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tv   [untitled]    October 14, 2010 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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and thirty two thousand will kill themselves cancer in all its forms kills five hundred sixty thousand of us here part disease is even more devastating it kills over eight hundred seventy thousand americans every year. hello yellow walked into me shall i algernon and today my guest in the studio is. present has appointed a new head of this council dealing with democratic institutions and human rights experts say then you have a weight nominee has enough experience. to fill the champ today the head of the presidential council on civil society and human rights will tell us about the first
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steps he's going to take in the new position. of his well known on both the domestic and international see the dawn of a democratic reforms mr fidel took was the minister of press and information he was one of the authors of the medial abolished censorship and freedom journalists after leaving this ministerial position mikhail was appointed the permanent representative of the russian federation to unesco. works in the organization as a member of the council on human rights and culture of peace now he's to top the presidential council on civil society and human rights. and this is good day mr the lot of them thanks for coming to the show congratulations on your appointment you a well known in russia and europe point as head of the presidential council of human rights was hardly a surprise to anyone but there was also mr lookin. the only. you both come from the
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same generation he's also very well known to us can you explain the difference between the two of you with me that will kill me that's what people are going to call you right at the moment and felt of i hope not here in the country only has one ombudsman and that's what demurral lookin. the difference between us is that my mobile phone was off all day today because i was working with joran alist so we were routinely on a programme about the nine hundred ninety s. and even then i was telling them about the coming east party trial which i took poured into representing barry seal senator and then i got a call it was look when he told me that on was appointed head of the presidential council for human rights or to study at the pulpit so the reason very big difference between us is he knew bugged my appointment before i did. so he's your boss right which is above you in the hierarchy well he certainly knew
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north of the problem because he got on the internet weaker. but still there is a difference between you and jurisdiction functions certainly the position of human rights envoy visited in the constitution mr lookin was chosen to occupy this position it's because i have to say that we are old friends i like and respect the man i appreciate his contribution to the human rights cause in russia i admire his position he has a stance of he's own no matter what position in the government he may occupy us so he's the classic menu the kind every country is supposed to have what about you that i'm the chairman of the presidential council on human rights in the development of civil society. school i fail to grasp the difference. it's very simple mr looking at so many is based on a federal cost. no law that the law states that he has to let the state.
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whenever a human rights are violated. so he can go to courts on cases over human rights violations at least one you know other words he works with individual cases according to law in the. church so people write letters to him yes and what about you'll counsel. our counsel he's in advisory body under the president the president he is the protector constitutional and human rights and our councils job is to help the president exercise he's a constitutional authority in that sphere with this there used to be a presidential commission for human rights but now it no longer exists because it has been integrated into our council so i know our council works both on human rights and on the development of civil society and i think that's a very wise decision because you know take the environment protection for example
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but it is a problem of developing civil society. because it has to do with the development of social institutions the protected environment and i mean protectors who will use various means to do what to protect our right for a safe and clean environment so there is a very close connection between human rights and the development of civil society. so if i understand you correctly the man has to make the president follow the human rights situation. help the president do that. you know the young man can't make anyone do anything. well i'm reminded of the situation with u.b.s. but not just the president the government in general or future including the president yes. and you have to help the president exercise his authority. yes we have to
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hound the president when i met with the president told him that i think the council should barrack there's a collective advisor now what as an advisor do he gives a good advice. the president has to be hearing this advice implemented and achieve a positive effect. on this position was. a woman from our generation very well known dignified and very liberal she resigned saying that she didn't fall into step with the authorities. she said she confronted the ruling. she said in one of her interviews that the president was her only ally. that really happened. i think you know better than us because because you are good
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friends with. certainly. was the first person i called after i found out about my appointment unfortunately her phone was off. we still haven't talked which makes me very unhappy i have to say that. i had the position of the council to cheer for eight years eight years and this means she had a lot of resources to use in the battle for human rights. nevertheless i'm sorry but. when she left she said the human rights situation in russia was quite hopeless does that mean that she wore out her resources. in a way. you know human beings don't last forever. our capabilities are limited so naturally she just got tired.
