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tv   [untitled]    October 7, 2010 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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elements trade and investment started selling a one point seventy five percent stake in the copper produce something marks and spencer insults moving in the same time the folks reporting high sales. and in russia the forces are also mixed though some of them ice it's climbed back into negative territory over the main fires that trading in a narrow range the exception of gold top six percent and russian trucks make a come on up two percent will further talk with donna may increase its stake. in front of the stock saw unexpectedly flexion that they took in the trade off to a surprise deep in unemployment claims and stronger sales reports from her tapes. that's all we have time for now join me next hour for more business news and get more store small website our two dot com slash business.
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live from moscow this is auntie your headlines now as the war in afghanistan reaches a year ten online videos posted by nato soldiers are undermining the coalition's reputation islamic extremist website so using direct links to clips uploaded by allied troops to drum up and your support for the taliban. unrest flares up once again in kyrgyzstan days before parliamentary elections are due to be held security is being intensified across the country ahead of sunday's pull. ahead of
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us overseas broadcasting in america international news channels including r.t. he says the u.s. needs to shout louder in the global media war. well it's been nine years now since the u.s. led invasion of afghanistan as the allies prepared to withdraw after a decade in the field journalist and jones reflects the conflicts legacy stay with us. r.t. is sitting down with journalist and author ann jones her most recent book is called war is not over when it's over and thank you very much for sitting down to speak with art it's my pleasure i'd like to be in by asking you about your time on a u.s. military base in afghanistan and to tell me what you saw and experienced well i was at a forward operating base on the border with pakistan and. it
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was a strange experience for me but i think there the foremost thing i learned there was from the base commander when i talked to him about the counterinsurgency strategy in afghanistan and he said i'm not fighting counterinsurgency here i'm fighting conventional war since his battalion had taken over this base only a few weeks before he'd lost a lot of man. he was right there on the border of pakistan and there was a lot of activity and of course all the news that was being reported here was about the build up to the great assault in khandahar and all the journalists who were in the south and i apparently was the first american journalist to go to that base and they were really fighting for their lives at at the same time it was very bizarre
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because the base itself is very cushy it's very much like home you can go to the child hall and have lobster tails not not very well cooked but they are who loves details. so on the one hand there's this great effort to separate the troops from the war to make things seem as much like her. home as possible and on the other hand every time they go outside the wire they were they were in danger of losing people and they had lost a lot so there's this disconnect between the base and what's out there. and they go out in their enormous armored vehicles and patrol and get ambushed or run into bombs while the afghans and the taliban are out there running around in their little cotton he's
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fighting the war their style. and when these american troops are fighting in an area that is particularly destitute and when they go outside the wire they have to see that this civilians surrounding them are terribly poor and struggling people i don't i couldn't figure out how the soldiers computed what they were being asked to do and why they were doing it and how the commander was officially fighting one kind of war but actually fighting quite desperately another kind of for and and why he was the folks in the in the eastern part of the country were just kind of on their own wall all attention was concentrated in the south in the east they didn't even have enough military helicopters to evacuate the
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wounded you mention the taliban and i want to also ask you about something you recently wrote an article about afghan women being abandoned you said the taliban do terrible things that the problem with demonizing them is that it diverts attention away from other equally unpleasant and threatening facts let's not make the common mistake of thinking that the devil we see is the only want. as i continued reading your article i made the assumption that. another devil you were referring to as also those that are in charge and the government that is backed and supported by the united states thanks actually the us the devil in afghanistan well the us is yeah i think you could say that in a way because we are supporting an administration that is not only corrupt but of course as fundamentalist in many ways as the taliban. not
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just the executive branch and the cabinet but the parliament as well they're all controlled by former mujahideen. islamic extremists that the u.s. the bush administration put in power and so we're on the one hand talking about spreading democracy and equal rights for women and all of those nice things and on the other hand in many ways there's not a dime's worth of difference between the government we're supporting and the taliban were fighting against and now of course where we keep talking about having negotiations karzai want wanted to negotiate for years in the us opposed it but now seems to be supporting it as a way out but you can be sure that if these negotiations go forward with the taliban in the karzai government. it's afghan women and minorities
