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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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that and taking over the bacon post of moscow that but away from the serious business they terminate it took time to see some of the city for himself. it was morning rush hour in the moscow subway with passengers al boring their way through the crowd there is little that can make them pause at this time but here he was the terminator. i saw lots of people and camera flashes then the security service came out followed by arnold schwarzenegger i thought to myself well you don't see people like that often in moscow and the ticket barrier closed on him he got stuck people got it open a few minutes of course and let him pass but now he knows. or in the old schwartz meager role just one stop but it was enough for him to post to weep that muscovites allegedly like their public transport had his journey lasted for more than ten minutes he might well have changed his impression but the russian authorities have
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pulled out all stops for the california governor providing him with police asked corey and a permanent right of way. it was in june that schwartz made their hostage the russian president giving him a tour of silicon valley and showcasing his very masculine boots. it is not clear why they made that they wondered what it's like to be in schwarzenegger's shoes but one month later big government aid or even most go promoting russia's own version of a high tech hub. we know this because. you are. very very. very. well with everything here. in this very. big. yet as the presentation showed even arnie makes mistakes.
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that our business leaders are going to find great partnerships with the soviet russian. just shows no one i'm perfect. a pap project but a taxi be a russian president this cocoa or park has been did nine to spearhead innovation and scientific research in russia and the me to admit it had no difficulties asking for help. we were extremely interested in your considerable experience we're not ashamed of learning we must admit that sadly enough we learnt behind in many respects and we do expect that our corporation will bring about positive results from some twitter mcvitie french words may give praise to each other for their vision and to the delight of all he's found the governor promised that he'll be back and the first terminator movie innovation had gone so far that machines including schwarzenegger's own character tried to exterminate the human race
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ironically with his involvement in this cocker project the governor may actually make these plot a bit more plausible but at the end of the day he can always turn against the machines and save the world like in the second movie so i guess there's nothing to fear it's a boycott artsy skolkovo. and during his trip to moscow have a california governor compared russia to go live with his assessment is echoed by russia's finance minister aleksei could so stay tuned into the in about twenty minutes time in which a explains what's changed in russia and why it's not for investment. you know. with interest rates very low in the west it's possible that something only an emerging markets pressley where the ratio between profitability and reliability is optimal russia is showing exactly this thanks to the government's strict credit policy we have good four x. holdings which means we are not afraid of devaluation or default the country's budget balance is good so is the balance of payments in this respect we are very
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attractive. going on now the electoral commission says not all the five policies which translates into sunday's parliamentary elections has emerged as a clear way to maintain a political stalemate when international observers say the vote went smoothly despite fears of violence to the north korea's monitoring the results of the capital bishkek. low rather mixed feelings about the selections in the contre the opposition leaders along with the head of russian parliamentary delegation of observers seem to believe that the election wasn't fair why no the opposition leaders who have has said that the tricks at least three cases have been filed on the count of violations that have taken place during the elections meanwhile the country's authorities are quite happy with the way it's went there over eight hundred international observers in kyrgyzstan at the mon moments monitoring their
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elections and they believe that elections were valid despite minor violations that have taken place i have a number of elections in central asia over the past years and i must say this is the first election in central asia i have been there i could not predict. what made to washing observers concerned with this election was then usual splash of activity among voters that took place during the past hour were all for the elections now so for almost all of the votes have been counted and indeed for. political parties have cleared the necessary five percent varia to get seats in the parliament and those seats will be distributed between them proportionally among those forces first of all is the party that is on officially associated here with former president but he also the party of social democrats and party of one of the opposition leaders and. their own natural leaders in this vote because most of this
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those parties have very similar political agendas they have every see very similar percentages all of the vote so we might still see a parliamentary stalemate in the country like the one we saw in ukraine when the country's parliament simply couldn't form a government is coalition well the security is situation was rather conjuring the elections and after the elections we have seen security tightened throughout the county police has been patrolling the streets for the past two days some experienced still believe that riots may take place later after it leaves elections and some experts have been saying that their lessons were rather sounds in the southern regions of the country where they have seen people being drugs from one polling station three in the other and forced to vote several times some were saying people were actually bribed to pay for specific political parties our film crew in the southern city of course has spoken to some of the ethnic uzbeks living
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there who have said that they were simply deprived of the right to vote but they refused to talk about it on camera or ethnic clashes between the people and them that the they live side by side with. flossie's natalia novikov reporting there on the results of parliamentary elections from kyrgyzstan and also this a double blow for indian we. will find out what some hindu women face also they lose their husbands. also a hero for some but the government enemy the israeli also has continued targeting of nuclear scientists who spent eighteen years behind bars for leaking information about the country's secret atomic program. from an american would be parents willing to adopt a child khaled masses that no one says that the states must ensure children of all races have the right to be given to her but even though the children opt for adoption in the blood that chances of finding
