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there's also the issue of nuclear power as russia is going to build a nuclear power plant in israel that so please has things to be discussed but that is going to come in the second on the second day of the day when israel and president's visit to moscow what she did today was she attended a conference indicated to two hundred years of independence all but the america and she read the lecture there is a president is known for being talkative but she did to joke about the fact that he is not going to do the same thing this time around and he will try to keep the speech short one tall and when some people think i'm unable to speak in public for less than five hours i'm going to prove them wrong she had them and of course that is the president also talked more about cooperation between him and russia she did mention the fact that the west seems to be very concerned with the result of becoming a nuclear power but she said that the only nuclear energy they're interested in is interested in is the nuclear energy that is going to be used in peaceful matter is
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she also talked to length about the soviet union and the legacy that the soviet union left in the world she praised the country that no longer exists and she issued a number of regrets on the fact that it has all the fires and of course it being at the missile and president bush others he did talk about the united states as well and in no uncertain terms that want to see them you must have heard a mexican leader say poor mexico so far from god and so close to the united states that all of us latin americans could say the exact same thing are poor america so far from god and so close to the downed empire the yankee empire that has hurt our confidence so badly but it's a lot has been considered a sort of out of the socialist state with a slant towards communism by a lot of countries in the west of course one of the things that it is a president mentioned during his lecture today is that it's time to get away from the bipolar world or from the what single call the world. and the fact that russian
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still are starting up to full of political establishment in the world and as a person have to remember this is a president of the country has made several very important social changes in the country allowing the people in the west a fortunate areas to participate more actively in the political life of the country but my colleague john hof is actually went as well and she has filed this report for us welcome to democracy one o one venice well a style. there is a people's revolution underway here what is indisputable is that it never would have happened without this man coming to power the figure larger than life at times as president is the idea that social reforms prioritize the country's majority poor activated participatory democracy in this country. a system which invites the poor not just to vote but to get involved in the political process itself supporters of this process or the president are known simply and perhaps more vaguely as. in the
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wealthy neighborhoods it's called communism. but in the slums it has a very different meaning in las vegas as a community leader isn't president chavez it's freddie mendoza here during more than thirty five years we've been fighting achieving improvements to our condition of living he is the guidance for the community decisions these are the policy makers of those decisions they are school teachers and bank tellers and the unemployed regardless of who you are or what you do for a living everyone has an equal say in how this part of the body oh is governed it doesn't matter if it's in the middle of the night or raining whatever time it is the communal council is present and available for all of the neighbors of the cabinet there are negative for cultural activities for a sickness for whatever is needed far away from the businesses the malls in the fancy hotels in the inner city are the slums of caracas the concept here come from the bill a very in revolution it was introduced to them by president bush chavez the idea of
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participatory democracy happens here john huff is our t.v. couldn't because venezuela. still on the way tonight in the program a good life in bad times in the midst of all the employment poverty and recession in the united states what group seems to be doing pretty well enough to bring you details of paved street plus. one supported by this was not just the hope of a powerful trading republic but possibly the birthplace of russia's democracy russia closer team takes you to one of the most asian cities in the country to later north korea. first though it's difficult to make it to the top in u.s. politics especially if you're a woman that it seems some female politicians are making headlines not for the strong credentials but for their motives fear campaigns critics say a pretty face of the republican party p.r. machine is all it takes to get noticed these days ms artie's garniture can reports
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that's especially true of one rising star who's been raising eyebrows. it to christine o'donnell a republican nominee for senate just weeks to become a household name in america among her credentials she campaigned against masturbation you're going to be pleasing each other and if he already knows what pleases a man he can please himself in my mind a picture she even preached abstinence the sad reality to tell going to slam going to. know my sex yeah yeah i'm a young woman in my thirty's and i remain chaste right and there was a time that chased woman even said she would try the dark arts i was telling it in which some would argue she blurted it out ages ago and it's no longer valid so where is she standing now when running for a seat previously held by vice president joe biden i'm not aware. i'm nothing you've heard i'm new but i blame sarah many say christine uses
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the same tools as her fellow mama grizzly sarah pailin the most effective of which is still. fears and experiences either country is going to grow p.r. experts say experience has little to do with becoming a media darling in america all you have to know is how to push the right buttons the people make the decisions not on principles but. on emotions and when you know how to manipulate emotions you can get even the worst candidates the most preposterous candidates we must seem to be especially good at fears and steering emotions in this election season meet sharon angle a woman who came from nowhere to become a republican frontrunner for senate among her wishes to take the united states out of the un phase out social security and shut down the tax service although few
