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tv   [untitled]    October 14, 2010 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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people but at the same time protecting their individual liberties have they overstepped the mark well that's it i mean the last government it was typical played a lot of politics with this and they presented this is a sort of seesaw tradeoff and yet when you look at the measures one by one they were did all freedom to very little for our security the proposal to extend attention that charge to ninety days was not justified on the evidence that we actually saw about police investigations i.d. cards something that was said would help stop illegal immigration and terror and and terrorism as well it was very clear when we looked at both the the very vulnerable design of the cards but also the way the system would work in practice allowing foreign nationals to come in for three months before they need a car well that's no use to stopping terrorism so the real danger is that we've given up a lot of our freedom and it hasn't made us any safer top and the argument of course is that if you've got nothing to hide you've got nothing to say where do you stand on that i just think there's been too many examples of injustices i think too many people have found themselves on the wrong end of the state through very arbitrary
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action whether it's the market trader endorsed and fined and given a criminal record for selling in selling vegetables in pounds and ounces rather than. in metric we've got other examples of day to day citizens who have come up against the harsh justice of the state and i think it's about time we start standing up for the british citizen and i don't really like the slogan that's all but what can be done now to reinstate persons leprosy where you're seeing a range of things to go home office counter-terrorism review which is great we've seen the new coalition government scrap id cards i spoke out very very much in favor of all that there's a whole freedom bill that we're going to be debating shortly a great opportunity to repeal some of the draconian legislation and some of the unnecessary legislative graffiti that we've seen littering parliament over the last thirteen years we've had three thousand new criminal offenses hit the statute books but it hasn't come up violent crime police record of violent crime has gone up that's just i think a few of the. of the kind of things and the way we can change the conversation that
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the state has with its citizens what is this freedom bell well it's a piece of legislation it was in the coalition agreement it's going to be coming out later on i think this year or early next year and it will be i'm hoping we haven't seen the details but a range of things that will be repealed i'm hoping that we're going to look at control orders i'm hoping we can reduce the level of pre-charge detention i love to see strength and jury trial in this country we've had the first criminal trial without a jury for four hundred years recently and scaled back some of this intrusive surveillance as well it sounds a lot like this government will be dedicated to undo ing a lot of what the last government did without actually having any kind of original ideas that say well i'm not sure that's true i think protecting british liberty is a fantastic tradition of god in this country but i think it's also very relevant to what we've got today but the idea is to have less law so you're going to create a new law you're going to try and get rid of some of the old stuff but i do think it's important that we actually take stop presenting this thing as
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a debate between having on the one hand security and liberty on the other hand one of the things i'm going to be talking about in the next month is the importance of strengthening the justice system not just so that we've got the safeguards that protect the citizen but the so we can use it to take the game to the terrorists i think we should have a much more abbas process prosecutorial strategy more use of plea bargaining and lift the ban on the use of intercepted it's so there's also new ideas and i hope some of them will get some favorable reception from the home office in the government as a whole things like the european investigation or seem like they would make it easier for terrorists and other criminals to be prosecuted your white surely that's a good thing be great if it was limited to counterterrorism that would be perfect great but it isn't and we've seen the european arrest warrant we has gone up from twenty four requests coming to britain in one year to over a thousand and i'm afraid there's a lot of british citizens who are either innocent or against whom the charges are very shaky. being swept up in this and i feel the european investigation order
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would only exacerbate that risk because what it basically allows is for an investigation authorities to demand not request demand british police forces who cash cash strapped at the moment going under all sorts of pressure with a tight budget situation is going to demand that they prioritize every one of the requests they get well that's bad news for the enforcement but i also think it's bad news for the british citizen because the protections around that data whether it's bank records and d.n.a. whether whatever it may be just not there in countries like bulger will remain but from that perspective it's not really looking very good is it william hague the foreign secretary has in fact further into the european investigation of what if it was the home secretary but you're right it doesn't take these decisions a whole i think in fairness they were landed with a very poorly drafted text and a very quick decision to make the decision they've taken is that they will opt in and then continue negotiating and try and remedy the defects i think that's very
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difficult when you talk to and you lose your negotiation leverage but you know fortunately they got this this decision loaded on so that without having to be able to influence the preliminary stage of the of the text the directive and i'm afraid it's one of those decisions which i think regrettably we ought to do more we should have stayed out i can you see any hard evidence that this government will stop the transfer of those kinds of powers to the european union well we've already said we got a review of extradition ongoing there are some things that we can do without going to change the european arrest warrant decision so that's one thing i think you are hearing a different conversation but what we need to do is and this is the point i made in parliament about the could scrutinize every decision that comes up very carefully look if there are sensible or enforcement measures we should be taking in partnership with our european colleagues let's do it but we also need to scrutinize the protections for the british citizen and also the norm for. that it will have.
