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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2010 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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start it now it's time to do probe for the best sport. the find the bad looking might be at least twenty five kilometers but most importantly the eyes should be big robust enough to sustain a group of the team people two dogs that several tons of equipment for as long as a year. the first store is west of the island of brown the ice is tested and. you know the flow is rejected the ice is too thin we go further north the drill plunges down three metres which is good but the field is too rocky for the camp we return to the shape just the issue of the voyage will be long in fascinating the explorers cheer each other up but look disappointed makes treme hot summer is being felt in the arctic this year they say is similar to two thousand and seven which
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marked the peak of global warming. but the mission is getting harder there are fewer and fewer suitable ice fields every year before we could find up to forty of them but now we're calling the whole arctic in search of one at dawn the explorers decide to play the wild card they try for the last potential ice flow in this area otherwise they will had for the north pole the great god that just let me know you don't know how big i think that until you start bringing it back i was here he had a gut reaction on thought that would be good but he hated it because that's the brat. but no need for a rescue operation beasts is the ice. reporting period we have just found a suitable field mined by thirteen kilometers wide and the ice is about three meters thick a good feel. ain't no more work to remove now that the platform is found
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a had a five days of unloading a dozen houses a sauna several tractors about a thousand barrels with fuel and of course professional equipment will be floating on the eyes for a year the crew will work day and night the dogs are also keeping themselves busy at dawn when everybody was still asleep they chased away a polar bear and many other challenges faced them in the next twelve months for these very tough expedition exiting a grouch of r r t from the arctic. well still to come on the program he said he'll be back and he kept his promise to we report on arnold schwarzenegger's visit to moscow from his tweet exchange with president medvedev driving the metro to his plans to help russia's high tech mission. the people thought to be behind september's deadly blast in russia's republic of north
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have been arrested the head of the country's security services says the case has now been solved but that's get the details now from kabul tom take us through these latest developments. yes kerry well the case that you're referring to refers to a bomb a suicide bomber in a car driving into a market invited us in north of setia early september he detonated his car bomb killing fifteen people and wounding one hundred a very serious attack there is since then he's a bit on the hunt for those responsible and i'll examine the board because the head of the russian security services says those people have been apprehended he also says that they have some links to a serious terrorist group in the region itself with links to al qaeda let's hear more from mr bought the call from self. the chair attack has been solved three
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suspects have been arrested and they are now in jail the organizer of the blast is a close ally of the chechen militant or call morrow if you should google his gang is believed to have carried out more than ten bombings in the neighboring republic of finger shittier and numerous attacks on the police force two other suspects who put up unarmed resistance to their rights to work. so there we have it be this case solved but then uncovered really links to greater terrorist elements in the region. doco. as we've heard there is among the world's most wanted terrorists what else is he thought to have masterminded. he is indeed as we heard there he's responsible for around ten blasts in this region going campaign of violence in that region he's also responsible for the moscow bombings earlier earlier this year was killed thirty eight people on the metro system here
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in moscow he has links of those as well and links to the al qaeda organization a crackdown by authorities services has been going on since the start of the year trying to root out and find the people responsible for all these kind of attacks all over the region the head of the security services says in that respect three hundred people have been killed three hundred suspects. various terrorists or militants fighting back against the security services and around four hundred fifty arrested when they resisted arrest two in this case resisted arrest they were shot dead the others have been arrested. authorities tom barton in moscow thank you for that. well since the afghan war began nearly a decade ago an entire generation of children that had to grow up on the streets their hard lives that leaves little time for
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a normal childhood let alone school ati's put us there has been meeting some of the young afghan teenagers struggling to feed themselves and their families. for a few hours each friday the street kids get to remember they still just children. to them kai flying is more than just a pastime it's a sport of skill all who master it all in quo and for a few brief moments forget that they live in abject poverty. my name is wesley doing i'm the father of the house i will never forget one day there was no job i came home and there was no food and my brothers and sisters and my mother they went to sleep hungry that god is only thirteen years old but as the man of the house his responsibility started early at six in the morning. my sister could take people and my brother. on the first.