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who are going to suffer in the long run based on what you saw when you were in afghanistan what does the u.s. fundamentally want with afghanistan at this point in the position there and what is victory or what is stabilization what is spreading democracy and what does the u.s. lot i have no idea i can't answer that question. and and many of the soldiers i talked to couldn't answer that question many officers couldn't answer that question certainly there are a lot of people in our political system who couldn't answer that question i think they're struggling with that in the white house as well. of a friend of mine just contacted me from kabul this morning complaining that last night. in kabul general petraeus was on the news broadcast on the one hand saying that negotiations with the taliban were going forward very well and then the other
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hand saying that the united states was gathering all its forces to fight the taliban to the death and she said in a very desperate way. what does this mean please make up your mind we afghans are suffering who benefits from hundreds of thousands of americans being there i mean the soldiers many of them it's been reported in some of come out on the record saying they don't want to be there clearly the afghans never asked for america to invade and occupy their country who benefits from all this that's happening more contractors a lot of money is being made off the war. the armament suppliers the contractors who are supposedly providing the security. for the people who supposedly are developing the country. there are many
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reports of the u.s. paying the taliban so that the taliban shoot at their convoys so that they can supply their troops so that they can go out and battle against the taliban. if you're on the ground there you see all kinds of catch twenty two like that doesn't make any sense. people are making money off it and some of. those people are afghans and some of those people are americans and and others but the generality of afghan people are suffering enormously you know we've been we've been at this since we went in in the late seventy's to try to lure the the soviets to come in we've been meddling in those affairs and we've consistently backed the wrong people who have blown back to haunt us and i think that the this snarl that
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we've made for ourselves in afghanistan now is is so entangled so complex. i don't know how the united states could extricate itself with some sort of honor and consideration for the afghan people you know when you look back in history when it comes to war and conflict uprising we've seen a soviet union fail we've seen britain falle but we've seen those like china is caught on alexander the great succeed but they had to exterminate majority of people any chance the u.s. would use that type of measure go to that extent i really have no idea if there is a possibility i think that today so much of the planning and even so much of what's being carried out in afghanistan is secret from us just
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as our operations there against the soviets in that proxy war were kept secret from the american public so i think there's too much that we don't know that we have no way of knowing to make any kind of educated guess about that the thing that's troubling. is that obama has said consistently that he wants to begin withdrawing troops he doesn't really want to be there but at the same time the generals are offering him. no range of options at all they're just wanting to remain wanting to increase the number of troops and this raises i think a very troubling constitutional crisis because the president is the commander in chief and as we see his generals boxing him into
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a corner what does that say about who's running the government in this country when it comes to our military affairs and foreign policy it's very problematic and with respect to the people of this country america is do you think a day will calm where this war will follow us home and americans chip you know the public will be suffering the backlash the blowback of all the years that the u.s. has spent in afghanistan and all the death squads well we've already suffered that that's what nine eleven was it was a blowback for our interference in that part of the world and now it comes back to us in many other ways. obama himself said he hasn't ruled out the possibility of another similar terrorist attack that would be blowback for our
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continuing involvement there but also it comes back in what's happening to our own country in. as our soldiers come home in a terrible condition with. appalling physical and mental injuries and casualties and of course in what it costs this country to fight the. illegal unnecessary wars and what it's costing us at hold now in the deterioration of our own structures and are our own constitutional structures and jones thank you very much for your time thank you. almost seventy years of the red machine would show we had people who wanted to
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leave the. kids to make changes the society was in. but it wasn't possible to change the country's regime so quickly. with those. close only fundamental changes in the state people's minds one of.