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what do you support a referendum in britain at this stage as to whether we should carry on being a member of the european union well i think it's too late for a referendum although i think at some point and of course once that is britain has been treaty entered into force the whole issue of the referendum became legally moot politically it's still a very hope and i think you know listen very you know short clear what our position in terms of the coalition position it's not it's not in the coalition programme for government but david cameron made it very clear in the run up to the election the conservative position was that we would try and alter the terms of trade the conversation between britain as a nation state and brussels if the end of that period we're not getting the answers and the kind of change of direction that we want the referendum question could come back onto the table i suspect the referendum look which we're going to be introducing via legislation which will prevent any further transfer of power without a referendum within the medium term at some point make some kind of referendum inevitable now you came under fire thought for your email address to be removed
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from various websites how do you defend that as someone who supports freedom of information first of all what i own is one lobby group to stop sending me a bombardment of emails. there's a system a device they set up which allows them to send you clone emails and so i was getting hundreds and what i said is that can you just take me off your list very politely was no and then the question was why and one of the reasons why is that i was advised if you have your email address in the public domain you can all these lobby groups to stop e-mailing me this is basically junk so that's what i mean what my email address is available people can e-mail me my office has been very accessible via my website i've just been nominated for awards for my website because very user friendly inaccessible but this is really all about is me saying look actually an m.p. has a limited amount of time and we work hard was a huge amounts into. demands
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a lot on what i want to do is prioritize my constituents the ones that are in the greatest need the issues that i think voted to deal with and not play pits a path to tape ping pong with lobby groups and their phone e-mails i don't think that's serious business and you'd be amazed at how many people have emailed me to say that they agreed to what do you think the biggest threats to civil liberties in britain today is i'm not sure there's a single biggest threat but for me a report of a journalist put it quite well he said we seem to have lost all liberty refix and i heard phil johnson from the other end of the media spectrum from the daily telegraph they say something similar today we used to instinctively react against the state's incursions into our freedom to offer free space and i think that what the last government which was very cunning and surreptitious was to buy it so on the sly sell freedom and there's not one big thing because the culture change that happens when you gradually eroded free speech when you gradually erode the justices
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system when you gradually extend detention without charge we've got to do i think the single biggest challenge is to stop scrutinise text the case for these new laws these new powers and one of the suggestions i heard today was i need to have one queen's speech every five years in a parliamentary term that maybe we're getting a bit too far but i certainly would like to see a sort of chilling effect on the legislative hyperactivity we saw in the last government do you think that's the fault of an apathetic population that isn't really taking any notice of a slow but steady erosion of literacy i think is a little bit about i think the media are a much more acutely sensitive to it now on both sides of the political spectrum and it's the guardian of the daily mail the very conscious of this issue now but of course it affects one person at one point in time they may complain about it they may try to raise the profile of a justice but we've picked off one by one of these individuals in different ways in different parts of our life and and civil liberties always being inherently vulnerable to that kind of. abuse what we've got to do is recognize it as
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a much bigger issue and protect the tradition of liberty we have in our country otherwise children are going to find themselves growing up in a in a very different kind of society with a very different kind of culture. very much thank you. wealthy british style sun it's time to. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines in two cars a report. forty two thousand americans die each year from car accidents only
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a thousand. seven hundred thousand people. and thirty two thousand will kill themselves cancer in all its forms kills five hundred sixty thousand of us a year part disease is even more devastating it kills over eight hundred seventy thousand americans every year. every month we give you the future we help you understand how it will get better and what tomorrow will bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for technology update on our g. morning. today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images cobol has
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been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to look for a shelter on the day. top
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stories now which i was kicked off the diplomatic to to moscow as russia read as well as they could pull together and shake up the balance of well. dora's box open women in u.s. politics are accused of playing dirty swaying voters with emotional tactics with a lack of freshness and. russia's formula for success hosting the twenty fourteen winter olympics simply isn't enough for the black sea resort of sochi now it's racing ahead to welcome some probably of motor sport to. twenty to forty five motor sport let's talk about sport more generally kate say other kate lot of focus today in the news of course all in formula one but let's talk about tonight's hawkie bad news for big spending sky yeah that's right some pieces bankside lost in uniforms u.h.c.