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a family and much less than white kids as gannett chicken reports. people like to emulate they're sure but they don't seem to be following the stars when it comes to adopting children many still see things in black and white color was not an issue with this family when they adopted we were much more interested in having a child free that was our primary focus we really weren't interested too much in what the child looked like a. little you know why is one of very few black children in america adopted by a white family a study carried out by a group of economists suggest that african-american babies are five times less likely to be adopted then children of any other race some say one reason for this is misrepresentation of the black community in the media when you see things on television and you often see our children portrayed in a very negative way well that has a connotation for individuals that may be interested in adopting and while we have
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come a long ways in this country racism is prevalent sanders says families need to be prepared before they decide to adopt a child of color and once a child goes into african-american child goes into. a family that is caucasian that family is no longer a caucasian that family becomes a family of color at that point ok so the whole family dynamic changes it seems not a whole lot of adoptive parents in the u.s. are willing to change their family dynamics most want their adopted children to look more like them and the majority of parents willing to adopt in the united states are caucasian but almost half of the children available for adoption are black the report here says parents were willing to pay thirty eight thousand dollars more for a non african-american baby home of course and you very few look around your table and your guests are all of the same color and you shouldn't be adopting a child of a different color but race doesn't seem to be an issue for thousands of americans
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who go to china or india to adopt but when it comes to domestic adoption color makes a difference while there are still signs of prejudice in the american adoption field there is no prejudice in this home seventeen months old quinn was adopted by two moms we had to face the challenges that straight people though were just a little more. up for the job they chose to raise their two adopted children in a very asked nikolay diverse neighborhood of racists and they are here too but i think in other parts of the country it's worse so here people don't even bat an eye . or. whatever obviously. parents they came to the adoption agency put their second child also african american by and large our family is largely irish english german descent and french canadian you know is so smart usually
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a lot of white people and we need i would prefer a little more color and in our family. going to shut down our t. washington d.c. . so i have you all sound that story at our web site r c dot com where you'll also find videos expert analysis and blogs and now let's have a look at what might catch your eye on. the good files a real exclusive documents provided by the wife of the alleged russian arms dealer who is wanted by the united states. and russia's mission to stake its claim for the treasures of the arctic is on all find out how to dot com. the whistleblower who revealed details of israel's nuclear program in the one nine
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hundred eighty s. is at the center of another court case the lawyers for mordechai vanunu are demanding to be allowed to live outside of israel menounos spent eighteen years in jail including eleven years in solitary confinement and even after his release in two thousand and four his lawyers say he was deeply denied basic freedoms of speech and movement and was repeatedly arrested and somewhat knesset member is salah the whole says that the government is just making an example out of noon of his capital future whistleblowers. it is in some way. continue to. try to punish him after he served his the whole good i believe that this. is a way to rising. sea which. is
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a new body and he is that i who tries to. criticize the israeli nuclear policy i am sure that. does not in danger of the security of israel he endangered the policy of the israeli establishment on the nuclear issue the western more. led by the united states deal bomb administration. uses double standards when it deals with human rights when it deals with peace when it deals with the basis of international peace and international to nuclearization and i believe that this is the real face of the international policy led by the united states today. let's now take a look at some other international news stories and israel's prime minister has made at the flight over to offer to extend the hold on building new jersey
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settlements in the occupied west bank benyamin netanyahu said he would ask his government to temporarily extend the ban if palestinians recognized israel as a jewish homeland palestinian officials rejected the offer noting that the settlements are in violation of international no all the show of jewish settlements is the key shoes stalling the latest round of us middle east negotiations. told following the toxic sludge spill in hungary has risen to eight with over one hundred fifty people injured meanwhile workers have been trying to complete an emergency dam as government experts believe a wall of the storage reservoir is likely to collapse meaning another spillage police have detained the chief executive of the media and production fund tree but the disaster began garin prime minister viktor orban told parliament that the state will take over the phone which owns the plant. a greek police fund has been sentenced to life in prison for killing
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a schoolboy in athens in two thousand and eight because found him guilty of intentionally shooting the fifteen year old which sparked widespread writing for weeks another officer was found to be complicit in the killing and given ten years both are expected to appeal the killing happened in an area popular were on a case and was followed by greece's worst civil unrest in decades. with their accusations set to begin a wednesday the thirty three chilean miners trapped underground for two months can look forward to british football treats once they return to the surface manchester united have invited them to watch a home game at their ground all trafford the invitation came after a rescue tunnel was completed on saturday morning minus physical and meant. health is being closely monitored to ensure they emerge at the surface and. police and the f.b.i.