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believe that these candidates will gain actual political power but what if we're going to see a lot more anger and also less effectiveness and a congress that is not able to do what it needs to get done some blame the media for giving so much coverage to candidates whose qualification is questionable the american media is so screwed up on matters of substance and so ready to to do the flashy the superficial they love the quick quote from the pretty face even if the pretty faces don't get political power or they're popular enough to raise issues and affect politics now is the time when many americans are disappointed at washington for not delivering on promises women are generally good at expressing their disappointment they're even more successful when they do it in a nice red suit with snappy quotes and a big smile on their face for now these women with their lack of qualifications seem to be a laughing matter in the political arena but there is the big question who will
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have the last laugh come november. second r.t. washington d.c. . prosecutors in the case of mikhail khodorkovsky say they will not push for a maximum prison sentence the former c.e.o. of the oil company you cos that is partner accused of stealing three hundred fifty million tonnes of oil and it's the second set of charges against the jail tycoon of his country desire has been following the hearings. the prosecutor said that despite the fact that that bill ski did not flat out admit his guilt did say that the company that made the decision that that concern to specifically those amounts of oil those decisions were all overseen and the final go ahead on those decisions was made by you because the main company and of course he as c.e.o. therefore according to the prosecutors bears full responsibility for any decisions made by yukos itself or its sister companies during this time so they believe that they have all the evidence necessary to prove the guilt of the file so that both
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steve and his colleague look believes if despite the fact that they have not yet received a flat out confession the case as been gone it was going on for years we felt that he was arrested on charges of money laundering tax evasion and various frauds economic times he was found guilty and imprisoned serving an eight year prison term later in the his in his conviction in his jail time prosecutors filed new charges against the man and those hearings have also been continuing for a while but the russian president dmitry medvedev signed a new amendment to the existing criminal code saying the those found guilty of economic crimes should the maximum prison term for those economic crimes should be reduced from fifteen years to ten years so those amendments of course applied to because of that man his colleagues want to live with him we also know that one of
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the men who was involved in the yukos case the so-called lucas case as it has become known in the press and worldwide. mr alex on young was a released from prison earlier this year due to his complicated health conditions he is suffering from aids and his condition his health condition was rapidly deteriorating prosecutors ruled that the man needs to be released and the bail that was previously. set for him fred in store but an amount of money a very large amount of money that was also revoked and he was released many of course viewing this as a potential change in the current climate hoping that maybe piles and that he will of course be released but the prosecutors say that everything that has been concerning this case has been done by the book by the law and of course any further crimes that they do believe mr for that or mr libby to be guilty of will be brought to court if evidence and if enough evidence is gathered as they have believed to be
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the case with this current of progress with this current development in the case of an alphabetical to ski. that is corresponding country in a zone of reporting from moscow. the iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad's taking aim at his foes the u.s. and israel on small but this time it's not just a caustic speech he's on his first visit to lebanon raising western fears of arms deals and political collaboration between iran and the militant group hezbollah the president's been visiting villages along the israeli border a move the u.s. and israel called intentionally provocative they see it is emphasizing iran's support for hezbollah and its conflict with israel i spoke to james denselow he's a writer on the ladies politics and security he told me i'm doing just visit mostly and been highlighting his country deference to help rebuild lebanon after the two thousand and six war. as well as weapons are a bit of a strategic surprise and we saw that in two thousand and six where they launched antiship missiles and had a certain degree of technological advantage when it came to anti-tank weapons as
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well but in addition to the thirty thousand the same missiles as well as those that we are self with since the two thousand and six conflict i think the iranian deals are far more interesting in terms of the welfare aspects they spent over a billion dollars we construct in large parts of southern beirut yesterday there was a energy deal signed between uranium foreign minister and the lebanese energy minister that could provide much needed gas and all supplied to a electrical infrastructure here in lebanon that is on its legs really and i think that is much more interesting in terms of iran's use of soft power to improve its relations with lebanon rather than simply weapons alone more news tonight russia's clinched the deal to host the legendary formula one grand prix for the first time the motor racing event will take place in sochi the city hosting the twenty fourteen winter olympics here for drivers will compete on a challenging circuit and use the brand new infrastructure built for the games there is polaski reports. this is the moment that russian formula one fans have been waiting for it took more than three decades to find a suitable venue and to convince the formula one managers that the world's most