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most i guess them putting a bit of a dent in the title. said he did not match plus rest of the hockey results. hello and welcome to the sports news and here are the top stories. making history rusher agrees a deal to host the first ever formula one grand prix. wod injunction the high court judge blocks the attempts of liverpool owners hicks and gillett to fault the sale of the football club. not scale clashes scholars to u.h.c. deny my on a busy night of ice hockey action in the k h l. a festival to sports and history has been made in russia as a daily has been signed to give the country its first ever formula one race russian prime minister vladimir putin attended the signing in the black sea resort of sochi where a track is being built which will host the russian grand prix between twenty fourteen
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and twenty twenty after agreeing a deal with f one supreme of bernie ecclestone has been trying to secure a grown clean wash up since at least one hundred eighty two the contract which will reportedly cost russia forty million u.s. dollars a year also includes an option to extend it by five years however the outing race may take place in twenty fifteen such he's also hosting the winter olympics in twenty fourteen the move follows a series of f one promotional events in the russian capital over the last few years along with the emergence of arenas for telling the truth is the first russian father in formula one. currently running away with the russian premier league in football petersburg's ice hockey club skaar are also out to compete for on us in the kontinental hockey league and i have many reasons to believe why they should be and i just. takes a closer look at the big spenders in russia second city. russia's
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northern capital st petersburg is the home to star athletes like a boxing giant make a lie about the upper limb big figure skating champion you get the pollution go and of course arsenal's striker on the way out of shopping and in the last couple of years the city's ice hockey team had been accumulating top players including from the n.h.l. does that get played for the guarin cup. first off scot is an old soul and yet not a russian abbreviation which means the central club of the army hence the nickname army man even though today the players are far from being an activity in a ministry now let's jump straight said that history this team has never been crowned champions in either day us asar or russia however it's becoming increasingly evident that sky are becoming russia's next major ice hockey powerhouse the club's joins it said star studded roster being only one of the factors on the road to success as scott and kontinental hockey league president alexander madrid if explains its with the former selves and or the poles or would
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you know the real. losses over a number of points out of a season and go with what it was last will could demonstrates a skills i characterise. locally or for killfile about the evils of people who are far away for a lesser for the four kids there are some names that might ring a bell for an avid fan of the national hockey league alexei yashin getting a box of moxie mocking again all these guys were at one point instrumental in their respective n.h.l. clubs or former new york itin their yosh and such company is obviously a plus in his hands for the guarin cup first of all it's a lot of unsold players the former still less. so it's making. them because they are small and read on it's a lot of guys play footy and have much the same i think from the start of a different. environment but that again it's not it's
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a great city of euphoria now the fans are trying to see for starters again on the last year was a lot of soul dollars and a lot of fans going through was this place has been exciting to bear didn't do well in the playoffs but still protect their existence in twenty ten head coach ivan sonata picks up the reins from compact diary smith who led the team to say. second place in the regular season a longtime canadian ex-pat having lived in italy for the last twenty five years as a nazi admits that reading is syrian it is so far his biggest challenge in russia as for the game of hockey well desire to win is probably universal in any country the goal is always to be the best you can be and of course we want to be amongst the best for. you know we we have to understand that is what is expected of us we have the capabilities to feel just which we have to make to be amongst those best poor best teams and that's we're fighting for you getting
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a back up spent ten years in n.h.l. san jose sharks where he became an all time goaltending leader in several categories but his star status seemed to have put a major strain on the management's wallet so after becoming a free agent at the end of last season he promptly signed a four year deal with st petersburg sparking competition among all of the cape shells forwards as to who will score at least a goal against the two thousand and eight world champion however that's nothing to get used to according to an a block of sunday's a two ball and win the game and especially now in this league where there are a lot of good teams and a lot of surprises and sometimes people expect you to win every single game and almost want to bowl teams out to them but it's not easy and i have to challenge yourself every time and. so far as that's a challenge that we try to face plenty of ice hockey experts in russia have already dumped scott st petersburg as the cape shells dream team however such comparisons
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have rarely served any team in any sport any real justice the continental hockey league season is still young and scarred them pretty well so far and hopefully their fans will be just as happy in april twenty eleven as they are now from on call sort of artsy st petersburg. however scarse and petersburg were home to you each see dinallo on thursday evening and last two one the moscow sides go in the second period proved to be decisive while earlier struggling a more came from a goal down to beat next to him make for one gar in cup holders ach boss scored five times in the third period and a six two win at metalwork never has nets and severe beat after mobilise on home ice five two let alone my meter gods who are top of the standings couldn't beat. you gras in regular time however they called out a five four victory in the shootout dr claimed