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solving human rights and civil society issues is a struggle but there is always a resistance. but this resistance is not true and by specific people it's driven by wrong decisions mistakes that's what i've been fighting with throughout my whole life but the more mistakes stupidity crime me if you go and i'm going to continue to battle these things but it's not about me. i'm just think you're a man of the council i'm not the council chief i'm not the minister for civil society on only the sheer amount yet. the work of the council members. and there are over thirty people in the council and actually i'm hoping it will bring in even in the morning are you preparing a route of escape for yourself right now in case the council fails to make progress
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on the you with chairman ship yes it's still going to be responsible spawn going to be responsible yes what about your resources the council members are my resources are you going to change the council are you happy with the current lineup no there are some very worthy people there i've checked of course i will not change the current membership very happy with it i think it's green but we currently have three empty cheers. at the first there is the cheer that he has to be occupied by a local. and then there is the cheer off with. him she called a well known expert on culture and the restoration and then there is to cheer that belong to go rouge in journey or the film director. so these three seats are currently vacant so i think we will suggest to the president that he
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invited people that he considers worthy to be with to join the council see you going to expand the council do you have any candidacies in mind not yet well i would like to see at least three more people in the council but i have to stress once again that i'm not the council's boss we are going to discuss these things collectively yes you said that but unlike mrs pedophila you also advisor to the president. does that help. does that give you more influence when you cool him at any time and say hello mr medvedev. well of course i can do that because he's the president you know actually i don't know if any person who could just pick up the phone and say hey you did it. you don't know any people who might. know. but i have been told the presidential adviser calls the president and the president will definitely call him
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back within a day or two. and that makes my position very important because when you know i have to say that it was a problem for me. i was the one who initially proposed that the position of council head and presidential advisory be held by the same person. but it's the president then told me yes but then he would lose a degree of independence. when that was true formally i would lose some independence. but i told him she said mr min that if you know me i'm a man of ideas but i'm not a man of formal position. whatever position i i i will advocate india ideas. that i personally agree with. you five disagree i'll just come to you and see mr miller that if i disagree with the ideas
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you want me to implement they go against my personal views. accept my resignation says a lot of presidential advisors and chairman of the presidential council for the promotion said no society institutions and human rights spotlight will be back shortly after a break stay with us. for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. wealthy british style the stock.
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where many still live off the last. days are being found to fight economic. issues first free elections red. thousand years ago. to the good region in russia close up. seventy years of the red machine which soviet people wanted to leave in the past. to make changes. but was it possible to change the country's regime so quickly. with. the close of a fundamental changes in the state people's minds. welcome
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back to spotlight i'm just to remind that my guest in the studio today is me how you'll fit daughter if he is the newly appointed presidential advisor and chairman of the presidential council for the promotion of civil society institutions and human rights here in russia. tell me what do you currently see as your main goals you. know you as one of the heads of russia's journalists' union of car we know you as the wall full of the russian role and c i know you're proud of the law but will even more proud because it is probably the best law on me to. in the world. one of the best in any case. do you want your viewers who would see in english you depends nevertheless the freedom of the press situation in russia is
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currently not the best in the world the law is the best but the situation is not is this what you're going to work on first and foremost. you know we too will be my primary objective but i will work on that as well what is your main goal that you're a man of ideas is there an easy fix as all of us would say the brought you to the kremlin. well it was an invitation that brought me to the kremlin it was not part of my plans to become the chairman of this council. but when i got the offer i realized that i could be of use to the president and more importantly be of use to society. what i see is the main thing and you will be surprised you'll probably say i'm just touching words that have become trendy i see modernization as the priority but what i mean by modernization is the modernization of society
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the modernization of the relations between people the modernization of the social system in general the modernization of politics the modernization of the human rights system and the modernization of the media industry and its current situation because i still don't understand why we don't have public television that also list countries that have correlates that have elections that have regard for human rights that have a separation of powers all states that have the words rule of law in their constitutions or almost all of them have public television and they don't have state television companies why is it different in russia. i posed this question to the president one and a half years ago and i gave him a traffic bill on public television and radio broadcasting. and i hope now it will
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be easier for me to explain to the president just how important public television is for us to do you know how many people in russia broke their teeth trying to promote public television famous people people of authority popular influential people but still nothing well i've got good teeth. let's look at what people. in russia in general have to say about their rights spoke to kill anyone that was out there today. there today outside to find out the people of this city to mine which right there is a good deal get violated the transportation could be a bit cheaper. salaries not big enough. the people from other places that live in my city they take jobs away from those who are from here you know prices are too high. salaries too small i can't buy an apartment. crime