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popular racing competition can be held here many other locations including moscow and st petersburg did not pass the test so no it won't be just keys gates and sled just that will get sochi into the headlines in two thousand and fourteen in addition the city will be hosting the russian grand prix the contract was signed by the formula one owner bernard ecclestone and trust their governor alex on. several russian companies including bus they'll look oil and megaphone are among the sponsors prime minister vladimir putin met with bernard ecclestone and welcomed the advent of formula one to russian soil the government will also provide support for the project i don't think two hundred million dollars to get the track up and running and the rights to hold the races will cost the city about fourteen million a year however the organizers say the profits will be much higher sochi won't be just a ski resort in winter and the black sea beach resort in summer but also a popular destination for f one fans in the low season during the all the months so
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now the contract signed russian sports officials have a reason of their own for ascent pain shower. blow ski reporting there from sochi and you have a formula one driver he told us in formula one and russia need each other. well to be honest russia is it's been trying for a long time to have a formula one race and it's well over g. you know russia is a great country a great economy and one formula one really needs to needs to be in russia as much as russia needs a formidable race why it's gotten so she i really don't know that's obviously it's money normally is is the key factor in why things happen and why they don't come so i'm sure it's it it is in this case whenever i go to races there are other in monaco and played together daphne is a lot of russian from there so there is maybe a little bit on the underground in russia at the minute because there is a race but you've got a driver there now and petra he's done a good job intermittently if he can raise his game a little bit more and become
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a permanent fixture from a woman you've got a driver there you're going to have a race there and there's a reason why from the one company huge in russia. if i can cover that will show you more of the world's largest country what is called to offer as we look at russia close up. focusing on that map today we're traveling to the leaking of corona is about five hundred kilometers northwest of moscow as you can see there founded over a thousand years ago it's one of the country's oldest cities also the cradle instantly of russian democracy where its first parliamentary style body the. artes it. looks back at its roots. the city of no good as the place of major historical interest in medieval times it was a european wide trading center and also a freedom loving republican like almost anywhere else in russia so it's not
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surprising that the city authorities are trying to capitalize on its history right now they've got two thoughts which they face having to attract more people and also the people they do attract making them stay longer and spend more money now talking about the reason for it people might want to come to know god there's no view of its history feature yet they gather in the small city of not garage ficelle abrade the past a time when novgorod was the capital of a trading empire that spans from finland today edge of siberia for the from the start that the worst of that you know god knows we are the army of the ruler of novgorod from the height of its prosperity you know many people are forgotten but we are keeping the memory alive. russia's all the slavic city not god was founded more than a thousand years ago centuries before st petersburg it became russia's gateway to the west filled the whole of europe with candlelight becoming one of the most prosperous cities on the continent once upon a time this was not just the hope of
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a powerful trading republic but possibly the birthplace of russia's democracy. at the sound of a bell the city population assembled on the main square there they were. voted on the most important issues facing the republic a new ruler was elected after an old one died each part of the city had its own government and military commanders were invited from neighboring states that the. offers a glimpse of what a different russia might have been like instead of simply they could have been freedom and democracy but it was not to be moscow princes keen to get their hands on its riches subjugated the city and even carter the way the assembly bell in fifteen seventy number became the setting for one of the bloodiest chapters in russia's history we were. when i've been in terrible came for a visit
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a feast was laid out for him then just as the guests were getting drunk he suddenly got up and banged his staff on the floor that was a signal for his henchmen around up the citizens of no going to begin torturing them for two weeks a thousand people were killed every day the legend says a river is reddish in color because of all the blood that spilled into it moscow needed no political power st petersburg its economic significance and later the soviets desecrated its religious symbols for bearing of it as. that is the biggest tragedy before world war two the soviet authorities melted down most of the enormous bells whose unique peal charmed across the city from saints a fierce cathedral rushes oldest church chorus still haunts the just love who dreams passionately that it might one day return. we have all the blueprints if only we had the money we could rebuild them exactly as they were my only dream in
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life is so here's and so here's bells ringing out over the city again. like the whole city just love has to be happy with what he's got and live with hopes of a rebirth of glories. of the number of. the going to head tonight in ten minutes time war is eroding civil rights in britain are explored in artie's latest interview for those who got business coming up after a quick break. for the. we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. which
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brightened if you knew me from pundits to. keep. howard welcome to business would make can go to have you with us the dollar continues to slide on thursday after the federal reserve the u.s. central bank hinted it would start another round of currency printing news that the fed is planning to inject more liquidity so support asset prices caused investors