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a narrow win against kazakh side by rhys three two and defending champions it's all about july over recorded a comfortable five three home win over having god. and liverpool football club's american owners have suffered a further setback after a high court judge ruled tom hicks and george gillette's injunction to block the sale of the club was invalid the ruling that paves the way for it to be sold to new england sports ventures who own the boston red sox baseball team on wednesday the pair took out an injunction in texas to halt any proposed sale by the club sport but the judge in london said that ruling held no sway in england earlier on thursday another possible buyer singaporean businessman peter lim withdrew his bed liverpool faces a friday deadline to repay loans of three hundred eighty four million u.s. dollars to the world bank of scotland if no one is in a position to repay the money the club could be placed into administration faced the prospect of a nine point penalty. meanwhile the picture of
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a poor striker fernando torres has been declared fit for sunday's messi side darby at goodison park the striker has been out with a torn growing muscle since october the third but he resumed training on wednesday and should play against everton however count is out with an ankle injury sustained on international duty left back paul kanjorski returns the reds are third from bottom in the premier league and one place below everton after winning just one of their first seven games. tennis now and well number one rough on the dollar is out of the shanghai masters after being stunned in three sets by uninspired yoga meltzer the spaniard recovered from an opening set blitz to level the third round match the austrian helped his nerve in the decider setting out to love to win it six one three six six three and inflict upon darkness first defeat this year before the last eight stage while number twelve argentine won the naco is an easy six twelve sixteen winner the german ensures that it. handily on court will see andy
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murray took on jeremy shockey affronts the briton quite comfortably with his opponents to create a set six three and tomorrow he didn't face any trouble in the second either and it's going to serve it out seats he'll make space for joe wilson tsonga the floor in a. while so there you go it's number two now that djokovic met ask a and he'd even like to work with his opponents the frenchman was absolutely out tossing i just want to see two games in two sets his second seed djokovic wrapped up a six one six one victory in just fifty nine minutes says it was a tough experience you haven't got here ok if you miss but. added other matches roger federer easily pounded into the quarterfinals by beating dress sexy six three six four the swiss were next face robin sidling of the number five seed also came through in straight sets seven five six four against one it fair. and finally one of the most troubled commonwealth games came to an end on thursday with the closing
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ceremony taking place in new delhi australia tops the medals table while it was also a successful tournament for host india who could england to finish second is consumption but the. in the men's marathon it was two canon athletes who took their lead jungle i was closely followed by his competitor it honest to up want to but accomplished one a killer i held on to win the twenty six mile race in two hours fourteen minutes and thirty five seconds in the woman surrounds kenny is iran because he suffered a mishap at a drink station but because he showed great determination to get back on her feet and snatch the lead from competitor at iran my jacket and course the one first to take the gold in the men's hockey decider host india took on three times champions house trailer house at the stadium and we did it tied battle but those two islands dominated from the story but the bars had to wait until nine minutes for jason wilson to break the deadlock and once they scored the opener there was only going
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to be one result christian real and made it to nil in the twentieth or smits after penalty for and those two alliums aided two more to make it four kneel at the break the former champions then completed the route forty four mobiles in the second five it finished eight move meanwhile in badminton world number one leach away of malaysia took on reggie falsetto finger went in the men's singles final and lee completely threshed his rival in straight games twenty one ten twenty one wait in just half an hour while molly shoals to grab gold in the man's doubles and mixed advance ending to quell the overall success by winning both the woman singles and doubles as anybody r.t. . and that's all sports news for this one isn't.
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all of us lot of americans are poor americans so far from god and so close to the down to the yankee empire that was hurt our confidence so badly. is didn't miss the opportunity to slam the us but reassured russians of his brotherly love on the first day of his diplomatic visit here to moscow. a pandora's box opened women in u.s. politics are accused of playing dirty swaying voters to the motional tactics with a lack of professionalism. and russia's formula for success hosting the twenty fourteen winter olympics simply isn't enough for the black sea resort of sochi now it's racing ahead to welcome some premier motor sport to.
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you watching our team from moscow it's a tad after eleven pm here now this thursday evening thanks for being with us i'm kevin zero in with the top story russia venezuela a two country set on shaking up the system so that the global balance of power is more evenly spread and this has come to moscow to nail down cooperation that's so important for the south american republic to strengthen its standing. been following the first leg of the president's diplomatic tour. moschonas well it never seems you're not all things to talk about and this time around they also have plenty to discuss on the agenda but first and foremost of course there is cooperation and there's a sphere russia and as well the ha set up a joint with inter there's also of course military cooperation with moscow telling tanks to modify their jets to miss whether there's also the issue to be discussed else their blue surface.


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