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this is a typical poor kabul neighborhood children with runny noses dirty feet and growling stomachs every day was a dean takes his bucket and joins the tens of thousands of children heading to the country's streets to make the meager living washing cars but despite their stolen childhoods they are the lucky ones. he was working with the police when doing the real explosion which is very very hard work i make about a dollar a day sometimes the other boys of two with me they say they want to watch this. is twelve he manages to bring a few dollars more into the home but it's barely enough to feed his mother and seven sisters every to i wake up super early my house is a long way from here on a good i can on the equivalent of about eight dollars but some days there's no work
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yesterday there was no work. but for some children it's easier to come to this means a resume class a playground a university of life. most parents don't want their children to come here to school that's because these young boys and girls are the only breadwinners in their families and spending just one hour in class could mean no food on the table that night fifty seven percent of the population of afghanistan is below twenty five years. majority of family are born during the war in growing in the war without scale without education for every one hundred million dollars of foreign money spent on the military only seven million goes towards social projects even less to the children international community and they get the state of afghanistan has to pay and has to focus more on the children six million children are at risk in afghanistan of sexual abuse violence and harsh child labor and with precious little
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being done to help them afghanistan's future generations see little chance of their lives ever getting off the ground. kabul. well video reports features and blogs are online around the clock at r.t. dot com here's a taste of what we've got online for you to day why losing a husband to losing everything to tens of millions of indians readers who cast out by their families and society. and after russia's record summer heat wave find out why the weather across europe is heading for the this is extreme as authority dot com. the un's human rights council says one of better russa's opposition politicians has
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been a victim or political repression we count on it she was jailed in two thousand and four after he quit his diplomatic job and began a political career challenging president bush he spent two years in prison charged with stealing computers from the u.s. embassy minutes despite the embassy saying that he gave them to him for free even says his trial was unfair and this can damn the torture and humiliation techniques it says were used on him the better president who is regarded as europe's last dictator is accused of breaching human rights laws with his policies. now it's been terminated time in moscow with arnold schwarzenegger in town not to wreak havoc but on a mission of innovation and it was a case of the famous phrase i'll be back as california's governor was returning the visit of president get if you want silicon valley know how to transform russia into high tech powerhouse of the day had a low tech start the russian leader taking the governator on a ride in
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a vintage russian car the destination though was the site him after the center of the country's technology drive skolkovo during their time in them and have suggested that if short snigger was a russian citizen he might be interest. taking over the vacant post in moscow where they have been a joke but the star of the terminator movies is no stranger to the city knows his way around ati's of sort of worker reports. it was morning rush hour in the moscow subway with passengers al boring their way through the crowd there is little that can make them pause at this time but here he was the terminator. i saw lots of people on camera flashes then the security service came out followed by arnold schwarzenegger i thought to myself well you don't see people like that often in moscow then they take it bury closed on him he got stuck people got it open in a few minutes of course and let him pass but now he knows. arnold schwarzenegger
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rolled just one stop but it was enough for him to post a tweet that muscovites allegedly like that public transport had his journey lasted for more than ten minutes he might well have changed his impression but the russian authorities have pulled out all stops for the california governor providing him with police to ask courts and a permanent right of way. it was in june that schwartz made their hostage the russian president giving him a tour of silicon valley and showcasing his very masculine boots. it is not clear whether mitt there wondered what it's like to be in shorts nagre shoes but one month later big governing nader is in moscow promoting russia's own version of a high tech hub. this. is a. very very. very.