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the headlines here on r.t. as the war in afghanistan reaches year ten online videos posted by nato soldiers are undermining the coalition's reputation islamic extremist web sites using direct links to clips uploaded by allied troops to drum up support for the time about. unrest flares up once again in days before parliamentary elections on due to be held security is being intensified across the country ahead of some. the head of us overseas broadcasting in america slams into national news channels including our t.v. says the u.s. needs to shout louder in the global media war. all right now top of the sporting
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news at with i hear that there's a new game with the top of the women's tennis world rankings higher or yes denmark's caroline wozniacki has officially become the world's best female tennis player how she did it plus the rest of the sport that's coming up next. and i thank you for joining me for the sports update and here are the top stories simply the best caroline wozniacki is the new world number one after reaching the quarterfinals of the china ripened. while the return of the king rafael adult overcomes canadian teenager radionic to reach the quarter finals in tokyo. after west beat east phoenix rise of i've been on my regatta in the latest clocky clash between the n.h.l. and k h l. we start with tennis and caroline wozniacki is the new women's world
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number one after reaching the quarter finals of the china open in beijing the day the player was to lose to climb to the top without winning a grand slam title let me ask a defeated her czech opponent petra bit about six three six two takes reading williams in the rankings twenty year old jose out skate is the twentieth woman to top the rankings since their inception in one nine hundred seventy five meanwhile serbia's evanovich beat russian seventh seed elena dementieva seven six seven six and it only took forty eight minutes for home favorite leadoff to thrash and unique of germany six two six love. the best about. how to walk over thirteenth seed not effect. russia. meanwhile in the men's going world number one rafael nadal went through to the last eight if you can open it a straight sets victory over canadian qualifier very much but also the right point
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two three in the second set for raising his leg to win three of the next four games to play to a six point six four victory spaniards were met by seventy to turn some of the russian in the front of. me was i could see andy roddick can also be the journey shaadi in straight sets to reach the cool departed retired he took the first set against the french twenty six going to the second set is a big title a second point if you took it seven four on tie break place another frenchman down one piece in the last night. i mean one of the mattresses he said this seemed more feasible face roddick in the quarter final clash after beating it is undress six four six four and serbia's big to try it ski before the i did not set seven six three six seven six last week surprised bangkok when i got the locus of spain. football as the current owners of liverpool say they'll continue to find the latest attempt to sell the club tom hicks and george gillett say an offer
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of five hundred fifty eight million dollars by the firm which owns the boston red sox is way too small and the bulls board said on wednesday it's had agreed to the deal with new england sports ventures six and gillette augie that's invalid sucking the board and putting pick son back in charge was against the deal whether or not that is allowed is now the subject of a legal battle between the two sides. i saw the final game in the battle between the two best leagues in the world came to an end last night and then shell side the phoenix coyotes beat the k h l z n i read three one and not via the match followed scarse and petersburg defeated carolina earlier in the week and has revived old rivalries between east and west which explains. following a successful premiere of the cage shell n.h.l. faceoff for the russians latvia picks up the baton to claim its place in the history books and i'm a regular welcome to the phoenix coyotes in what's seen as a revival of a tradition that ended roughly twenty years ago elevated interest for such
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a game would be an understatement as fans stormed the ticket offices long before the start of the match as much as i saw the last game with sky and hurricane it was very good hockey so i called it will be the same here and that's what everyone wants to see a good game the horns of the standoff between the n.h.l. and a show clubs there is greatly on either side of the two continents while the two games held in russia in latvia are considered a historical milestone in those country. yes the united states and canada are still cautious once all think about the significance of such exhibition matches for their genes the phoenix this is a intriguing experience you know you've got a massive time zone difference and it's also the start of the season right now it's football season basketball camp start of the playoffs now it's arrived in major league baseball so there's all kinds of competition for the entertainment dollar and for everyone's attention so right now it's a little bit of