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are investigating the discovery of several sticks of military grade explosives at a cemetery in new york it's emerged that a caretaker found a stash but left it that a volunteer at the graveyard found the explosives again over the weekend but police were only told on monday sparking a mass of security at new york new york's police commissioner said terrorism is not suspected since the type of explosive is relatively difficult to set off. and indeed we do who can be can mean more than just the grief of losing a husband some hindu women or ostracized by society and even their families do to choose based on centuries of male dominated culture currents saying report contains pictures you may find disturbing. sly's on the streets or in northern india but no one stopping the dead woman was a. bad luck even in dips in traditional hindu resign when
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a woman's husband dies she is considered to be a liability for the family remarriage is legally possible but from. its superior go society and man wanted. to frame it in such a way that everything is to his advantage which has been coming to that he could remarry you could do what you want and he did pray a woman from those things. balance feels she has nothing left to live for. she was deserted by her extended family so she traveled to the holy city of rome the album and spends her time reading hindu scriptures. you know i have to complete my life. that's fine you've not done so she's fine. sixteen thousand widows day in this city because it's a source he added with the hindu god krishna the lovable or whom do i believe they
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are now married to they can be found on the streets with many forced to beg for scraps of food. my husband died of cancer they used up all also even something for his treatment once he died no one would look after me so i came to rid of him the social service organization of service run store homes for windows in the city here hundred and eighty even in the host and fed it's been a long journey for one woman who came here two years ago. most people come to when done because they're helpless in the beginning i felt alone and would cry all the time but slowly every time i just said to my new life here life is not easy for widows on the fringes of hindu society yet there are going to visions working to all become centuries of prejudice to give readers a chance to live with dignity the bigger challenge will be convincing families across in years thousand villages not to abandon them in the first place got and saying hardy new delhi. after next as russia moves
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a step closer to joining the world trade organization he talks to the country's finance minister aleksei katrina that's coming your way shortly. king obstacles are down russia could join the war trade organization in
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a few months from now but there have been many forecasts like that in the past all wrong but russia's finance minister believes this one will come true but find out why i say anything which there have been so many predictions of the kind why do you believe this one will come true or. was the real work began in two thousand at that time i was head of a governmental commission to deal with w t o a session but having graph was the main driver the key stage was in two thousand and four when we signed an agreement with the e.u. it really seemed that when we had covered more than half the ground then in two thousand and six we signed an agreement with the u.s. and it seemed to us that we had covered ninety percent of the way however every time something hindered in tree in my view political reasons did last time it was georgia that dampened our relations with the u.s. we could not solve even a purely technical issue with the us. now thinks the green between obama. and their
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fixing the deadline we have achieved positive results in our bilateral relations it appears to me that should this political will remain everything is possible in fact we lacked it which was the main factor we lacked in the last period of the bush administration now of the work has been transferred to geneva where we are facing much fewer questions so i believe there's a political will and a desire by all and it's left up to our ministries employees to complete everything does that mean most opticals are left behind and countries like georgia won't be a problem. with him is because of as you have said there are certain obstacles as yet which we are going to overcome gradually when i was mentioning we would have to have about four months to finalize the document so i do not consider an obstacle as result from georgia nothing threatens but we have to coordinate all the provisions of the customs union with all previously reached agreements on the show with all the countries inside the customs union we have agreed on the principles that it as
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of today we are taking our agreements with our partners the working group on the deputy zero as a basis and the a session will be based on to russia's terms so mainly technical questions remain so when i say i need to say the russian government announced that the shares of ten major stake companies will be put on sale well those shares me available to foreign investors. which has to do with certainly the privatization regime as public national scale except certain strategic enterprises of this list contains mainly oil companies apart from a number of others for which special procedures required at this point i can't tell you exactly what these are strictures will apply and for what companies as soon as a list of companies is published will specify them so who are sick and supremest from used so if the sale happens how will a fact russia succession into the wall trail and. strictly speak. these privatization issues are not within the deputy competence so this may not affect