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increase. the russian courts of justice where the. mali business country attacks is a too high it's very difficult for small businesses to get established. well that's what people in this city have to say about the violation of that right now let's have a look at statistics according to the two thousand and ten survey by the fatah center people are concerned about the full. senate two percent are concerned with rising prices fifty one percent with poverty unemployment thirty eight percent good upson thirty three percent here risen ten percent and only four percent are concerned with here one rights violations so what's to comment on this why is this such a big gaps why only four percent consent of a civil rights and freedoms that. people don't realize the connection between human rights and wrongs of them with by which they think human rights are something abstract they don't realize human rights are very specific as you mean high prices
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unemployment poverty corruption terrorism and of course to high prices low salaries what is a low salary in violation of a person's run for adequate to reward for his labor. so in effect the seventy two percent of people concerned over the growth of prices know how to fight for their rights while the full percent who say they're concerned about human rights which i don't know what you're talking about it means that you're going to know the interesting cuban rights are an abstraction but actually they're not else the business of unemployment for example unemployment it's a violation of human rights and poverty is a violation of human rights. corruption is a flagrant violation terrorism is the folly of persons right to work. there are all human rights but unfortunately our society isn't educated enough in this hero for
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human rights. they mean them schools and it's society does not accept human rights you know how the human body sometimes. medicine it's the same with our society our social organism is being told about human rights but it won't accept everything. you and president medvedev have found a common i'm sorry and this use exactly what has to be more nighest the way people perceive social life. agree on modernization that you've mentioned the soviet communist party trial that you two parts and. you were talking a lot about the need to disturb the public opinion in russia. based on what you've said about this i drew the conclusion that in your opinion it is the society that needs change. not the state not the media.
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but the society itself. the people at. all they are ready to change societies or even for change it is giving birth to change right now these so-called groups fighting against oficial so using on license. these things are generated by society so i know of several public an issue in provinces like. the ball of the region recently these are all sprouts over the future of civil society. and we have to support them. a civil society. organizations it's made up of citizens and indeed every person in our society here realizes that he's been a citizen of this country that he has his rights and his responsibilities and he's
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a member of this huge community called the russian people when citizens realize that it's up to them to decide what course the country will take and that day will be the day we gain an attempt to have a civil society that civil society will monitor government. and then government officials will change. in your opinion do you think you will have time to let the people influence the new law and police. i mean it is a very important. extremely important and we are currently preparing for a meeting with the president during which you will touch upon the police and judicial reform these things are interconnected you see. modernization implies and mordred in the traditional system more than the police modern society
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and most importantly. people with free and open minded people to compete with other use because we don't need to prove that our social system is the best we're done building communism fortunately. and as one of the participants so the communist party trial i can appreciate the progress that we're making you know. but i have to say that we're not done yet. and i can appreciate it as a form of building communism. thank you. thank you very much for being with us and you speak english. next hour here in the studio that it's just a reminder that my guest today was the daughter of presidential advisor and
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chairman of the presidential council for the promotion of civil society institutions and human rights that's it for now from all us state on our team thank . you.
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fish. to go chavez kicks off a diplomatic tor in moscow as russia and venezuela seek to pull together and shake up the balance of world power. pandora's box opened women in u.s. politics are accused of playing dirty swaying voters with emotional tactics where they lack professionalism. and russia's formula for success hosting the twenty fourteen winter olympics simply isn't enough for the black sea resort to sort now it's racing ahead to welcome some premier motor sport. and russia central bank says it will allow for a more volatile ruble after widening the trading back against the u.s. dollar that and more in our business program at twenty past the hour.
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my from our headquarters in central moscow this is our team with me and you said no way at six pm here in the russian capital and russia and venezuela are two countries set on shaking up the system so that the global balance of power is more evenly spread chavez has come to moscow to nail down cooperation which is so important for the south american republic to strengthen its standing. following the first leg of the president's diplomatic tour doesn't seem like russian with his will never run out of things to discuss and of course there are several reasons for that when they meet political pundits world over seem to be close attention because these two seem to be at the forefront of the changing political landscape in the world on the one to him do you have russia an already established political power with immense duty.


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