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a climb it's going up the escalator is not the top or you guys are but i would imagine if this were a little bit later on getting geared up towards the playoffs be a different story reka and the whole have some of the most dedicated and noises fans in the kontinental hockey league and it's no wonder since the local outfits anomalous person the base of the country's national team and also the packers alone were considered strong enough to trample the visiting n.h.l. side phoenix. however the first period resembled nothing of that sort most of the enthusiasm appeared to be in the stands as this it seems played with caution at best phoenix scored zero of their goals in the dying moments of period one and two adding another one in the third. marked cards again even the score in the seconds that was all the last inside could despise a multitude of opportunities all in all the game lacked the intensity of the first exhibition match in st petersburg but both sides were evidently satisfied with the
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outcome always a little bit quicker you know there every time we had a turnover they took advantage and opportunities our goalie kept us in a goal from and it was a lot of fun out there so fun i think for both teams. played all right it's our last game before before the regular season starts so different situation for us where playing two hours and getting her. playing on a rank that's much bigger than we play on so good experience for our players join up with. replied boston saturday night and. there i was i was glad to see our game when we came to win but i thought it was a very good game so the latest episode of the n.h.l. k shells down dolphin leaves us at a draw why three to the home side in st petersburg and three once at the visitors in latvia it's impossible to state that those results resemble the state of hockey on either continent but it's safe to say that the russians and lesbians are had to
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witness their revival of a tradition and they hope it will not be a one off affair romana call sort of artsy riga latvia. and finally the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of russia's first rowing club has been held in st petersburg it was built by the british and spawned riches on cold feet sand that relations between the two countries in the sporting field is still very strong. europe has played a crucial role in the cultural development of some petersburg over the last three hundred years italians took care of the architecture french was we are soccer sees language of choice but dutch gave the city's distinctive canals while the united kingdom helped set up the country's first ever rowing club one hundred fifty years ago but which unfortunately over time has fallen into a state of disrepair original one existed. and a couple hundred metres from this place. during the sea go for the second world war . the building. here and.
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the russian only sport decided to initiate their requests struck in on this call for unity and the director of the russian army to rowing association this place has a special meaning she learned how to row here during his student days and personally wanted to restore the club to its former glory to help a new generation love to learn the sports. this idea came to us a long time ago because a lot of us used to train here and it was sad to see just how low the standard of rowing in russia had fallen to we all got together to see how we could try and restored the place and keep the tradition going as simple as burg has always had a number of places where people have pro. links in the field of rowing between russia and the u.k. still remain strong one hundred fifty years on five time and in pick champions as steve redgrave has visited besides of a clubhouse has
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a distinctly british field so it's a technical and coaching expertise the u.k. is able to watch is likely to see a marked improvement in a standard of a sports not just around some petersburg but across the country as a whole who would like to or suborder. team roman eight zero for centers and averse to and. all the other things to help them to attend the. the royal regard to the year and a struggle for the challenge cup special. training . is mainly in regard to. the also probably would like to use the experience of britain coaches one of the main aims of a crime is to help develop you can interest in a city especially among students the oxford and cambridge boat race is famous the world over and university rowing is popular in the us but the same can't be said of russia and this idea has the backing of one of the world's greatest ever rowers
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junior rowing is that every two years is a completely new people coming into it. in the seniors you have for athletes that will go on for five ten some even longer. and it's difficult to break in. if people at the top what happens is you slowly get your everybody's level goes up by then the older people retire and the next level of their this is imperative given the current state of russian rowing the country is just one one gold of the last three olympic games and the prospects are looking good for london in less than two years time this is a far cry from fifty years ago where the roma lympics proved to be one of the greatest moments in rowing not just for russia but also for some petersburg leningrad as it was known then twenty six people from just one club. came their team and half of them back with the medals so. probably hundreds of
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thousands of people went for all of the. different other cities of russia so now there is a station has become. a proper again we help to help or to do well with an abundance of water one would think that some people be a mecca for rowing lovers from around the country however sports fall upon hard times of the last couple of decades but you're too. longstanding partnership with united kingdom they're all hope spot rowing can return to its former glory and russia hopefully don't see it simply just bag. and that's all for that but i'll be back in a couple of hours with another update he still has that.


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