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the session as a whole though with a positive if you taken of russia is created as a country open for investment in increasing the private sector shares major companies interests in russia's growing group let's just move away from the wall trade organization on the international monetary fund meeting this year you received the award as the best finance minister of the here and everyone is saying that russia coped with the financial global financial crisis better than expected how attractive is washing terms of foreign investments at this moment. to the heads of major financial organizations who i met with in the past three days are very keen on russia with interest rates very low in the west is possible that something only an emerging markets pressley where the ratio between profitability and reliability is optimal russia is showing exactly this thanks to the government's strict credit policy we have good four x. holdings which means we are not afraid of devaluation or defaults the country's
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budget balance is good so is the balance of payments in this respect we are very attractive. there are a lot of discussions here in the west about about the level of government interference in the russian economy and that sort of one of the concerns that the west has to what question economy what is being done to reduce that that involvement of the government in the economy. first of all the interference of the state in the economy is a fact and we must see where and how it takes place the first major tears state involvement through stakes in major companies and corporations as privatization is underway selling major stakes will solve this issue which will soften fears second it's about state run regulating agencies including those that collect taxes issue licenses check the quality of production and norms the quality of state regulation needs to be improved and we missed this and all of us are working on that the new
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draft law on the police is meant to improve their work concerning taxes we have created a new package of laws on the quality of tax administration and responsibility of tax inspector employees probably. the main problem of russian economy today in your opinion at the institute. it's about the weakness of market and state power institutions and the quality of the ministry of state functions in other words excessive interference from the state insufficiently clear regulation within the tories administrative barriers lower competition the economy it's going official helps win a competition this is the main obstacle for further development because the knackery connery in the state finances are good. reasons now i know that finance later on this international monetary fund meeting we're discussing the so-called battles of crime say that you know we know that the us and. they complain
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about china and some other countries deliberately undervalued their crisis to aid their exporters and this may lead to trade award. i haven't heard that how serious is that and where is russia standing on that matter. where they were and who are currently there's no battle of currencies it's very likely that it's more of an expectation that one day currencies will become a more serious tool in competition at the moment the best examples are the u.s. and china the situation there is unique but i don't think we can say that such a war is taking place in other parts of the world on the other hand you might say that some of the dispersion of distortions are forming in currencies for example some moves of the american side i mean influence currencies most likely there are fears that someday such a war will become more serious but i can say that the possibilities to play around with currencies are very insignificant or short term although china is the exception the country that goes beyond any rules it's conducting an aggressive
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policy due to strong government control its economy and foreign policies market economies don't have such opportunities for stronger ministers of course you know. every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. knology update on our.
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this is also you coming to live from moscow a quick check of the headline it's. a vintage drive into the future kind of thing is governor arnold schwarzenegger hits moscow invited by the russian president to bring some become valley brainpower to help the country's high tech competition. was paul's his win seats in kyrgyzstan is calm and following the history making election on sunday but with no clear winner the country's political direction to remains inside. out so mary americans looking to adopt a child come lays a major fox is american and gives a true during a quote riots black children although it's a serious disadvantage compared to whites when it comes to finding and you know. as
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the headlines up next it's our interview program spotlight the new innovation center skolkovo dubbed as the russians silicon valley is seeking international poll of an instant vest in the country's drive to become a high tech hub and today's guest alexander johnson a venture capital expert explains how to tell innovation and ideas into money that's coming up short.


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