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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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turn off the lights. oh i was just awkward i have no words i mean come on two up tight white women trying to dance to hip hop doesn't fox news have better things to do with their time like invent stories to scare white people or to convince the right the president obama is socialist and my other question why does anyone in the world still care about vanilla ice he's a washed up rapper from the early ninety's but either way this is just a bad combination and for that reason we are going to give laura ingram and gretchen carlson tonight's tool time award ladies i say stick to your g.o.p. talking points and leave the rapping and the dancing to the professionals. well it is campaign season here in the u.s. we are just three weeks away from the midterm elections and it's getting a little crazy charges and countercharges are flying in low blows are being hurled on both sides of the aisle but here's my question in this political climate who
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would even want to run for public office the last thirty years of their lives are torn through to find any signs of impropriety their every single move is stocked their every decision is questioned it honestly just sounds like hell why would you put yourself and your family through all of that well i'm going to give you a simple answer ego all and i have three examples here to prove my point first the senate race in connecticut you have linda mcmahon a woman who made her money along with her husband in wrestling now w w e is a huge money making machine but she stepped aside from the family business to run for office and take a look at a political ad that her republican opponent used against her in the primary. supports taxpayer financed government bailouts that's right just like out of blumenthal let me be another vote for obama's taxpayer funded bailout and
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supporting obama's bailout is next is that. what you think about linda mcmahon in the rain kicking a guy in the crotch now obviously this woman likes the limelight she's in a crowd of the rena kicking a guy in the balls so ego has just got to play a role in her wanting to be a senator now next we have successful businessmen carl paladino who is running for governor in new york now carl is quite the loose cannon on this campaign trail he's blamed everyone for problems associated with his campaign but himself he even threatened a reporter with violence and it was all caught on camera. if you're going to. take the. oh but you take you know you're going to do that work. now the reason that carl was going to take him out was that the reporters paper allegedly sent a crew to carl's mistresses house to get pictures of his ten year old love child. i
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guess found didn't go well with his family values platform but that's just one example of carl being absolutely ridiculous the guys made outrageous claims about gays black people and his opponent and then he goes on every single television network to defend himself and say he's sorry somebody clearly really loves the limelight even if it tears their entire family apart and finally our last candidates is good old meg whitman from california she made millions that even a and now she's spending millions to run for governor if elected her salary would be around two hundred six thousand dollars a year yet already just to try to get the job she spent one hundred and forty million one hundred forty million dollars that is the most money that any single candidate has ever spent on their own campaign but she's in danger of losing this race because she allegedly or actually not allegedly excuse me she definitely employed an illegal immigrant while railing against illegal immigrants is part of
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her plan. for once again a big oops. kerry you know you should be ashamed you and your surrogates plot her deportation at risk you put her out there and you should be ashamed for sacrificing nikki diaz on the altar of your political ambitions jury maggie you hired the woman she worked for you for nine years don't blame your opponent because he didn't sign her paychecks but makes you go won't let her accept responsibility for her own actions but again who in their right mind would spend one hundred forty million dollars of their own money to get a job that pays a measly two hundred six thousand dollars a year so as the voters head to. polls three weeks i want you guys to ask yourself the question are you voting for the candidate who has your interests at heart or just someone who has made millions in other businesses and has now decided that they need an ego boost by becoming a governor or senator come to think of it it's a pretty sad world out there because i can't think of anybody that doesn't fit that
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criteria and that ladies and gentlemen is why us politics is screwed. now it's no secret fox news isn't exactly known for being latino friendly despite their fair and balanced slogan of course. the same man john morton who said he may or may not process illegal sent to him by the state of arizona he doesn't like the arizona immigration law now plans on using your tax dollars to make sure that illegals who are arrested in this country enjoy the best facilities possible while detained by the u.s. government so let's talk about something else on the docket today here you read has added to a defense bill the same called the dream act dream but when you find out what the dream act is essentially it would give seven hundred thousand people who are in this country illegally the opportunity to go to college. when you heard all that how ironic it is that today fox news launched
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a new web site news that fox news senior vice president michael clemente has said that this launch is an unprecedented opportunity to expand their reach by engaging the fastest growing minority audience and providing a unique platform for compelling and original content focused on the latino community and the american dream one which of course is the web site is mainly in english and it's managing editor has already been clear that their desired audience are latinos whose first language is english and who are deeply american so what do you make of this is fox hoping that latinos won't notice the concert race baiting on their regular news channel or is this a way of continuing it by catering only to those latinos who speak english or joining me from a studio in new york is laura martinez an independent writer and blogger specializing in hispanic media and marketing and from texas is adrian boyne the national director of both says action ladies thank you both for joining me now laura i guess i want to start with you tell me this i mean don't you just find it