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to flee to save havens called an emerging market stocks or the main game is. the dollar's volatility comes just a day after russia's central bank said it would allow the ruble to trade more freely against the dollar and the euro and gives the ruble more room to maneuver before the central bank intervenes the central bank's deputy head says a trading ban was needed as there is no inflation targeting he said the move will reduce the risk of speculative inflows of money. however analysts say the wool is responding to trade flows and the central bank's action could have little impact in the face of these fundamentals as the situation is also stay in the bubble in the long run despite any technical decisions despite the existence or elimination of the never all wide chorus of brain but central bank will have to react to fundamentals but the constitutional board and russia's prime minister going to put in gave his comments on the outlook for the ruble. to the list if you were there
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will be there for you i think that you can see the group is in it to meet position and i don't expect any weakness of the national currency nor excessive strengthening which could also be. its look at the markets now here in moscow both the r.t.s. and my six going to stare as they strayed in session in the red all the blue chips were down on them isaac's except for look oil and spare back at and in positive territory a different picture on the all ts cast from a roll stand for the only ones finishing one and a half percent and a half percent below where. the oil exporters cartel opec will hold steady after a meeting on thursday or ministers said that they were not worried that a weak dollar would drive up the oil price too high for a fragile economy to bad. america online and several private equity firms are sizing up an offer to buy yahoo ailing internet company a.o.l. is considering merging with the world's second largest search engine in attempt to
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regain its foothold in the industry however a.o.l. two point six billion dollars worth is significantly smaller and yahoo is near twenty one billion market share former yahoo c.e.o. jerry way rejected an offer from microsoft in two thousand and eight worth over forty four billion dollars. food prices continue to rise corn has seen its biggest one day rise in three decades leading experts to worry that the years while it's all food prices could lead to widespread shortages are you the coach and i has more . u.s. corn prices rose by eight point five percent one day last week the largest jump since nine hundred seventy three it left prices thirteen percent higher in just two days wheat and other basic i recall two products have also threatened a global food crisis like that of two thousand and seven and two thousand and eight sparked by droughts rising fuel prices and subsidies for biofuels the falling
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dollar has led to speculation in the commodities markets pushing up prices and increasing belittle this latest food crisis was caused by crop trailers in canada ponce of europe and russia where draw devastated the wheat crop by the end of some of the russian government banned grain acts both of which country beauty to a massive jump in the world with prices it was sad the ban might be lifted after the release of this year's harvest data but the first complete figures were as bad as feared sixty point nine million tonnes of brain was harvested last then in the same period last year and probably we believe that barely experts will be brought to the next season and i doubt it will be lifted this i think the international community should go into a little green order from the start of next season in global terms the collapse in russia's weed harvest is the main story but for farmers and consumers in far broader range of crops was hit from potatoes to buckwheat which has destabilized
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the retail sector if governments respond with controls and food x. ports while currency devaluations prices google shortish of stable products could lead to crisis mode you know which not business r.t. . the operator of this early wall or project x. are left to guess has called on russia's government to double its spending on the fields to a hundred billion dollars but the company also was a delay developed to oil fields the second phase of production for the third if approved second war will become the most expensive or project in the country's history. and south korea's lost a group will open a cinema chain in russia's far east it plans to open six and was in three russian cities by two thousand and thirteen if the chain proves successful a lot it will consider expanding into moscow and st petersburg total investment could reach thirty billion dollars. that's all for me and the business team here
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but you can always find one stories if you log on to our website that's.
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almost seventy years of the red machine which so moved people wanted to leave in the past. weekend to make changes to sunday was a media. month or is it possible to change the country's regime so quickly. in the. form of calls only fundamental changes in the state them people's minds want to. look every month we give you the future we help you understand how we get there and want to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world its knowledge update on r g. five. fifty. five
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mm. mm. from moscow these are all top stories this thursday night kicks off a diplomatic tour of moscow's russian venezuela to pull together and shake up the bouts of world power. box opened women in u.s. politics are accused of playing dirty swaying voters of emotional tactics where they lack professionalism. formula for success hosting the twenty fourteen winter olympics simply isn't enough for the black sea resort of sochi now it's racing ahead to welcome some premier motor sport to. society and what some see is disappearing civil liberties come under scrutiny on r.t.
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. i'm talking to dominic robb he's a conservative m.p. who claims that successive new labor governments made what he calls an unprecedented just salt on british liberty dominic rob thank you very much for talking to r.t. now you've written a book called assault on liberty what do you mean by that well i think if you look at the individual measures we see whether there are proposals to extend pre-charge detention control orders identity cards some very intrusive surveillance powers used not just for serious stuff like counterterrorism so that most people would understand but things like surveillance of bins following children home from schools to. check. things like that i think we've seen a whole so shift in the relationship between the state in the citizen and that's what we need to change it is a bit of a dichotomy there isn't it the government have to be seen to be protecting.


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