spill that's killed four people and injured more than one hundred twenty others a state of emergency has been declared in three western counties after the chemical waste burst from a reservoir the european union has one of the ecological disaster could have long term consequences for countries along the danube river it's estimated the cleanup will take at least a year and cost millions of dollars. united states has apologized for a recent helicopter strike on pakistani soldiers a u.s. investigation found that american soldiers had confused a pakistani outpost with a militant camp after the incident pakistan closed the border crossing into afghanistan used by nato convoys some of the vehicles unable to pass were torched and destroyed by militants. u.s. federal agents have arrested nearly one hundred thirty people suspected of aiding
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drug traffickers in puerto rico more than seventy of those seas were police officers and what authorities described as the largest law enforcement corruption case in f.b.i. history with charges of the result of more than one hundred undercover drug deals where officers are accused of providing security. in. rescuers working to free the thirty three trapped chilean miners expect to reach them in the next few days with just over one hundred meters left to go drilling has been slowed by a hard rock added year by a mine shaft relatives cheered as more equipment arrived to bring them to the surface and then have been living in an emergency shelter in a collapsed more than two months ago. the statue of christ the redeemer that stands over rio de janeiro has been lit up think to remind women about the dangers of breast cancer the pink october campaign encourage latin american women to have regular checkups raising the chances of early detection more than a million cases of breast cancer diagnosed around the world every year.
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it used to be a disease that very few children survived but now hopes of a full recovery have become a reality for young leukemia patients around the world it's all thanks to a breakthrough treatment developed in a pioneering clinic in russia. kareena is seven years old but if it hadn't been for a pioneering new treatment she wouldn't have even seen her first birthday. she was a model star developed a strange blue rash the first we thought was malaria then we found it was an infant leukemia couldn't dance of here at the forecast wasn't good she was treated here and she katherine berg regional children's hospital both doctors and patients unaware at the time that they were on the verge of a breakthrough. on her disease anymore by their aggressive him with therapy we decided to use of the. all ground city to.
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be kimi thrice in a mature blood cells and trans regional acid which is better known as vesa know it forces those cells to develop stopping the league kenya from spreading although not a new treatment everything used on adults before. once we start the new treatment green are starting to wonder we got the news. that she was badgered. this new treatment combining both s. annoyed and chemotherapy was so successful it even surprised the doctors and has been prescribed to many other patients sense with encouraging results advances in treatment here at the hospital have been like market now have a much better chance of recovery just twenty years to gauge drugs to treatment. harder to come by in russia they correct usage a little nine and the survival rate is below ten percent now with the survival rate is seventy percent pediatric oncology has made tremendous progress we found their
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results so good that we can introduce it to the world and she is also working very closely with countries such as germany to develop their. they tease and hating to share the knowledge and experience they gave corrina a second chance. the one most important thing for parents when things like this happen is to be patient you really can't give up. and that can spread glavan the countries may know sickly are many things but when it comes to battling cancer they find a common voice that means clam breaking discoveries like this can save children flights around the rose so if. you catch him back. finally in the news blog about amir putin has gotten some pretty unusual birthday gifts in his time rare leopards joke books about him even a cat in well this year students at moscow state university have come up with
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a present that's a little more provocative students from the journalism department have released a sexy calendar dedicated to russia's prime minister each model is pictured with speech bubbles containing double entendres like how about a third time or the fires are out but i'm still burning some simply say we love you the creators say the idea was to show how smart young women can still be beautiful by the university calls the project inappropriate and we're back at the half hour with the updates on our top stories but first with the domino effect of financial disasters spreading across europe laura i met asks member of the european parliament roger helmer if the stronger economies should ditch the weaker ones it's coming your way next on r.t. .
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the be. i'm talking to roger helma who's a you're a skeptic member of the european parliament he's very many opposed to further integration with your opinion and also supports renegotiating many of the e.u. case treaties with the e.u. not to have a thank you very much for talking to r.t. festival how would you characterize the u.k.'s relationship with the e.u. there's a big question we have always been reluctant members of the european union when we joined it we were told that it was merely a trading operation we had
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a referendum i voted in favor if i had known then what i know now i would have voted against. but we have this unfortunate feeling that on the one hand we don't like it very much we resent all the nonsense on the other hand many people think well europe's a long way away it doesn't affect me very much so let them get on with it in fact of course it does intimately affect the lives of all of us and huge swathes of policy areas are decided in brussels not decided in the u.k. in my view it is making us poorer and less democratic and less free and i believe we would be better off out and do you support this state a referendum on being and if it were possible well i think we should start with the referendum that every major political party in britain promised us which is the referendum on the lisbon treaty what they are now saying is what has been ratified it's too late no it isn't too late we should have a referendum saying do you accept the terms of the lisbon treaty or do you wish the government to renegotiate those terms and that would give i'm sure we get
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a renegotiation of that would give a british government a very strong position a very strong mandate to renegotiate so that's what we want to do now the question that is also arising should we have a referendum on in or out. i'm less clear there what the outcome would be i think probably of three good campaign we would actually get an out vote but i'm less confident on. it and of course if we have an in or out vote on the pa and the people voted to stay in then i suppose the issue will be off the agenda for twenty years so from my point of view that is a high risk route i would just like to see the referendum that we originally were promised let's talk about what's happening in europe at the moment recently we've seen a rise in protests against austerity measures what do you see that going forwards well i could see a long period of quite serious process and unrest but the political and broader economic questions of really very interesting we're seeing
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that the the german people are becoming extremely reluctant to be the bankers of last resort for the euro zone germans who retire it is it sixty five don't want to keep paying money to greece where they retire at fifty eight in order to maintain a mediterranean lifestyle so there's deep unhappiness. i think it comes down to the issue of the euro currency we euro skeptics have always said that the euro or the euro currency couldn't work because you had disparate economies with different economic cycles they can't all have the same military policy and therefore they can't all have the same currency and frankly for best part of ten years the euro seemed to work sort of all right and people say well you predicted all these disasters nothing's going wrong well no it has and this is exactly what we expected you simply cannot have germany on the one hand which has been extremely careful with inflation and wage rates and all those things in the same moment for union
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places like greece and italy and spain which have been entirely probably good and of allowed their unit labor cost to run out of control cease to be competitive. those countries want to do that he will germany want to revalue within a currency union they can't so some of the peripheral countries are going to have to peel off at the bottom or germany is going to have to get out of the top you could have a currency union probably of germany the bend the locks for all it's all straight. but the moment you put it in with other countries it just isn't going to work what's the solution that recently the european central bank has said that countries opting out of the year and saying would be committing economic and political suicide wouldn't be tantamount to suicide but they face a very hard choice because staying in they're going to have the most desperate problems getting out of the first to admit they're going to have desperate problems it's a choice between two evils and is difficult me to say which is the greater evil but
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they in a sense they don't they may not have a choice because the bond markets may decide for them. and i personally think that a country like greece would go through a period of desperate pain if they left they would certainly have to default or reshow jule it's called as much polite of the default but they have to do something like that but basically people let money greece would have to take a haircut and probably quite a substantial haircut want to have a thank you very much my pleasure.


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