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a little bit ironic that fox news the channel that does constantly race bait against latinos against immigrants now wants to reach out to that population. it's actually an ironic when you think of it i mean. think about of the think about the population the trying to reach they're trying to talk to the second third fourth generation hispanics that only speak english and let's keep in mind more the kid sells. it's a partner in the in the partnership of the new american economy which is which is actually a group that advocates. for immigration and the reason is this this are people that are talking to as second month of the hispanic population that are not what they in fox called the wetbacks or the illegals or the documents and they are talking to hispanics whose first line which is english probably they were born here
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or their parents were even born here and they tend to be more conservative now adrian i want to hear from you also as a as a hispanic american i would do you find some of the information some of the material on fox news to be offensive. not at all and some of the fact i guess that the people who do not watch fox news they have seen people like leslie sanchez and other people who really are informing on the issues that the latino community care most of the let you know comedic have conservative fiscal and moral values so therefore when we watch news we like to watch knows that they are unbiased foxey some bias we don't go to one type or the other because we know very well that we get the two sides of a story no i don't feel that the thing anyway racist or prejudice because i believe that what we are talking about what is a latino schoolies will be constraining for price we believe that government should give accountability to the people in the people to the government which of mortal
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bodies most of the latino community are pro-life is certainly most of the latino community like a traditional family now st bees that does not mean in any way to every station they are free to get a website like in this case to do it because we already know free country to do an e.t.s. site now to talk about the second and third generation as i hear loud out just like myself we if i'm no grown out of both of us and speak english to perfect our language by her i don't and i'm not as i've been on such an aeration by both we both have an accent because we speak spanish as the first language i'm not a fan of the day they do us second or third generation because my sons are sacred generations or first generation for some people depending where the congregation the important thing is yes there are some issues that latino people like like me and others we are buying what we are by control and we like to read the news from the latino perspective so i just think the folks know it's a wonderful thing it's
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a great idea and anyone who wants to do it are free to do it because really you know very now i learned how to think i thought it is not and i had a sense of the go ahead ed. i just want to say something about the content i mean i did the spend a little a little time within the content and to be honest i mean i'm not a fox news viewer but it was really funny to me because it's cliche after cliche after cliche even the logo of the thing it's like fiery spicy. news and there is a story about the guy at the whether it's good to have a j. lo kind of figure not the first the top story in entertainment it's about a latino more the then there's a story about the latinos in the tea parties i mean quite frankly it doesn't look very firm balanced to me but you know if it is just me but. it is you know seem like a like spanish language networks they're really definitely not speaking to the first generations of the people who actually come to work and i might not be
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perfectly comfortable here they're just here to work the prison release us today that they were talking to the people who have achieved the american dream i mean i think fox news is the only company in the media that can put the phrase american dream in their press releases now. i'm actually happy that you mentioned the contents of laura because i did find that interesting and i'd read i do want to know what you think about that i mean do you think it's a little i don't know naive to assume that a latino population only wants to hear about news about the chilean miners only about j. lo's figure and how you can dress if you also i mean there's no not today the first day you know the first day that i thought the way. we don't know how how can we judge somebody by the first day when we have the big deal you know there should be a lot of the goes right and debuting a new pride i really proud of you that that. nuclear powered if you party which by
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the way has a wonderful picture of people that build there right there on the front those who cannot remember you can build their i.q. believe that you don't know who you know but important thing is you know what did you know the party. i speak if you party i am fed up with the taxation of these countries spread out of the intermission of government and government people lie and she's fine except the right to express that to so effect lose her rehab and a lot more not because you carty i think it's great they can see that i salute you and i do what is amazing and this is why i think and though that may be wrong i really think fox news is actually filling a void that that hasn't been even felt before because quite frankly i mean a lot of the latinos of the majority of the latinos in this country and let's talk frankly about who we're talking about that a lot of latinos who are many cade's medicare this whole government program this people don't want little government there is a lot of government that is supporting
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a lot of the struggling latino's having said that their right is where i am the idea grew back that well that hasn't been you know hater by the media and i think folks news will definitely feel that void all right ladies i want to i want to thank you both very much for joining us we're out of time about it definitely i don't have time and most men don't lie jaime sounds big why she not only have to go but i want to thank you very much for joining us and i mean clearly the latino population themselves are divided on this and don't forget there also is our tea benish thank you ladies. there are still to come tonight's my unplugged moment it deals with a major global t.v. network ripping off our t.v. so stay tuned for that and then we'll look at in the u.s. there's a rash of bullying deaths of gay teens in recent weeks and increasingly hateful speech against gays in the u.s. by politicians so we'll speak with a man who as a teen was bullied in high school and how he fought back.