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very. very. you have as the presentation showed even an army makes mistakes so that our business leaders are going to find great partnerships with the soviet russian. that . just shows that you and i are imperfect was. a pap project but it tax savvy russian president the scope of our park has been designed to spearhead innovation and scientific research in russia at the meeting we did it had no difficulties asking for help my claim is indeed we are extremely interested in your considerable experience we're not ashamed of learning we must admit that sadly enough we learnt behind in many respects and we do expect that our cooperation will bring about positive results that's frowns on twitter veteran schwarzenegger praised each other for. have vision and to the delight of all he's found the
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governator promised that he'll be back in the first terminator movie innovation had gone so far that machines including schwarzenegger's own character tried to exterminate the human race ironically with his involvement in this project the governor may actually make these plug a bit more plausible but at the end of the day he can always turn against the machines and save the world like in the second movie so i guess there is nothing to fear it's not a boycott r.t. spoke about. some international headlines in brief israel is making an offer to halt settlement construction in the occupied west bank but there are strings attached prime minister netanyahu says he'll ask his government to temporarily extend the ban tony of palestinians with lies israel is a jewish state first honest in officials rejected the offer i think that the settlements are in violation of international war is the issue which is the main bone of contention in the current round of u.s. sponsored peace talks. train drivers in paris launched
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a series of rolling twenty four hour strikes try and stop the government from raising the country's retirement age president sarkozy says the reforms of bottle to fill gaping homes in the nation's finances even after the funding crease france would still have one of the lowest retarded eighty's in the sixty two and the proposal was approved those. people took to the streets in protest. protests and the columbus day united states it's supposed to set a great discovery and centuries of prosperity for the settlers but native americans whose ancestors with the fool say they're still paying the price for crimes against the people. physics but. for most americans on this day there is no work or school the second monday of every october is christopher columbus day i wish you a very happy and national holiday marked with celebrations parades and shopping
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bargains all of it to honor the conquest of the americas by christopher columbus and his western development of the new world in the us columbus means america for way too long this committed heinous crimes against the indigenous peoples of the caribbean the millions of natives to be americas columbus set the stage for the slave in the new world from sun one compass there are no call for nya. for the courtesy of. boise state university in idaho you are there you should take care but it should say that the right thing to arizona. oh. yes. and rhode island that brown university earlier see here brown voted to boycott the columbus day holiday after seven hundred students signed a petition blasting christopher columbus a straight man updated for americans it's
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a day of mourning for these native tribes in washington state colorado and throughout the countless indian reservations in this country. i am. really just a day off from work or an a in our federal holiday coming to washington and seeing that it makes a big difference in kind of brings it home the district of columbia is actually named after christopher columbus here in the nation's capital he's honored every year in the celebration behind me and for anyone traveling to d.c. by train they'll make their way here to union station. well one of the first things they'll probably see is the lovely fountain behind me is dedicated to christopher columbus and the three flagpoles behind it symbolize the three ships that brought the explorer and the crew to the new world and that the people in love america ever existed in general people hear this if you discovered america what they did was conquered america or that there is another opinion on display outside the white house it's an illustration drawing present day similarities to the suffering of natives under columbus we are here to call attention to the continued military
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zation of latin america said what started over five hundred years ago with columbus the exploitation of latin america through military means continues today it just showed so that americans that are other people that we don't all celebrate columbus . we don't think that he or she did the prophet things he brought a lot of suffering to go to the indigenous here despite the historic mistreatment of native americans the u.s. government has never issued a formal apology to their indigenous population as other nations have although there are petitions circulating throughout the u.s. for the government to renounce columbus day the idea is not welcomed by most americans in my opinion we have to sort of brady's mad at us if we do nothing like i don't know i'm married go or if things that we know that would have happened for right now so it's to me it's correct to celebrate him and he wasn't looking also to conquer the world i think you know what i think they should continue our station
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and be protesting is part of our history a day commemorating two narratives of history with two different ideas of how columbus achieved the western development of the americas a history that is marked every year by honor and betrayal jan hoffa's our t. washington d.c. . well certainly joins us now with a business update and news that trans container the biggest freight provider in russia is planning an on period that's right kerry the company's listing will be the first step in russia's new wave of privatization i'll have that later in the bulletin but first ministers and executives from the gas industry have been outlining that plans to develop the sector over the next two decades denies amid reports. the era of easy access to sources is over the closest gas at a depth of two kilometers is almost exhausted with production falling the richest reserves now lie more than four kilometers below the surface such as a team of ski fields in the amal region this is the heartland of russia's gas
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industry already today provides over eighty percent of all gas produced in russia and at least every fifth stove in your burns the gas produced here but europe is no longer the focus of russia's gas producers gas from cheap aleksey miller speaking in. stress that the mystic market is the key. if the level of yields from export in domestic prices are equal the power industry will be one of the most attractive consumers for gazprom as it is the second and pays well the domestic market accounts for four hundred billion cubic meters that's three times of gas prims yearly experts the volumes there the problem is the price domestic prices are well below european levels and gas producers want to catch up that's good news for independent producers excluded from gas probes expert monopoly. by twenty thirty per independent gas producers will be responsible for thirty percent of.