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p. seems to. say. today i'd like to take a little time to call out a copycat c.n.n. is by many accounts the most boring of the cable networks these days in their attempts to stay objective and balanced well they pretty much lost the attention of
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their entire audience but now we're seeing what seems to be an attempt to crank it up and it actually comes from c n n you see this is their latest advertising campaign they have images where they are comparing a blood we're putin to. they're putting guns and oil together they're also did also they're doing the sergeant make you question the real reason for wars but they're also even gone and disgraced the american currency it's pretty shocking stuff for c.n.n. especially right who do these guys have balls and there's one little problem here see all these controversial ads well they look a whole lot like something that's been done before something has been done in fact by our t. you see these ads were put up in british airports where my ads were here we go i think it's pretty clear now right where c.n.n. turk got their ideas from the funny thing is that these ads were deemed too racy
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for american airports so we had to settle with something a little more simple i guess there's a few things that we can take away from this the fact that it was c.n.n. turk not c.n.n. in america that's waging this p.r. campaign well that's pretty telling american culture is clearly still too sensitive to accept anything that doesn't represent the status quo but then again i would say that it also means that our team is making a difference you know there's a little saying that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so thank you for letting us know just how effective we are at shaking things up and making people ask the questions that no one else has dared to ask before but shame on you c.n.n. for being such blatant copycats seriously you couldn't have tried to make your ads just a tad bit different is thinking outside the box that difficult for you that even when you try to do something wild you have to mimic the way that someone else already did it that is just lame and it's just pathetic so i've got a suggestion for you maybe it's time you guys just give up. now over the
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last few weeks the news cycle has been filled with tragic stories of gay teens committing suicide one is a college student whose roommate thought would be funny to live stream his sexual encounter with another man just days ago a nineteen year old boy took his life after listening to talk sic debates at his city hall as to whether or not october could be recognized as gay lesbian bisexual and transgender history month and the last few days we've had to listen to politicians like new york's carl palatino bashed homosexuals it's a larger trend of prejudice and hate and one that often starts with bully but now there's a documentary out there that's aiming to teach schools and teachers to teach understanding to realize the bullying against gays is turning into a life threatening problem and the film is called will take a look. if a school district or a school doesn't address harassment or bullying kids giving a wink and a nod and sending the message that that behavior is ok. in any time you send
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a signal that the behaviors ok it will escalate. what joining me from minneapolis to discuss it as jamie and i both need is safe schools advocate and also the subject of this new film jamie i want to thank you so much for joining me now you know you yourself are someone who was a victim of bullying and you actually then you fought back you stood up for you then went ahead and used the school for it now despite all of that despite all of your hard work how does it make you feel to see so many you know gay teens that are now committing suicide that we see this continue day in and day out. well it's very sad and i think it's come to our head at this point obviously with all the media attention and all of the publicized suicides but unfortunately this is been happening for a long time and i think it's i'm glad that it's getting some publicity and that we're seeing unfortunately the effects of homophobia in our society but do you
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think that it is getting worse i mean could you say that it's almost a catch twenty two the scenario because as there is it you know has become a lot of headway for gay rights and we see states in america that now recognize gay marriage we see countries around the world the recognize gay marriage we also saw massive demonstrations in serbia just this past weekend a huge anti-gay march that broke out into violence we now have politicians who on the campaign trail as part of their campaign rhetoric are speaking out bashing homosexuals i mean is it is if this scenario where you just can't win. well i think it's a scenario of a lot of progress that's happened and it's kind of coming to a head and this is the last pushback that the christian right can do to try to stop gay rights it's an inevitable thing that's happened just like it was for african-americans in the fifty's and sixty's and i think a lot of people are really afraid of that but i do think that unfortunately the victims right now are arced children and that's the unfortunate part and i would
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like everybody just take a step back and think about that and think about ways that we can support and keep these kids safe in school and when they're all well and that's what your film is aiming to do right i mean how is it the you guys are planning on telling educators on how to handle these situations. well i think one of the things the film comes with a teaching guide that talks about what happened to me and really in the film is designed to raise awareness to let people know about how bad it gets when things go on checked with me my harassment started with verbal harassment and eventually escalated to the point that i was beaten and put into a hospital i had to have surgery and i think that that's where this goes when it's not stopped early when you don't stop kids from calling each other's names and that sort of thing it escalates because you're giving a green light to that sort of behavior now you say that it's the christian right but do you think that there ever could be a point in america where it does as collate to the point like i said i saw the demonstrations in serbia where tens of thousands of people came out in violent
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riots broke out i don't think so i mean i think that thirty years ago if something would have happened i think we you know polls show that the american public is becoming more and more accepting of gays whether it be in the military it was just a recent poll poll that showed that half of americans support full marriage equality for gays and lesbians and so the problem at that point is that it's tipping it in our savior and i think a lot of people are getting it and so i don't really think they have the numbers they'd like to think that they do and jamie now if he just had one thing to say to you know gay teens out there who are being bullied and how to overcome that what would it be. the first thing is that you're not alone unfortunately there's a lot of other kids going through this but you don't have to take it that you have the right to be safe in schools my case established that you have a constitutional right to be safe in schools it doesn't matter that you're gay or not r.j. miller thank you so much for joining us and bullied is now out and is being
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distributed to schools thank you ard well before we go tonight i have big news with for our t.v. viewers you see there's a new show in town i think you all might recognize the host we've had him on the show constantly his name is tom hartman and his program will be called the big picture so to tell us what it's all about tom is right here in the studio hey laura hey how it's gross now you're just here right here to tell us what can we expect from the big picture well we want to take basically the news stories of the day and put them in a context literally the big picture it sounds like a cliche to say it's the big picture but usually there's a story behind a story a story underneath a story there's a substrate you know this didn't begin last week whatever it almost whatever it is sometimes it goes all the way back to the founding of the country sometimes it goes back to thomas hobbes sometimes it goes back to six months ago but let's find what's the core of the story what is the what it is yeah it definitely helps you know if you know the varies the starting point of something like you said the core
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the history behind it then it becomes so much easier to understand how things grow you know to such an extent but tom we are so happy to welcome you here at our tea in our tea studio but i have met i have to lay down a few ground rules mean this this is been my studio you are now the first intruder . so keep this place speak in spanish what i want you know like they better look nice and clean and you better not start showing me up and wearing you know short skirts and dying your hair i pray you have to be the older wiser one can you just let me do that already while cleavage here. ok details there now you know time for me it's also exciting. to have you on the channel because i feel like you and i come from very much the same mindset the same ideology when it comes ideology politically so do you think that together maybe we can help make a difference here finally change some minds i think so i mean you know one of the things about this network is that is that there's a lot of discussion about a lot of issues that are touched by by corporate networks elsewhere in the united
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states in particular things like you know media consolidation corporate control the rise of the holy alliance between corporate power and political power that we're seeing played out right now what with citizens. well karl rove well i think that it's going to be a pleasure having you on the network to and watching your show and that will be hearing at nine pm tonight that's right all right great big thanks to ok about supporting night show thanks for tuning in to make sure because guys come back tomorrow we're going to have robert pape on the program to tell us more about his new report that says suicide terrorist attacks are first and foremost caused by military intervention now in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the ilona show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's or any other nights you can always catch it all the you tube dot com slash the alone a show where we post the interviews as well as the show in its entirety coming up next is the news with the latest headlines from the u.s. and around the world.
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taking the drugs far too far the head of an anti narcotics foundation accused of using tough treatment techniques is jailed but his supporters say he got results. you know that are terrorist suspects being tried in the courthouse you know does it bother you does it concern you that this is going on right here. after a media critic of a one time a while being held in that region the first detaining hits court of the summons is deafening. and that britain is better off on benefits i mean look into why the u.k. has more liberal than any other major country.
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that you're watching r.t. world news twenty four hours a day welcome to the program russia's urals is a region plagued with cheap and dangerous no context so much so that one group decided to wage its own war on drugs but breaking into addicts homes and forcing them through rehabilitation to try and clear their towns from the cortex has been seen as going too far a court has now charged three people with kidnap and torture. experience. a drugs raid gets underway and after hours of waiting for contact to give the signal suddenly everybody is up and running the police are involved usually not all taking part in law enforcement offices the race has been organized by a vigilante style greek name in cells city without narcotics and this is a drug.


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