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those independent operators a champions of a new technology of a tech working in your heart of scale filled the second after you are behind the polar circle introduced several innovations including methanol production and new. techniques providing thirty three billion cubic meters of gas or almost ten percent of domestic consumption giving priority to the domestic market means not just more exploration but more infrastructure to supply the gas but it's guarantees a bigger role for russia's independent producers zinaida individual business r.t. . and now let's take a quick look at how the acting markets are performing in tokyo the nikkei shed more than two percent on. tuesday the yen reached a fifteen year high against the dollar hitting the stocks of exporters and a weaker than expected fall calls from close group fos retelling also drunk on the index in hong kong the hang seng is having a choppy session of fools in banking shares are limiting games. both the russian
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markets are falling in early trade here in moscow following those sharp falls in asian stocks the chips are down across the board but finance and energy majors are among the worst for most on the my sex parent roughs nafta and gas probable shedding more than one percent of the south telecom is bucking the downward trend the powerful percent. russia is the biggest rail freight provider trans contain no plans to raise around four hundred million dollars in a listing in london i must go by the end of this year the flotation of the state owned subsidiary of russian railways comes as the government seeks to sell off almost thirty billion dollars in state assets to plug the budget deficit and increase of foreign investment according to the financial times trans contain it is expected to float a thirty five percent stake giving it a target valuation of about one point one billion dollars or russian railways will maintain the majority stake and freight one another russian roadway subsidiary said it wants to sell a controlling stake to a strategic investor or
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a consortium of investors. and russian still make a year for us plans to sell bonds for six hundred fifty million dollars the company is looking to refinance more than three billion dollars that they spent expanding into north america will also provide three point two billion dollars of new loans due to start in twenty eighteen. and russia's largest email provider is planning a london i.p.o. mailed to rue is to float a subsidiary of the same name worth up to five billion dollars it includes major russian assets of the company and a two point four percent stake in facebook. venture capitalists taking part in russia's global innovation partnership are expected to size up the country's development opportunities on the forums a second day is expected to include a look at a state corporation which holds many of the country's high tech hopefuls entrepreneurs say there's a wealth of ideas that are right for development many of the bigger. issues
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like that have a very definite. long term relationships. come out of these are actually. their own are. actually all real world including here in russia. the members are. but the most important things they are list is to ensure the projects make money as quickly and efficiently as possible. there's a good backlog of ideas in russia but you could immediately take it to the marketplace and so i think you should start to see the new companies before the within a few years and have some impact on the economy and that's all the business news for the south but of course we've always got more coverage online at the flash business.
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wealthy british style sun. spot on the tires on. the. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cars or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars
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a report on our. minds. would be so much brighter if you knew more about song from funds to impression made some. news for instance on t.v. dot com. the. i'm discovering. it came with the wild. and become.
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that the main stories we're covering this hour. it's a harsh life ahead for russian scientists don't take much for search continues to find a way to secure the polar caps richards sure is among five nations staking a claim of the continent which is thought to contain a cool trick the world's oil and natural gas reserves. afghan teenagers are being forced by war and all the teachings of work with education thousands of young boys are struggling trying to support themselves but also provide for their families who are left without red wings. and protests have marked america's columbus day or today it's close to celebrate america's discovery but the descendants of
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those who were there before the settlers say it was a conquest that led to times against its people. the next the kaiser report looks at why the wealthy are putting the show in black and gold. geyser this is the kaiser report markets finance and scandals durham career all they were sentenced to some jail time recently my point is why bother with the long level street derivatives dealers why not put the crime lords like the management of society generale in jail those are the guys that are counterfeiting bonds those are guys who are engaged in a massive global money laundering derivatives.


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